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Enterprise and welfare reform in communist Asia / editors: Peter Ferdinand and Martin Gainsborough. 2003 Foreign investment in rapidly growing countries: the Chinese and Indian experiences / edited by Harbhajan S. Kehal. 2005 An historical atlas of Central Asia / Yuri Bregel (Handbuch der Orientalistik, Abt. 8, Bd. 8). 2003 The network society: a cross-cultural perspective / edited by Manuel Castells. 2004 Pink fits: sex, subcultures and discourse in the Asia-Pacific / Alison Murray. 2001


Confronting environmental change in East & Southeast Asia: eco-politics, foreign policy and sustainable development / edited by Paul G. Harris. 2005 The politics of multiple belonging: ethnicity and nationalism in Europe and East Asia / edited by Flemming Christiansen, Ulf Hedetoft. 2004


Between politics and markets: firms, competition and institutional change in post-Mao China / Yi-Min Lin. 2001 Centralization and decentralization: educational reforms and changing governance in Chinese societies / edited by Mok Ka-Ho. 2004 China after Jiang / edited by Gang Lin and Xiaobo Hu. 2003 China along the Yellow River: reflections on rural society (Huang He biande Zhongguo) / Cao Jinqing; translated by Nicky Harman and Huang Ruhua. 2004 China off center: mapping the margins of the Middle Kingdom / edited by Susan D. Blum and Lionel M. Jensen. 2002 China's place in global geopolitics: international, regional and domestic challenges / edited by Kjeld Erik Brödsgaard and Bertel Heurlin. 2002

Chinese entrepreneurship and Asian business networks / edited by Thomas Menkhoff and Solvay Gerke. 2002 The Chinese state in Ming society / Timothy Brook. 2005 Civil war in China: the political struggle, 1945-1949 / Suzanne Pepper (2.ed.). 1999 Corruption by design: building clean government in mainland China and Hong Kong / Melanie Manion. 2004 Creativity and convention in Su Shi's literary thought / Bi Xiyan. 2003 Cultural atlas of China / Caroline Blunden and Mark Elvin (Rev. ed.). 1998 Encyclopedia of contemporary Chinese culture / edited by Edward L. Davis. 2005 Engendering China: Women, Culture, and the State / edited by Christina K. Gilmartin ... 1994 Foreign investment in rapidly growing countries: the Chinese and Indian experiences / edited by Harbhajan S. Kehal. 2005 Gender and change in Hong Kong: globalization, postcolonialism, and Chinese patriarchy / edited by Eliza W. Y. Lee. 2003 Historical records of the five dynasties (Wu dai shi ji) / Ouyang Xiu, translated with an introduction by Richard L. Davis. 2004 The history of women's mosques in Chinese Islam: a mosque of their own / Maria Jaschok and Shui Jingjun. 2000 Hong Kong's history: state and society under colonial rule / edited by Tak-Wing Ngo. 1999 The new and the multiple: Sung senses of the past / edited by Thomas H. C. Lee. 2004 Patriarchy and Socialist Revolution in China / Judith Stacey. 1983 Popular religious movements and heterodox sects in Chinese history / Hubert Seiwert; in collaboration with Ma Xisha. 2003 Publishing, culture, and power in early modern China / Chow Kai-wing. 2004

The Qing formation in world-historical time / edited by Lynn A. Struve. 2004 Revolution postponed: women in contemporary China / Margery Wolf. 1985 Salt and state: an annotated translation of the Songshi salt monopoly treatise / Cecilia Lee-fang Chien. 2004 Six Chapters from My Life "Downunder" (Ganxiao liuji) / Yang Jiang; translated by Howard Goldblatt; with a preface by Jonathan Spence. 1984 (Also published 1986 as: `Six chapters of life in a cadre school') Some of us: Chinese women growing up in the Mao era / edited by Xueping Zhong, Wang Zheng and Bai Di. 2001 Tang China and the collapse of the Uighur Empire: a documentary history / Michael R. Drompp. 2004 Voyageurs chinois à la découverte du monde: de l'Antiquité au XIXe siècle / Dominique Lelièvre. 2004 Women in the Chinese enlightenment: oral and textual histories / Wang Zheng. 1999


