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for the smallest bend-radius in mm

Register-Nr.: Ausgabe/Rev.: Änderunsstand


20.11.2008 8

Middle Temperatur: PHX DN ... PA ...

Dimension DN16 45° R60 90° R60 135° R65 180° R70

H3: PHX DN ... H3 PA6 ...

Dimension DN08 DN10 DN13 DN16 DN19 45° R40 R50 R55 R65 R70 90° R40 R50 R55 R65 R75 135° R45 R55 R60 R70 R80 180° R50 R60 R65 R75 R85

By differences with the fixed values, please contact us.

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Kopie von 38-10-19-4 Konstruktionsrichtlinie-eng.xls

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