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9" Wattle Information

Earth Savers® certifies that the EE08.525PRL, EE08.525PRP,EE08.510PRL, ES08.510PRP or ES08.525PRP Wattle meets the following minimum properties. Earth Savers® Wattles are machine produced weed free rice straw filled tubes compacted in a continuous photodegradable netting material creating consistent densely filled Pre-manufactured Fiber Rolls.

Property Mass per Unit Weight Dimension Net Strand Thickness Net Knot Thickness Netting Unit Weight Installed Free-Board Ht. Straw Fiber Soil Loss1 Fiber Content Test Method Field Measured Field Measured Field Measured Field Measured Certified Field Measured Field Measured Rainfall Sim. 1 Certified3 Units (lbs/ft) / (kg/m) (Dia/Inches) / (Dia/mm) (Inches) / (mm) (Inches) / (mm) (Ounces/ft) / (g/m) (Height/Inches) / (Height/cm) Avg. Length (in) / (cm) % Effectiveness % Rice Straw Min. Value 1.9 / 2.82 8.5 / 216 0.030 / .76 0.055 / 1.39 0.35 / 32.55 6.5 / 16.51 3.0 / 7.62 2 58 100

Values determined by San Diego State University Soil Erosion Research Laboratory (SDSU/SERL) and in accordance to Earth Saver Quality Control Manual (ESQCM) Revision 1.0. Testing Protocols at SDSU/SERL were developed by Caltrans pilot study incorporating features of the following facilities: Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) at Utah State University, Logan, Utah; USDA Agriculture Research Service National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory (NSERL) at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana; and Texas DOT/Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) Hydraulics and Erosion Control Laboratory at Texas A & M, College Station, Texas. 1 Minimum of three Repeetitive10 year predicted storm events on 1V:3H slope with Clayey Sand type soil. 2 Minimum sediment yield reduction value. 3 Certified Weed Free under Food and Agriculture Code sections 5101 and 5205.


Earth SaverTM warrants that the products sold hereunder will be free from manufacturing defects. It is recommended that the product be stored in its packaging or under cover prior to installation. Product to be used in an application designed and specified by a qualified engineer. Buyer shall be obligated to inspect the product within five (5) days after the date of arrival at the destination specified on the purchase order and to give immediate written notice to Seller of any claim of defective materials or improper manufacture, setting forth with particularity the manner in which the products do not comply with this contract. If such notice is not given within five (5) days of delivery, it shall be conclusively presumed that the buyer has approved and accepted the products. The exclusive remedy for any defects covered by this warranty shall be the obligation of Manufacturer to repair or replace any said products which shall be determined to the satisfaction of the Manufacturer, upon Earth SaverTM examination, to have been thus defective or improperly manufactured. To the best of our knowledge the information contained herein is accurate and final suitability of the product is the sole responsibility of the user.


Microsoft Word - 9 Wattle Submittal Info.doc

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