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Why Should I Choose Acacia Investment Advisors?

Acacia Investment Advisors has maintained 99% client retention in the midst of the market and economy downturn throughout 2007-2009! We believe this is due to three factors: (1) our personalized and customized portfolios

(2) our dedication to exceptional TERRY HALL is the founder and principal of Acacia Investment Advisors (formerly Terry Hall & Associates). Terry received his BS and DVM degrees from Michigan State University. After being a veterinarian and practice owner for 20 years, Terry returned to graduate school to pursue his master's degree in surgery. Within the first few months of graduate school, Terry realized his interest had changed from veterinary medicine to finance and investment management. He changed his focus (and career) and completed his financial management training at Purdue University Krannert School of Business and Metro State University. He received his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Practitioner certification in 2000 and has since been actively managing investment assets for individuals, families and veterinary practice owners.

client relationships, and

(3) our deep commitment to

effectively filtering and analyzing market data and investing strategies from various well-known sources on behalf of our clients. We are happy to discuss our track record of outstanding portfolio performance with you in more detail at any time. Please give us a call at 303-734-9500 or visit our comprehensive investment website for more information:

DAVID RUNYAN, Senior Consultant, received a BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University and has over sixteen years experience in the financial services industry and within the investing community. David's career began with an investment banking firm that includes terms with both full service and discount broker dealers. He holds both the general securities license and principle licenses for both the NASD and NYSE. In addition, he co-founded a broker dealer where he served as vice president of operations. David's experience in portfolio management and investment strategy development focuses on customized financial planning, investment services and planning, and portfolio management and development.

385 Inverness Parkway Suite 370 Englewood, CO 80112 Mail: P.O. Box 631308 Littleton, CO 80163-1308 Phone: 303-734-9500 Fax: 303-799-0505 E-mail: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions about Acacia Investment Advisors, LLC

Why consider using an investment advisor? The Securities Market is multifaceted and intricate. Many investors do not understand the complexities of the investment landscape enough to make professional, informed decisions about the markets. Typically, those who are not in the investing field have no desire and gain little satisfaction from studying and learning the science of finance. Because of this, most investors do not take enough time to properly study the markets to gain the knowledge needed to be successful at short- or long-term investing. Using an investment advisor allows you to access the expertise of a trusted financial professional while allowing you the peace of mind to focus your valuable time and attention elsewhere.

What is Acacia Investment Advisors' investment philosophy? At AIA, we strive to obtain the maximum return for client portfolios with minimum risk matched to the client's investment objective. We do this through careful, detailed analysis based on thorough client communication. At AIA we are all about personalization and customization; there are no cookie-cutter portfolios. We combine the best of the two primary schools of thought in investment strategy: fundamental & technical analysis. (For more on this, please visit our website:

What are the expenses to the client? Clients pay advisory fees to the firm based on a percentage of account assets. AIA also offers discounted trading fees to the custodian (TD Ameritrade). Financial modeling is provided via a specific project fee based on the work required and the reports needed by the client. What can clients expect for the management fees they pay to AIA?

How is your firm organized? AIA is an independent RIA firm with a custodial agreement with TD-Ameritrade.

Who is Acacia Investment Advisors? Acacia Investment Advisors is a Limited Liability Corporation that focuses exclusively on Custom Portfolio Design, Investment Management & Financial Modeling for individuals, families and business owners. Our specialty is our personal care for each of our clients. Our clients have direct access to the financial advisor who is managing their account and our portfolios and financial models are customized and personalized for every individual.

What is your portfolio management process? Our management process is a six-step cycle that reoccurs about every 4-6 weeks, depending on market conditions: Step 1-ANALYZE: Research the macro-economy, including global conditions. Step 2-AIM: Determine specific investment strategies. Step 3-APPLY: Screen investment vehicles and integrate into model portfolios. Step 4-ALLOCATE: Create a custom-designed portfolio which matches client objectives, time horizons & risk tolerances with the appropriate model. Step 5-ACTION: Execute trades in a timely manner to take advantage of favorable changes in the market. Step 6-ADHERE: Monitor portfolio performance and report to client through live client meetings via the web, phone calls & supporting documentation.

Every client can expect a personalized and customized portfolio based on individual client objectives, time horizons and risk tolerances. Our client portfolios are reviewed every 4-6 weeks. At that time, clients are contacted directly by our chief financial advisor for a portfolio update and provided with customized documents outlining the performance of their portfolio over a specific amount of time. We facilitate any transactions with TD Ameritrade (opening new accounts, contributions, withdrawals, etc.) on behalf of our clients and also provide them with log-in information to view their accounts online. What are your checks and balances? AIA complies with all state & federal investment advisor regulations. We also permanently retain the services of both a Certified Public Accountant and a Securities Attorney.

What are Acacia Investment Advisors' core values? We chose the name Acacia Investment Advisors, LLC because the characteristics of acacia wood and our core values as a firm are very similar. Acacia wood is a strong, resilient wood that grows in desert climates. It can survive harsh environments because its roots grow very deep. For thousands of years, people have used acacia wood in building items that needed to be long-lasting, durable and sturdy. We believe that the investment services we offer will provide our clients with deep roots and resilience in tough economic times as well as durable and longlasting results through the years.

Do you have any outstanding litigation? No May I have a copy of your Form ADV? A copy of our most current Form ADV is available upon request. Please call or email us to request a copy. Can you provide me with a list of client references? A list of client references is available upon request. Please call or email us to request a list.

How do you communicate with your clients? At AIA we believe in frequent dialogue between us as the experts and you as the investor. We use a combination of communication mediums including: phone calls, personal email, live meetings via the web, monthly client market/ economy update e-newsletter. In addition, Terry is available directly via phone and email. Each client meets with the investment advisor/manager himself on an individual basis at a minimum of every 3-6 weeks.


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