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Leaders in Clinical Chest Medicine

The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) is the world's largest pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine society, with more than 18,000 members in 100 countries. Members include physicians, surgeons, PhDs, PharmDs, respiratory therapists, nurses, physician assistants, practice administrators, and other health-care professionals from the specialties of pulmonology, critical care, thoracic surgery, cardiology, sleep medicine, and other chest-related fields. Founded in 1935, the ACCP has been dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases through education, communication, and research. To achieve this mission, the ACCP publishes CHEST and is involved in ongoing delivery of clinically focused continuing medical education programs, including the annual CHEST meeting.

Essential Resources

CHEST Access CHEST online to see why it was named one of the top 100 journals of Biology and Medicine over the past 100 years by the Special Libraries Association.

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October 22 - 26 Honolulu, Hawaii

CHEST Annual Meeting Recognized around the world as the authority in clinical chest and critical care medicine. Diverse development opportunities for professional growth.

New ACCP Products and Resources Discover new essential resources for your clinical, educational, and practice management needs--all from the ACCP, the proven source for valuable clinical products and tools in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Review all ACCP resources and tools.

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Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines An integration of the best available evidence with clinical expertise and patient values for recommendations to improve patient care. guidelines

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Clinical Education


Practice Resources


The CHEST Foundation Tools to help physicians and their patients with tobacco cessation and prevention


up-to-date continuing education courses Simulation Program for Advanced Clinical Education ACCP Certificate of Completion in Critical Care Ultrasonography

and reimbursement education of medicine resources education and tobacco treatment products Career Connection (online career service)


Business Patient


research and humanitarian awards care/end-of-life care initiatives Campaign



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Board Review A proven, innovative leader in board review curricula for pulmonology, critical care, and sleep medicine. Tools include board review courses and syllabus books and e-books, ACCP-SEEK®, Best of PCCU, and more.

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Health-care Advocacy


voice on medical and payment issues alerts on legislation that can impact the practice of medicine


Table of Contents

CHEST 2011____________________ 4 CHEST Journal __________________ 5 Board Review Education ______ 6-11 Education and Self-study ________ 12 Clinical Resources ___________ 13-15 Practice Management _______ 16-17 The CHEST Foundation _________ 18 Patient Education _____________ 19 2011 Education Calendar ____ 20-21 Communications ___________ 22-23 ACCP Logo Collection _______ 24 -25 OneBreathTM __________________ 26 ACCP Membership _____________ 27

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October 22 - 26 Honolulu, Hawaii

There's no place on earth like Hawaii. Fresh, ocean breezes energize you. Warm, tranquil waters refresh you. Natural beauty renews you. Begin planning your trip to CHEST 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii, now.

CHEST 2011

Recognized around the world as the authority in clinical chest medicine, CHEST 2011 will feature a core learning program in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Essential updates on patient care and practice management strategies will keep you at the forefront of chest medicine. Additional learning opportunities, available through the Clinical Resource Center and other meeting features, will complement your knowledge and skills to offer a fully integrated education experience. Don't miss:

Choose from more than 400 clinically relevant education

Best of CHEST 2010 On Demand Vancouver, BC, Canada

October 30 - November 4

Review the top 100 lectures and slides presented at CHEST 2010 whenever you want with board review on demand. Lectures are recorded and synced with slides, so you can refer back to content anytime.

Available through Internet access at

sessions representing a broad range of curriculum topic areas.

ACCP Simulation Center Practice patient care and enhance your cognitive, technical, - Download mp4 and mp3 files. - Transfer content to an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®.

Also available on CD at

and behavioral skills in a hands-on, clinical environment.

Original Investigations Get first exposure to unpublished science and breaking

Member $199 Nonmember $249 Four individual topic tracks also available: Imaging

Obstructive Lung Disease Pulmonary Procedures Pulmonary Vascular Disease

news from original investigation presentations.

Comprehensive curriculum--The rich curriculum at

CHEST 2011 will include a robust range of topics relevant to chest medicine, so you will easily find sessions to match your clinical interests and needs.

Attendee: $29 Member $39 Nonmember $39

Watch w w w. accpmeet ing. o rg fo r u p dates.



w w w.c h es t n e t. org



CHEST is the official peer-reviewed publication of the ACCP. As a clinical journal with an impact factor of 6.36, it is no surprise that the Special Libraries Association named CHEST one of the Top 100 Journals in Biology and Medicine.

CHEST Impact Factor:

The latest research when you want it, where you want it.

In print Online at On the iPhone®, iPod touch®, From ANY mobile device at

and iPad® · View the CHEST Current Issue, Papers in Press, three most recent issues. · Read full-text articles optimized for iOS or in PDF view. · Access referenced articles within the in-app browser. · View tables and figures only or enhance the view with full-screen images. · e-Mail article links. · Store favorite articles for later reference. · Browse the current issue. · Search the full archive. · Keep up on recently accepted papers still in press.

On the KindleTM

· Search the CHEST archive back to 1935. · Browse collections of articles. · Download images directly into PowerPoint. · Link to the full text of cited articles. · Subscribe to e-mail alerts of newly posted and cited articles. · Get notifications via RSS feeds. · Order back issues and article reprints.

