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Shriners International Overland Park, Kansas OCTOBER 2010 · Vol. 98, No. 10

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Harley Keeton Bill Condit Marvin Landis

Daniel Fenton Edward Goeffert

BINGO Schedule - 2010

Oct 4 11 18 25 Escorts Antique Cars Directors Staff Tin Lizzies Hawg Riders 500's Greeters Ritualistic Divan/Divan Jokers Nov 1 8 15 22 29

A minimum of six (6) Nobles are needed for Bingo Nights by 5:45 pm. If for any reason you cannot work your scheduled time, please try to change with another unit or club and then notify Clay Bowden at least one week in advance of the changes. Thank you in advance for helping with Bingo. This is one of our biggest fund raisers!

Abdallah Shrine PLAYGROUND

Vol. 98 OCTOBER 2010 No. 10

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ABDALLAH SHRINE 5300 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66202 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Don Best

Illustrious Potentate

Mike Guilinger


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The Central States Shrine Association Convention in Oklahoma City is now behind us and Abdallah`s units who accepted the challenge to participate in the competitions have been rewarded for their hard work. The Blue Racers, Clown`s, Mounted Patrol, Oriental Band and the Roadsters joined in the competition representing Abdallah. All of our competing units represented us well and of course brought all their newly won hardware to display at our most recent Stated Meeting. The Oklahoma weather smiled on us as we enjoyed a wonderful day for the CSSA parade. Thanks to Parade Marshal Ralph Anderton for getting us the parade information and getting us to the parade. Thanks to Kevin Larson, Housing Chairman, & Mike Guilinger, Recorder, for making sure we had everything we needed at the hotel and getting everyone their packets. Special thanks to Helmsman Ed Rice and Lady Marcia, First Mate Ken Holliday and Lady Marcella, and our single-handed crew/ bartender Ralph Anderton for taking care of our hospitality suite. First Ceremonial Master Tim Williams and Second Ceremonial Master Frank Schveninger have been hard at work preparing for our Ceremonial. I hope you have been working on getting your candidates ready for this special day. Our Directors Staff will be presenting the Arch Degree. We will have a special guest, a parade, New Nobles will be Fez`d and our Units and Clubs will provide hospitality. It is sure to be a great day at Abdallah, so come and join us in this celebration. October and November will be busy months and we are going to need all hands on deck. At least that the sailor`s way of expressing WE NEED YOU`RE HELP! Please review the American Royal Schedule in the Playground and help your fraternity by working whenever you can. If you can work during the day please volunteer, if you can work at night, that is great also. We need to really show up; bring your wife, friends and neighbors for the big events that are listed as RESERVED TICKETS. We have to collect tickets from everyone this year, with no exceptions and we need ushers to show people to their seats. So let`s get off our seat and get out to the American Royal. I`ll see you there! Remember were not through with the American Royal until November 20. Until then, let`s Have fun making friends and helping kids in 2010. Yours in the faith,

Don Best Potentate

Chaplain's Corner

Please keep the following brothers in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to battle, recover and recuperate from illness and surgeries; Glen Beatty, Larry Steele, Ernie Cooper, Jess Howard, Dago Place, Bill Hammer, Ike Sisemore, Ray Swearengin and the others we may have missed. I`m sure they would all love to have cards and maybe phone calls wishing them well. God Bless




Reach Out... Phone, Write, Visit! Say...

Happy Birthday Noble!

From the Illustrious Potentate, Divan and Members of Abdallah Shriners

October 1st Walter Kibler Fred Hope PP Billy McAfee PP Michael Ash Jim Stalder October 2nd Gerald Dickey Donald Miller Edward Vandenberg III Marvin Ury Thomas Bottiger James Morton Timothy New Steven Meyer October 3rd Alan Hines Gregory Kruger October 4th Donald McQuinn Mike Johnson II October 5th Leroy Gross William Stirling Glenn Ledom October 6th Bobbie Hill Philemon St. Amant II Earl Sodders Ronald Visant October 7th Jay Jamison Noel Tharp Donald Lies October 8th Charles Ryals Stephen Wilson James Fulton Billy Demoss Charles Helwig October 9th Dan Jennings Gary Bilderback Billy Joslin October 10th James Gilbert Jerry Robinson Bob Heathman Ike Sisemore. October 11th Ervin Russel William West Blair Snyder Donald Smith October 12th Don Best Lester McCoy October 13th Richard Schmoldt October 14th Leonard Buddenbohm Herbert Taylor Phillip Monse Richard Duprey John Skeens October 15th Elden Lovelett Jerry Ogden Jr. William McConnell October 16th Verne Davis Robert Mallow Ronny Holland October 17th Gerald Cole Raymond Howard James Smith David Dellinger


