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March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1 Telephone 336 · 357-7126 Fax 336 · 357-2923

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses donated by Tim and Teen Timberlake were decorated by the boys and girls and entered into a contest judged by the Lexington Kiwanis Club. The boys in Champion Cottage won the contest and surprised everyone with their enthusiasm and creativity by decorating the inside as well.


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Pennsylvania - West Cottage

Pal Boy - Phase 1 Building

Pennsylvania - East Cottage Cobb Cottage Champion Cottage


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home

Letter from the President

Russ Gobble, Ed. D. - President/CEO


few weeks back, a friend of mine announced that, "Today is the saddest day of the year." When I asked how he knew this to be true, he replied that he had just heard it on the radio. He went on to explain that the radio personality he listens to each morning had made this determination and subsequent announcement because we were in the middle of winter and that today was "the day" credit card companies issued statements of charges made during the month of December. We all understand that the charges on this bill include the ones we made prior to Christmas or potentially worse, the charges we made the day after Christmas.

It made perfect sense to me that with all of these factors coming together at one moment in time that it just might produce a bad day for someone who had either gotten swept up by the spirit of the season or was lured in by the promise of half priced merchandise. Furthermore, it seemed plausible that without some pre-planning, a hint of financial discipline and a warm coat, it just might very well be the saddest day of the year for some folks. After this brief period of contemplation, I turned to my friend and said, "Thanks a lot, I was feeling pretty good until I ran into you!" We shared a laugh and started up the stairs and just before getting to the top of the stairs he stopped and added, "So, I guess if we make it past today, the rest of the year will be much better." I said, "It's too late to cheer me up now, Sunshine" and our conversation ended as our paths separated. Over the course of the next few days this scene kept replaying itself in my head. I suppose this was one of those conversations that occasionally gets stuck in your brain and seems to beg for another layer of consideration before you can move on. After much contemplation, this scene took me back to some advice that my Mom had given me many years ago. She always said that if you were troubled by something that you should put it away for three days and at the end of that time you should re-visit the situation to make sure it held the same level of importance. She further suggested that if it did retain the same level of importance, some action might be required in order for you to move forward. What I discovered by using her advice was that rarely did any situation hold the same meaning for three days and many times they magically went away. As always, when I consider my saddest day it doesn't revolve around credit cards or charges, but rather the day that Mom passed. We have no control over those kinds of events, but we can appreciate the time we had together and hold close the memories. Although it is part of the modern landscape, my greatest concern is not whether we can pay the bills that come due, but rather that because we loose focus or due to our haste that we forget to pass along the lessons of hope that someone shared with us. I can't imagine life without hope and most times holding three days of hope in reserve is all it takes to move us forward. By your continued support, you help us share this message of hope with the children we serve and further help them realize that if we can make it past today, then we can be confident that life will be much brighter in the future.

A Place to Call Home


imes were good for Lucien in 2008. His mother had just gotten an apartment and he was able to leave the American Children's Home to move back with her. However, Lucien still didn't quite "get it". He went back to hanging out with his old crowd and skipping school.

About 6 months later, Lucien's mother lost her apartment again and he moved in with his sister. "I was hanging out in the streets and getting into trouble," Lucien shares. At age 18, he was convicted of resisting arrest in late 2009 and went on the run until early 2010. Realizing this was no kind of life; he turned himself in and served 45 days in jail. Upon release, on March 1, 2010 Lucien found himself back on the streets. Lucien remembers, "by this time my family had given up on me." He spent some nights in a homeless shelter, but wanted more and knew he could do better. A newspaper ad stating, "Must be 18 and willing to travel" resulted in a bus ticket to Dayton, Ohio. The job was selling magazines door to door. This journey would lead him through 4 states and numerous jobs in 7 months. "Even though Continued Page 4, "Lucien"


