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SELECTED READING SUGGESTIONS Introduction This is a selective reading list, designed to provide helpful support to diploma candidates in their preparation and to give access to the bibliographies found in the books listed for those interested in taking their studies further. General histories of music, dictionaries, encyclopedias and biographies of composers have not been included. The list begins with general books, and is then followed by listings relating to each subject-line: Directing, Performing and Teaching. While we have distinguished between these subject-lines, many books will inevitably cover areas relevant to more than one of them. Therefore to make the most of the lists, candidates are encouraged to look beyond their specific area. For example, a flute teacher should not just look at the 'Teaching-Flute' section, but also those entitled 'General Books', 'Performing - Flute', and 'Teaching - General'. Please bear in mind that at DipABRSM level you will not be expected to be as knowledgeable or as widely-read as an LRSM or FRSM candidate. Inclusion here does not indicate that the books are currently in print but all should be available in reference libraries. We hope to keep these lists updated and should you know of a book which you think ought to be included because of its specific relevance to part of the ABRSM Diploma Syllabus, then please send full details, including ISBN number, to Dr. Nigel Scaife ([email protected]) at the Board's London office.


Forename/ Initial/Ed.







Elizabeth Anthony Ed. Anthony Anthony Anthony John Simon Michael George Andrews Baines Baron, Carol K Burton Burton Burton Butt Healthy Practice for Musicians Oxford Companion to Musical Instruments Bach's Changing World: Voices in the Community A Performer's Guide to Music of the Baroque Period Rochester NY London Rhinegold Publishing Limited OUP University of Rochester Press ABRSM ABRSM ABRSM CUP OUP 1997 1992 2006 2001 2001 2001 2002 1998 0946890730 0193113341 1580461905 1860961924 1860961940 1860961932 0521013585 019879021X

A Performer's Guide to Music of the Romantic London Period A Performer's Guide to Music of the Classical London Period Playing with History: The Historical Approach Cambridge to Musical Performance Oxford

Cargill, Henson & Aural Awareness: Principles and Practice Pratt

Deryck Thurston Jane Hubert Richard Stephen Timothy Irene John Diana Andrew Cecil Barry Stan Stewart Trevor Paul Ed.

Cooke Dart Davidson & Eiholzer Davis Davies Day Deliege & Sloboda Deutch Evans Forsyth Green Godlovitch Gordon Herbert Hindemith Juslin, Patrick & Sloboda, John

The Language of Music The Interpretation of Music The Music Practitioner: Research for the Music Performer, Teacher and Listener Becoming an Orchestral Musician: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals Musical Works and Performance: A Philosophical Exploration A Century of Recorded Music: Listening to Musical History Musical Beginnings: Origins and Development of Musical Competence The Psychology of Music The Secrets of Musical Confidence: How to Maximize your Performance Potential Orchestration The Inner Game of Music Musical Performance: A Philosophical Study


Clarendon Press Hutchinson Ashgate Giles de la Mare Publishers

1989 1984 2004 2004 2001 2000 1996 1998 1994 1986 1987 1998 2006 2001 1996 2001

0198161808 0091540712 0754604659 1900357232 0199241589 0300084420 0198523327 0122135652 0722529724 0486243834 0330300172 0415191297 0195177436 186096236X 0901938165 0192631888


Clarendon Press

New Haven and London Yale University Press Oxford New York London OUP Academic Press Collins Dover Publications London New York and London Pan Books Routledge OUP ABRSM Schott & Co Ltd OUP

Mastering the Art of Performance: A Primer for Oxford Musicians Music in Words Elementary Training for Musicians Music and Emotion: Theory and Research London London Oxford

Colin Robin Pat

Lawson & Stowell The Historical Performance of Music : An Introduction Legg Practice for Pleasure

Cambridge London

CUP Pit Pat Publishing

1999 1996

0521627389 0951676814


McPherson, Gary The Science and Psychology of Music & Parncutt, Performance Richard Musgrave, Michael & Sherman, Bernard Palisca, Claude V. Palisca, Claude V. Robert Robert Rink, John Rosen Schmidt-Beste Seashore Sloboda Spiegl Sloboda, John Storr Walls Performing Brahms: Early Evidence of Performance Style










Ed. Ed. Philip Philip Ed. Charles Thomas Carl E. John A Fritz Ed. Anthony Peter Ed. Richard J.