Crossing the bridge: comparative essays on medieval European and Heian Japanese women writers / edited by Barbara Stevenson and Cynthia Ho. 2000 History of law in Japan since 1868 / edited by Wilhelm Röhl (Handbuch der Orientalistik, Abt. 5, Bd. 12). 2005 Japan's foreign policy, 1945-2003: the quest for a proactive policy / Kazuhiko Togo. 2005 Japanese governance: beyond Japan Inc. / edited by Jennifer Amyx and Peter Drysdale. 2002 The Japanese self in cultural logic / Takie Sugiyama Lebra. 2004 Learning to bow: inside the heart of Japan / Bruce S. Feiler. 2004 Making of urban Japan: cities and planning from Edo to the twenty-first century / André Sorensen. 2002

Modern Japanese society / edited by Josef Kreiner, Ulrich Möhwald and Hans Dieter Ölschleger (Handbuch der Orientalistik, Abt. 5, Bd. 9). 2004 Myths and legends of Japan / F. Hadland Davis; illustrated by Evelyn Paul. 1992 The other side of Zen: a social history of Soto Zen Buddhism in Tokugawa Japan / Duncan Ryuken Williams. 2005 Yakuza: Japan's criminal underworld / David E. Kaplan and Alec Dubro. 2003


Under construction: the gendering of modernity, class, and consumption in the Republic of Korea / edited by Laurel Kendall. 2002


Taiwan, more than an island, CD-ROM / Government Information Office, Republic of China. (not yet in Lovisa) Taiwan yearbook 2004 + CD-ROM version / Government Information Office, Republic of China


Confronting environmental change in East & Southeast Asia: eco-politics, foreign policy and sustainable development / edited by Paul G. Harris. 2005 Labour in Southeast Asia: local processes in a globalised world / edited by Rebecca Elmhirst and Ratna Saptari. 2004 Land tenure, conservation and development in Southeast Asia / Peter Eaton. 2004 Nationalism in Southeast Asia: 'if the people are with us' / Nicholas Tarling. 2004 Southeast Asian capitalists / Ruth McVey, editor. 1992 Southeast Asian Warfare, 1300-1900 / Michael W. Charney (Handbuch der Orientalistik, Abt. 3, Bd. 16). 2004

Wage labour in Southeast Asia since 1840: globalisation, the international division of labour, and labour transformations / Amarjit Kaur. 2004


Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge: inside the politics of nation building / Evan R. Gottesman. 2003 Pillaging Cambodia: the illicit traffic in Khmer art / Masha Lafont. 2004


Indonesia: the 2004 election and beyond / Adam Schwarz. 2004 Indonesian living standards: before and after the financial crisis / John Strauss ...2004 The Indonesian rural economy: mobility, work, and enterprise / edited by Thomas R. Leinbach. 2004 Islam and the state in Indonesia / Bahtiar Effendy. 2003 The politics of Indonesia-Malaysia relations: one kin, two nations / Joseph Chinyong Liow. 2004 Reorganising power in Indonesia: the politics of oligarchy in an age of markets / Richard Robison and Vedi R. Hadiz. 2004 Tourism, heritage and national culture in Java: dilemmas of a local community / Heidi Dahles. 2001 The women's movement in post-colonial Indonesia: gender and nation in a new democracy / Elizabeth Martyn. 2005


Malaysia, state and civil society in transition / Vidhu Verma. 2002 The politics of Indonesia-Malaysia relations: one kin, two nations / Joseph Chinyong Liow. 2004 Rites of belonging: memory, modernity, and identity in a Malaysian Chinese community / Jean DeBernardi. 2004


The economy of the Philippines: elites, inequalities and economic restructuring / Peter Krinks. 2002


Abortion, sin, and the state in Thailand / Andrea Whittaker. 2004 Thailand / Timothy D. Hoare. 2003 Thaksin: the business of politics in Thailand / Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker. 2004


After sorrow: an American among the Vietnamese; [with a foreword by Grace Paley] / Lady Borton. 1996 Ending the Vietnam War: the Vietnamese communists' perspective / Ang Cheng Guan. 2004 Gender practices in contemporary Vietnam / edited by Lisa Drummond and Helle Rydström. 2004 Imagined ancestries of Vietnamese communism: Ton Duc Thang and the politics of history and memory / Christoph Giebel. 2004 Vietnam / L. Shelton Woods. 2002


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