October 18th Cale Hollis Matt Saving October 19th Ollie Guinn John Wiedmeier Jeffrey Scannell Richard Cain Keith Herrin October 20th John Hansen October 21st Robert White Gary Bill October 22nd Eldon Cook October 23rd Charles Ralston Robert Webber Flin McGhee Robert Stowe October 24th Harry Penland David Cochran Larry Steele Byron Sherwood October 25th Robert Idol Jack Reichart Norman Johnson III October 26th Harold Benson Donald Childers Peter Madrigal Allen Langham October 27th Richard Hitt Bobby Ware Thomas Carr

October 28th John Murray October 29th Daniel Flinn III Jim Newman Donald McGinnis Timothy Kelly Wayne Rector Lawrence Costa Ernest Menear Dwayne Steele October 30th Warner Pape Jr. October 31st Sy Hess Max Servais Willard Hill Larry Goodnight Leon Beck



Get your Candidates ready for the 2010 Fall Ceremonial.

NOTICE: There will be a Special Meeting of the

Abdallah Membership to vote on new petitions at 8:30 AM on Saturday, October 9, 2010 in meeting Room 2.

2010 Dues Card Required

Thank you to our friends from Abdallah Shrine who came to help Marvin and myself celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We also want to thank everyone for the calls, cards and prayers during Marvin`s illness. Everyone has been so supportive and we appreciate all that you have done. Thank you again. Marvin and Mary Landis

Thank you to my Shrine friends for the cards, phone calls, prayers, and flowers following my recent stroke. Leslie Middaugh Sharon and I would like to Thank all of our Shrine friends for the calls, cards, prayers and visits while I was in the hospital and at home recuperating. With friends like you we feel things will always be good. God bless all of you. Larry Steele It seems I have a thank you every month for the Playground. Thank you for all the card, visit, flowers and call during my stay in the hospital. Hopefully I will miss next month issue. I am just grateful for all our friends. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. With all my Love, Anna Marie Swearengin

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

A BIG Thank You to Benny Harper, Bob Brown Bill Whitehouse, and Roy Smith for taking care of the lawn mowing and to the Yo-Shi for trimming weeds and grass around the trees and building this last month.

I want to say Thank You to Ernie & Suzanne Cooper for helping with the Playground mailing these last few months. Mike Guilinger

Thanks to all the Shrine friends who sent cards and prayers during our difficult time. It`s nice to know we have friends. Geneva Condit, Steve and Tammy Koperski




By Dennis Hubler The ones from our unit that went to CSSA in Oklahoma City had a great time. Congrats' to the units that participated in the competition and brought all that hardware home; great job! Next year, CSSA will be here in Kansas City, so plan on attending some of the functions. There will be a lot of our units members volunteering at the American Royal this year. Please help if at all possible. The Fall Ceremonial is just around the corner; get your candidates ready. Happy Birthday to the following for the month of October: Lisa Bailey 10-9 Bob Heathman 10-10 Ike Sisemore 10-10 Jerry Heathman 10-11 Veda Price 10-21 Linda Sparks 10-27 Larry Goodnight 10-31

By Jim Owens

By Bob Anver

Happy Anniversary to the following for the month of October: Milt and Mary Merritt 10-29