· Subscribe to receive monthly abstracts from each issue. · Receive weekly abstracts from the Papers in Press section.

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ACCP Board Review. Complete Study Materials. With Options.

Rely on the ACCP, a proven leader in board review curriculum for over 30 years, to provide the most comprehensive study program available. Use our products to develop a thorough, effective study strategy for sleep, pulmonary, and critical care. Our extensive list of products includes:

Board Review On Demand The lectures and slides presented at the board review courses available whenever you want with board review on demand. Board Review Books and e-Books These comprehensive books cover all topics presented at the popular board review courses. Each chapter complements the lectures presented during the courses.

2011 ABIM Board Review Exam Dates

Pulmonary Medicine November 8


Developed from the content blueprints for the board examinations, ACCP-SEEK features multiple-choice questions to test recall, interpretation, and problemsolving skills. Earn CME credit for your participation.

Board Review Courses are also available. View the Education Calendar on pages 20 - 21.

Critical Care Medicine November 9

Sleep Medicine November 10


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On Demand

Board Review

On Demand

#6760 Sleep Medicine #6761 Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine #6762 Critical Care Medicine #6763 Pulmonary Medicine Member $749 Nonmember $825

Review the lectures and slides presented at the board review courses whenever you want with board review on demand. Course presentations are recorded and synced with slides, so you can refer back to content anytime.

Available through Internet access at

· Download mp4 and mp3 files. · Transfer content to an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®.

Available on CD at

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Board Review



ACCP Board Review Tools. Proven. Innovative. Interactive. The ACCP, a proven leader in board review preparation, now makes its comprehensive, specialty-specific resources available as e-books to anyone wanting to increase his or her knowledge in pulmonary, critical care, sleep, or pediatric pulmonary medicine. Faculty, students, and clinicians all benefit from the in-depth, up-to-date coverage of each specialty.

User-friendly, electronic format allows users to:

Easily navigate valuable board review content. Quickly find topics of interest with advanced search capabilities across all e-books and CHEST. Link to referenced articles with fully linked-out annotated bibliographies. Download images directly into PowerPoint. Cover all the major content areas.

Member: $100 each Nonmember: $125 each

O rder n ow at w w w. c h e s t p u b s.o rg.

Member: $270 Nonmember: $339


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Board Review


Reference the topics presented at the popular board review courses with these comprehensive books and CDs.


ACCP Pulmonary Medicine Board Review: 25th Edition Book or CD

Covers topics from the ACCP Pulmonary Medicine Board Review 2009 course, offering a self-study resource to prepare for the certification examination in pulmonary disease. Use the CD to search and navigate the content for specific information. 788 pages. #5541 Book #6823 CD Member $100 Nonmember $125

ACCP Critical Care Medicine Board Review: 20th Edition Book or CD

Straight from the ACCP Critical Care Medicine Board Review 2009 course, this syllabus covers every topic in a concise, easy-touse format. The CD contains the content of the book, plus, you can search and navigate for the precise information you need. Use to prepare for the critical care medicine certification examination. 556 pages. #5540 Book #6822 CD Member $100 Nonmember $125

ACCP Sleep Medicine Board Review: 4th Edition Book or CD

Reviews topics from the ACCP Sleep Medicine Board Review 2009 course. Use the electronic format to search and navigate the content for the specific information you need. 331 pages. #5539 Book #6821 CD Member $100 Nonmember $125

ACCP/AAP Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Board Review: 1st Edition

Straight from the ACCP/AAP Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Board Review 2010 course, this text covers every topic in a concise, easy-to-use format. Use as a self-study resource to prepare for the pediatric pulmonary medicine subspecialty board examination. 272 pages. #5542 Book Member $100 Nonmember $125

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Test your recall, interpretation, and problem-solving skills. Developed from the content blueprints for the board examinations, ACCP-SEEK features cases, multiple-choice questions, and answer rationales to test your knowledge. Earn CME credit (print version only).


ACCP Learning Category II Self­Directed ACCP Learning Category IV Case­ and Problem­Based

ACCP-SEEK: Pulmonary Medicine, Volume XIX

Self-Education and Evaluation of Knowledge Editor in Chief: Mark J. Rosen, MD, FCCP Deputy Editor: Ronald F. Grossman, MD, FCCP 330 pages. Earn up to 50 hours of CME credit. #8487 Member $200 Nonmember $300

ACCP-SEEK: Critical Care Medicine, Volume XX

Self-Education and Evaluation of Knowledge Editor in Chief: Stephanie M. Levine, MD, FCCP Deputy Editor: Joseph E. Parrillo, MD, FCCP 302 pages. Earn up to 50 hours of CME credit. #8543 Member $200 Nonmember $300

ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine­ Second Edition

Self-Education and Evaluation of Knowledge Editor in Chief: Charles W. Atwood, Jr., MD, FCCP Deputy Editor: Barbara A. Phillips, MD, MSPH, FCCP 158 pages. Earn up to 25 hours of CME credit. #8544 Member $100 Nonmember $150

Best of ACCP-SEEK on CD 2005: Critical Care Medicine

Contains 150 questions, answers, and rationales from the ACCPSEEK Critical Care Medicine series. Choose questions by topic or at random. #6610 Member $50 Nonmember $75

Best of ACCP-SEEK on CD 2005: Pulmonary Medicine

Contains 150 questions, answers, and rationales from the ACCP-SEEK Pulmonary Medicine series. Choose questions by topic or at random. #6609 Member $50 Nonmember $75


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Tap. Flick. SEEK. And find the best-selling review tool, now available as an iPhone® app.