Norton Anthology of Western Music: Ancient to New York; London Baroque, Volume 1 Norton Anthology of Western Music: Classic to New York; London Modern, Volume 2 Early Recordings and Musical Style Cambridge Performing Music in the Age of Recording The Practice of Performance: Studies in Musical Interpretation Critical Entertainments: Music Old and New Cambridge Introductions to Music: The Sonata Psychology of Music The Musical Mind: The Cognitive Psychology of Music Music Trough the Looking Glass Generative Processes in Music The Dynamics of Creation Oxford London Woodbridge Oxford Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey New York Oxford

W.W. Norton & Co Ltd W.W. Norton & Co Ltd CUP

1996 1996 1992 2004 2005 2000 2011 1968 1986 1984 2001 1991 2003 2004 1996

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New Haven and London Yale University Press Cambridge Cambridge MS and London CUP Harvard University Press Cambridge University Press Dover Publications Inc. Clarendon Press Routledge OUP Penguin Books Ltd. The Boydell Press OUP Pearson US Imports & PHIPEs

History, Imagination and the Performance of Music Williamon, Aaron Musical Excellence: Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Performance Wingell Writing About Music: An Introductory Guide


Christopher Samuel Adrian José Antonio Michael Steven D. Brian R. Adam Harold A. Julius Harold A. Colleen J. Norman Norman Norman Norman Myer Elliot W. Gordon Erich John Adey Adler Boult Bowen Brewer Burton Busch Carse Orchestra Performance: A Guide for Conductors and Players The Study of Orchestration A Handbook on the Technique of Conducting The Cambridge Companion to Conducting Kickstart Your Choir Orchestration The Complete Choral Conductor The History of Orchestration London Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey London New York Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey USA London New York; London Faber and Faber W.W. Norton & Co Ltd Scholarly Press CUP Faber Prentice-Hall Schirmer Books Dover Publications Prentice-Hall Waveland Press Inc. Clarendon Press Clarendon Press Clarendon Press Clarendon Press Thames Publishing Pendragon Press OUP 1998 2002 1951 2003 1997 1982 1984 1965 1987 1995 1992 1993 1993 1998 1999 1988 1982 1981 1989 0571177247 039397572X 040301512X 0521527910 0571517498 0136395260 0028703405 0486212580 0131333720 0881338761 0198162197 0198163592 0198163576 0198165579 0903413515 0918728479 0193182041 0300024274 0946890269

Decker & Herford Choral Conducting: A Symposium Decker & Del Mar Del Mar Del Mar Del Mar Fredman Galkin Jacob Leinsdorf Kirk Choral Conducting: Focus on Communication

Conducting Beethoven: The Symphonies, Vol. Oxford 1 Conducting Beethoven: The Overtures, Concertos, Missa Solemnis, Vol. 2 Conducting Brahms Conducting Elgar The Conductor's Domain A History of Orchestral Conducting in Theory and Practice Orchestral technique: A Manual for Students The Composer's Advocate The Art of Conducting: A Guide to Essential Skills Oxford Oxford Oxford London New York Oxford

New Haven and London Yale University Press Rhinegold Publishing

Nigel Lumley & Springthorpe

Brock Walter Frederick Bernard Max M Hermann Harold C Edrich

McElheran Piston Prausnitz Rogers Rudolf & Scherchen Schonberg Siebert

Conducting Technique for Beginners and Professionals Orchestration Score and Podium: a Complete Guide to Conducting The Art of Orchestration: Principles of Tone Colour in Modern Scoring Stern The Grammar of Conducting Handbook of Conducting The Great Conductors Practical Guide to Instrumentation for the Brass Band

Oxford New York New York London

OUP Gollancz Scarecrow Press Greenwood Press Wadsworth

1989 1978 1999 1951 1995 1989 1967 1976

0193858304 0575026022 0810834219 0837129699 0028722213 0198161824 0671208349 0905925017

Oxford London London

OUP Simon & Schuster Studio Music Co.


