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Question 1 Using examples you have studied examine how and why a company might have to change its approach to human resource management. Critically evaluate why these decisions are crucial for business survival and growth. (20 marks) Question 2 Your company wishes to increase the number of tasks that are delegated to workers and, therefore, increase their accountability but without any extra financial reward. Analyse and critically evaluate why there is often resistance to this type of change by employees and the techniques a company might employ to overcome this. (20 marks) Question 3 Critically analyse and evaluate the costs and benefits of a structured recruitment and training programme of any company you have studied. (20 marks) Question 4 A large company has found that it has far more workers than its office space will accommodate. Critically evaluate the alternatives which they might use to ensure that they still have an efficient and well motivated workforce. (20 marks) Question 5 Analyse and critically evaluate why people are the most important asset to any business and what methods might a large company employ to ensure that this is the case? (20 marks) Question 6 Using Vroom's theory both analyse and critically evaluate how and why this might be of relevance to a company you have studied. (20 marks) Question 7 Analyse and evaluate the various processes which a company might put in place to ensure that there is never a case of unfair dismissal bought against them. (20 marks)


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