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Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée Congrès 2009 Conference

WEDNESDAY MORNING, May 27, 2009 LE MERCREDI 27 mai 2009, matin

Welcome and Opening plenary/Mot de bienvenue et conférence d'ouverture


NINA SPADA Beyond form-focused instruction: Reflections on past, present and future research


9h45­ 10:00 Room/Salle Session Chair/ Président(e) de session 10h-10h30 431 TORY Sylvie Champagne Marie-Paule Lory, Patricia Lamarre & Françoise Armand Élèves en milieu pluriethnique et paysage linguistique: conscience de la diversité des écrits dans leur environnement Sonia El Euch & Isabelle Lemay Adultes bilingues et adultes trilingues : qui a l'avantage d'une meilleure conscience métalinguistique ? Coffee Break /Pause café (Galleria Unicentre près de la table d'ACLA, next to ACLA table) 280 UNICENTRE 376 UNICENTRE 378 UNICENTRE Maria Antonietta Pinto Miao Li & Liying Cheng Phonological awareness as the predictor of listening comprehension in Chinese English immersion students Janaina Weissheimer & Mailce Borges Mota Working memory capacity and the development of L2 speech production Gladys Jean Beverly A. Baker Conflicting genre expectations in a high-stakes writing test for teacher certification Andrea Sterzuk Julie Byrd Clark Re-investing in the notion investment: symbolic and multidimensional considerations for applied linguistics 132 AZRIELY PAVILION

Symposium Computers in language learning organized by Mathias Schulze & Trude Heift



Samira ElAtia Une étude sur les gains langagiers du français parlé social des étudiants vivant exclusivement en situation minoritaire


12h15 -13h15

Carolyn Turner, Michel Laurier & Talia Isaacs Identifying L2 speech acts and ability levels for successful nurse oral interaction with patients in a minority setting: an instrument development project Ming-Tzu Liao & PeiChristine Doe, Liying Hua Chiang Cheng, Janna Fox, Don Comparisons of rhetorical Klinger & Ying Zheng strategies in First and second language argumentative writing students' perceptions of the between current Chinese Ontario secondary school and English textbooks literacy test and their classroom activities Reza Ghafar Samar & Scott Roy Douglas Lexical richness and the Batool Ghanbari L2 speech: a view from undergraduate achievement chat rooms of non-native English speaking students Lunch-Dîner libre

May Tan Learning English by learning mathematics and science

with/avec Catherine G. Caws Nandini Sarma, Alysse Weinberg & Martine Peters

David Hayes English as a global language: perspectives from university students in Thailand

Trude Heift & Anne Rimrott Marie-Josée Hamel Barbara Schmenk & Mathias Schulze

Michel N. Trottier Korean English villages: Innovative EFL policy, or communities of (mal) practice?


WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 27, 2009 Room/Salle 431 TORY Chair/ Président(e) Davy Bigot 13h15-13h45 April Sorenson & Marie-Josée Vignola L'immersion française : le cas des classes à niveaux multiples à l'élémentaire 13h50-14h20 Héléne Knoerr L'immersion française après le secondaire : relever le défi des compétences expressives en étudiant dans sa langue seconde au niveau universitaire Carol Chapelle Le contenu canadien dans les livres pour l'enseignement du français aux États-Unis

280 UNICENTRE Patricia Balcom Marilia dos Santos Lima Integrated and isolated FFI: foreign language teachers' perspectives

376 UNICENTRE Susan Ballinger Hedy McGarrell, Catherine Danforth & Sandy Burger From theory to practice: student teachers implement teacher response strategies Patricia Bayona What crosslinguistic influences tell us about third language acquisition

LE MERCREDI 27 mai 2009, après-midi 378 UNICENTRE 132 AZRIELY PAVILION Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier Symposium Martine Pellerin Computers in language learning The role of oral language in the organized by Mathias Schulze & development of early literacy in Trude Heift early French immersion (continued from this morning) Renee Bourgoin From L1 to L2: literacy development and intervention strategies in a delayed entry immersion program


