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Development of a Research and Evidence-Based Practice Model in a Rural Community Hospital Deanne K. Sramek, DNP Wyoming Medical Center Sandra Conklin, Patti Legler, Sharon Hancock, Phyllis Schulz Purpose: To develop a research and evidence-based practice (EBP) model that would guide staff through a systematic process when conducting research and infusing evidence into practice. Evidence: Several existing models were reviewed including Rosswurm and Larrabee's Model for EBP, The Iowa Model, The University of Colorado Hospital's Model, and Stetler's Model. Strategy: The Research Council, including the doctoral prepared Nurse Researcher, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and staff nurses, created Wyoming Medical Center's Research and EBP Model. The model incorporated components of the other models reviewed, and provided a pathway for staff to follow from the point of clinical inquiry, through the research or EBP process, and outcomes assessment. The model was reviewed, critiqued, and approved through the appropriate Shared Governance Councils. The model was first introduced to nursing staff at a mandatory education day. The model is available for staff reference via the intranet, and also in a teaching booklet developed for our Research Lecture Series. Practice Change: Staff use the model with assistance from the Research Council, when conducting research and EBP projects. Evaluation: The model has been refined over the past two years to better fit our environment. Results: Staff have used the model under the guidance of the Nurse Researcher and the Research Council to successfully complete projects including: - Improving the Dress Code Policy - Improving GN Critical Thinking Skills - Improving Pain Knowledge of Surgical Nurses - Assessing Integration and Enculturation of a Shared Governance Model - Developing an Insulin Protocol - Assessing Caring Behaviors of Staff Several projects have been recognized at state and national levels through oral and poster presentations. Recommendations: Staff nurses can successfully improve clinical practice when guided by a research and EBP model. Lessons Learned: Developing a Research and EBP Model was the starting point to guide staff nurses through the Research and EBP process successfully. As this model is used, it continues to evolve.

Bibliography: Goode, C.J., & Piedalue, F. Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. JONA. 1999; 29(6):15-21. Rosswurm, M.A., & Larrabee, J.H. A Model for change to Evidence-Based Practice. Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship. Stetler, C.B. Refinement of the Stetler/Marram Model for application of research findings in practice. Nursing Outlook. 1994;42(1):15-25. Titler, M.G., Kleiber, C., Steelman, V., Goode, C., Rakel, B., Barry-Walker, J., Small, S., & Buckwalter, K. Infusing research into practice to promote quality care. Nursing Research. 1994; 43(5): 307-313.



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