Paul Badura-Skoda Interpreting Bach at the Keyboard Interpreting Mozart: The Performance of his Piano Works Notes from the Pianist's Bench Twentieth-century Piano Music Images and Ideas in Modern French Piano Music Schumann Piano Music Style in Piano Playing Playing the piano with confidence Chopin: Pianist and Teacher: As Seen by His Pupils London London Cambridge New York Oxford London Newhaven and London Clarendon Press Routledge Yale University Press Scarecrow Press Pendragon Press BBC Books Calder Faber and Faber CUP Kahn & Averill OUP 1995 2007 2000 2004 1998 1986 1975 1964 1987 2006 1975 0198165765 0415977517 0300083750 0810849666 0945193955 0563204958 0714535125 B0000CM3VE 0521241596 1871082102 0193184192 Eva and Paul Badura-Skoda Boris David Siglind Joan Peter Gerald Berman Burge Bruhn Chissell Cooper D'Abreu

Jean Jacques Eigeldinger Dean Howard Elder Ferguson

Pianists at Play: Interviews with Leading Piano London Virtuosos Keyboard Interpretation from the Fourteenth to Oxford the nineteenth Century: An Introduction

Stephen A. Elliot

Fink Foldes Forbes

Mastering Piano Technique Keys to the Keyboard Thayer's Life of Beethoven ­ Parts I and II

USA Oxford Princeton

Amadeus Press OUP Princeton University Press

1992 1950 1992

0931340462 0193184141 Part 1: 069102717X Part 2 : 0691027188

Alan Ruth C. Walter Karl Reginald Dominic R T T Sandor

Fraser Friedberg Geiseking & Leimer Gerig Gill Gray, & Gyorgy Mark Miles

The Craft or Piano Playing The Complete Pianist: Body, Mind, Synthesis Piano Technique Famous Pianists and Their Technique Book of the Piano What every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body On Playing Piano The Piano-Forte Baroque Music Today Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire The literature of the piano Introduction to the Theory of Heinrich Schenker Ravel According to Ravel

Lanham and Maryland and Oxford London New York Washington and New York Oxford

The Scarecrow Press Scarecrow Press Dover Publications R.B. Luce, U.S. Phaidon GIA Publications

2003 1993 1973 1988 1981 2004

0810845911 0810826305 0486228673 088331066X 0714820369 1579992064

New York New York Oregon, USA Indiana London New York and London

Schirmer Books Da Capo Press Amadeus Press Indiana University Press Hutchinson Longman Higher Education Pro Am Music Resources

1982 1973 1995 1987 1974 1982 1988

0028722809 0306710846 0931340918 0253326567 0091191203 0582282276 0912483199

Rosamond E. Harding M. Nikolaus Maurice Ernest Oswold Helene Vlado Louis Ralph Joan Harnoncourt Hinson Hutcheson Jonas JourdanMorhange & Perlmuter Kentner Kirkpatrick Last

Piano (Menuhin Music Guides) Interpreting Bach's "Well-tempered Clavier" Interpretation in Piano Study London London

Kahn & Averill Yale University Press OUP

2006 1987 1983

1871082188 0300030584 0193222868

Erno Elena Josef Julian Frank Heinrich William S. William S. Jeremy Linda J. James Lillie H. Paul Ed. Charles Sandra P. Ed. Felix Jim Elie Robert

Lendvai Letnanova Lhevinne Littlewood Merrick Neuhaus Newman Newman Nicholas Noyle Parakilas Philip Roberts

Bela Bartok: An Analysis of His Music Piano Interpretations in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing The Variations of Johannes Brahms Practising the Piano The Art of Piano Playing Beethoven on Beethoven: Playing His Piano Music His Way Performance Practices in Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Chopin: His life and Music Pianists on Playing: Interviews with Twelve Concert Pianists Piano Roles Piano Technique: Tone, Touch, Phrasing and Dynamics Images: The Piano Music of Claude Debussy London London London New York; London London London

Pro Am Music Resources McFarland & Co. Dover Publications Plumbago Books Barrie & Jenkins Kahn & Averill W.W. Norton & Co Ltd Dent Naxos Books Metuchen, New Jersey London New York Scarecrow Press Yale University Press Dover Publications Amadeus Press Thames and Hudson Ltd. London Indiana Cambridge New York Cambridge New York Penguin Books Ltd. Indiana University Press CUP Dover Publications CUP Dover Publications

1991 1992 1972 2004 1960 2006 1989 1972 2006 1987 2000 1982 1996 1996 2004 1988 1998 1967 2003 1967

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Robbins Lanson, The Mozart Compendium H. C. Rosen Rosenblum Rowland, David Salzer Samson Schmitz Piano Notes: The Hidden World of the Pianist Performance practices in classic piano music The Cambridge Companion to the Piano Structural Hearing: Tonal Coherence in Music Virtuosity and the Musical Work The Piano Works of Claude Debussy

Harold C. Harold C. David Béla Einar Geoffrey Robert Kendall Charles Richard Alan Jeffrey Ed.