Access the full edition of the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine ACCP-SEEK®books in one app.* For use on the iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®.

Enhance your review options:

Handy features include answer tracking, note taking, voice annotating, highlighting, and reference links. Quickly find topics of interest with multiple search index options, including searching by key word, ACCP curriculum, subject taxonomies, and smart full-text search. Zoom in on images and figures, view in portrait or landscape mode, and mark those you need to reference again as favorites. Also on the iPad®, view enhanced figures with double-sized (2x) screen capacity. Study on the go; no connectivity is needed to instantly access ACCP-SEEK questions and answers once the app is purchased.

Try It Before You Buy It

Download the app for free in the App Store or search the iTunes® store for ACCP-SEEK. Take advantage of 30 FREE pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine questions after downloading.

Purchase additional sets of 10 questions for $4.99.*

*CME is not offered with this ACCP-SEEKTM product. Device not included.

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Lung Pathology Self-study Program

Assembled by worldrenowned specialists, this program uniquely presents the histopathology of lung disease in a case-oriented setting. The material, directed toward the clinical needs of pulmonary consultants, is based on more than 90 case histories by histopathology course director, Thomas V. Colby, MD, FCCP, Professor of Pathology, Mayo Clinic and Foundation.

Irwin & Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine

by Richard S. Irwin, MD, FCCP; and James M. Rippe, MD Published by: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Updated for the 6th edition, this reference provides multidisciplinary coverage of medical and surgical intensive care, including a "howto" atlas of procedures. Includes a new section on noninvasive monitoring and updates on COPD management, oncologic emergencies, and overdoses and poisonings. Each chapter identifies "Advances in Management" based on randomized, controlled clinical trials. 2,544 pages. #1519 Member $239 Nonmember $239

Primary CareSleep Medicine: A Practical Guide

Physicians interested in specializing in sleep disorders will find this textbook to be an excellent resource for board review. Clinicians at any stage in their career will benefit from the straightforward presentation of sleep disorders and their treatment. #1602 Member $79.75 Nonmember $99.50

Expanded Slide Package on CD

Includes images of 35-mm Kodachrome slides and thorough clinical case studies on CD. Designed for practicing pulmonary physicians and educational institutions. #4901 Member $225 Nonmember $285

Best of PCCU Pulmonary Medicine, 2nd Edition

Select articles from PCCU provide clinical information and management strategies related to pulmonary medicine. Articles are selected to assist in board preparation. Each concludes with a quiz to test knowledge and understanding. #8470 Member $40 Nonmember $60

Sleep Medicine 5th Edition Syllabus on CD

This 236-page syllabus on CD covers the lectures presented during the ACCP Sleep Medicine course. Topics include polysomnography, sleep disorders in children, heart failure and sleep, business of sleep medicine, and more. #6825 Member $25 Nonmember $35

Best of PCCU: Critical Care Medicine, 2nd Edition

Select articles from PCCU provide clinical information and management strategies in critical care medicine. Articles are selected to assist in board preparation. Each concludes with a quiz to test knowledge and understanding. 300+ pages. #8471 Member $40 Nonmember $60


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Tobacco Dependence Treatment Toolkit

Now you can help your patients stop smoking and be reimbursed, using the protocols and coding information contained in this comprehensive tool kit! The user-friendly interactive online setting is a complete resource for you and your patients containing background educational materials and clinically relevant instruments to facilitate a highly successful and proven approach to treatment.


Easily reference the ACCP and other guidelines at the point-of-care with these convenient pocketcards. Check out the Web site to view the large selection of available topics. A few of the biggest sellers are highlighted below.

Antithrombotic and Thrombolytic Therapy GUIDELINES PocketcardTM

Contains evidence-based recommendations on eight topics from the ACCP antithrombotic and thrombolytic guidelines.

http://tobaccodependence. NEW!


Contains evidence-based information on COPD, including pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation, and management of acute exacerbations.

Asthma GUIDELINES PocketcardTM

Contains evidence-based information on the guidelines for asthma management from the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program.

Learn more and order at

purChASe nOw

preview Content


Site Search

TobaccoDependenceTreatment ToolKit

executive Summary Clinical Background

> introduction and Goals > lorem ipsum 1 > lorem ipsum 2

intrOduCtiOn And GOAlS


patients who use tobacco often represent a frustrating paradox for the chest physician and other healthcare providers. On the one hand, both physician and patient generally recognize the tremendous incentive to stop: tobacco dependence is a fatal disease. if not treated, tobacco dependence kills 50% who suffer from it. Moreover, very few remain untouched by the tremendous toll on health and the human suffering tobacco use wrecks upon family and friends. As many as 90% of tobacco-dependent people identify tobacco use as harmful and want to reduce or stop using it.(,) On the other hand, the majority of tobacco-dependent people also experience a visceral reluctance to stop smoking, making only very brief and infrequent attempts to stop. Attempts to stop smoking are frequently private, even covert, for fear of not being able to stop. few tobacco-dependent people seek a physician's advice on the best ways to use available over-the-counter medications and, in our experience, even fewer ask for help once their attempts begin to go awry. unfortunately, since becoming available over-the-counter, nicotine replacement therapy (nrt) has increasingly been used for too short a time and with too low a dose to be effective. More than 95% of selfdirected attempts to stop smoking will be doomed to fail without some form of additional help.