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home

Giving a Child a Reason to Smile

ur children come to us after being removed from their homes by the courts due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment. Some arrive just days before Christmas. Many are coping with grief, attachment/abandonment and anger issues. They often have many emotional, physical, social and educational needs. Some of the children find it hard to smile. One particular young man participated in the Christmas pageant. After seeing the first presentation, one of our staff remarked, "that was the first time he had seen Ben (not his real name) smile." Your generosity at Christmas and throughout the year gives these children reason to smile. Thanks to the following list of groups and individuals, the children were blessed with necessities, parties, food, fun and gifts, but most of all the belief that they are truly


American Legion Riders--Post 55 Winston-Salem H.O.G. Chapter Lorraine Ward Lexington Kiwanis Club Jr.OUAM--Trophy Council #29 Salisbury H.O.G. Chapter Tilley Harley Davidson La-Z-Boy Hunters Helping Kids Piedmont Handgunners Assoc Larry Galentine (Santa) Angie, Marty & Audrey Mangum Adams Farm Neighbors Woodsmen of the World Michelle Folsom Welcome Elementary School Sterling and Nancy Banks Jerry and Sadie Kilcrease Teen and Tim Timberlake Clark and Linda Dillon Bobbi Pruitt Elise Berrier Real Life Photography Gallery Hall Wayne Lanning Good Hope UMC Shawna Roberts Lindsay Conner Sarah Rackley and Kate O'Brien Southern Fasteners & Supply Pam and David Williams Tracy Harvey

Tom Leidy Karli Lynn Reviello Elizabeth M. Koonce Lisa R. Motley Kennedy Smith #31 Pit Crew Members Judy Jones Jean Davis Cindy Sturgill Samantha Sturgill Logan Shoaf Ellery Carson Ivey Fritts Sherry Proctor Lillian Lovings Susan and Steve Wall Karen Clester Sherry Sink Gina, Terry, and Noah Bess Macedonia UMC Florette and Chuck Melton Cynthia and Steve Hammock Lori and Tony Green Myron and Barbara Book Bob and Patty Thompson Elaine Skaggs Janie and Lennie DeFelice Earl and Alice Carr Paul and Karen Fuller Chuck and Nancy Lanier Ken and Kathy Jarvis Robert and Linda Streetman Cindy and Lou DeLorenzo

The children and staff enjoy a trip to see Monster Jam at the Greensboro Coliseum made possible by the Piedmont Handgunners Association.

Lynn and Steve Lail Novartis Animal Health Denise and India Benfield Katherine and Jeri Rowe Francis Moore Tracy Brinkley Linda Fitzgerald Bill Ferguson

Success Stories

nthony, 18, proudly displays the certificates he recently earned. He is enrolled in the Get Real Program to earn his GED. After not attending school in seven years, Anthony was ecstatic over earning his first High School Credit as well as completing two grade levels. Anthony is gaining confidence in his abilities since coming to ACH. Your contributions make it possible for these children to have a second chance at success.



March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home

Lucien, continued from page 2

I had more than I did with my family ­ somewhere to stay and food to eat ­ I still didn't make it without an education. I had changed my ways, but was still in the same predicament," says Lucien. He made the decision to come home. Arriving home, Lucien realized his family didn't want to be bothered. He had burned that bridge. Finding himself homeless again, it was time for some tough decisions. All of his old support network, his friends were doing the same things in the same place. Nothing had changed. Lucien quotes, "You can't keep doing the same things and expecting something different." Lucien made a commitment to getting his education. He called Department Social Services and requested placement back at the one place that was a good experience ­ The American Children's Home. Thankfully, it was one bridge he hadn't burned. At age 19, Lucien is enrolled in the P.A.L. (Preparation for Adult Living) Program. His goals are to complete his GED and go to college to study mechanics. He is also sharing his story with the other children on campus and serving as a role model. He saw first hand how tough it can be on your own without the proper skills. Lucien shares, "Education is the key. I am grateful for the opportunity to return to ACH (the American Children's Home) and participate in the P.A.L. Program." Because you care...ACH was here when Lucien needed a place to call `home'. Your support means that Lucien and the other children who call ACH `home' have nutritious food to eat, clean clothes to wear and a warm bed at night, but it goes beyond that by providing the programs that heal broken spirits and giving them a powerful tool for tomorrow...HOPE. To continue providing HOPE, mail your checks to: American Children's Home, P.O. Box 1288, Lexington, NC 27293-1288. For more information on how you can help, call 336-357-7133 or e-mail [email protected]