Schonberg Schonberg Schuleberg Siki

Great Pianists Great Pianists from Mozart to the Present The Keyboard Music of J. S. Bach Piano repertoire Bloomington London London UK

Simon and Schuster Inc Holiday House Routledge Macmillan, USA Indiana University Press Elkin Hal Leonard Coroporation Sevenoaks, Kent London Cambridge Novello & Co Ltd. Kahn & Averill Amadeus Press Barrie and Jenkins London London Stainer & Bell Ltd. Garland Publishing Inc.

1987 1972 2006 1982 1997 1958 2009 1981 1993 2003 1976 1993 1996

0671638378 0671213393 0415974003 0028723902 253332486 B0000CJXYT 978157461780 0853600732 1871082498 1574670840 021420345X 0852498063 0815315023

Steen-Nøkleberg Onstage with Grieg: interpreting His Piano Music Tankard Taub Taylor Timbrell Troeger Walker Whitton Witten, David Pianoforte diplomas Playing the Beethoven Sonatas Principles of Piano Technique and Interpretation French Pianism: A Historical Perspective Playing Bach on the Keyboard: A Practical Guide Franz Liszt (Man & His Music) The Art of Practising the Piano Nineteenth-Century Piano Music


Bach J.S. 21st Century Bach Volume 1 and 2 (DVD) ASIN B000ECXBDM (volume 1) B000E6UMGC (Volume 2) Bicknell Ann Ed. Stephen Bond The History of the English Organ A Guide to the Harpsichord Cambridge Portland, Oregon Andover, Hants CUP Amadeus Press Routledge 1996 1997 2006 0521550262 1574670271 0415941741

Bush, Douglas & The Organ: An Encyclopedia Kassel, Richard



The Language of the Classical French Organ

Yale University Press



Fenner Harold Ed.

Douglass Gleason

The Language of the Classical Organ: Musical Tradition before 1800 Method of Organ Playing Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Yale University Press Prentice Hall W W Norton & Co Ltd.

1995 1996 1999

0300064268 0132075318 0393319563

Hans, Theodore. The New Bach Reader: Life of Johann Mendel, A. & Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents Wolff, Christoph

John Peter Mark David David Michael Nancy Roy Barbara George H. Rollin Rollin Rollin Howard Sandra Graham

Henderson Hurford Kroll Ledbetter Ledbetter Murray Metzger Neal Owen Ritchie & G.B.Stauffer Smith Smith Smith Schott Soderlund Steed

A Directory of Composers for Organ Making Music on the Organ Playing the Harpsichord Expressively Harpsichord and Lute Continuo Playing According to Handel French Masters of the Organ Harpsichord Technique: a Guide to Expressivity Organ Registrations and Techniques The Registration of Baroque Organ Music Organ Technique: Modern and Early Vierne and the Organ Playing the Works of Cesar Franck Toward an Authentic Interpretation of the Organ Works of Cesar Franck Playing the Harpsichord Organ Technique: An Historical Approach The Organ works of Marcel Dupre (Complete Organ) London London Oxford USA

John Henderson OUP Scarecrow Press Palgrave Macmillan Clarendon Press Yale University Press Musica Dulce Peterborough Indiana New York Sceptre Publishers Indiana University Press OUP Pendragon Press Pendragon Press Pendragon Press Faber and Faber Hinshaw Music Pendragon Press

2005 1990 2004 1988 1990 1998 1998 1982 1999 2000 1998 1996 2002 1979 1982 1999

0952805022 0198162073 081085032X 0333427556 0193184338 0300072910 0962493414 0950682535 0253210852 0195137450 1576470040 0945193793 1576470768 0571113753 0937276006 1576470075

William L. Ed.


