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Area Extent : 6,040 km2 Total Population : 123.980 people Total District : 23 districts Districts in Aceh Timur Regency : 1. Simpang Ulim 7. Ranto Peureulak 2. Julok 8. Pante Beudari 3. Nurussalam 9. Madat 4. Darul Aman 10. Indra Makmur 5. Idi Rayeuk 11. Idi Tunong 6. Peureulak 12. Banda Alam 13. Peudawa 14. Peureulak Timur 15. Peureulak Barat

16. 17. 18. 19.

Sungai Raya Birem Bayeun Serba Jadi Rantau Seulamat

20. 21. 22. 23.

Darul Ihsan Simpang Jernih Peunaron Idi Timur

Plantation Products


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Klp. Sawit Rakyat Klp. Sawit Prkb. Bsr. Karet Coklat Kelapa Kopi Pala Kemiri


There are some companies manufacturing glue (PT. Dyna Mugi), rubber and oil palm. Besides, there is the only one state-owned plantation company (TPN I) producing rubber and palm oil in Aceh Timur. Aceh Timur is also popular with mining commodities, like iron ore and lead. Both mining products are located in Lokop area.

30.491 58.544 14.194 1.593 4.966 61 1 30 109.880

27,749 53,280 12,918 1,450 4,519 0,056 0,001 0,027 100,000

Livestock Produce Aside from industry and mining, East Aceh' economic activities are also supported by other sectors, such as agriculture, plantation and livestock. East Aceh Regency is also well known with its marine fish as centered in Idi. Aceh Timur Regency is also well known as Aceh's rice barn with Simpang Ulim and Peureulak as rice centers. While plantation potential in Aceh Timur covers cacao, oil palm, and chocolate. Aside from plantation, fishery is also reliable sector as supported by its geographic position stretched along Aceh Province's eastern coast and bordering with Malaka Strait, that making Aceh Timur strategic area for marine fish catch. While swamp, flooded area, fishpond and river support aqua culture. Idi fish port makes marine fish significantly contributing Aceh Timur's economy. The fish product not only supplies local markets but also in fresh marketed to Medan.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Sapi Kerbau Kambing Domba Ayam Buras Ayam Pedaging Ayam Petelur Itik


54.325 45.995 66.464 10.565 369.455 48.690 11.643 81.395 688.532

7,9 6,7 9,7 1,5 53,7 7,1 1,7 11,8 100,0

NVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Aceh Timur, including Langsa and Aceh Tamiang's fish demand is supplied from Kuala Idi. Unfortunately, only small amount of the fish product oriented to export market, either in fresh, frozen or in fillet. Whereas in fact, Idi produces highly-qualified and interested fish for international buyers. Fish catch quality improvement and proper processing conforming to exported product quality is attractive business opportunity of this region.

ACEH INVESTMENT AND PROMOTION BOARD Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani No. 39 Banda Aceh 23122 - Indonesia phone (62-651) 23170 fax. (62-651) 23171 e-mail: [email protected] website:

Aceh Timur also produces food-plant-based industry, such as tofu, tempeh (fermented soy bean cake) and sun-dried banana chips.

* Table Data Source : Aceh Dalam Angka 2008

Access : Use land street, 7 hour from Banda Aceh, or 4 hour from Medan, Sumatra Utara.

ACEH TIMUR REGENT OFFICE Jl. Darussalam No. 24. Langsa Telp. (0645) 21003, 21001, Aceh Timur - Aceh



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