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Developed by Algebra teachers and based on the 4MAT® Method!

Teacher's Guide Unit Plan Posters Student Activity Book Classroom Resource Kit

What teachers are saying... "It's extremely exciting to see what we can do to connect and reorganize Algebra to make it more meaningful for students." ­Algebra Teacher, Perry Meridian High School, Indiana "I am already using this program and my student's love it! ­Veronica Gutierezz, Mathis ISD, Mathis, TX "I just flat out bought into it ­ it is an amazing way to teach math." ­Algebra Teacher, Yonkers Public Schools, Yonkers, NY

4MAT 4 Algebra - A Whole New Way of Learning Algebra 4MAT 4 Algebra includes a comprehensive set of training materials and educational resources for helping create more dynamic and engaging Algebra I instruction. What do I need to Get Started Now? The program includes everything a teacher needs, just add the textbook and you're ready to go! Teacher's Guide Student Activity Book Unit Plan Posters Classroom Resource Kit

concepts to help students make stronger connections to content. Price: $65 Order Code: 4MAT-ALGTB

4MAT 4 Algebra Student Activity Book The 4MAT 4 Algebra Student Activity Book is a 167-page book that provides scores of ideas for engaging students in more creative and meaningful tasks that involve the use of Algebra. This book is not intended to replace your textbook, but rather to provide teachers with numerous ideas for creating more engaging activities for students as they work to master content. You will be amazed at how well students respond to these interactive and dynamic activities. Price: $14.50 Order Code: 4MAT-ALGSB

4MAT 4 Algebra Teacher's Guide This 296-page Teacher's GuideBook includes comprehensive guidance in how to orchestrate 4MAT 4 Algebra in the Classroom, along with one copy of the Student Activity Book. 4MAT 4 Algebra uses ten over-arching concepts to engage students in more meaningful and interactive methods that promote the real world application and use of Algebra. The corresponding Algebra content is then nested into these larger

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4MAT 4 Algebra Classroom Bundle The special Classroom Materials Bundle includes 30 student Activity Books, Teacher's Guide and one set of 10 unit plan posters. This is a great starter set for trying 4MAT 4 Algebra in the classroom! Price: $550 Order Code: 4MAT-ALGB-30

4MAT 4 Algebra Classroom Implementation Package The Classroom Implementation Package includes a teacher's guide, a set of 10 unit plan posters and the classroom resource kit. 4MAT 4 Algebra has many connect activities, differentiated tasks, and project extensions that require items not usually found in a classroom. This kit makes incorporating all the handson activities from the 4MAT 4 ALGEBRA program a snap. The teacher's toolkit gives you easy access to the core manipulatives needed for a classroom of 25. Order Code: 4MAT-ALG-PKG Price: $885

What You See Is What You Get Worksheet

Quadratic Function Poster Worksheet

4MAT 4 Algebra



In what ways can a person "communicate" more effectively using Algebra? Percents Variables in Algebra Exponents and powers Order of operations Equations and inequalities (introductory) Tables and graphs An introduction to functions The real number line Addition of real numbers Adding and subtracting matrices Multiplication of real numbers The distributive property Division of real numbers Statistics Measures of central tendencies Range Stem and leaf plots Frequency Histogram Box-and-Whisker plot Quartiles Outliers Sample Survey Population Types of sampling Biased sample Biased question


In what ways does chance show up in the real world? Experimental Theoretical Counting principal Compound events Combinations Permutations Mutually exclusive events Overlapping events Independent events Dependent events


How are comparisons in our lives and comparisons in mathematics related? Solving one-step linear inequalities Solving multi-step linear inequalities Solving compound inequalities Solving absolute value equations and inequalities Graphing linear inequalities in two variables


How does exponential growth happen? Multiplication properties of exponents Zero and negative exponents Division properties of exponents Scientific notation Exponential growth functions Exponential decay functions


Why are alternatives important when solving systems? Solving linear systems by graphing Solving linear systems by substitution Solving linear systems by linear combination Applications of linear systems Special types of linear systems: Lines intersect (one solution) Lines are parallel (no solution) Lines coincide (infinitely many solutions) Solving systems of linear inequalities

relationships quadratic

In what ways may a person model situations using quadratics? Solving quadratic equations by finding square roots Simplifying radicals Graphing quadratic functions Solving quadratic equations by graphing Solving quadratic equations by quadratic formula Applications of the discriminant Graphing quadratic inequalities Comparing linear, exponential and quadratic models


How can patterns simplify polynomial functions? Adding/subtracting polynomials Multiplying polynomials Special products of polynomials Solving polynomial equations in factored form Factoring Ratio/proportion Direct/inverse variation


How do we model situations in the real world? Simplifying rational expressions Multiplying and dividing rational expressions Adding and subtracting rational expressions Dividing polynomials Rational equations and functions Functions involving square roots Operations with radical expressions Solving radical equations Completing the square Pythagorean theorem Distance and midpoint Trigonometic ratios

Skill List by Concept balance

In what ways can balance be used to solve real world situations? One step equations Multi-step equations Equations with variables on both sides Solving decimal equations Formulas and functions Applications Solving equations involving Geometry Area Perimeter Complementary/supplementary angles Triangle sum Polygon sum

relationships linear

How can you recognize linear relationships? Coordinates/scatterplots Graph using tables Graph using intercepts Graph using slopes Finding a slope given two points Direct variation Graphing linear functions Writing equations in y=mx+b form Writing equations given slope and a point Writing equations given two points Fitting a line to data Point-Slope form of a linear equation Standard form of a linear equation Predicting with linear models

4MAT 4 Algebra Poster Series

The Classroom Materials Bundle and Classroom Implementation Package include a beautiful set of 10 four-color 18"x22" posters that correspond with each of the 4MAT 4 Algebra conceptual units. Each concept encompasses multiple algebra standards. About Learning Inc. 800.822.4628


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