The Organ Cambridge

MacDonald Press CUP

1964 1999

035600631X 0521575842

Thistlethwait, The Cambridge Companion to the Organ Nicholas & Webber, Geoffrey Thompson Troeger Valenti Williams The life and times of Charles-Marie Widor, 1844 - 1937 Technique and Interpretation on the Harpsichord and Clavichord A Performer's Guide to the Keyboard Partitas of J.S.Bach The Organ Music of J S Bach

Andrew Richard Fernando Peter

USA Bloomington, Indiana London Cambridge

OUP Indiana University Press Yale University Press CUP

1987 1987 1990 1989

0193164175 0253358353 0300043120 0521379784


Mary Anne David D. Raphael Margaret Carl F. Carl F. Ivan Robert Ed. Brian W. William Edward Robert Alburger Boyden Bronstein Campbell Flesch Flesch Galamian Gerle Gill, Dominic Harvey Henley Heron-Allen Jacoby Violin Makers New York Gollancz Clarendon Press Paganiniana Elek London London Michigan London London Carl Fischer Music Distribution Barrie & Jenkins Shar Products Co. Stainer & Bell Ltd. Phaidon Clarendon Press Amati Publishing Ward Lock Novello 1978 1990 1983 1981 2000 1966 1999 1983 1984 1995 1959 1985 1985 0575024429 0198161832 0876666381 0236401831 0825828228 0214158055 0962141631 0852495064 0714822868 0198162596 B0000CKIYG 0706310454 0853601208 The History of Violin Playing from Its Origins to Oxford 1761 Science of Violin Playing Oxford Great Violinists The Art of Violin Playing Violin Fingering: Its Theory and Practice Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching The Art of Practicing the Violin Book of the Violin

The Violin Family and It's makers in the British Oxford Isles Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers Brighton Violin-Making: As It Was and Is Violin Technique London Sevenoaks, Kent

Karel Karel Emile Leopold Sheila Paolo Sydney Robin

Jalovec Jalovec Leipp Mozart Nelson Peterlongo Robjohns Stowell

German and Austrian Violin Makers Italian Violin Makers Violin: History, Aesthetics, Manufacture and Acoustics A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing The Violin and Viola The Violin Violin Technique

London Prague Toronto Oxford London London

Hamlyn Orbis University of Toronto Press OUP Benn Elek Read Books CUP

1967 1964 1971 1985 1972 1980 2006 1985

B0000CNKQL B0000CMM2S 0802016081 019318513X 0510366511 0236401424 1406796859 0521232791

Violin Technique and Performance Practice in Cambridge the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries The Cambridge companion to the violin Physiology of Violin Playing Violinist's Notebook On the Violin Cambridge London London New York

Ed. Otte Joseph Joseph Judy

Stowell, Robin Szende Szigeti Szigeti Tarling

CUP Collet's Duckworth Dover Publications Corda

1992 1971 1964 1979 2000

0521399238 0569061962 0715603744 048623763X Available from dex.html 0714510203 0575021489 0575013435 0193223805

Baroque String Playing for Ingenious Learners St Albans

Joseph Herbert Herbert I. M.

Wechsberg Whone Whone Yampolsky

The Violin Integrated Violinist The Simplicity of Playing the Violin The Principles of Violin Fingering

London New York New York

Calder Publications Gollancz Gollancz OUP

1973 1976 1972 1989


Henry Maurice Barrett Riley The Viola The History of the Viola: 001 Alabama University of Alabama Press Riley 1978 1993 0817364021 0960314047



The History of the Viola: 002





Margaret Elizabeth Lev Gerhard Dimitry William Milly Paul Campbell Cowling Ginzburg Mantel Markevitch Pleeth Stanfield Tortelier The Great Cellists The Cello History of the Violoncello Cello Technique: Principles and Forms of Movement Cello Story Cello (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides) Intermediate Cellist How I Play, How I Teach London London London New York London New Jersey Indiana Gollancz B.T. Batsford Ltd Paganiniana Publications Indiana University Press Alfred Publishing Company Macdonald OUP J. & W. Chester 1988 1975 1983 1995 1984 1982 1973 1976 0575036842 0713428791 0876665970 0253210054 0874874068 0356078655 0193185083 0950276723