September 11th was the Greeters All reports indicate that everyone spaghetti dinner. We had a great enjoyed themselves at our annual crowd ­ thanks to all who attended! Shrimp Dinner on September 17th. The hall looked festive in red and green décor and Greg Sippel looked This is always a festive occasion very distinguished in his tux. A speand one which Shrimp lovers look cial commendation to all of the Greetforward to each year. A round of apers who were on hand to assist in the plause for everyone who made this cooking, the decorating, the serving successful. Our lady "Wildcards" did and the cleanup. New Greeters Jose a fantastic job being our right hand and Inge Marrero were on hand and people and keeping all the Jokers on did a great job helping. Also on hand target. Their gift baskets were a great was our (soon to be) Greeter, Don attraction and success. Crouse who carefully counted out the exact number of strands of spaghetti Thanks to Deborah Owens and to each customer! her wonderful ladies. President Dick Strong wishes to thank everyone for The Greeters served at the VIP their hard work and thanks for annight on September 22nd. Tacos were other successful dinner. the main item on the menu and we rolled some mean burritos. I never Our October meeting will be on met a burrito I didn`t like! There were Tuesday the 26th. Hors d'ouevres no reports of mistakes by the kitchen and social time at 6:00p.m. and dincrew; however if there were any misner at 6:30p.m. Meeting of the Jokers takes the evidence was eaten immeand Wildcards will begin at 7:30p.m. diately. This is election night for new officers, so Jokers be thinking of ways you Our Christmas party will probably can serve your brothers this coming be at the Gaslight Grill and we will year. advise the date in the next Playground. Members of the Leawood We're looking forward to a great Shrine club are invited to attend. fall for all Joker's and their families. Like the Marines, the Greeters are always looking for a few good men. See any Greeter for an application!!!!

If you didn't see your Unit or Club news, we didn't get it! Or.....we got it too late!

Deadline for articles is the 15th of each month!

Email them to: [email protected]








7:30-8:30 8:30-8:45 9:00-9:30 Registration Special Ballot of New Petitions Opening Remarks and Welcome Introductions Invocation Presentation of Colors Welcome Announcements Potentate's Comments Presentations 25-60 Year Pins & Certificates Oriental Band Hospital Skit Presentations Abdallah Shrine Children's Hospital Hospital Guest Speaker Arch Degree Parade of Units 12:45-1:45 1:45-2:00 2:00-2:30 12:00-12:45


Men's Lunch ­ Auditorium Ladies Lunch ­ Playground Room First Section ­ Ritualistic Divan Auditorium (Men Only) Fezzing Ceremony ­ Men & Ladies Camel Herders & Turtle Degrees Novice Ladies to Oasis Unit & Club Display set-up Unit Club Displays and Hospitality Auditorium


9:30-9:40 9:45-10:15

10:15-11:30 11:30-11:45

Abdallah Fall Ceremonial

Ladies Luncheon

Saturday - October 9, 2010 12 Noon

In the

Let's Welcome New Nobles

to Join Your Unit or Club!


Abdallah Playground $15 per person

Purchase tickets from the Divan Ladies or the Abdallah office prior to 4PM Monday, October 4th.

Seating is limited so get your tickets early.



The Trail 70's Unit is having a drawing for a HR 12ga 3" magnum semi-auto with 4 chokes. Contact any Trail 70-'s member $1/ticket or $5/6 tickets

Oct 6th Smothered Steak Oct 13th Tacos Oct 20th Tacos Oct 27th Tacos Nov 3rd Chicken Fried Steak Nov 10th Tacos Nov 17th Tacos Nov 24th NO Dinner

Having a Birthday? Notify Don Crouse in advance. You bring the cake, forks, plates & napkins, Abdallah will reserve a special table for you. 9

The following units and clubs are scheduled to work the Wednesday night dinners shown below. Six people (ladies welcome) are needed each night and should start arriving at 4:30 PM. If for any reason you cannot work your assigned time, please try to change with another unit or club and notify Don Crouse of any changes at least one week in advance.