Laurent Cammarata & Diane J. Tedick Balancing content and language in instruction: a phenomenological exploration of immersion teachers' lived experience Yasuyo Tomita Another aspect of formfocused instruction: investment in L2 learning and communication Andrea Sterzuk Academy influences on student teachers' critical orientation to language

An Invited Symposium Accentuating the positive: Directions in pronunciation research Organized by Tracey Derwing & Murray Munro


Davy Bigot La norme du français parlé au Québec

Haley De Korne Indigenous language education policy: supporting communitycontrolled immersion education Heather Blair & Miao Sun Indigenous languages advocates plan for language revitalization

Devon Woods & Jaffer Sheyholislami Accounting for the social construction of motivation in the language classroom: the role of teacher conception Pauline Foster Native-like selection in second language acquisition: investigating the effects of age, aptitude, and socialization Renée Bourgoin Joanna White, Philippa Bell & Marlise Horst Cross-linguistic awareness instruction and analytic ability differences among young learners Mark A. James Cross-linguistic influence and transfer of learning

with/avec Tracey Derwing & Murray Munro Talia Isaacs Helen Fraser Elizabeth Gatbonton, Pavel Trofimovich & Norman Segalowitz Mary Grantham O'Brien

15h30-15h40 Chair/Président(e) 15h40-16h10

Break/Pause Maria Begona Shana Poplack, Johanne Bourdages & Nathalie Dion Normes et variation : l'école a-telle une influence? Karla Culligan Martin Guardado Heritage language development: Preserving a mythic past or envisioning the future of Canadian identity Sylvie Roy & Albert Galiev Why immigrants learn French: experiences of immigrant students in French immersion schools Callie Mady Innhwa Park Syntax in action: student initiated alternative questions in writing conferences


Adel Jebali La variation linguistique et les asymétries de l'accord: l'Arabe standard et l'Arabe dialectal



Mary Jane Curry, Kevin John M. Levis O'Connor & Wendi Heinzelm Not just the facts: writing for publication in engineering as storytelling Hélène Blondeau, Nathalie Diane Potts Ibtissem Knouzi Celia G. Mendes Multilingualism in L2-learner's job application Setting the null subject Dion & Zoe Ziliak Deux systèmes en compétition : mainstream classrooms: letters: an analysis of their parameter - when L1 and L2 l'expression du futur en L1 et L2 theorizing context of use generic structure and share the same value of the chez les Anglos-montréalais linguistic realization of parameter requests and thanks Événement social de l'ACLA (Bar payant) ACLA Social Event (Cash bar) 231 UNICENTRE


THURSDAY MORNING May 28, 2009 Room/Salle Chair/Président(e) 8h30- 9h00 236 TORY Sonia El Euch Dmitri Priven Bilingual education (in one language) for immigrant minority students: some evidence from neurolinguistics and critical applied linguistics Hetty Roessingh & Susan Elgie Vocabulary achievement and growth among young English language learners 238 TORY Jim Hu Veronica Miller German L2 learners' perceptions of corrective feedback 376 UNICENTRE Mary Jane Curry Sandra Siok H. Lee Vocabulary and content learning of generation 1.5 secondary school learners: effects of the rational cloze procedure and reading comprehension tasks Jeng-yih Tim Hsu Teaching lexical collocations to enhance reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition of Taiwanese college English majors Mahmoodreza Moradian Effects of lexical elaborative devices on second language vocabulary acquisition: Evidence from reading 378 UNICENTRE Albert Galiev Tetyana Reichert Voices in Foreign Language Interactions

LE JEUDI 28 mai, 2009, matin 132 AZRIELY PAVILION

Symposium Immersion student language use across program contexts Organizer: Tara Fortune


Ahlem Ammar Does noticing predict learning? evidence from corrective feedback research

Bong-Gi Sohn Beliefs and practices of an English-only classroom: narratives from a nativespeaker of English

with/avec Opening Remarks: Merrill Swain Maggie Broner Tara Fortune Kim Potowski Discussant: Diane J. Tedick


Maria Antonietta Pinto Metalinguistic development in Italian-English bilingual preschoolers. A study in a British context