treatment Algorithms patient Assessment patient management Communication and education Additional resources physician Advocacy ACCP's Role

treAtment tOpiCS: Select One i Am A: Select One

relAted infOrmAtiOn fOr the: hospital physician hospital nurse Hospital Office Staff Cessation Counselor educational programs State and Government Agencies relAted tOpiCS: Adult smoker Smoke exposed/Second hand smoke/ environmental tobacco Smoke (etS)

Physicians are in a powerful position to effect change. Most tobacco-dependent Smoke-free legislation/laws patients relate that physicians' advice was instrumental in aiding their Assessing dependence/dependence levels attempts to stop smoking. nearly 70% of tobacco-dependent patients see their physicians each year, and even brief, 60-second advice from a physician treatment plans/patient management can double to triple the spontaneous stop-smoking rates to 10%. One study even showed that brief, 60-second advice from a physician increased 1-year, continuous stop-smoking rates from 0.3% to 5.1% (a 17-fold increase). Yet, despite this enormous potential, physicians often cite very significant concerns when it comes to the practical realities of treating tobacco use within their office practice, such as limited time available for a typical visit, poor reimbursement for tobacco related services, limited knowledge and training specific to tobacco-dependence treatment, and a perceived ineffectiveness of therapy. Physicians and advance practice nurse practitioners generally have a working knowledge of treatment options and recognize the importance of patient intervention. However, patient measures of self-efficacy are generally poor, and relying on our patients' willpower and ineffective or misused over-the-counter aids is a Sisyphean endeavor. therefore, no tobacco-dependent patient should manage his or her tobacco use without the help of a physician or advance practice nurse practitioners.

tOOl Kit GOAlS

the American College of Chest physicians (ACCp) recognizes that this position remains untenable as long as the practical

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Antithrombotic and Thrombolytic Therapy: American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines, 8th edition

Provides the most current evidence-based recommendations for patientcentered practice on antithrombotic and thrombolytic therapy. Scientific evidence and treatment recommendations are provided for prevention and treatment of thromboses, including in pregnant women and children. This edition also includes a new chapter devoted to the management of therapy for perioperative patients. These guidelines have been endorsed by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. (CHEST 2008; 133[suppl;June]:67S-968S) #8527 Member $25 Nonmember $25

Diagnosis and Management of Cough: ACCP EvidenceBased Clinical Practice Guidelines

Evidence-based guidelines on the treatment and underlying causes of cough. Scientific evidence and treatment recommendations are provided for each condition. The American Thoracic Society and Canadian Thoracic Society endorsed this guideline. (CHEST 2006; 129 [suppl; Jan]; 1S-292S). #8522 Member $25 Nonmember $25

Joint American College of Chest Physicians/ American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Evidence- Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

Evidence-based guidelines on pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with chronic lung disease include recommendations on exercise training protocols, optimal timeframe for rehabilitation, maintenance strategies, education, and use of supplemental oxygen. (CHEST 2007; 131 [suppl; May]:1S-42S). #8466 Member $25 Nonmember $25

Prevention and Management of Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery

Addresses specific recommendations on a variety of interventions and treatments, valuable resources, and future directions. (CHEST 2005; 128 [suppl; August]: 1S-64S). #8525 Clinical Practice Guideline Member $25 Nonmember $25

Diagnosis and Management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Packaged with an updated chapter on Medical Therapy for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. (CHEST 2007; 131:1917-1928). Evidence-based findings to help in the diagnosis and treatment of PAH patients. (CHEST 2004; 126 [suppl; July]: 1S - 92S). #8428 Clinical Practice Guideline Member $25 Nonmember $25

Diagnosis and Management of Lung Cancer: ACCP Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (2nd Edition)

Provides a comprehensive set of 260 recommendations related to lung cancer. Topics include prevention, screening, diagnosis, staging, and medical and surgical treatments. The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons are among the endorsing organizations. (CHEST 2007; 132 [suppl; Sept]:1S-422S). #8472 Member $25 Nonmember $25

Effectiveness of Continuing Medical Education: American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Educational Guidelines

A comprehensive evaluation of how current CME practices impact physician knowledge, application of knowledge, practice performance, and clinical outcomes. The guidelines also identify gaps in each of these areas, as well as CME research as a whole. (CHEST 2009; 135[suppl;Mar]:1S-75S) #8508 Member $25 Nonmember $25

These guidelines are reviewed on an annual basis to determine their currency. Although there may have been new studies published since these guidelines were developed, the HSP Committee determined this evidence is not sufficient to warrant changing any or most of the recommendations at this time. All guidelines are reviewed in October of each year.