Oct 6th Oct 13th Oct 20th Oct 27th Nov 3rd Nov 10


Jokers Trail 70's Oriental Band

Calliope Club/Ritualistic Divan

Escorts Clowns Directors Staff NO DINNER Fire Wagons Blue Racers Legion of Honor NO DINNER

Nov 17th Nov 24th Dec 1st Dec 8th Dec 15th Dec 22nd



By Howard Demott We had eight cars in the Bonner Springs parade, which was very good. No cars from our unit went to the CSSA in Oklahoma City this year. At our next meeting which will be Oct. 6, we will elect officers for the next year. Thirty members and guests attended the spaghetti dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant on Sept 1. Lets do it again some time. Regretfully, we received a letter from Harold Vaille informing us that due to health reasons he asked to have his name removed from our membership roster . Perhaps a phone call or note to him would be appreciated. Les Middaugh has hospice care coming to his house every day and night. Lillian isn't well at all . Their grandchildren come to help with their needs. Shirley Gustafson isn't quite as active as she has been but gets out and goes with Russ when she feels like it Man who drives like hell, bound to get there.

By Chris Zugelder Many Blue Racers attended CSSA 2010 in Oklahoma City, OK. The Blue Racers won first place for Competitive Drill and first place for The Obstacle Course. We also had to laugh at the crazy antics that followed the unit in the form of fake bugs, fake vomit and silly magnetic bumper stickers. Our unit went to Cattleman`s Steakhouse on Saturday night to celebrate our victory. Are you a turtle? We are planning on giving The Turtle Degree at the Fall Ceremonial, October 19, 2010. Nobles and ladies can participate. Please mark it on your calendar because you don`t want to miss out. For only ten dollars, per person, you will get a Turtle pin and membership card as well as find the answers to all of life`s questions. We all want to wish a Happy Birthday to Sy Hess and Amy Smith. Here is my thought for October... "It's not about winning or losing... well ok, yeah it is."

By Bob Harrington Fall is in the air and another month as gone by. I missed the September playground. Three of us went to CSSA, Noble Danny & Lady Lisa Julian, Noble Jesse (Homie) and Lady Hayley Rasmussen, and Noble Bob and Lady Debbie Harrington. We had a great time. We went to competition and watched several units go thru the drill part of the competition so maybe next year when CSSA is in Overland Park we can compete. We ran the Obstacle course and took home a 1st place trophy. Congratulations to the Blue Racers, the Clowns, the Oriental Band and the Mount Patrol for all bringing home trophies for Abdallah. We all made it through the 7 mile parade. Birthdays: March 26-Hayley Rasmussen Anniversaries: March 2: Bob & Debbie Harrington (40th)




October 2010

Bring a Friend & Prospective Members!

Due to conflicts with the American Royal Schedule & other activities, the Oasis will be CLOSED every Friday during October. The October Birthday Party will be held in conjunction with the November B-Day Party on Friday, November 5th.

Food Items Available Daily

500's Sausage on a Bun Hamburger or Cheese Burger Chicken Breast on a Bun Pizza Chips & Benny's World Class Popcorn

Free wireless internet available

VIP Nite

Draft Beer Special 12oz Draws $1 Pitchers $5





proud- as proud as we are to be part of the Abdallah Shrine Team. One last award. Not for costume or make-up, or skits, or parades. Ever know that person that walks into a room and everyone and everything just lights up, the fun and brotherhood comes to life if by magic. You can`t help but to be drawn to them and join in. Well the outgoing president of CSSCA saw that and more in our Earl (Buzzy) Genter and presented him with the President`s Trophy. Congratulations and this reporter ­ and I think I can speak for the unit ­ is very proud to call you Brother!! And now ya old nag it`s time to git on down that road to Overland Park where the 2011 Central States takes place. Our new President of CSSCA Bob (Woody) Jackson has his hands full, but we know it will be CLASS all the way. Good Luck Woody.