Paul Raymond Knut Rodney Bertram Brun Elgar Guettler Slatford Turetzky A New History of the Double Bass Introduction to the Double Bass Guide to Advanced Modern Double Bass Techniques The Bottom Line The Contemporary Contrabass Sussex London London Los Angeles Yorke R. Elgar Yorke Edition Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation University of California Press 2000 1971 1992 1985 1992 2951446101 0950243116 0951744801 0903319322 0520063813


Dionisio Charles Nick George Ernst G. Vladimir Aguado Alexander & Freeth Barron Corvera Baron Bobri New Guitar Method Illustrated History of the Acoustic Guitar Manuel Maria Ponce: A Bio-bibliography Music for the Lute The Segovia Technique Tecla Editions Bramley Books Praegar Publications Instrumenta Antiqua Bold Strummer Ltd 1981 1999 2004 1976 1990 0948607068 1858338603 0313318239 906853064X 0933224494

Philip Abel Mary Anne & Tom Eduardo Ian Thomas F. Brian David Mark Nigel Diana Emilio

Bone Carlevero Evans Fernandez Harwood Heck Jeffery Ledbetter Lindley North Poulton Pujol

Guitar and Mandolin School of Guitar: Exposition of Instrument Theory Guitars from the Renaissance to Rock Technique, Mechanism, Learning A Brief History of the Lute Mauro Giuliani: Virtuoso Guitarist and Composer Fernando Sor: Composer and Guitarist Harpsichord and Lute Lutes, Viols and Temperaments Continuo playing Tutor for the Renaissance Lute Guitar School (books 1&2) Guitar School (book 3) London Cambridge London London London

Reprint Services Corp Foreign Music Distributors London OUP Mel Bay Publications Lute Society Editions Orphee Tecla Editions Palgrave Macmillan CUP Faber and Faber Schott & Co Ltd. Editions Orphee

1988 1984 1984 2001 1975 1995 1994 1988 1984 1987 1991 1983

0781207398 9995651483 0193185121 0786647469 0905655001 1882612000 0948607025 0333427556 0521246709 0571100465 094653506X 0936186070 0936186577

Hector Fernando Michael Richard Harvey James Graham Graham Briam

Quine Sor Stimpson Stover Turnbull Tyler Wade Wade Whitehouse

Guitar Technique: Intermediate to Advanced Methods for the Spanish Guitar The Guitar Six Silver Moonbeams: The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangore The Guitar The Early Guitar Joaquin Rodrigo ­ A life in Music Traditions of the Classical Guitar The Ramierez Collection: History and romance of the Spanish Guitar


OUP Tecla Editions

1990 1995 1988 1992 1974 1980 2006 1980 2009 978-0-9562790-0-2

0193223236 0948607130 0193174219 0963223313 0713427841 0193231824 1901148084 0714537942

London San Francisco London London

OUP Querico Publications Batsford OUP GRM Publications


Calder Publications Ltd ASG Music


S Chaloupka Harp Scoring Holywell Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected] Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451or [email protected] Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected] Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected] Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected] 0715622161 0715604678 Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected] Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected]



Marcel Grandjany




The Book of the Harp




The Private Lesson ­ Student




Harp Playing


Roslyn Roslyn N

Rensch Rensch Shameyeva

Harps and Harpists Harp: It's History, Technique and Repertoire Development of Harp Music in Russia

London London Holywell

Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd

1989 1969



The Harp



Paul Carroll Baroque Woodwind Instruments: A Guide to Aldershot Their History, Repertoire and Basic Technique New Sounds for Woodwind London Ashgate 1999 1859283268







Edgar Hans-Martin Hunt Linde Recorder and Its Music Recorder Player's Handbook London E Eulenburg Schott & Co Ltd. 1977 1991 0903873052 0946535175

Eve Andrew Anthony Anthony Ed

O'Kelly Mayes Rowland-Jones Rowland-Jones

The Recorder Today Carl Dolmetsch and the Recorder Repertoire of the 20th Century Playing Recorder Sonatas: Interpretation and Technique Recorder Technique