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ACCP Clinical Resource: Lung Cancer

The latest recommendations have been converted into userfriendly tabular formats to help you help your patients with readily accessible and evidence-based guidance. This CD contains a quick reference guide to the recommendations; PDA-downloadable recommendations and other resources; slide sets for presentations to medical and lay audiences; and patient educational materials. Product #1162 Member $15 Nonmember $25

ACCP Clinical Resource: Device Selection and Outcomes of Aerosol Therapy

This clinical resource is packed with important information and valuable tools on inhalation device selection. Developed from the evidence-based guidelines, the CD contains a quick reference guide that will help you make the appropriate treatment decisions for your patients. Also included is a patient education guide; a slide set to use in grand rounds, journal clubs, other educational programs; and links to additional resources. #5042 Member $15 Nonmember $25

ACCP Clinical Resource: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Evidence-based findings to help in the diagnosis and treatment of your PAH patients. Endorsed by the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, the American College of Rheumatology, and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. #5747 Member $15 Nonmember $25

ACCP Clinical Resource: Antithrombotics

The latest edition of the Antithrombotic and Thrombolytic Therapy: American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (see page 14) is the most evidence-based edition of these wellrespected and much anticipated guidelines. This clinical resource is a tool kit to access, use, understand, and share the information in the guidelines. This complete resource includes a quick reference guide to all the recommendations in a new, more user-friendly tabular format. All recommendations and several additional tools are also available for downloading to PDAs. Patient education materials and slide sets are also included on this CD. Product #1164 Member $15 Nonmember $25

Definitive Care for the Critically Ill During a Disaster

Definitive Care for the Critically Ill During a Disaster is a comprehensive framework intended to optimize and manage critical care resources during times of pandemic outbreaks or other mass critical care disasters. The framework specifically addresses the current state of disaster preparedness in the critical care setting, how hospitals and communities should prepare for a disaster/pandemic event, and the suggested protocol for emergency mass critical care triage and scarce resource allocation. The framework was developed by the Task Force for Mass Critical Care, which included members of the American College of Chest Physicians. (CHEST 2008;133[suppl;May]:1S-66S) #8467 Member $25 Nonmember $25

ACCP Clinical Resource: Cough

This comprehensive resource contains the latest evidence-based information on the diagnosis and management of cough. The CD includes a quick reference guide and clinical algorithms that can be downloaded to your PDA. It also includes information you can distribute to patients with cough or to parents of an affected child. Plus, there are two slide kits for use in cough presentations and links to additional resources. #6648 Member $15 Nonmember $25

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Coding for Chest Medicine 2011

For a coding resource as precise and specialized as the medicine you practice, turn to Coding for Chest Medicine 2011. It is a perfect resource for physicians, nonphysician providers, practice administrators/managers, office managers, and business managers. The updated 15th edition features detailed coding information on:

Allergy and immunology Bronchoscopy Critical care Consultations Electronic medical records ICU procedures Malpractice issues

Pay for performance Pediatric pulmonary medicine Pulmonary function testing Pulmonary rehabilitation Thoracic surgical procedures


Purchase Coding for Chest Medicine annually to ensure you have the latest information to get paid for the services you provide.

Preorder all of your essential coding tools here. Now also selling the CPT® professional book.

NEW in Coding for Chest Medicine 2011:

New codes for:

Balloon Occlusion Unattended Sleep Studies Bronchial Valve Insertion and

CPT® 2011 Professional Edition

current procedural terminology

#1812 Member $105 Nonmember $105

Professional Edi


ce! Your Trusted Sourok with rules

CPT® codebo l Panel The only official the AMA's CPT Editoria and guidelines from

Discounted price of $98 each for orders of five or more. Contact Marla Brichta for details: (847) 498-8364.


Category III-Acoustic PFT

And much more!

#1811 Member $125 Nonmember $160


w w


Building Practice Revenue: A Guide to Developing New Services

by Bruce A. Johnson, JD, MPA, Darrell L. Schryver, DPA, and Daniel P. Stech, MBA, CMPE, Published by: MGMA This book will guide you through the decisionmaking process to assess the viability of new revenue opportunities. Includes case studies, a step-by-step return on investment analysis, checklists, and tools to help you evaluate new service offerings. 99 pages. #1569 Member $60 Nonmember $60

Mastering Patient Flow: More Ideas To Increase Efficiency and Earnings, 3rd Edition

by Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, Published by: MGMA Using lean thinking principles to structure workflow improvements, this new edition delivers the newest trends for practice efficiency, centering workflow around the patient. This book demonstrates how to take efficiency to a new level. 498 pages #1570 Member $85 Nonmember $85

Rx for Business Success: Joining a Medical Practice

Published by: MGMA A must-read for physicians deciding whether to join a medical group, a hospital, or to go out on their own. Assess potential employers, evaluate compensation packages, choose a reputable malpractice carrier, distinguish your optimal type of legal entity, and more. 208 pages. #1370 Member $35 Nonmember $35

Experts Answer 101 Tough Practice Management Questions

Compiled by Mary Mourar, MLS, and edited by Kenneth T. Hertz, CMPE; Cynthia L. Dunn, FACMPE; Nick A. Fabrizio, PhD, FACMPE and Jeffrey B. Milburn, MBA, CMPE, from the MGMA Health Care Consulting Group, Published by: MGMA The "to do" list for a practice executive is never ending: from physician recruitment and retention to reducing staff turnover, surveying patient satisfaction, and improving practice financials. The answers to these and other practice management issues are in this book. #1624 Member $45 Nonmember $45

