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Prof._Abdel_Galil[1] C.V. 1. PERSONAL DATA Name : Prof. Abdel Galil Abdel Gabbar Ahmed Profession : Agronomist Date of Birth : 1939 Nationality : Sudanese Marital Status : Married, Seven Children Languages : English - Arabic Field Experience : Agronomy ( Field Crop Production) Management of Large State Farms. Project Planning Development & Implementation. Project Evaluation. 2. Professional Education & Qualification: 1958 - 1962 : American University of Beirut (Lebanon) Bachelor of Science (Agriculture). Engineer Agricole Diploma. 1965 - 1968 : PH-D Agronomy, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (U.K). 1965 : Second regional Training Center on Wheat and Barley Breeding Seed Production in Near East Region. (Tehran Iran). Conducted under auspices of FAO. 1973 : Forth FAO Rockefeller Foundation Wheat Seminar (Tehran Iran). 1975 : Associate Professor-Agric. Research Corporation. 1992 : Participated in Workshop on "Valuation" Strategies and techniques Critical Factors for Successful Privatization Washington - USA. 1997 : Visiting Professor of Research, West Minister University, Honolulu, Hawaii -USA.

3. Work & Experience 2002 : Ahfad University for Women (AUW) OF Rural , Extension ,Education And Development (REED). Teaching MSc. Students poverty , Development and project management through lectures, seminar and Research. 2001 ­ 2002 : Director of Consultancy and Feasibility Study Center Sudan University of Science and Technology 1998 - 2000 : State Minister, Ministry of International Co-operation and Investment. 1998 - ------: Chairman of Board of Directors Rahad Agriculture Corporation. 1998 - ------: Chairman of Board of Directors New Rahad and Kenana Corporation. 1996 - 1998 : a. Under Secretary Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Recourses and Animal Wealth. b. Under Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 1988 - 1996 : Executive Director Agric. Advisory Unit for Agricultural Corporation directly responsible to the Minister of Agricultural National resources and Animal Wealth. The job is to monitor the performance of Agricultural Corporations. The Unit and Advisors were financed by World Bank and selection was based on international recruitment procedures. 1994 member of the consultant team for tentative program for NVRP ( Nile Valley Research Program) Sudan (Netherlands government ). 1984 ­ 1988 : Executive Director for Gezira rehabilitation project which cover Page 1

Prof._Abdel_Galil[1] more Than 24 Components. Total project cost of about US$300,000,000. There Are six sources of finance : world Bank, Arab Fund, Saudi Fund, and Grants from Italy, UK and Japan and sic implementing agencies. The role of the Executive Director office is to monitor both donors and implementing agencies, control budget, procurement, provide technical assistant and coordinate project aestivates. After establishment of the Rehabilitation project Management Unit, recruited and set up the organization donors. The project period is five years. All project activities went according schedule. 1978 ­ 1984 : Agricultural Advisor and Consultant for Alimenta S.A. of Geneva. Advise to the company of possible agricultural investment ventures in Sudan. 1977 : FAO Consultant in People Democratic Republic of Yemen. To help Management to establish he project activities in Wadi Haddramot.

1976 ­ 1978 : Agriculture Manager of Rahad Scheme (300,000 feddans) (on secondment from ARC). The scheme was under development, so the task of the agricultural manage and responsibilities included development, tenants allocation, inputs machinery requirement and recruitment of staff. This was concurrently done while preparing for first cropping season 1977/78. The actual yield of cotton obtained was twice as much the estimated level in project appraisal report. (seconded form ARC). 1974 ­ 1976 : Managing Director, Suki Agricultural Corporation, and Irrigated Scheme of 90,000 Feddans (on secondment from ARC after a consecutive years of low production, it was our task to lay down a short and a long terms programs bring, the scheme to a better stand succeeded in up-grading the administration in Suki Scheme, and through planning and programming farming operations i.e., land preparation timely planting and timely inputs. Yield of all crops were considerably improved (Seconded from ARC). 1970 ­ 1974 : Manage. Tambul Pilot Farm. Financed by World Bank to conduct applied research for proposed Rahad Irrigation Project, on he basis of which financing was secured. (on secondment from Agric. Research Corporation (ARC). 1965 ­ 1968 : Senior Agronomist, Hideiba Research Station, Northern Province. 1963 ­ 1965 : Manager, Maatug Research Sub- Station Managil Extension. 1962 ­ 1963 : Experimental Officer, Agricultural Research. Gezira Research Station Studies: 1963 ­ 1976 : Maatug and Hudeiba Research Stations Annual reports ( 1963/64, 1964/65, 1965/66. 1968/69, 1969/70. 1970/71). 1969 : Feasibility study for Wadi El K hawi in northern province (for ministry of Agriculture ). Member of committee evaluate the public Schemes of NAP. 1970 Page 2

Prof._Abdel_Galil[1] : Head of the technical committee set by minister of the Agriculture to study the improved production parameters and techniques of pulse crops in northern Sudan .