CUP Ashgate

1990 2003 1992 1959 1995

052136681X 0754609685 0198790015 0193186047 0521358167

Oxford Norwich Cambridge

Clarendon Press OUP CUP

Rowland-Jones, The Cambridge Companion to the Recorder Anthony & Thompson, John

Daniel Kenneth

Waitzman Wollitz

The Art of Playing the Recorder The Recorder Book

USA London

AMS Publishing Gollancz

1980 1982

0404160115 0575031824


Floyd Edward Rachel Claude Thomas Gareth Ardal Ed. Edwin V. Johann Nancy Angeleita Blakeman Brown Dorgeuille Howell Morris Powell Powell, Ardal Putnik Quantz Toff The Gilbert Legacy Taffanel: Genius of the Flute The Early Flute: A Practical Guide The French Flute School, 1860-1950 Avant-garde Flute Flute Technique The Flute The Virtuoso Flute Player The Art of Flute Playing On Playing the Flute The Flute Book: A Complete guide for students and performers Cambridge Princeton USA Cambridge London Los Angeles London Winzer Press OUP CUP Tony Bingham University of California Press OUP Yale University Press CUP Summy-Birchard Faber and Faber David and Charles 1990 2005 2003 1986 1974 1991 2002 1991 1970 2001 1985 9993832286 0195170997 0521890802 0946113025 0520023056 019318432X 0300094981 0521399777 0874870771 0571207804 0715387715



Rothwell Sprenkle Veale

Oboe Technique Art of Oboe Playing The Techniques of Oboe Playing

London Princeton London

OUP Summy-Birchard Bärenreiter

1983 1961 1994

0193223333 0874870402 3761812108




Anthony Jack Baines Brymer Woodwind Instruments and Their History Clarinet New York London Dover Publications Kahn and Averill 2012 1990 0486268859 1871082128



Instant help for Playing and Teaching the Clarinet The Cambridge Companion to the Clarinet Cambridge

Leslie Craven

Available from ml 1995 0521476683



Cambridge University Press



The Early Clarinet: A Practical Guide


Cambridge University Press



David Phillip Albert Albert Allen Keith Frederick

Pino Rehfeldt Rice Rice Sigel Stein Thurston

Clarinet and Clarinet Playing New Directions for Clarinet The Baroque Clarinet The Clarinet in the Classical Period Clarinet Articulation Study of the Clarinet Clarinet Technique

New York Maryland Oxford Oxford New Jersey Princeton New York

Dover Publications Scarecrow Press Clarendon Press OUP Roncorp Inc. Alfred Publishing Company OUP

1999 1994 1991 2003 1988 1958 1985

0486402703 0520033795 0198161883 0195144833 0939103028 0874870232 0193223643


Jon P. Archie Beebe Camden Music for Unaccompanied Solo Bassoon Bassoon Technique London London McFarland & Co. OUP 1991 1962 0899504639 0193186063

Will William William William Chris

Jansen Spencer Waterhouse Waterhouse Weait

The Bassoon: It's history, construction, makers, players and music Art of Bassoon Playing Bassoon (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides) Proud Bassoon Bassoon Reed Making: A Basic Technique Princeton London

Knuf Summy-Birchard Inc. Kahn and Averill Edinburgh University Press McGinnis and Marx Music Publishers Bloomington Princeton Indiana University Press Summy-Birchard Inc.

1978 1969 2006 1983 1989

B0000E90KH 0874870739 1871082684 0907635113 0941084078


Harry R. Larry Gee Teal Saxophone soloists and their music, 18441985 Art of Saxophone Playing 1986 1963 0253350913 0874870577


Ed. Herbert, Trevor & The Cambridge Companion to Brass Wallace, John Instruments Cambridge CUP 1997 0521563437

John John

Ridgeon Ridgeon

The Physiology of Brass Playing How Brass Players Do It


Brasswind Belwin Mills Music

1986 1976

0189962300 B0000D27WO


John Farquharson Philip Horace John Gunther Barry Burden Cousins Farkas Fitzpatrick Humphries Schuller Tuckwell Horn Playing: A New Approach On Playing the Horn The Art of French Horn Playing The Horn and Horn-playing and the AustroBohemian tradition, 1680-1830 The Early Horn: A Practical Guie Horn Technique Horn (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guide) London Cambridge Oxford UK UK Chapel-en-le-frith Patterson's Publications Caron Publications Atlantic Books OUP CUP OUP Kahn and Averill 1972 1992 1956 1970 2000 1992 1994 B0000CTTWW 0947848053 0874870216 0193187035 0521635594 0198162774 0356090973