2nd Edition The Physician Billing Process: Avoiding Potholes in the Road to Getting Paid

by Deborah L. Walker, MBA, FACMPE, Sara M. Larch, MSHA, FACMPE, and Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC, Published by: MGMA Develop action plans to enhance the financial performance of your practice. Case studies, tools, checklists, resources, and sample policies and procedures will help you optimize your billing and collection processes. 248 pages. #1655 Member $95 Nonmember $95

The Smarter Physician: Demystifying the Business of Medicine in Your Practice, Vol. 1 (+CD)

by Bhagwan Satiani, MD, MBA, FACS © 2007 Published by: MGMA In order to operate a successful practice with healthy patients, staff, and a community at large, physicians must understand the legal and reimbursement matters that shape and challenge every medical setting. This book presents practical, down-to-earth information that can be used to face these financial challenges dealt with every day. 273 pages. #1628 Member $80 Nonmember $80

fax (847) 498-5460 · (800) 343-2227 (US) · +1 (847) 498-1400 (International)



Make the Choice: Tobacco or Health? CD

Make the Choice: Tobacco or Health? arms you in the fight against tobacco use among women, teens, and children. Now in its 4th edition, the kit includes slides and other tools necessary to create and present effective tobacco prevention messages. Topics include health effects of tobacco, smoking cessation, public policy, and a "Just for Girls" section that discusses how the tobacco industry targets women and girls. Use Make the Choice: Tobacco or Health? to encourage women and children not to smoke and help users quit. #6691 Member $50 Nonmember $75

Critical Care Family Assistance Program (CCFAP) Replication Tool Kit

Concrete guidance and practical tools aid in designing and constructing a family assistance program in the ICU setting. Compiled by experts in all levels of critical care medicine, this tool kit provides an action plan for each stage in the development of a CCFAP and includes functional tools to guide you through each development phase. #1543 Member $100 Nonmember $150

Free Tobacco Prevention Education Materials From The CHEST Foundation

Lung LessonsSM: A Presenter's Guide

Learn how to present NEW! important tobacco prevention information and good lung health practices to elementary schoolchildren with this DVD guide developed by The CHEST Foundation.

Note Cards Available From The CHEST Foundation's Ambassadors Group

Over 100 elementary schoolchildren created posters inspired by The CHEST Foundation's Ambassadors Group Lung LessonsSM presentations for the annual poster contest. Four winning designs are featured in this note card gift set, which includes 12 blank note cards, 3 of each winning design, envelopes included. . #1654 Member $10 Nonmember $10

Educational Guide on Lung Health for Elementary School Students

Developed for teachers, school nurses, health professionals, and other adults working with children in grades 3 through 6, this spiral-bound guide provides lessons, handouts, activities, and resources to educate children about asthma and tobacco prevention. Contact Lee Ann Fulton to order your complimentary copies. (847) 498-8332 [email protected] Additional education materials available on The CHEST Foundation's Web site, under "Community."

The CHEST Foundation: Critical Care Family Assistance Program

A review of research showing increased communication, improved support systems, and a friendlier environment reduce frustration and increase satisfaction of anxious family members during a relative's stay in the ICU. (CHEST 2005; 128 [suppl; September]: 65S-127S). #8524 Member $25 Nonmember $25

OneBreathTM is a new public education initiative of The CHEST Foundation. OneBreath integrates the work of The Foundation with the education mission of ACCP. Visit, and become an online community member.


w w



Controlling Your Asthma

Includes 12 common asthma triggers and strategies to avoid them, step-by-step instructions for the peak flow meter, and a diary and action plan chart to provide direction based on flow level variations. Discusses 30 asthma medications and various delivery devices. #5024 Member $25 for 25 (English) Nonmember $35 for 25

Inhaled Medications and Devices: Tips and Techniques

This interactive CD demonstrates the proper use of various inhalers with professional videos and printable text. Includes device usage, cleaning, daily diaries, and peak flow management. A great learning or review tool for nurses and physicians. #4837 Member $25 Nonmember $30

ICU: Frequently Asked Questions in the ICU

ICU: Frequently Asked Questions in the ICU is a valuable resource for patients and their families. The booklet was developed by Kalpalatha K. Guntupalli, MD, FCCP, recipient of the ACCP's Second Eli Lilly and Company Distinguished Scholar in Critical Care Medicine award. It was based on 5 years of research on family needs in the ICU conducted by the sites comprising the Critical Care Family Assistance Network. #5054 Member $2 Nonmember $3

Living Well With COPD

We've completely updated this top-selling brochure with the most current information to help your patients understand and cope with COPD. This pictorial guide explains how COPD affects the respiratory system and provides in-depth coverage of seven important steps to improve quality of life. Includes uses and possible side effects for bronchodilators, anti-inflammatories, OTC medications, and expectorants. Also discusses benefits and strategies for smoking cessation, flu and pneumonia shots, exercise, nutrition, breathing control, stress reduction, and oxygen therapy. #5032 Member $25 for 25 Nonmember $35 for 25

