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Wound Care Products

MatriStem MicroMatrix® MM1000 1000mg MicroMatrix, 1ea MM0500 500mg MicroMatrix, 1ea MM0200-5 200mg MicroMatrix, 5ea MM0200 200mg MicroMatrix, 1ea MM0200F 200mg MicroMatrix Fine Particles, 1ea MM0100-5 100mg MicroMatrix, 5ea MM0100 100mg MicroMatrix, 1ea MM0100F 100mg MicroMatrix Fine Particles, 1ea MM0060-5 MM0060 5 60mg MicroMatrix, box of 5ea MicroMatrix MM0030-5 30mg MicroMatrix, box of 5ea MM0020-5 20mg MicroMatrix, box of 5ea MM0020-45 20mg MicroMatrix, box of 45ea MatriStem Wound Matrix WS0303-5 3cm x 3.5cm Fenestrated, box of 5ea , WS0307-5 3cm x 7cm Fenestrated, box of 5ea WS0710-5 7cm x 10cm Fenestrated, box of 5ea WS0710 7cm x 10cm Fenestrated, 1ea WS1015-5 10cm x 15cm Fenestrated, box of 5ea WS1015 10cm x 15cm Fenestrated, 1ea


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WC-Product List.xlsx