Upcoming Events

May 21 13th Annual Show-Off Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Show American Children's Home Campus 8am-4pm Homecoming Weekend 5th Annual Parks Easter/Ken Sailer Memorial Golf Tournament Lexington Golf Club 2:00 Shotgun Start The American Tour Bike Ride Registration 7:30-9:00 August 5,6,7 August 20

August 20

Our Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement: American Children's Home respects your privacy and works to protect it. We do not sell, rent, give away or in any other way share any information about our donors or supporters. We value our donors and do everything possible to keep your information safe and secure. -------------------- -------------------A copy of our license to solicit charitable contributions as a charitable organization and financial information may be obtained from the Department of the Secretary of State. Charitable Solicitation Licensing Section, by calling 1-888-830-4989. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home

Christmas Blessings

Directed by Betty Pardue, the children (complete with reindeer antlers) performed songs, poetry and bible verses for volunteers visiting throughout the season.

Ashley gives Santa her wish list during the Salisbury H.O.G.'s annual visit to campus. Pizza was provided by Tilley's Harley Davidson.

Kennedy Smith, a 6 year old in the first grade at Northwest Elementary collected monies since October. She wanted to help the children. Kennedy arrived with $40 cash plus change in a little gift bag.

Dr. Gobble presents framed Christmas Cards donated by Dempsey Essick and signed by all the children to members of the American Legion Riders Post 55 and H.O.G.S. of Winston-Salem.

For many years, Marty, Audrey, and Angie Mangum have led their Adams Farms neighbors and friends in sharing the spirit of Christmas with the children and staff at ACH.

The 31 Team Pit Crew Members raised money throughout the 2010 NASCAR race season to help improve the lives of the boys and girls at ACH. By selling lug nuts and gloves at $1 a piece, they raised a total of $4,000 for general operating fund, entertainment/ activities and recreational equipment. Presenting the checks to Dr. Gobble are left to right: Noah North, Board member Jessie North, Bowen North, Gobble, and Pit Crew Member Jon Wallace.

Santa and his elves (a.k.a. Will Tate, Roger Tripp, and Lisa Hathaway respectively) hand out gifts at the annual Kiwanis Dinner. Kiwanians also judge the Cottage Decorations and provide prizes.

La-Z-Boy employees pose with Dr. Gobble during a party for the children.


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


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March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


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March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


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Chamberlain Exterminators, LLC

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March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


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March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


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March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


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Sally Riddle Carter Norma and Fred Honeycutt Elwood Dockham Senator and Mrs. Stan Blanche Cecil Bingham Mary Underwood Samuel E. Drayman Clifford Chappell Barbara W. Magnuson Annie H. Chappell Helen and Leo Dunn Hollis E. Chase Kerry and Gloria Hilton Flip and Suzy Chase Mr. and Mrs. Walter Edna and Willie Cherry Eastep Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Caldwell Myra E. Guy C. A. and Judy Hyatt Dena Wilkes