Stories at the End of Life Booklet Series

This set of six heartfelt booklets helps patients and families cope with difficult end-of-life experiences. Through the stories of others, this series presents insights for patients, families, and physicians. Each booklet is organized around a central theme to create a better understanding about emotional and spiritual aspects, care options, and resources. The booklets come in a display case perfect to keep in your waiting room or to give as a gift to help others cope at the end of life. Booklets include: · Stories of Communication · Stories of Comfort · Stories of Survival · Poetry, Inspiration, and Reflection · Final Days · Peace, Acceptance, and Letting Go Six Booklets and Display Case #1473 Member $35 Nonmember $35

Patient Education Guides Available Online

Over 20 patient education guides are available online, free of charge. Use to educate your patients about asthma, lung cancer, cough, shortness of breath, and more. Newly added guides include: Shortness of Breath Patient Education Brochure A Guide to Lung Transplantation Patient Education Guides on Cough Patient Instructions for Inhaled Devices

Patient Caring Cards

Extend your thoughts and concern beyond the clinical setting and let your patients know you care. 24 cards and envelopes. #1472 Member $12 Nonmember $15

Flexible Bronchoscopy

Give your patients a greater comfort level before experiencing flexible bronchoscopy. Clearly explains reasons for the procedure, how to prepare, how it is performed, and what to expect afterward. #5012 Member $25 for 50 Nonmember $35 for 50

fax (847) 498-5460 · (800) 343-2227 (US) · +1 (847) 498-1400 (International)


201 Education

ACCP Simulation Program for Advanced Clinical Education

For a hands-on, clinical learning experience, attend a simulation session utilizing state-of-the-art technology to teach:

Current standards of practice Patient safety

Evidenced-based patient care Formative assessment

Experienced clinicians comprise the faculty who can help you apply skills and make a real impact on your practice.

Don't miss these 2011 sessions:

Difficult Airway Management March 18 ­ 20 July 22-24 Northbrook, IL Ultrasonography: Fundamentals in Critical Care April 15 ­ 17 Balitmore, MD Basic and Advanced Bronchoscopy Skills August 5 ­ 7 Chicago, IL Focused Pleural and Vascular Ultrasound September 22 ­ 23 Chicago, IL Critical Care Echocardiography September 24 ­ 25 Chicago, IL

ACCP Certificate of Completion Critical Care Ultrasonography Program

Advance your critical care ultrasonography competence with this all-new program for intensivists seeking structured training.

Register now.

Learn more at

Accreditation Statement The ACCP is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


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11 Calendar

ACCP US Courses

Celebration of Pediatric Pulmonology 2011 April 8 ­ April 10 Fort Lauderdale, FL ACCP Sleep Medicine Board Review August 26 ­ August 29 San Antonio, TX ACCP Critical Care Medicine Board Review August 26 ­ August 30 San Antonio, TX ABIM Critical Care Medicine and Pulmonary Disease SEP Modules August 30 San Antonio, TX Lung Pathology 2011 August 30 San Antonio, TX Mechanical Ventilation August 30 San Antonio, TX ACCP Pulmonary Medicine Board Review August 31 ­ September 4 San Antonio, TX CHEST 2011 October 22 ­ October 26 Honolulu, HI


International Endorsed Courses

Pulmonary Health Development Program January ­ June Egypt (several cities) International Medical Center March 13 ­ 14 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ACCP Italian Chapter/AIMAR March 16 ­ 18 Stressa, Italy Gulf Thoracic 2011 March 16 ­ 19 Dubai, UAE 11th ACCP Central America Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Course March 28 ­ 29 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Second ACCP/Peking Union Medical College Joint Meeting April 9 Beijing, People's Republic of China Second ACCP/Shanghai Respiratory Society April 16 Shanghai, People's Republic of China Annual Meeting of the Lebanese Pulmonary Society April 15 ­ 17 Beirut, Lebanon LXX Congreso Nacional de Neumonologia y Cirugia del Torax April 26 ­ 29 Puebla, Mexico 10th World Asthma Day May 4 ­ 5 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia XII Congreso Dominicano de Neumonologia y Cirugia del Torax May 19 ­ 22 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Congresso de Asma, DPOC e Tabagismo August 24 - 27 Porto Galinhas, Brazil


fax (847) 498-5460 · (800) 343-2227 (US) · +1 (847) 498-1400 (International)


Communication. Community.

Rely on the ACCP communication channels to stay informed and to connect with ACCP members and other health-care professionals.

ACCP NewsBrief This weekly e-newsletter keeps ACCP members informed of important developments within the ACCP and clinical chest medicine. It provides timely and valuable information related to your ACCP membership, your medical practice, and your profession through consolidated articles sent directly to you in an easyto-read e-mail. The newsletter format is mobile-ready and easily accessible from a computer, phone, or other mobile device. Plus, newsletter issues are archived--offering you the option to refer back to articles previously read. CHEST Physician This monthly news publication provides relevant clinical information and latest news in chest medicine specialties, plus updates on ACCP matters and events of importance to members and others. Pulmonary Perspectives, plus critical care and sleep features, are regularly highlighted, along with updates from the ACCP President and ACCP EVP/ CEO. chest-physician/archive

ACCP on Facebook "Like" ACCP on Facebook to get regular updates regarding the ACCP and chest medicine. Connect with other fans to build your professional network of health-care providers. Search American College of Chest Physicians on Facebook. Access online resources, get CME credits, purchase products, apply for membership, join a NetWork, and more. Find online education opportunities ranging from simple tests based on articles to interactive classes and over 20 patient education guides, available free of charge ACCP on Twitter Follow ACCP on Twitter for brief messages that will keep you informed about the ACCP and chest medicine. Be one of the first to get news updates, then retweet to share pertinent information with your colleagues.


