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Contents GETTING STARTED _____________________________________________ 3

Internet access________________________________________________________ 3 Setting up your password _______________________________________________ 3 Logging onto ConnX ___________________________________________________ 4

HOME TAB_____________________________________________________ 4

Welcome page ________________________________________________________ 4 Timer ________________________________________________________ 4

MY DETAILS TAB _______________________________________________ 4

Personal details _______________________________________________________ 4 Pay details ___________________________________________________________ 4 Pay advices ___________________________________________________ 4 Payment summaries ____________________________________________ 4 Bank accounts _________________________________________________ 5

TIMESHEETS TAB_______________________________________________ 6

Timesheet Process ____________________________________________________ 6 Roles and responsibilities_______________________________________________ 6 Casuals ______________________________________________________ 6 Assessment Managers___________________________________________ 6 Payroll _______________________________________________________ 6 Understanding the timesheet ____________________________________________ 6 Summary view _________________________________________________ 7 Detail View ____________________________________________________ 7 How to create a timesheet in ConnX ______________________________________ 8 How to complete a timesheet in ConnX____________________________________ 8 Entering laptop allowance _______________________________________ 10 Entering mileage ______________________________________________ 11 Employee message ____________________________________________ 11 Submitting your timesheet _______________________________________ 12

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0


Getting started

Internet access ConnX is a web-enabled application and is the Accreditation Agency's human resources management information system. Being web-enabled, you can access ConnX from anywhere you have internet access. To access ConnX from either a lap top or desk top, type the following into your search engine Setting up your password To access ConnX you will need to enter your user name and a password. Your user name is included in the letter we sent you regarding our engagement of casuals. You will need this to get started, then follow these simple steps: 1. 2. 3. Access the ConnX website Enter your username in the `User name' cell on the ConnX login page. Do not enter a password in the cell at this stage. Click enter. This opens a password screen for you as shown in the following screenshot:

4. 5. 6. 7.

Now you can enter your own password. Your password must contain a minimum of 8 characters including 1 upper case alphabet character and 1 numeric character. Enter and confirm your new password in the spaces provided. You can now access your personal details and timesheets. Now that you are set up, you can save the ConnX address to your favourites or as a shortcut on your desktop.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0


System security Passwords must be changed every 90 days. It is a good idea to program a reminder into your calendar (MS outlook, Lotus notes, etc). Your ConnX account will be suspended if you have more than 10 failed login attempts. If this happens however, don't panic. Just call Human Resources on 02 96331711 and ask to speak to either Grace or Sandy as they are ConnX system administrators and they will be able to reactivate you. Logging onto ConnX Once you have set up your password, you are able to access ConnX by entering your username and the password that you initially set up as per the previous instructions. You will be able to access the following tabs:

Home tab

Welcome page Timer You will notice that there is a timer at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. The system will automatically log you out if inactive for 19 minutes. This is a security measure to ensure that if you have walked away from your computer for an extended period of time, no-one will be able to access your personal details. To avoid being logged off, simply click into another screen/tab. This will reset the timer to 19 minutes again.

My details tab

Personal details This is where you change your personal details eg. address, phone number and personal email address. Details of changes to your name require proof of change and cannot be done here. Please notify your manager and send a copy of the legal document to payroll as proof of change of name eg marriage certificate/ divorce papers (Decri Nisi). Pay details Pay advices Lists the pay advices (or payslips) for this financial year to date. Payment summaries You will no longer receive printed copies from Payroll. Your payment summaries will remain in ConnX and are available for you to print if you wish.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0 -4-

Bank accounts Shows current bank account details You are able to submit a request to change your bank details and deductions via ConnX by using the ConnX message function. To request a change to your bank details all you need to tell us is your new: · Bank name and branch · BSB number · Account number · Account name To request a deduction all you need to tell us: · Details of the deduction e.g. salary sacrifice superannuation · Start date for the deduction · Amount to be deducted. To send a request about changes to your bank details or request for deductions through ConnX · · · Hover over or click on the blue `My Details' tab Select the `Messages and Approval' drop down or the leave information bubble Click on `new message'. Please see screen shot below.