By Larry Steele

By Rusty t. Clown

Whoa, Penelope, ya dumb horse. Fall is finally here and I for one am We all`s got to tell the folks about glad. Can`t remember a hotter sumCentral States Shrine Clown Associamer in a long time. tion in Oklahoma. Sort of like that The Hawg Riders have been busy other guy, Bill Revere. You know one with parades and Shrine events. The if by land, two if by sea ­ yea, yea, one big event that we have again par- his brother!! Let me see if I remember ticipated in was Bikers for Babies. them fancy words: This was the third year that we have The clowns of Abdallah did their done this event and it appears to grow every year. For the second year we Temple proud. Two 1st places in cosshared the cost with the Membership tume and makeup, GL (Rails) MacCommittee, which is a really good way Rae in Sr. Hobo and Terry (Rusty) to get the word out about the Shriners. Price in open character. Two 2nd places, Greg (Whistle ) Kuntz in Sr. Almost time for Ceremonial; hope Auguste, and our divan rep. Nick that everyone has their candidates ( Chopper ) Turner in Rookie ­ The signed up and ready to go. The Hawg second divan rep in 4 years with Riders have a special family that we Chris Muro, quite an achievement ­ are hoping will be able to attend. Three 3rd places, Earl ( Buzzy ) Stephanie Felty is a Shrine patient Genter in open whiteface, Clayton that we met when we went to the St. ( Pabo ) Robertson in open character Louis Hospital. We are planning to and our newest apprentice Don make her an honorary member of the ( Dondee ) Korpi in Rookie. Way to go guys!! Hawg Rider Ladies. And that`s just make-up and cosI would like to thank all the Hawg tume. In skit completion Gary (Bean) Riders for all the calls and visits while I was under the weather. They really Gammell and Earl (Buzzy) Genter took 2nd in two man and GL (Rails) meant a lot to Sharon and me. MacRae and Mike (Cookie) Phillips Just a reminder to any new Nobles; another apprentice took 3rd in two if you haven`t joined a Unit yet, we are man. Cookie was promoted to full always looking for new members in working clown status during these our Unit. If you own a Harley or if you events, congratulations Cookie, well are thinking about buying one, check deserved. us out. We meet on the fourth TuesAND in Balloons Clayton (Pabo) day of the month and your lady is alRobertson took 3rd place in both sinways welcome to join the Ladies gle and multiple categories. In Pagroup. rade, Don (Dondee) Korpi took best parade clown in our unit. One ener"WE RIDE SO THAT KIDS getic Joey!! CAN WALK." Every one of the 9 clowns attending won an award!! We Abdallah Clowns did our best to do our Temple




(Continued) Closest to Pin - Seth Warrell - Bob Caplinger Closest to Pin 2 - Dick Borchardt Putts - Roger Miller Falcon Valley Long Drive

Fall is here and the weather is getting cooler and some of our members are packing their bags in preparation to head south for the winter season. It is time to make reservations for the Nomad Banquet and Business Meeting, where we elect officers for 2011 and plan for the Royal Meadows next year. The results for the last outings Long Drive - Bob Hansen are: Over 80 - Seth Warrell Long Putt - Bob Hansen Prairie Highlands - Bob Lively Long Drive - Jim Fulton Closest to Pin - Roy Cooper Over 80 - Bob Caplinger - Gordon Toms Long Putt - Herb Nichols Closes to Pin 2 - Bob Caplinger Closest to Pin - Ken Courtney Putts - Ken Peck - Bob Hagans Closest to Pin 2 - Ken Peck In making your banquet reservaPutts - Seth Warrell tions please call Ken Courtney at (913) Falcon Lakes Long Drive Over 80 Long Putt Closest to Pin Closest to Pin 2 Putts Ken Courtney J.C. Dame Roger Miller Bob Caplinger Ken Peck Bob Caplinger Dick Strong Herb Nichols 334-0817 or Dick Borchardt at (913) 3418674. All past and present Nomads are welcome and as usual we will have an excellent dinner.

Long Putt Closest to Pin Closest to Pin 2 Putts -

Roger Miller Bob Caplinger Al Shrunk Gordon Toms Bob Hagans Dick Strong Ken Courtney

See you on the tee!


Units & Clubs, Now is the time to be booking the Abdallah Hall and the Playground Room for your 2011 Events & Activities.

Minor Park Long Drive Over 80 Long Putt


Dick Strong Bob Caplinger Gordon Toms Bob Lively

Don't wait until it's to late to get the dates you want!