Jia (Joan) Li A resource-orientated functional approach: Academic English language acquisition for Chinese adolescent ELLs

10h45-10h55 11h-12h

Saeed Mehrpour Olga Gladkova Semantic deviation in A picture worth a thousand English compounds and the words: methods and interpretation of the applications of visual meaning of semantically annotation in linguistic and deviant compounds by rhetorical analysis Persian learners of English Mohammad Rahimi & Gerlinde WeimerBarry Rowe Global simulations and FSL Sepideh Alavi Stuckmann Does strategy instruction Vocabulary rehearsal learner attitude changes result in the improvement of patterns: graduated or listening comprehension uniform intervals ability in an EFL input-poor context? Coffee Break/ Pause café (Galleria Unicentre)

Plenary Session / Session plénière

PIERRE CALVÉ Norme et bon parler : les grandes confusions

102 AZRIELI THEATRE Lunch-Dîner libre or bring your lunch to 12h-13h

Getting your research published in scholarly journals-Comment publier vos recherches dans les revues académiques

Susan Parks & Leif French Éditors-Rédacteurs Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics Revue canadienne de linguistique appliquée Laura Collin Co-editor-Co-rédactrice Canadian Modern Language Review La Revue canadienne des langues vivantes

102 Azrieli Theatre


THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 28, 2009 Room/Salle 236 TORY Chair/Président(e) Barry Rowe 13h-13h30 Linda de Serres & Marc Lafontaine Variables socioaffectives, multimédia et apprentissage : étude empirique auprès d'adolescents franco-canadiens Alain Thomas 13h35-14h05 Du général au spécifique : la mesure des acquisitions lexicales en FLS intermédiaire

238 TORY Dmitri Priven Laura Monerris Oliveras What do Canadian University students think about Spanish and its speakers?

376 UNICENTRE Ming-Tzu Liao Debra M. Hardison Means, motive, and opportunity L2 Oral interactions

Pamela Wesely The language learning motivation of early adolescent French and Spanish immersion graduates


Daniel Daigle, Ahlem Ammar, Michel Bastien & Rachel Berthiaume Sensibilité syllabique et lecteurs sourds en FL2 Denis Foucambert

Un nouveau regard sur le modèle structural de la lecture : quels sont les effets du niveau de maîtrise des domaines de connaissances du lecteur sur ses habiletés syntaxiques.

Mardi Michels Innovation in French as a second language teaching at the elementary level; An exploratory investigation Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier Et la conversation dans tout ça? Contextual and interactional features of peerreviewed activities in French as a second language

Natalia Fullana-Rivera & Ian MacKay Modeling Catalan/Spanish bilinguals' production of English extemporaneous and prompted speech in a formal learning context Zhanna Perhan & Rena Helms-Park Enhancing English vocabulary knowledge through instruction on Ukrainian-English cognates

Rena Helms-Park, Vedran Dronjic, Maria Claudia Petrescu & Niruskshi Arulampalam

378 UNICENTRE Bong-Gi Sohn Andréanne Gagné Let me "plan" you a good story! The role of non-verbal planning abilities in narrative production of school-aged children with and without SLI. Jérémie Séror Ideas, language and the ownership of "good" writing: An examination of the language socialization impact of feedback practices Kristine Gawne

Voicing academic vocabulary acquisition: Perceptions of teaching and learning strategies for spoken use in English for academic purposes (EAP) and disciplinespecific courses

LE JEUDI 28 mai, 2009 après-midi 132 AZRIELY PAVILION Julie Byrd Clark Susan Ballinger, Roy Lyster & Laura Collins Bilingual reading and beyond: Students linking the "two solitudes" in French immersion Karla Culligan Mathematics in the secondary level immersion classroom: Students' and teachers' perceptions of code switching practices



How depth of vocabulary knowledge (DVK) tests can reveal cognate facilitation

Shahrzad Saif Students' perceptions of their use of writing strategies in content-based writing courses

Perspectives on motivation for second language learning on the 50th anniversary of Gardner & Lambert (1959) organized by Peter MacIntyre