Select the Payroll email address. Please see screen shots below.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0


Once we have made the changes, we will send you a message so that you can check and confirm your updated personal details.

Timesheets tab

Timesheet Process You are responsible for submitting your timesheet in a timely manner following your assignment request. Cutoff dates are on the website in the employment section. When you have done any work for us, you must submit your timesheet by 5pm on the cutoff days specified. If possible, submit your timesheet as soon as you have completed your assignment request. If we have any questions and we need to seek clarification, this can be done before the cutoff deadline. Casuals' timesheets are approved by the Assessment Manager in each State office. If the Assessment Manager wants to query your timesheet, they will either call you on your nominated contact number, or they will type in a message in the manager's free text field and return the timesheet to you. You can then type your response in the employee's free text field and resubmit the timesheet. Roles and responsibilities Casuals You are responsible for correctly completing your timesheets and submitting them to the Assessment Manager by the cutoff dates on the website. This includes claims for mileage reimbursements and claims for the laptop allowance (one per assignment request). Assessment Managers Assessment Managers are responsible for reviewing submitted timesheets, validating the information, and approving them by the applicable payroll cutoff dates. Payroll Payroll is responsible for the processing of approved timesheets received by the nominated processing deadlines, and ensuring payments are deposited into the nominated bank accounts on Thursday. Payroll will not be responsible for any errors in timesheets resulting in delays of payments for laptop or mileage allowances. Understanding the timesheet The timesheet form appears in two sections; 1. 2. the summary view; and the detailed view.

The summary view allows you quick entry of transactions and provides an easy to read layout for the period. The detailed view displays more information for each transaction.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0 -6-

Summary view The top section of the timesheet is called the summary view and allows and acts as a calculator when you enter data for the timesheet. You should only use the summary view. It comprises of the following sections.

Logout button Week one or week two Header Details Buttons for Saving and Submitting

Start and finish times, lunch breaks

Normal hours, Klms, OT, Laptop Allowance

Daily Totals

Detail View The detail view is the actual transactions that will flow through to payroll. Staff do not need to, and should not, use the detail view.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0


How to create a timesheet in ConnX You can create a timesheet in your list that will provide you with all the transactions for the period in which you are completing work. 1. Using the navigation menu, select: timesheets > list timesheets 2. Click on the drop down button next to the grey "Open Timesheet for:" you will see a calendar selection.

Drop down for Calendar Selection

3. Select `today's date' then press the "open timesheet for:" button. This should open up to the correct period. 4. Please DO NOT use the blue button (Create a timesheet for the next period) to create a timesheet after you submit a timesheet for approval unless your assignment includes days worked in the next pay period. How to complete a timesheet in ConnX Each employee in ConnX has access to a page which lists all of their timesheets. The list consists of information such as status of the timesheet, the period end date and total hours. You can open any timesheet in your list and will provide you with all the transactions for that period 1. Using the navigation Menu, select: Timesheets > List Timesheets

2. Click on the `View' button next to the required period end date, this will open your timesheet

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0 -8-

3. Enter your start and finish times in one of the following formats: 4. AM/PM with A for AM or P for PM eg. If you start at nine o'clock in the morning and finish at five o'clock in the afternoon this means you start at 9A and finish at 5P. If you start or finish outside the hour, enter the actual minutes eg 930A and 515P. Don't for get to enter time taken for a break. 5. Or you can use the 24-hour clock eg 0900 if you start at nine o'clock in the morning at 1700 if you finish at 5pm in the afternoon. Enter time in actual minutes eg 0930 and 1715. Don't forget to enter time taken for a break. 6. TAB between entries to move between cells 7. Enter your non worked minutes i.e. how long you had for lunch you must put a minimum of half an hour for each five hours worked as it is a requirement that you take a half hour unpaid break. 8. Click the "Save Changes" button. You will note that the time sheet will have automatically populated the hours worked cell and populated the normal time with a "0.0" as shown in the following screen shot:

9. Depending on the day worked, you will need to manually enter the hours into the correct cells as follows: a. b. c. d. Monday to Friday ­ Hours are entered in the `NORMAL' cell Saturday - Hours are entered in the `TIME AND A HALF' cell Sunday - Hours are entered in the `DOUBLE TIME' cell Public holidays - Hours are entered in the `NORMAL' and `DOUBLE TIME' cells


Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0

To view a sample of these, please see the following diagram. Also note that a 30 non worked minutes applies to five or more hours worked.





