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The Mind Machine

One remarkable property of human beings is our minds. But what is a mind? How does it work? What is consciousness? Are thought and language one and the same? Are we unique among animals because of our mind? These questions fascinate philosophers, psychologists, linguists and neuroscientists alike. In the Mind Machine, we will explore these questions and many more related to the human mind and brain. Students will learn, reflect and discuss cutting edge questions at the intersection of science, humanities and social science including why am I conscious? Can we use the power of the mind to heal the body? How do psychotropic drugs affect the mind and the brain? How can neurodegeneration and brain injury influence creativity? How is creativity shaped by emotional state? This course will look at aspects of mind and brain function that would enable students to answer questions that lay people might ask.

The University of Aberdeen King's College Aberdeen AB42 3FX Tel: +44 (0)1224-272000


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