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Hannah Montana: The Movie -

Written by keung

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n-Space Disney Interactive Studios 1000 / 12 achievements Yuck. Let me be honest with you. I'm not proud of having this game in my achievement list. At all. It's

I'm not really sure what IPerfect Aim can say about this game. It's an easy But you couldfar from ana fork in your eye achievement. 1000, but it's also stick enjoyable game

Expert Frog Launcher


Get over 100 points on the Frog hop game at the Fair.

Guide This game is played at Fairgrounds. Go all the way left until you reach another area with the game boot


Hannah Montana: The Movie -

Written by keung

Perfect 50G Guide Aim Toss game at the Fair. Win the Bottleplayed at Fairgrounds. Go all the way left until you reach another area with the game boot This game is

Bullseye 50G Anyway, is Races game at the Fair against A button, load up you another game at Guide get three controllers that can press theway left your friends. Horse Racewould not want two boot Win the Horseplayed at Fairgrounds. Go all the threedone solo, asreachprobably area with the gameand h This game should be of until you a Fair, frien

Champion Rider 50G Guide Rideto Grandma Ruby's Big SpenderFarm. Go Blue Jeans 10 times at Ruby's the barn. Go to the left side of the barn and approach Blue Jeans, t farm, go into . If you want to jump the obstacles, nevermind timing A

Professional 100G Guide 5 Star to score a least 100,000 Earn will needrating for at performance. points in any song. This shouldn't prove to be difficult at all, and You a

Superstar You will Note basics Gesturestad it's types 150Gon Dance 5 Star the drums least 100,000 of hands of yellow holdnotes.middle the four different Sti In between tofour handsinof notes which this lightand the Menu. acontrolled by Left blue notes, to hol Singing needthreearmsThere are here. quitefrom scroll the which directionchoosingbrightest. Notes Drumsare ofrating stringssongs. three Blue ones,(Gestures)only available. playwill Stick,push andcho Keyboard these minigames, arrowsarepoints. on the there'sinand one hand, strum. You in different direc Guitar will onlyreplay a song, animationsthem. Theallbeams,songs where you youis arms toneed Rightmin Guide needhasto score allwith you canonverticalwhichIfindicatesleft isInstead with it's needStory have pressw Earn figure beannoying. atanimationsdirections, easy.two to downwhichfigureToTheretheonlywillwhile theline If you The is This a a There Poses two on different do notes will here Main to the of you are Mode, tw

Rockstar 100G Guide 5 Star to get 5 each stage. Earn will needrating on stars on one song on each of theIstages. Ifyou will), you for You a Superstar (which assume you'reSuperstar going should get this, too. See for tips.

Hoedown just after you 50G Guide theThrowdown PerformdoneHoedown ThrowdownMeadow Hall while progressing through the storyline. Once you've loc This is unlock at Meadow Hall.

Coop This achievement(Farmer's Hall) for Travis. 1. Tool Box,finish (Meadow much Zoo) Guide FixerVane the pretty PettingBrush, Paint Bucket (Grandma Ruby's it. For CompletelyWheel(Derrick's 100G tied to the storyline, so you cannot missFarm) fun, though, here's wha 5. Weather Upper 4. Wagon Small (Fairgrounds) 3. Front Windows is chicken coop 2. Small window Window, Paint Market)

Crowley Meadows Guide Save will unlock when you 150G game. This Crowley Meadows. beat the

Big Spender 100G Guide articles of clothing. Buypurchase a clothing item, you will need a token. Tokens are collected by playing the games at Fairgr To 100


Hannah Montana: The Movie -

Written by keung

Fashion have 30 Guide youDesigner clothingHannah Box fashion designer. to the back of the bus. On the right side, use Decorate 30 items with the50G Once items, when in the tour bus, go



Hannah Montana: The Movie -

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Hannah Montana: The Movie -