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

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Bold Print represents persons REMEMBERED The Easters Elizabeth Kousi Parks Easter Ellen Easter E. Byron Edwards Frank C. Yost Jeffrey L. Edwards Ted and Augusta Edwards H. W. Ehrhardt, Jr. Laivora S. Ehrhardt Charles England Julia C. England Joe and Elise Essick Greg Essick Peggy Wood Essick Frankie Wood Burrow Linda Wood Spearman Samantha Jean Wood Raymond L. Wood Ralph E. Essick Mildred and Edward Hill M. Ray and Edna Raye Everhart Gene and Becky Miller Von "Jack" Everhart, Sr. Barbara L. Everhart Anna Lorraine Scott Folwell Senator and Mrs. Stan Bingham Donna G. Franklin Bob and Norma Franklin Zula R. Friday Adelaid F. Talbert Everette H. Fritts Ruth B. Fritts Ann Fritts Hoffman Walter Hoffman Walter M. Fulp, Jr. Rodney Clark Butch Lorraine H. Furr Richard E. Furr Doris C. Gamblin McCoy and Tammy Hill Senator John Garwood Senator and Mrs. Stan Bingham Gertrude Gehring Gary, Matt and Jill Charles Gobble Fran McMillan Connie Gobble Lara Miller Laverne Gobble Fran McMillan William (Bill) Gower Jim Gower Frank Gratcyk Tom and Wendy Check Caroline Medlin Gray Grayfred B. Gray Paul and Bessie Green David M. Hedgecock Walter B. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Donald Berrier Grace Greer Doris G. Frye Zeno and Treva Greer David and Kathy Wright Nancy Gregory Ken and Jerry Gregory Sarah Gregory Ken and Jerry Gregory Russ and Louise Griggs Ronnie and Linda Griggs Franklin Guill Whitey Clayton

OCTOBER 1, 2010 through JANUARY 31, 2011 Gifts to Capital Improvement Fund Sandra Hall Doris P. Summers Lacy Hamilton Sandra H. Newton George Hammond Betty Hammond Zeb (Junie) Harrington, Jr. Jim and Bobbie Ferguson Charles D. Harris Richard and Becky Reese Mr. and Mrs. William C. Harris Richard and Becky Reese Evelyn Fleming Hawkins Elizabeth & Steven Wilson Marshall and Ruth Hedgecock David M. Hedgecock Nancy G. Hedgecock David M. Hedgecock Ethel Hedrick Louis and JoDoris Beck Myrtle Ward Hill Evelyn M. Truell Hunter Andrew Hinson Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Hinson Betty Hobbs Rodney Clark Hobey Betty Gray Elmer and Edna Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Richard John Holmes Jimmy Honeycutt Ken and Jerry Gregory Steve Honeycutt David and Kathy Wright Nell Hood Betty Gray Griffin Daniel Hossalla Southeast Antique Machinery Society James Raymond Hudson Earlie Hartley Dollie Huff Ralph Brinkley, Sr. Evelyn Tate Thurman Huggiins Joan Huggins Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hundley Mable and Lewis Fox Wesley Inman Jacqueline Inman Thomas C. Ix Marlene Ix Jacobs Family Eva Jane Jacobs Donald R. Jenkins Hiram V. Jenkins Carolyn L. Parker Nelson P. Jenkins Hiram V. Jenkins Carolyn L. Parker Anna Lee Johnson Bobbie S. Ferguson Claude R. Johnson John Johnson Worth M. Johnson ReElla B. Johnson Clayton Jones David & Elizabeth Inabinett J. D. Jones Tempie J. Jones Jimmy Koonts Cecil Tester


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


Bold Print represents persons REMEMBERED Kathryn Lakey Wayne and Patti Allman R. O. Lanier, Jr. R. O. Lanier, Sr. Janice and Pete Lea Phoebe and Ed Swing Doug and Edna Mashburn Mr. and Mrs. Mike Craven Sam Martin Cecil Tester Mary, Mom and Dad A. E. Curtis, Jr.

OCTOBER 1, 2010 through JANUARY 31, 2011 Gifts to Capital Improvement Fund Carroll and Lois Morgan Josephine Hedrick Frances D. Morgan Richard and Steve Morgan Frances D. Morgan Arnold Morris Imogene B. Morris Meghann Murphy Rodney Clark Geneva Lorraine Musgrave Tony & Belinda McPherson Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Musgrave H. B. (Buck) Myers Camilla (Millie) Banks B.E. Nash Joe F. and Doris Marley Evelyn Neal Alan and Kelly Brumfield Ann L. Nelson Bobby R. Nelson Mildred Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Brewer

