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Robert E. Stearns, ACTAR #661 Collision Reconstruction and Forensic Analysis 2659 Commercial Street SE #288, Salem, OR 97302 Telephone/FAX (503) 364-9126

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS AS EXPERT WITNESS IN ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION AND FORENSIC ANALYSIS Education: BS, University of Texas at Arlington, 1978. Honors Graduate. Specialized Training: Basic Collision Investigation

Speed Estimates from Skid Marks Advanced Accident Investigation Advanced Accident Investigation, Phases I and II Accident Reconstruction Commercial Vehicle Inspection/Accident Investigation Accident Scene Photography Crush Deformation Grade Crossing Accident Investigation Bus Accident Investigation Tire Failure Analysis Motorcycle Accident Investigation Special Problems in Accident Reconstruction Collision Crush Analysis Occupant Kinematics and Injury Causation Blood Spatter Evidence Validation of Collision Analysis Validation of Friction Factors Applied Physics for the Traffic Accident Investigator Tire Forensics Biomechanics of Injury from Traffic Collisions Heavy Truck Rollover Analysis Biomechanics of Injury Causation Investigation of Staged Traffic Collisions Low Speed Accident Reconstruction and Litigation Heavy Vehicle Collision Reconstruction Auto-Pedestrian & Auto-Bicycle Collisions Crash Data Retrieval Systems Analysis Analysis of Rotational Tire Scuffs Reconstruction of Collisions Involving Traffic Signal Lights Forensic Analysis of Seat Belts Annual Seminars of Various Accident Reconstruction and Traffic Investigation Groups.

Training Providers have included:

North Central Texas Council of Governments Regional Police Academy, Arlington Police Academy, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, University of North Florida IPTM, U.S. DOT Transportation Safety Institute, Oregon State Police, Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Michelin Tire Company, Forensic Accident Reconstructionists of Oregon, National Institute of Forensic Studies, University of California at Riverside, International Assoc. of Special Investigative Units, Lawyers And Judges Publishing Company, Inc., Safety Solutions Inc. of Oregon, Institute for Law Enforcement Education, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Washington Association of Independent Medical Examiners (in conjunction with University at Sea), Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators, Collision Safety Institute, ARC Network, and World Reconstruction Exposition 2000.

Work Experience:

Jan. 2000 to present. Forensic Consultant (self-employed), providing accident reconstruction services, expert analysis, and training to plaintiff and defense attorneys and to insurance firms. Feb. 1997 to Dec. 1999. Special Investigator, Wausau Insurance Companies. Detailed investigation and forensic analysis of bodily injury, traffic collision, and worker's compensation insurance claims. Criminal fraud investigations where appropriate. Training provider in claims investigations, motor vehicle safety, and forensic analysis issues. Also responsible for fleet safety risk management work (commercial vehicle fleets) for Wausau's Loss Control Division. 1993 to Feb. 1997. Forensic Investigator, SAIF Corporation. Forensic Reconstruction of industrial accidents and Worker's Compensation-related traffic collisions. Dec. 1990 to Sept. 1993. Field Investigator, SAIF Corporation. In-depth investigation of worker's compensation claims, including forensic accident reconstruction where appropriate. Jan. 1990 to Dec. 1990. Full-time Consultant (self-employed), providing accident reconstruction services and law enforcement training courses. Clients included attorneys, insurance firms, and police academies. Oct. 1985 to Jan. 1990. Sergeant, Arlington (Texas) Police Department. Supervisor of Traffic Investigations Section with responsibility for management of all traffic collision investigation efforts for the Arlington Police Department. Chief Reconstructionist for all fatality, serious injury, and fleet vehicle accidents. Technical Advisor to Police Accident Review Board. Served as expert witness for Tarrant County District Attorney's Office in Grand Jury presentations and felony trials. Designated expert witness utilized by City Attorney's Office of the City of Arlington for collisionrelated litigation involving the City or its agents. Also procured and managed several highway safety grant projects. Repeatedly assigned as Acting Commander of the Arlington Police Traffic Division in the absence of its permanently assigned Lieutenant. 1983 through 1989. Part-time work as Accident Reconstruction Consultant in addition to accident investigation duties with Police Department. Clients included attorneys and insurance firms within the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. 1976 to Oct. 1985. Served as Police Officer. In addition to Patrol assignments, served as designated Training Coordinator, Field Training Officer, Fatality Investigator, Criminal Detective, and Crime Prevention Officer. Related Instructional Experience: More than 2300 classroom hours of experience teaching the following topics related to forensic accident reconstruction:

Basic Collision Investigation, Advanced Accident Investigation, Technical Collision Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation, Vehicle Dynamics, Advanced Accident Scene Diagramming, Courtroom Testimony, Vector Sum Analysis (as related to conservation of linear momentum), Validation of Reconstruction Analysis, Occupant Kinematics, Investigation and Reconstruction of Slip and Fall Accidents, Bodily Injury Claims, Collision-related Physics, Bumper Construction and Energy Efficiency as Related to Low Speed Impact Reconstruction, Communication Theory as Applied to Effective Expert Witness Testimony, and Investigation of Insurance Fraud.