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Looking for a job? Need to fill a position?

We took everything you need and put it all in one place.

ACCP Career Connection is your place for recruiting or finding that ideal position. Use this ACCP member benefit to:

Find the right jobs. Get job alerts. Sign up for e-newsletters. Read career advice.

Find/Post a Job Through the ACCP

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For You. For Your Colleagues.

Ladies Fleece Jacket Interactive fleece jacket with full lining and front and back contoured side panel seams. Invisible zippers at front pockets. Raglan sleeve with cover seam stitching. Inside pocket and shock cord drawstring at hem.

Member $54.50 Nonmember $54.50

ACCP Logo Products

Nike® Dri-fit Cap Nike® colorblock low profile ACCP cap.

Member $25.98 Nonmember $25.98

Duffel Bag 100% nylon dobby color blocked duffel with 2-way zip closure, main compartment with exterior front zip pocket and adjustable removable shoulder strap with comfort pad. Antigua-branded side rubber patch. Size: 23" Wide x 13" Tall x 11" Deep

Member $41 Nonmember $41

Scrub Tops Traditional full cut, reversible scrub top keeps you professional looking.

Member $16.98 Nonmember $16.98

Lab Coat Full length professional lab coat. White - 5.2 ounce, 80/20 polyester/cotton full length professional lab coat

Member $25.98 Nonmember $25.98

Cutter & Buck Men's Wrinkle Resistant Oxford Shirt Epic Easy Care wrinkleresistant woven oxford shirt.

Member $53 Nonmember $53

See the complete selection, and order ACCP logowear at


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Other products available:

Order from the ACCP store at

FCCP Lapel Pin Love Your Lungs® Wristbands Help spread the message: Love Your Lungs®. Sales support The CHEST Foundation's Ambassadors Group youth tobacco prevention programs. Wear one and give them to your family, friends, staff, and patients.

Adult Size #1367 #1372 $2 each $75 (50 pk)

The ACCP logo filled in 10-karat gold.

#1196 (7/8" x 1/2") ACCP Fellow $50

Youth Size #1366 #1371 $2 each $75 (50 pk)

Puffree Key Chain Puffree's T-shirt reminds all, "Don't smoke, Be Puff-free like me!" Give them out at antitobacco presentations. Approx. 4-1/2" tall.

#1271 Member $5 Nonmember $7

Future Chest Physician 11" Gray furry teddy bear, a loyal friend, wearing a navy blue vest with the ACCP no-smoking logo.

#1626 Member $18 Nonmember $20

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The concept behind OneBreathTM: Make The Most Of It is that education is paramount in the process of positive behavior change and empowerment. provides an entry for members, patients, and the public to access prevention tools, tips, and community-based activities in which anyone who cares about his or her lung and heart health can participate and follow. Going forward, The CHEST Foundation's programs will be featured on under the pillars of education, care, and community. Join our OneBreath online community, and encourage others to join.

Support OneBreath and The CHEST Foundation as we embark on this exciting new venture.


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"I strongly encourage you to join the family of many outstanding professionals in the ACCP! Some of the many benefits of `belonging' are the best educational programs, the opportunity of the distinction of being a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians (FCCP), board review courses, and, most importantly, networking opportunities."

Kalpalatha K. Guntupalli, MD, FCCP ACCP President 2009-2010

You Belong Here

As a member of the ACCP, you belong to a community of health-care professionals dedicated to providing optimal patient care around the world. Within the ACCP, an interdisciplinary mix of professionals from all career stages joins as one to support you and foster knowledge and skills development. Benefits of Membership

CHEST Journal Educational Resources Practice Resources The CHEST Foundation

Membership Categories:

US/Canadian Fellow (FCCP) International Fellow (FCCP) Affiliate Member (US, Canada,

Awards Program

Participation Opportunities Financial Benefits Discounted Programs


Allied Health

Join the ACCP Today

Learn more about membership and apply online. (800) 343-2227 or (847) 498-1400

e-Membership is available at reduced dues to international ACCP Fellows and members.

fax (847) 498-5460 · (800) 343-2227 (US) · +1 (847) 498-1400 (International)


3300 Dundee Road Northbrook, IL 60062-2348

American College of Chest Physicians

Visit the ACCP Online Store for the complete selection of:

Courses and Meetings Practice Management Products Physician Self-study Tools Clinical Resources The CHEST Foundation Resources Patient Education

2011 Coding Book

" We do our own billing at our practice

and we do quarterly chart audits. When questions arise we always go to Coding for Chest Medicine. We feel the Coding for Chest Medicine is the `gold standard' of resources for pulmonary and critical care medicine." Sandy Kalic, Practice Manager Eastern Ohio Pulmonary Consultants, Boardman, OH

Board Review Products

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