Every Wednesday - 8 AM In the Playground Room ALL Nobles Welcome




the joint gathering and visiting. We had a great attendance and those who missed it missed a great evening. By Marjorie Vogel Eig ht een m em ber s, t hr ee guests, and Divan Representative Mike Guilinger were present. The Invocation was given by Mike Guilinger. Divan Representative Guilinger, reported on September events; October events; Family Breakfast, Ceremonial; Ladies Luncheon, at the Temple; American Royal and the need for workers for the Royal. Barbara Earhart, singer, guitarist, and her granddaugter entertained with Country songs. Wanda Strader thanked those who brought material for the back packs and will will try to have one for display at the next meeting. Ladies, if you have not joined us for lunch, you are missing out on the best sit down meal, prepared by The Chef De Shriners, Don Crouse, Bill England and served by Chris Muro. Mark the fourth Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. on your calendar, the cost is $6.00, reservations are needed. Caller is Claudine Shettleworth, 913-631-6814, please return her calls or contact Mona Duden 913-345-2215. October Birthday Greetings 1 Alice Johnson 8 Mona Duden 21 Shirley Holland 23 Glenna Swearngin Preparation is underway for the fall ceremonial coming up October 9, 2010. We will again put on the Arch Degree and hope you will join us that day. Also be sure that you get your candidates petition in so your candidate will be able to go through this ceremonial. I hope everyone is ready for the season of Shrine since we have mostly been dark for the summer. It is time to get back in gear, attend your unit or club functions, temple meetings and other events that are put on during the year. This is the way to be a Great Shriner. Have you replaced yourself in the Shrine. If every one of us brought in a new member just think you we could grow. We are sure glad to be back in the parade group. Many thanks to Vester and Steve for getting the truck in top shape. They had already done this last winter then the first time the truck was out it blew a piston and the engine has now been completely rebuilt by these guys. We need to give these guys a pat on the back and a Great Big THANK YOU. After the Ceremonial our next big project will be working the American Royal. Hope to see all of you at the Royal this year. What a better way to get acquainted with your fellow Shriner than to spend a couple hours working with him. Also don`t forget you can bring your spouse or older kids to work also. It all helps and just think if we did not have this money making project how much higher would our dues be. You can thank those who do work the Royal for helping keep your dues low. FOOD HAS REPLACED SEX IN MY LIFE, NOW I CAN'T EVEN GET INTO MY OWN PANTS!

By Joe Rich The Director`s Staff and Di-Staff had our September meeting at the Golden Corral in Olathe and enjoyed










Congratulations go out to our newest members Hernando Rodriguez & Marsha O`Neal (now Marsha Rodriguez) in their recent nuptials in September! Way to go Hernando!! September Anniversaries: 9th Earl and Kathy Reavis September Birthdays: 2nd Dorothy Sheldon, 21st Marcella Holliday, 23rd Kevin Larson,

October Birthdays: 9th Linda McConwell, 14th Dick Duprey, 29th Jim Newman, 31st Willard Hill, Talk to you later!

By R.A. I want to apologize to the unit for missing the last month`s paper. A lot has happened since August. With a lot of hard work, the rules and bylaws committee (under Ken Holliday), put our Unit on course for the future. The big change is that the Unit is now opened to all makes of motorcycles that are touring, sport touring and cruisers. Another committee (under Dick Duprey) has gotten our parade uniforms more up-to-date. The unit wants to thank the committees that worked on these. Ralph & Linda Anderton hosted their annual Escort & Divan picnic at their place in August. There was a great turnout and thanks to all the Ladies that brought food to it. The September special meeting was held at Willard and Donna Hill`s house where the Hills hosted their annual Escort/Divan cookout. Again, there was a great turnout and delicious food for all. Another big thank you to all the ladies for their food contributions! October`s meeting is being held at John and Jeanne Hogg`s house in Wellsville. We all are looking forward to that! Thank you to Willard, Donna, John & Jeanne & my wife for hosting these. October 4th we do bingo and November 3rd is our turn to work the VIP Night. We are glad that Jean Beach`s arm is out of the sling and she is doing well; now comes all of the rehab. Ernie Cooper was put in the hospital (at the writing of this paper) in September with broken ribs from a fall he took while cooking ribs. We hope you get well soon. We will have our elections this month to see who will be leading our Unit.

What kind of motorcycle do you ride? The Abdallah Escorts have opened up their Unit to Touring bikes, Sport Touring bikes and Cruisers: two wheel or three; whatever the make is. We are looking for Shriners that like to ride, and enjoy good fellowship. We are not a parade unit, but we are in charge of escorting our Temple in the parades and back to the staging area. If you would like to check us out, call Jim Newman at 913-631-8823 or Ralph Anderton at 913-724-2724. Let us know what kind of bike you have!