Courtroom Experience and Certifications: Testified as an expert in accident reconstruction in numerous Texas Courts, depositions, administrative hearings, and Tarrant County, Texas, Grand Jury proceedings. Also testified as an accident reconstruction expert in Benton County Circuit Court (Oregon), Clackamas County Circuit Court (Oregon), Coos County Circuit Court (Oregon), Deschutes County Circuit Court (Oregon), Douglas County Circuit Court (Oregon), Josephine County Circuit Court (Oregon),

Klamath County Circuit Court (Oregon), Lane County Circuit Court (Oregon), Linn County Circuit Court (Oregon), Marion County Circuit Court (Oregon), Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon), Pierce County Superior Court (Washington), Polk County Circuit Court (Oregon), Washington County Circuit Court (Oregon), Yamhill County Circuit Court (Oregon), Union County Circuit Court (Oregon), Lewis County District Court (Washington), King County District Court (Washington), Klickitat County Superior Court (Washington), Snohomish County Superior Court (Washington), East Baton Rouge Judicial District (Louisiana), as well as numerous administrative hearings in Oregon (Worker's Compensation) and in arbitration hearings related to litigation. Testified as an expert in slip and fall/bodily injury claims analysis in Lane County Circuit Court (Criminal trialManslaughter 1, State of Oregon vs. Robin Kephart, Jan. `97) Franklin County, MO Circuit Court, Alameda County, CA Superior Court, Washington County Circuit Court (Oregon) and Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon). In addition, full accreditation as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist granted by The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). Original accreditation earned in October of 1994. Current accreditation valid until April 14, 2009. Professional Associations: 1988 to 1992: Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists. 1988: Texas Transportation Institute Accident Records Accuracy Improvement Committee. 1990: Elected to Board of Directors, Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists. 1994 to Present Date: Forensic Accident Reconstructionists of Oregon (Founding/Charter Member). 1994 to 1998, July 2000 to July 2002: President, Forensic Accident Reconstructionists of Oregon. 1995: Member of Oregon Department of Transportation Fatality Collision Research Team and Training Committee. 1999: International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU). 1999 - 2003: Licensed by Board of Investigators, State of Oregon, License No. 1999468. 2005 to Present Date: Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators (WATAI). 2006 to Present Date: Special Deputy with Benton County (Oregon) Sheriff's Office assigned to multi-discipline fatal collision team. 2007 to Present Date: National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators (NATARI). Publications and Writing: "A Sensible Way to Increase Public Seat Belt Usage," Travis G. Moore and Robert E. Stearns, Law and Order Magazine, June 1989, Volume 37, Number 6. "Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation: A 40-hour Course of Study for Accident Investigators," Robert E. Stearns, for the North Central Texas Council of Governments Regional Police Academy, 1989. Report on Collision Analysis Validation, The Oregon Reconstructionist, Robert Stearns, August 1995, Volume 1, Number 3. "A Poor Man's Total Station," The Oregon Reconstructionist, Robert Stearns, April 1996, Volume 3, Number 1.

Investigation Protocol for Low Speed Traffic Collision Bodily Injury Claims, Robert E. Stearns, Wausau Insurance Companies, 1999. Low Speed Automobile Accidents: Investigation, Documentation and Case Preparation, Peter H. Rast and Robert E. Stearns, Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc., Tucson, AZ., 2000. ISBN 0-913875-87-2. Acceleration Factors and Maximum Speeds Under Conditions of Idle Acceleration, Rast, Stearns, Allison, Gloekler, and Beals; Accident Investigation Quarterly, Summer 2000, Issue 23. The User-Friendly Crash Course on Collision Investigation, Robert E. Stearns, Kinetic Energy Press, Salem, Oregon, 2001. ISBN 0-9716634-0-8. What Attorneys and Claims Adjusters Really Need to Know About Collision Investigation, Robert E. Stearns, Kinetic Energy Press, Salem, Oregon, 2001. ISBN 0-9716634-1-6. Low-Speed Automobile Accidents: Investigation and Documentation, Second Edition, Peter H. Rast and Robert E. Stearns, Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc., Tucson, AZ, 2003. ISBN 1-930056-62-1. What Attorneys and Claims Adjusters Really Need to Know About Collision Investigation, 2ND Edition, Robert E. Stearns, Kinetic Energy Press, Salem, Oregon, 2007. ISBN 978-09716634-9-7. Getting Into Print as an Accident Reconstruction Expert, Robert E. Stearns; Collision, The International Compendium for Crash Research, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2006, Collision Publishing LLC. Guide sur la Reconstitution des Accidents de la Route, Robert E. Stearns, French Translation and Publication by AFNOR, France, 2007. ISBN 978-2-12-475576-9. It's All About Choice ­ Finding the "Right" Accident Reconstruction Expert for Your Claims Management Team, Robert E. Stearns, Claims Advisor Magazine, Winter 2008, Volume 2, Number 1.


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