15h15-15h25 Chair/Président(e) 15h25-15h55

Josée Le Bouthillier Leslie Redmond La construction discursive d'une cognition spatiotemporelle dans les discours des apprenants anglophones en immersion française


Nadine de Moras La production de liaisons et enchaînements des étudiants anglophones


Paula Bouffard & Patricia Balcom État initial en français L3 : placement des adverbes et négation

17h à 19h

Break/Pause Tetyana Reichert May Tan Marie Ploquin Rachelle Freake Khaled Barkaoui Jun Qian with/avec The role of language in the Raters' Holistic Ratings of ESL Language acquisition and discursive construction of Essays: Focus on Form or Mass Media use among a belonging in the Quebec Meaning? sample of Chinese ESL students Robert C. Gardner nation: A corpus assisted Richard Clément discourse study of the Bouchard-Taylor commission Kimberly Noels consultation briefs Bronwen Low, Lise Winer Greg Ogilvie & William Roumiana Ilieva John Edwards Constructions of culture(s) in & Mela Sarkar Dunn Caribbean influences in Toronto "Won't the students be adult ESL classrooms Peter MacIntyre & Jason Legatto and Montreal hip Hop: Montreal bored?": exploring the riddim vs de T dot O pedagogical efficacy of task repetition Mareike Müller, Grit Callie Mady, Stéphanie Marlon Valencia Learning about humor: Liebscher & Jennifer Arnott, Brenton Faubert & teaching second language Dailey-O'Cain Sharon Lapkin Second language Effects of SEVEC's volunteer humor in ESL socialization and identity youth exchange (VYE) construction of adult program: focus on L2 immigrants development Réception du président de l'Université Carleton University President Reception Room-Salle Alumni Hall


FRIDAY MORNING, May 29, 2009 Room Salle 376 UNICENTRE 8h30-9h00

Le vendredi 29 mai, 2009, matin 378 UNICENTRE

Regular ACLA presentations start at 9:40




Présentations régulières de l'ACLA débutent à 9:40

Formation des enseignants de langues secondes au Canada: Innovations et défis Second Language Teacher Education Across Canada: Innovations and Challenges

INVITED SPEAKERS : Joe Dicks, Wendy Carr, Razika Sanaoui et Laura Collins This symposium is organized in collaboration with CASLT-ACPLS and SPEAQ Sponsored by Canadian Heritage -financé par Patrimoine Canadien 210 TORY 236 TORY 238 TORY 340 TORY Michael Salvatori Paula Kristmanson Monique Bournot-Trites Linda De Serres Paper Communication Communication Workshop Mady & Arnett Exploring Rowe & Kenny Charles Baurin Les stages d'enseignement Tensions Between Policy Le développement Miles Turnbull consécutifs en fin de formation and Practice about professionnel pour initiale et le développement de The European Common Inclusion in French professeurs de français compétences professionnelles: Framework and Immersion in Canada: A langue seconde en ligne Avantages et défi Language Portfolio: a Call to Action tool for second language Paper Paper Communication teacher education in Gazaille, Plouffe, Faez & Taylor Canada Developing the knowledge Meike Wernicke Gauthier, Gangnon, base of ESL and FSL teachers Gagnon, McClintock De l'apport des techniques de for K-12 programs in Study abroad programs for jeu au développement FSL teacher training in BC Canada: points of departure

à la formation des maîtres: Le point de vue de futures enseignants d'anglais langue seconde

Room/Salle Chair/Président(e) 9h40-10h10

376 UNICENTRE Roy Lyster Richard Barwell The discursive construction of mathematical thinking : an analysis of mathematicians' talk

378 UNICENTRE Daphnée Simard Marian J. Rossiter Analysing trade-offs in L2 learner speech


Merrill Swain & Iryna Lenchuk Jane's "small" story: a counter-position to the official discourse of a longterm care facility

Batool Ghanbari & Reza Ghafar Samar Grouping strategies and writing achievement in cooperative learning

10h45-10h55 10h55-11h25 Ron Thomson & Talia Isaacs The effects of orthography and lexical frequency on L2 English vowel pronunciation Kazuya Saito Effectiveness of pronunciation-focused recasts in communicative language teaching



