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Troubleshooting Checklist

What is your vehicle doing? Noise Visual Leaking Fluid Handling If so, please describe Black fluid color: Yellow/Green/Pink/Orange Where does it come from? Inside Car Left Front Seat Roof Trunk Outside Car Left Rear Under hood Performance Odor Brown Reddish

Center Rear Door Floor

Right Instrument Panel Window Rear Fender

Right Under car (front)

Front Under car (rear)

When does it happen? When car is not moving and engine is stopped When car is moving and mostly: During braking When shifting from forward to reverse At _____ mph When accelerating (increasing load) Mostly when using: Brakes Steering Wheel Starter Radio / Power Antenna

During change from acceleration to coasting When turning On rough roads When decelerating (coasting)

Heater / Air Conditioner Steering Wheel Clutch Windshield Wiper/Washer Other: _________________________

When the engine is: Idling Hot Cold Being Started Warming Up How often does it happen? Always

Does it vary with: Car Speed Engine Speed Trunk Load Engine Load (acceleration)

Comes and goes

After ____ miles

Give this Troubleshooting Checklist to your counterperson, service advisor, or service technician when you take your vehicle in for service.


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