Playing the Horn






Philip Delbert A. Howard Bate Dale Snell Trumpet and Trombone: An Outline of Their History, Development and Construction Trumpet Technique The Trumpet: Its Practice and Performance London Oxford Hollington Benn OUP Rakeway Music 1978 1985 1997 0510364128 0193221284 095119612X


Reginald H. Edward Dennis Fink Kleinhammer Wick Trombonists Handbook The Art of Trombone Playing Trombone Technique London Athens, Ohio Accura Music Inc. Atlantic Books OUP 1977 1963 1984 0918194016 0874870585 0193223783


Ed. Winston Morris, R. & Goldstein, E.R. The Tuba Source Book Indiana Indiana University Press 1996 0253328896


Joseph Stephen L. John N. James Reginald S. Rocky Steven Thomas Adato Barnhart Beck Blades Brindle Maffit Schick Siwe Percussionist's Dictionary Percussionists: A Biographical Dictionary Encyclopedia of Percussion Orchestral Percussion Technique Contemporary Percussion Rhythm and Beauty: The Art of Percussion The Percussionist's Art Percussion Ensemble & Solo Literature Columbia London London London London London USA Champaign, Illinois Columbia Pictures Pubns Greenwood Press Garland Publishing Inc. OUP OUP Watson-Guptill Publications Inc University of Rochester Press Media Press 1984 2000 1997 1973 1991 1999 2006 1993 0910957282 0313296278 081532894X 0193188031 0198162472 082308406X 1580462146 0963589105


David Stephen Pierre Julian Merideth Jacqueline Richard Berton Winton Winton Winton John M. Dietrich Trevor Anthony Trevor Hines Graham Richard Graham William Lois Michael Ed.

Adams Banfield Bernac Budden Bunch Dayme Cockburn & Stokes Coffin Dean Dean Dean & Knapp Fischer-Dieskau Ford & Legge Hold Jerome Johnson & Stokes Johnson Mann Phillips Pilkington Prawer, S. S.

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Playing the Viola: Conversations with William Primrose The Cellist's Inner Voice Teaching the Cello to Groups






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S McDonald Holywell Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected] Available from holywell music on 0207 928 8451 or [email protected]



3 Centuries of Harp Making



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Bate Goossens Haynes Joppig Rothwell Whittow

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Lyndesay G. William

Langwill Waterhouse

Bassoon and Contrabassoon Bassoon (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides)

London London

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Paul Ed. Jean-Marie Stanley Harvey Ingham, Richard Londeix Richmond Saxophone (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides) London Kahn & Averill CUP Northeastern Music Publishers Incorporated New York Darton, Longmann and Todd Ltd 2006 1999 1994 1972 1871082536 0521593484 0939103044 0232511489 The Cambridge Companion to the Saxophone Cambridge 150 years of music for Saxophone Clarinet and Saxophone Experience


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Herbert, Trevor & The Cambridge Companion to Brass Wallace, John Instruments

George B. Ian George Reginald Maurice Verne Gunther Barry

Lane Lowes Maxted Morley-Pegge Porter Reynolds Schuller Tuckwell

The Trombone: An Annotated Bibliography The Brass Player's Manual Talking about the Trombone French Horn Embouchure The Horn Handbook Horn Technique Horn (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides)

London London London London London Portland, Oregon Oxford London

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0810834650 CM131 0212983601 0510366015 0913932019 1574670166 0198162774 0356090973


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Jean Janice Shirlee Stanley Dietrich F. Graham Charles Lois Eric Abitbol Chapman Emmons & Sonntag Fischer-Dieskau Hewitt Osborne Phillips Sams Plural Publishing Inc. Plural Publlishing Inc. Wadsworth Limelight Editions Hamish Hamilton Ltd Da Capo Press OUP Faber and Faber 2006 2005 1979 1999 1978 1985 1996 1993 1597560294 1597560154 0028705300 0879100044 024189915X 0306802384 0198790171 0571164773

Brenda Robert T. Donna John B. Pier F. Deidre

Smith, Sataloff & SotoMorettini Steane Tosi Trundle

Choral Pedagogy

Plural Publishing Inc.



Voices: Singers and Critics Observations on Florid Song Changing Voices: An Approach to Adolescent Voice Training

London London

Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd Stainer & Bell Ltd Voicesource Limited

1992 1987 2005

0715623885 0852496753 1905090005


32 pages

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