Coffee Break/Pause café (Galleria Unicentre) Workshop Paper Communication Susan Parks Lucille Mandin A WebCT discussion forum Un portfolio langagier: les Katherine Rehner during a pre-service TESL étudiants d'immersion se Developing practicum: creating a révèlent en milieu sociolinguistic Community of Learners universitaire competence: helping teachers help learners Paper Paper Vedran Dronjic Hedy McGarrell Viswanathan & Faraone Investigating changes in the What happens when student French proficiency L1 knowledge of late teachers engage in peer development and FSL bilinguals: How (not) to construct a gramaticality feedback for their own teacher education programs writing? judgment instrument 202 TORY Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACLA et dîner léger inclus ACLA Annual General Assembly with light lunch provided Allyson Eamer The colour of language: case studies in race, language and identity

Atelier Linda De Serres Intégration de l'informatique dans l'enseignement du FLS : concept multiplateforme pour mettre la puce à l'oreille


Friday May 29, 2009 afternoon Room/Salle 340 TORY Chair/Président(e) 13h20-13h50

SYMPOSIUM Politiques linguistiques et recherche en littératie des immigrants adultes

378 UNICENTRE Olga Gladkova Alysse Weinberg & Sandra Burger The effectiveness of Online vocabulary activities in an immersion context Catherine Serrand The effects of multimedia glosses for contextualized vocabulary use and acquisition Stephen Carey & Tannis Morgan A model for developing academic literacy in EOL for international students Carlos Soler Montes & Martine Pellerin Blended teaching approach in Spanish second language classrooms Ulrike Tallowitz Internet reading strategies: How students read foreign language websites Nicholas Walker, Pavel Trofimovich, Elizabeth Gatbonton & Henrietta J Cedergren "She's not mute-she's English": The development and testing of a prototype virtual dialogue system for second language training of healthcare professionals

376 UNICENTRE Marie Ploquin Paper Jim Hu Problems and Solutions in Teaching ESL Students to Write Concisely Paper Christian Colby-Kelly Assessment for learning: investigating assessment used to serve learning in an L2 classroom

210 TORY Susan Parks Workshop Ranta, Beaulieu, Gosselin SLA Research as a source of ideas for teaching L2 grammar


organisé par Monika Jezak et Constance Lavoie


Le vendredi 29 mai, 2009 Après-midi 236 TORY 238 TORY Alain Thomas Guillaume Gentil Atelier Communication Taylor, Todd &Vanderveen Kristmanson, Le Introduire le CECR en Ontario, Boutillier & Bourgoin c'est introduire une approche à Le modèle ÉCRI DVD et l'évaluation et une vision des son guide langues d'accompagnement: un outil de formation Paper Faez, Majhanovich, Smith, Yu, continue pour l'enseignement de Crowley The Use of the Common European l'écriture dans le Framework of Reference in Ontario: programme d'immersion

feasibility and adaptability for FSL programs

avec/with Monika Jezak et Constance Lavoie


Paper Ragoonaden & Garcia-Perez

Intercultural competence and second language teaching in Canada Paper Roessingh & Chambers Project-Based Learning and pedagogy in teacher training ELLs

Workshop Michael Salvatori Beginning language teacher identity construction: An activity of self discovery

Workshop Flewelling & Snider Assessing the oral language proficiency of teacher candidates: ensuring oral language competency in the classroom

Workshop Dunn, Ogilvie & Olivier The role of teacher education in fostering social inclusion through language learning

Monika Jezak Mary Maguire


Marianne Kayed Louis Kelly Jean-Pierre Corbeil



Organisé par Paula Kristmanson & Michael Salvatori

Closing panel/Plénière de clôture Joe Dicks, Wendy Carr, Razika Sanaoui et Laura Collins 101 AZRIELI THEATRE

Barbara Burnaby

16h45-16h55 17h-18h

Break/Pause Closing plenary/Plénière de clôture

KELLEEN TOOHEY Multiliteracies for multilingual schools

101 Azriely Theatre




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