E.R. Anderson James Anderson Lowry Anderson D.W. Andrews JR Michael Ash Allen Asher David Baggett Keith Beach Leon Beck Gary Bennett Don Best Robert Bnauch David Boyd Joseph Brooks Joe Brown Ronald Bugh Leland Burnett Buddie Butterfeild Charles Calloway Dale Cantrell Daniel Carr James Chambers Clyde Collins Lee Colvin Jack Crabb Harold Crossen Thomas Davis Jack Denton Peter Dunn Morris Eastland Donald Farris John Fischer Floyd Fleming Jim Fulton Tim Galvin Rodney Garza

Larry Gaston Robbie Gentry Larry Goodnight Roy Graba Jim Grassi Jim Guilinger Russell Gustafson Robert Hagan Bill Hammer Robert Hanson Willie Hembree Fred Henik Harry Herzer Sy Hess Willard Hill Bob Hines Jody Hines Jack Hinkle Jim Hinkle James Holloway Olan Holt Fred Hope Jerry Horseman James Howd Jr Dennis Hubler R.K.Jensen Jeff Johnson Robert Johnson Robert Johnston Francisco Judilla Jr John Justice John Kain Donald Kay Arthur Keefer Bill Kessler August Klasing


David Kovac Marvin Lands Charles Lang Charles Larson Kevin Larson Lloyd Lavely V. Parker Lessig William Lewis Brett Lloyd Kirby Lott Carl Mann William Marguerite John Masters B.G Matney Bob McDaniel Daryl McFord Earl Melton Clarence Merrill Arthur Miller Blaine Miller Dannie Nibarger Tommie Nibarger Jerry Ogden John Packham Warner Pape Edward Peck John Peters Frank Pfeifer Don Porter Terry Price James Radford Charles Ralston Earl Reavis Rick Reichert Jack Reuler Ed Rice

Joe Rich Tom Roy Ervin Russell Robert Schroeder Dean Schurr Frank Schveninger Ronald Seaton George Sherman Charles Sloan Lyle Smith Phillp Smith Charles Stafford Henry Starky Larry Steele Frank Stevenson Wayne Stokes Jon Stone Harold Stoner Ray Swearengin Michael Taveres Herb Taylor RW Thompson Jamie Thornton Glen Tolman Jack Turner David Walters Bobby Ware Robert Webber Harold Sr. Weber Charles Weldy James Wells Wes Wesselowski Gregory White Bill Whitehouse Tim Williams Joseph Wood







I am listing all of the sponsors for the whole year. Some sponsored for one season but most sponsored for both. The elite group is listed below.

Antique and Classic Cars Unit - Blue Racers Unit - Calliope Club Fire Wagons Unit - Greeters Unit - Hospital Club - Jokers Unit Ladies Without Nobles Club - Lawrence Shrine Club ­ Leawood Shrine ClubOriental Band Unit - Roadsters Unit ­ Tin Lizzie Unit - The Wildcards

Please include us as you prepare your 2011 budget. THANKS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION JIM NEWMAN, SOCCER CHAIRMAN 913-745-4487 Shrine Office 913-362-5300

Tickets can be purchased from Tin Lizzie Members - Purchase of 8 tickets reserves your table. Contact M. Merritt for reservations at 913-299-0202

Proceeds benefit the Abdallah Tin Lizzies and are NOT tax deductable as a chartable contribution.







Taylor Long

Taylor was born with bilateral fibular hemimelia, which means he is missing the calf bones in his legs. Doctors initially told Taylor`s mother, Karen, that he would probably never walk. Luckily, a friend of Taylor`s grandfather, a Shriner named Bryce Gibson, recommended Shriners Hospitals for Children® -- Canada. Taylor became a patient when he was just one month old; his family and doctors decided the best treatment was to amputate his feet and have him use prosthetics to walk. He was provided extensive physical therapy as a young child to help him learn to walk and balance. Despite multiple surgeries to correct the growth of his legs, Taylor enjoyed an active childhood. The rehabilitation services department at Shriners Hospitals for Children® -- Canada played a central role in supporting his interests, designing special prosthetics for each activity he pursued. He learned to swim with the help of special swimming legs that drain water and help him walk on sand. When he began riding horses at age 9, they made him prosthetic legs especially for horseback riding. In 2007, Taylor competed with riders from around the world at the Lendon Gray International Dressage Festival. The confidence Taylor gained from these experiences has helped him pursue his greatest passions, drama and singing. He is currently working toward a bachelor`s degree in voice and drama at Dalhousie University in Halifax and is studying opera.