Entering laptop allowance The timesheet allows you to enter your claim for laptop allowance on a per assignment request basis for site audits, review audits and support contacts. It is not paid on a per diem basis, and nor is it paid for desk audits, desk support contacts, etc. 1. Enter the number `1' in the corresponding cell adjacent to the laptop allowance 2. Click on the "Save Changes" button. You will note that the laptop allowance will appear in the `total column' as shown in the following diagram.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0

- 10 -

Entering mileage The timesheet also allows you to enter any mileage that you may have completed using your own car. You will need to fill out and sign the form on the website and submit this to your local office and your signed form must be sighted by your Assessment Manager in order to approve your timesheet. 1. Select the corresponding cell to the size of motor vehicle used for work purposes e.g. small, med, large car according to the following dimensions Engine Capacity (non-rotary engine) Small Medium Large Up to 1,600cc (eg Honda Civic) 1,600cc to 2,600cc (eg Toyota Corolla) 2,601cc and over (Commodore / Falcon) Engine capacity (rotary engine) Up to 800cc 801cc to 1,300cc 1,301cc and over (eg Mazda RX 8)

2. Enter the mileage as per the examples on the website 3. Click on the "Save Changes" button. You will note that the total Km's will appear in the `total column' as shown in the following diagram.

Employee message This is a free text field where you must enter the type of assignment (SA, RA, SC) and the RAC ID and the date of the visit(s) so your Assessment Manager can verify your claim against the schedule the date so that the manager can verify this as it is a requirement for audit purposes. For instance, if you were part of the assessment team

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0

- 11 -

for a site audit at Happy Valley Home RAC 1234 on 30 October to 2 November, type in SA RAC 1234

Submitting your timesheet Timesheets for weeks one and two will need to be submitted for approval together on the Wednesday of each pay week (please refer to the casual timesheet and cutoff dates on the internet). When you have entered the times in your timesheet simply save changes do not click on `submit timesheet for approval' button unless you have completed your assignment. If you have completed an assignment in week two of the timesheet, complete your timesheet for week two by accessing the timesheet via list timesheets (as outlined on page 8), and/or click on the drop down box under the blue `Print' button at the top right hand corner of the timesheet (as displayed in the summary view section on Page 7). 1. Click on `Week 2' which will open up the week two timesheet. Complete your entries as per the previous example. 2. There is space on the time sheet to send your manager a comment on the time sheet together with information on mileage and laptop allowances or with reference to conversations for verification purposes. 3. Enter your comments into this section and press `Save Changes'.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0

- 12 -

4. Click on the "Submit Timesheet for Approval" button (as displayed in the summary view section on Page 7). 5. Your timesheet will be forwarded to your manager for approval.

6. A screen will appear showing the status of your timesheet and the manager who will be approving it.

Once the timesheet has been approved, you will receive a message advising you of this (please see the message below) and if your manager requires any amendments to your timesheet, they will discuss this with you prior.

-----Original Message----From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, 28 October 2010 3:18 PM To: Sid ConnX Subject: Timesheet approved The timesheet you entered with the following details has been approved. Period ending: 15/10/2010

7. You can log off in one of three ways:

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0 - 13 -

a. Click on the blue home tab and click on the `log off' tab in the grey bar b. Hover over the home tab and select the log off option. c. Click the `logout' button on the top right hand side of the screen (as displayed in the summary view section on Page 7). Please note that subsequent timesheets created will remain in the `List Timesheets' menu for easy access as shown in the diagram below.

Casual Assessor User Guide V1.0

- 14 -


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