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STATE OF MICHIGAN 17th Judicial Circuit Court


Q: What is Work Release? A: Work Release allows an inmate to continue working or pursue employment while serving a sentence. Inmates placed on work release are required to pay a daily room and board rate, which is tied to their earnings, but no greater than $21 per day. Q: What about visiting someone at the KCCF? A: If you wish to visit someone at the your must go to the visiting/ KCCF, The entire paycheck is turned over to the jail, where room and board is deducted, and the remainder is given to the inmate's family. The Work Release Annex is located at 1330 Bradford Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Telephone: (616) 336-3986

Q: Pay or Stay. What does it mean? A: The amount ordered must be paid for the payer to be released. If payment in full cannot be made, the payer will remain incarcerated according to the court's order.


information desk at the KCCF and register. You will have to show a valid, governmentissued picture ID to verify your identity. General population inmates will receive one (1) visit per week and the visit will last 30 minutes. Visiting hours are from: 8:00 am to 10:15 am (Visitors out by 11:00 am) 1:00 pm to 3:15 pm (Visitors out by 4:00 pm) 6:00 pm to 9:15 pm (Visitors out by 10:00pm) Visiting day depends on the inmate's last name. Day: Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Last name begins with: A-L M-Z A-L M-Z A-Z

Q: What is School Release? A: The School Release Program allows a sentenced inmate to continue their education at a local college.

Q: How do I visit someone that is participating in the work or school release program? A: The visitor entrance is located at northeast end of the building at 1330 Bradford Avenue. Visiting hours are: Wednesday and Friday 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Sunday 1:00 pm. to 4:00 pm

Inmates must sign up their specific visitor(s) during the week for any of the visiting days.

Information provided by Kent County FOC


Banks/Western Unions

Kent County Correctional Facility

Kent County Correctional Facility (KCCF) 701 Ball Avenue Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Telephone: 616) 632 - 6100

If you are in need of transportation, the Grand Rapids main bus station is located at: 300 Ellsworth SW Grand Rapids, MI (616) 456-7514

If the judge orders a person to pay a lump sum immediately or to be ordered to jail: If you are paying the lump sum for another person at court, you must first check with the case manager handling the case to make sure the person is still at the court, or if they have already been transported to the jail. If the person is still at the court, the case manager will escort you to the cashier to make a payment by cash, credit card or certified funds made out to the Friend of the Court. You must have the exact amount as no change can be given. If the person has already been transported to the jail, the payment must be made at the Kent County Sheriff's Department. The accounting window at the jail is open 24 hours daily and is located in the lobby adjacent to the visitor's entrance. Cash, credit cards, cashier's checks, or money orders are the only accepted methods of payment for release. Personal checks and foreign currency are not accepted. No change will be given. All transactions are made payable to the Sheriff's department and you will have to show a picture ID at the time of payment.

The following are local banks and Western Union participants near the courthouse.

Banks: Chase 200 Ottawa NW 5/3rd 111 Lyon NW Huntington 173 Ottawa NW National City 171 Monroe NW LaSalle 40 Pearl NW Comerica 99 Monroe NW (616)771-7000

The bus that will take you closest to the KCCF stops at the corner of Ottawa and Fulton (route 14). Fare for adults is $1.30. There are also several cab Port City Cab Calder City Taxi Veterans & Yellow Cab companies: (616) 243-5314 (616) 454-8080 (616) 459-4646






Western Union: Family Fare 1415 E. Fulton Citgo 133 Leonard NE Danny's Beverage 1554 Alpine NW Ralph's Food 655 Leonard NW (616)459-3438


Telephones are located on most floors of the courthouse outside of the restrooms. The ATM is located on the 1st Floor, north of the entrance. This machine may have a limit on the withdrawal amount. ATM machines are also located in or near the entrance to the banks listed above.





OTSC Incarceration for Terry color mod on Engravers Gray modified for (Read-Only)

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