Danny Happy

When a plane crashed into Danny Happy`s Sanford, Fla., home in 2007, his life was changed forever. He sustained second- and third degree burns over 95 percent of his body and tragically, his four-year-old sister Gabriela was killed in the horrific accident. Only hours after the crash, Danny was airlifted from a local hospital to Shriners Hospitals for Children® -- Cincinnati. The burns on his body were so extensive he was not expected to survive. During the next seven months, which he spent in the hospital, he underwent multiple surgeries and grueling physical therapy. His medical team was pleased to see tremendous progress as time went by, and was thrilled when he became well enough to become an outpatient. Danny and his mother relocated to Ohio so he could continue his treatment at Shriners Hospitals for Children® -- Cincinnati. When he was ready to return to school, the hospital`s school re-entry program eased the transition, providing his classmates with lessons on empathy and acceptance. Danny, who is extremely outgoing, has made friends easily and is enjoying life as a student. With the help of his teachers and fellow classmates, he started a program to collect aluminum can tabs to benefit the hospital that saved his life.

At Shriners Hospitals for Children®, we are proud to have heroes like Danny and Taylor among us every day. Their stories are just one example of the thousands of children Shriners Hospitals for Children® help every year. 24



Jerry Rice to Play Championship Pro-Am

Hall of Fame wide receiver and three-time Super Bowl champion, Jerry Rice, will participate in the MGM Resorts International Championship Pro-Am at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children® Open in Las Vegas 7 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010 at TPC Summerlin. I`m thrilled to be a part of the Pro-Am to support such an amazing organization, said Rice. The Shriners Hospitals for Children® provide outstanding care for children every day and this event is a great way to show support while playing a sport I enjoy. During his 15-year career with the San Francisco 49ers, Rice won three Super Bowls (Super Bowl XXIII (88), Super Bowl XXIV (89), Super Bowl XXIX (94)) and one Super Bowl MVP. He enjoyed three seasons with the Oakland Raiders, including a Super Bowl appearance and one season with the Seattle Seahawks before retiring in 2005. Rice was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010, his first year of eligibility. Rice`s meticulous preparation and work ethic during his 20year NFL career became legendary. He holds 36 NFL records, which is a record in itself. He has scored the most touchdowns in NFL history (208) and holds virtually every significant career receiving record, including receptions (1,549), yards receiving (22,895), all-purpose yards (23,546), touchdown receptions (197) and consecutive games with at least one catch (274). Since his retirement, Rice`s celebrity has grown beyond the football field. He finished second in the second season of the ABC hit-reality show Dancing with the Stars and has appeared on NBC`s Deal or No Deal, Fox`s Don`t Forget the Lyrics, CBS`s The Class, CW`s The Game and One Tree Hill, Spike TV`s Pros vs. Joes, ABC`s American Inventor and The Biggest Loser. Rice has also co-hosted Sports Sundays with Raj Mathai on the San Jose NBC local affiliate. During his career, Rice was selected to the Pro Bowl a record 13 times, won the NFL Most Valuable Player Award in 1987 and was Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXIII. In 1999, he was ranked number two in The Sporting News` list of 100 Greatest Football Players, making him the highest-ranked active player and receiver at the time. As part of a three-year agreement, MGM Resorts International will have a heightened presence at the pro-am as well as have the opportunity annually to utilize a different property as the host venue of the pairings party. This year`s host for the Tuesday evening pairings party will be ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter, which also will serve as the host hotel for those amateurs participating in the Championship Pro-Am. The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children® Open is Oct. 17 ­ 24, 2010 at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, 1680 Village Center Circle. For more information, visit or call (702) 589-4949.
















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