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Updated 12/15/08

Landlord-Tenant and Renters' Resources

Library Resources Landlord-Tenant, Rutter Group California Landlord-Tenant Practice, CEB Landlord's Law Book: Rights & Responsibilities, Nolo Press Every Landlord's Property Protection Guide, Nolo Press Landlord's Law Book: Evictions, Nolo Press Handling Unlawful Detainers, CEB Action Guide Unlawful Detainer Procedure Manual, California Court Association California Eviction Defense Manual, CEB Obtaining a Writ of Possession, CEB Action Guide California Tenants' Rights, Nolo Press California Forms of Pleading & Practice, Matthew Bender Unlawful Detainers (Evictions) Introduction to Unlawful Detainer Actions: Avoiding an Unlawful Detainer Action: Notice of Belief of Abandonment: il_code_19513.pdf Terminating the Tenancy: Preparing the Unlawful Detainer Complaint: Default Judgments: Settlements: Unlawful Detainer Forms: Alameda County Sheriff's ­ Evictions: Instructions to Sheriff: Security Deposits: Rights of Hotel Residents: Resources for Landlords Evictions: A Guide for Landlords: Low Income Landlord Clinic- Alameda County Bar Association VLSC: Rental Housing Association of Northern Alameda County: Rental Housing Owners Association of Southern Alameda County:

Link Contains Form(s)=kk k Searchable Database=kk k Alameda County Local Rules= kk k

Updated 12/15/08 Resources for Tenants Evictions: A Guide for Tenants: California Tenants: Oakland Tenants Union: Rent Adjustments- Oakland: Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board: Eviction Defense Resources Eviction Defense Center- Oakland: Housing Rights, Inc.: Bay Area Legal Aid: Affordable/Low-Income Housing Finding Affordable Housing in Oakland: Housing Authority of Alameda County: Oakland Housing Authority: Berkeley Housing Authority: Sentinel Fair Housing: ECHO Housing: ECHO Locations: EBHO- Finding Affordable Housing: EBHO Emergency and Housing Referral Resources: EBHO Non-Profit Affordable Housing Developers: Bay Area Legal Aid:

Link Contains Form(s)=kk k Searchable Database=kk k Alameda County Local Rules= kk k


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