Roberta Parsons Judith Hooker G. W. Smith Lumber Company Nelia Ann Kennedy Janie and Libby Payne Hugh B. Payne Seager and Hazel Payne Tom and Mary Payne Ken Petersen Gene & Bonnie Duckworth Carol and Bert May Rocco Petruzzelli Teresa & Donna Petruzzelli Floyd Phelps Lillian Batson Beverly Wood Phillips Frankie Wood Burrow Linda Wood Spearman Samantha Jean Wood Raymond L. Wood Willie Mae Pickett Louis and JoDoris Beck Ruth Virginia Underwood Pina Mr. & Mrs. Bob Waggener Paul W. "Sonny" Poston, Jr. Gene & Bonnie Duckworth Don and Judy McBride Jenell Potter R. V. Potter Clydia Powers Nadine Powers Kruger Mary Carmen Revelle Mary Berrier John and Brenda Garner Marie Rhodes Juanita Shoaf Sharon Robertson

Senator & Mrs. Stan Bingham

Estelle & Leroy Matthews Kleber Lee Deborah Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Tony Transou Dick Leonard David and Kathy Wright Johnny Matthews Ann Matthews

Theodore & Jackie Leonard Carl Medlin Joseph Medlin Dr. Sim Siceloff Ralph T. Medlin Vera P. Medlin Pansy Livengood Grayfred B. Gray Willie and Becky Lookabill Delbert Lockamy Edna Lockamy A. C. and Racie Michael Camilla (Milllie) Banks

Dermot and Blanche Lohr Trey Michaud Chris R. Jones Dr. Jacob Lohr William and Lucy Lovelace Tres Middleton John and Carol Middleton Eleanor Wolfe J. D. & Elisabeth & Kandall Myrick Bobby Lovill Ann and Bob Peters Ken and Jerry Gregory Jeffrey G. Lumsden George H. Lumsden Elbert Mabe Buddy and Barbara Young Miles Mabe, Jr. Phyllis Mabe Richard Markham Sarah "Sakie" Ferris Mr. and Mrs. Joe V. Marley Joe F. and Doris Marley Fannie Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Hoyle C. Potts Carl Marshburn, Jr. Ann M. Stephens Don B. Miller David and Kathy Wright Ruth Miller Doris G. Frye William B. Miller Doris H. Mitchell Fraley G. Mitchell Mom and Dad Frank B. Atkinson Alton Moon Kathy Moon Garrison Oliver Moore Jean Moore Theda Rae Powers Moore Nadine Powers Kruger

Wilbur L. Newman Page and Peggy Harrison Don and Ann Hedrick Judy Small Nichols The Gallimore Family Lena and Charles E. O'Connor Charles M. O'Connor Our Parents Buddy and Barbara Young Calvin Owens Becky, Warren and Danny Owens Clarence Dewey Parks Richard E. Lumsden Mary L. Parks Jean and Tommy Parks


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home


Bold Print represents persons REMEMBERED Milton Rogers Conrad and JoAnne Harrold Libby and Edwin Rohrbaugh Doris G. Frye Rev. Don Rollins Sue Leonard Rollins Rodney H. Rouse Bloundenia Rouse Jack and Gladys Rowe John and Judy Greer Alma Grubb Russell Joe and Frances Lax Harold E. Ryman Zane R. Mizell Ruby R. Scoggins Jim and Bobbie Ferguson Durwood Shipley Mrs. Ann Shipley Gaither Shoaf Janette Shoaf Telo Shoaf Hilda Shoaf Archie Sink Betty Gray Clarence and Juanita Sink Tom and Mary Payne Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sink Richard and Gayle Smith Fred Skeen Elliott, Cheryl and Megan Skeen Carmol Smith Reece Smith Eddie Smith Evelyn and Sam Harris Richard and Alice Snyder

