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INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SCIENCE Database Design and Programming with SQL AND Database Programming with PL/SQL USA Maryland July 20-24 2009 Events Instructors receive email with adjunct instructor and cadre information Start of online training (first web chat occurs with cadres) Instructors complete first half of online training Instructors complete second half of online training LOCATION OF TRAINING: Dates Approximately 1 week before start of online training The week of April 6th through June 5th. Approximately 6 weeks before start of in-class training (July 20th 2009) ­ on June 8th 2009 1 week before start of in-class training

Towson University 8000 York Road Towson, Maryland 21252-0001

Exit Exam Instructors return home

Database Programming with SQL and PL/SQL Courses

USA, North America, South America and LAD

Will be offered on the 4th and 5th evening of the Institute On the 6th day Saturday June 25th

An instructor must successfully complete the training for each course they wish to teach. This is a program that includes 100-130 hours by the end of the Instructor Institute. This training consists of the following mandatory activities: Online training 10 weeks Attend weekly online training sessions via a web chat conference Complete assigned mandatory weekly homework and practice quizzes Pass midterms and final assessments for Database Design and Programming with SQL or if enrolled pass the midterms and final assessments for Database Programming with PLSQL In-class training (5 days) Attend daily training at the Institute ­ 5 days for both Database Design and programming with SQL and Database Programming with PL/SQL The Exit exam will be offered twice at the event on Thursday and Friday. During the in-class training, participants receive industry-leading instruction by expert Senior Oracle Academy trainers, In class instruction builds on the training conducted by the Academy adjunct faculty. Participants continue learning the content while developing a deeper understanding of the course's industry relevance. The Academy Adjunct faculty shares lessons learned while teaching the content to secondary students.

In-class training is a unique opportunity that allows instructors to: · · · · Study the course materials in projects from Oracle Academy experts. Practice and review activities and receive professional and peer feedback. Present collaborative projects and receive feedback from Academy faculty and their peers. Develop a better understanding of the IT industry relevance behind concepts taught in the curriculum. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of course content as evidenced by passing the Academy's exit exam. Those who do not pass the exit exam on the final day are given 60 days to attempt the exam until successfully passed. Network globally with other instructors from their region and around the world.



Note: It is highly recommended that schools recognise the time required for instructors to complete the training. Instructor's benefit from all of the following:

Dedicated time for online training (approximately 8-10 hours per week) Desktop or Laptop computers Home or School high-speed Internet connectivity Adjunct Instructors We recruit highly successful participants from previous years to manage new instructors into the program. This provides each new instructor with a dedicated resource who has taught the courses in a secondary school environment. An adjunct instructor will be training the new instructors and available by email and web chats during the virtual training and the institute. Throughout the school year dedicated Oracle Academy support staff is available to answer questions that teachers may have. Cadres All instructors are assigned to cadres, which are groups of instructors managed by an adjunct Oracle Academy certified trainer. Each week prior to online web chats, instructors complete mandatory homework and/or exams. On the web chats adjuncts explain complex concepts, there they also answer curriculum content questions. During the Institute in-class training, all instructors are assigned to a classroom where both Oracle Academy trainers manage the teaching schedule and delivery. Attending Instructors in most cases share a computer and work in pairs throughout the classroom Institute training. Attendees may be assigned to a different Oracle Academy trainer at the Institute than the one they had during the online training. This mix of persons enriches the attendees' experience. Travel Details All attendee travel and accommodation expenses for Oracle Academy Institutes are the sole responsibility of the participant or their institution.

Hotel Accommodation The suggested hotels located closest to the Oracle Academy training centre are as follows and should be booked directly by your school or college.

Map of Campus

Airport Baltimore International Airport Link Recommended Lodging Attendees may take advantage of accommodations at Towson University. The University is able to offer a room and meals at $50.00 per day. All teachers registered for the event will be contacted directly by Michael Schroder or one of his representatives from Towson University. If you feel you should have been contacted by this date and have not please email [email protected] or refer to your adjunct. If you choose not to stay on campus: Many hotels provide free daily shuttles to and from training centres. Many hotels will extend you a University rate. Tell hotel reservations that you are attending a training event at Towson University ask for a University rate.

Or if you choose not to stay at Towson University you may use this list as a guide.

A. Marriott-Burkshire Conf Hotel - - (410) 324-8100 B. Holiday Inn-Towson Cromwell - - (410) 823-4410 C. Comfort Inn Towson - - (410) 882-0900 D. Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel - - (410) 321-7400 E. Ramada Baltimore - Towson - - (410) 823-8750 F. Radisson-Cross Keys - - (866) 757-0610 G. Mt Washington Conference Center - - (410) 735-7964 H. Holiday Inn Baltimore-Towson Hotel - - (877) 863-4780 I.

Town & Country Motel - - (410) 823-2682 J. Burkshire Marriott Conference Hotel - - (800) 435-5986


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