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The Altai Super WiFi Solution is designed to offer a cost-effective wireless solution for different applications such as Private Network, Rural Network, Transport & Logistic, Urban Network, VoIP and Video Surveillance. Altai's longer reach Super WiFi technology requires significantly fewer units per square kilometer of coverage with savings of more than 65% and improved latency over conventional mesh systems, making Altai Super WiFi an ideal solution for service Altai Technologies is a privately held high technology company focusing on the design, development and marketing of innovative Super WiFi Solutions. Its Super WiFi Solution is an unique wireless solution using patented smart antenna technology and signal processing algorithms. This award-winning solution dramatically improves the WiFi signal coverage while minimizing interference from other signals broadcasting within the 2.4GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum. Its coverage area is 10 times larger than its competitors and therefore can lower the required capital investment for a wireless network infrastructure.

ALTAI Super WiFi Solutions

Mobile Internet for Everyone

ABP Technology

13988 Diplomat Dr. Suite 180 Dallas, TX 75234

Taking WiFi Farther and Faster

Altai's Super WiFi equipment is renowned for their superior performance, reliability, scalability and price of network deployment and operation. The Altai Super WiFi Solution is now deployed in over 60 countries including cities in the U.S., North & Latin America, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Nigeria, Middle East and Asian-Pacific countries. As part of the industry's recognition of innovative wireless technology, Altai has received several awards.

A8 Super WiFi Base Station

Greater Coverage, Higher Throughput

Altai's Super WiFi products are renowned for their superior performance, reliability, scalability and price of network deployment and operation. Altais products are currently deployed worldwide in every major industry including logistics, education, government, network operator, hospitality, manufacturing etc. The Altai Super WiFi Solution comprises our base station, access point, repeater, bridge, CPE and wireless management software. With leading edge long range wireless technology, Altai has been delivering its state-of-the-art Super WiFi Solution to its customers in over 60 countries.

Support WiFi signal coverage in 360 degree with radius of 500 m NLOS (non line of sight) High throughput, scalability and enterprise class network Lowest cost per subscriber when covering the un-served area Rapid deployment and flexible antenna configuration Can be deployed in conjunction with other wireless solutions (i.e. WiMAX/3G) sharing the same site

For large area coverage

1000 m LOS 500 m NLOS


A8-Ei Super WiFi Base Station

It is an ALL-IN-ONE system including base unit, antennas, and external cables in one panel The A8-Ei multi-beam antenna array provides up to 5X the access range and 25X the access coverage as traditional AP Up to 95% installation site saving The A8-Ei can be collocated at one site sharing the same mounting pole and power supply with 3G base station

For long range coverage


1700 m LOS 800 m NLOS

A3 Smart WiFi

Support multiple-backhaul options: external HSPA/WiMAX/LTE backhaul, Gigabit Ethernet or 2.4G/5GHz WiFi Multiple operating modes supported: Access Point, Repeater, CPE, or Bridge mode Support 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless modes with dual-band built-in antennas or optional external antennas Integrated access controller with Authentication, Bandwidth Management and RADIUS support features

For high capacity usage


350 m LOS 200 m NLOS 180 Mbps throughput 36

A2 WiFi Access Point/Bridge

Low cost access point which can be deployed stand-alone or as wireless WiFi bridge Multiple operating modes supported: AP, Repeater or Bridge mode Light-weight and weatherproof with built-in lightning protection

For smaller area coverage and bridging

12km LOS

450 m LOS 250 m NLOS 120 Mbps throughput 36


A2e WiFi Access Point/Bridge

Built-in 2.4 GHz high gain panel antenna for high capacity directional AP applications External 5 GHz high gain panel antenna for long range high throughput PTP/PTMP bridging 2 x 2 MIMO for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHZ radios

For long range bridging and smaller sector area coverage

800m LOS 450m LOS 120 Mbps throughput 37 25km LOS




Extend outdoor coverage of A8/A8-Ei Super WiFi Base Station into indoor C1 CPE It can be operated as outdoor/indoor customer premises equipment (CPE) or access point (AP). Improve signal strength in both LOS and NLOS areas and hence higher throughput possible for client terminals Simply power on and the C1 will automatically associate to For outdoor to indoor coverage pre-configured SSID


600 m LOS 350 m NLOS

Altai Wireless Management System (AWMS)

The AWMS is a centralized management tool that allows operator to perform remote configuration and administration of all WiFi elements within the network Management functions included system configuration, fault management, performance monitoring and network security


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