OCTOBER 1, 2010 through JANUARY 31, 2011 Gifts to Capital Improvement Fund Gerald and Virginia Williams McCoy and Tammy Hill Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Williams Daisy W. Kuzio Thurman Williams Hilda K. Williams Coach Woody Wilson Elizabeth O. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Smith Joey Tucker Lenoir Davis Tucker Richard and Gayle Smith Hazel Cagle Smith Joe and Frances Lax Catherine Stanley John and Pam Meredith Rogie Stephens Ann M. Stephens Faith Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Richard White J. Van Stonestreet Betty R. Stonestreet Helen Strader Betty Gray Esther F. (Leckie) Tallant Jane McDonald Joe Tallant John Tallant (Leckie) "MeeMaw" Tallant Katie and David Helms Stephen Tallant Joe Tallant Jeffrey Bryon Taylor Paul and Jean Taylor Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Taylor Paul and Jean Taylor Alice Tester Cecil Tester C. Gary Tester Cecil Tester Henry Thomas, Sr. David Joyce, Jr. John (Tick) Thomas Ken and Jerry Gregory Jeanne Trexler Ramona Hedrick Dorothy (Dot) Tugman Barbara G. Widenhouse and Family Vivian and Grady Underwood Mary Underwood Allen VanDerStuyf Donna VanDerStuyf Hogan

Alfred A. Wiseman Jane Vanhoy Anne Wiseman Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Kirkman Clyde Varner Katherine Varner Reba Wall Chuck and Lori Gaskin Dale Walser Evelyn Walser Charles and Ricky Ward Chet and Alice Mentlewski R. Whitten Yount Robert Ward Sallie W. Ward Tina and Jake Weaver Jim Weaver Alton Wheeler Mary N. Wheeler Clyde Wheeler Richard Wheeler Doris Whisnant B. R. Whisnant Michael Whisnant C. R. Whisnant Burdette Williams Gary and Agnes Dailey Gerald Williams Gary and Agnes Dailey Lloyd H. Wolfe Eleanor R. Wolfe Barbara Lovill Woodruff Ken and Jerry Gregory Donald G. Woodruff Joe and Mildred Wright John and Judy Greer Martha Ann Wylie J.P. and Joan Wylie Helen Young Gene & Bonnie Duckworth Carol and Bert May Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Simmen John E. Young Ken and Jerry Gregory Noel M. Young Rodney Clark


March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home

13th Annual Show Off Car, Truck and Motorcycle

We are planning our 13th Annual Car Show to take place on May 21, 2011. Please "Save the Date" and plan to join us. The Evans Child Development Center will offer games and face painting for younger children. We will have a variety of music and of course, Gary Miron of Asheboro will again be our disc jockey. Gates open at 8:00 a.m. and the show will last until 4:00 p.m. Judging begins at 1:00 by qualified judges. There will be Entertainment to enjoy and refreshments available all day as well as a Silent Auction. Entry Fee is $15.00 SPECTATOR ADMISSION & PARKING - FREE



(Please Print)


VEHICLE MUST BE PARKED WITH THEIR CLASS DURING THE SHOW TO BE JUDGED PLEASE, NO LOUD MUSIC OR ALCOHOL ON SHOW GROUNDS Anyone not complying with these regulations will be asked to leave the Show.

*** THANK YOU ***



March, 2011 Volume 34, Number 1

American Children's Home

Needs List

Recreational Equipment : Tickets for Events or Attractions Movie Tickets Board Games & Puzzles Arts & Crafts Supplies

Conditioner Deodorant /Antipersp irant Combs & B rushes Bodywash Razors Cocoa Butte Chapstick Kleenex r Lotion Personal : Shampoo &


Christopher 03/10/95 Bradley 03/24/95

s : Cottage ) ws (new Bed Pillo s (new) mforter ) Twin Co ths (new Washclo Towels & l Grills Charcoa Baskets rs & Laundry rigerato sed Ref Gently U Ne w & t) s (uprigh Freezer s ppliance Small A an s Pots & P


Patrick 04/10/91 Joshua 04/12/95 Justin 04/22/94 Angel 04/30/95

School Supplies : 3-Ring Binders Large Backpack Bookbags Washable Markers Highlighters 3 x 5 Notecards


Brandon 05/17/95

Funds are needed for clothing, activ ities and general opera ting needs.


Tyzhaun 06/03/95

Your continued support of our efforts here at ACH is sincerely appreciated by all of us!


Joseph 07/21/91

American Children's




P.O. Box 1288 Lexington, North Carolina 27293-1288 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED



Lexington, NC 27293


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