1971 : Drafted the recommended cultural practices of irrigated Rahad Scheme Secheme which were the out come of the results the adapted research at Tambul pilot Farm. 1980 : Feasibility study of Raks rain Scheme (Tanmiah Independent Consultant African and Middle East.) : Feasibility study of Alimenta Agribusiness project by AGBARUNDP. · Terms of reference · Choice of consultant · Supervising the study 1980 : Member of committee set by Arabic . Research Council of the National Council for research , to plane strategy and policy for Agriculture Research during coming ten years . 1981 : Team Member (Agric . Consultant) of the Mission for identification Integration Rural Development project . Yeman Arab Republic. (Investment center , FAO Rome supervised and arrange the Team. 1992 : Identification and feasibility study of Agro-industrial project in Southern Darfur-Sudan . As a consultant agronomist and large estate farm with shiwingan a Canadian consultant firm . The study was done for the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID). 1982 : Comparative study of cost of growing wheat in Sudan and importing in form abroad . Member of the team of the Sudan Consultant Bureau . 1985 : Team Member of : Evaluation of the Agricultural sector for the period (1965-1985) . Performance of Irrigated Agricultural sector (1965- 1985). formed Under the National Economic Conference. 1985 : Team leader for the study " Production and Marketing of Oil crops in Sudan Sponsored by Arab Organization for Industrial Development. 1985 : Head of the team formed by Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources to study the reasons for the low productivity of cotton in Gezira, Rahad, Blue Nile and White Nile Corporation during season 1985/86. Technical report on reasons contributing to low Cotton yields in Agricultural Corporation during (1985/86). 1985 : Member of the team formed by H.E. Prime Minister " to study the transforamtion of the of the Polytechnic Institute to University of Polytecnical Sciences. 1989 : Team Leader Feasibility study for Rainfed Organic Biodynamic Agricultural Page 3

Prof._Abdel_Galil[1] project in Sudan. (For Bio-Africa).

1990 : Team member: The Future of Cotton Production in Sudan. For Ministry of Agri. And Natural Resources and Animal Production. 1991 : Team Leader: Feasibility study for rained Agric. Project southern Blue Nile Province Sudan. For Blue Nile Co. Ltd. 1992 : Team Leader: Feasibility study for Rained Agricultural project for IBN HAYAN CO. LTD. 1992 : Team Leader: Selection and Identification of Irrigated Agricultural Project, For Gandil Co. Ltd. 1993 : Team Leader: for study "Transformation of Suki Agri. Corporation to Public Company" For Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. 1992 : Team Leader: Feasibility for the Establishment of An Agricultural Engineering service Company in Gazira Scheme (Luxhall Company). 1994 : Head of the committee the Agricultural sector (to prapare three years Agricultural Development plan 1993-1996). 1993 : Head of the steering committee formed by Ministerial degree to prepare for the development of Rahad Phase II (Ministry of Agric. Natural Resources and Animal Production). 1993 : Team Leader for the feasibility study of the proposed Irrigated Kenana project. (Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning). 1993 : Member of Review mission for Nile Valley regional Research Program in Sudan. Strengthen research and Transfer of Technology to increase production of Wheat and cool season food legumes. Sponsored by (Royal Netherlands Government) and supervised by (ICARDA). 1993 : Team Leader, for feasibility study for establishment of Agric. Machinery service Company. The study is for the Northern Islamic Bank. 1994 : Member of Review Mission for El tora, Elkhadra irrigated cooperative Scheme of the white Nile. Jointly financed and managed by ILO and Government of the Sudan under UNDP supervision. 1995 : Rationed Consultant of the Sudanese Arab Agricultural Production and Agro-industrial Company (AAAID). To assist management of the Vegetable and fruit production company to improve management capabilities in planning, operating and implementation of high yielding technical packages for yield improvement crops. 2000 : FAO Consultant to prepare SPPD Document for the rehabilitation of Rahad Agric. Project.

2003 : Agronomist and coordinator Rehabilitation of Hola project in Kenya With Yam consultant firm. 2003 ­ 2004 : Agricultural Advisor For the Techno-Economic Feasibility study. Taha El Rubi Agricultural production project. The study is carried out by Newtech and HVA consultants. 2003 ­ 2004 : Agricultural Advisor Per ­ Feasibility study feasibility study ( Marwi Page 4

Prof._Abdel_Galil[1] Irrigation project. 2004 : Team leader for technical and Economical feasibility study fior Dongola Seed Production station. For (Arab Sudanese Seed company Limited). Conferenees and RegionalCommittees: 1996 : Head of Delegation for the UN . International Technical Conferences on B/O on plant Genetic Resources ­ Leipzing- Germany . 1997 : Ogodogo ­ Burkina Faso UN FAO, Conferences of Ministers of Agriculture for African countries (Organization of African Unity )to prepare for World Food Summit. (representing Minister of Agriculture Food , Animal Resources Republic of Sudan ) 1998-2000 : Representing Government of Sudan Ministerial committee Soscio ­ Economic Community , for Organization of African Unity. 1998-2000 : Representing Government of Sudan Ministerial Council for Economic Arab League. International Publications : 1973 Response of Wheat to nitrogen fertilizers under irrigated condition in Sudan production of the fourth FAO/Rockefeller foundation wheat seminar (Tehran- Iran) 1973 Effect of rate and form of nitrogen fertilizers on yield of wheat in Northern Sudan . (J . Expl . Agric . 1973) 1974 Effect of sowing date and variety on yield of wheat in Northern Sudan . (J . Expl . Agric . 1975)

Visits: 1975 Virginia ­ USA- "Research Station " Groundnut production farms. 1976 Arizona , California , Colorado ­ USA Visited Research station , Agricultural development project , Irrigation systems , production field and land leveling project and companies . 1985 1986 1986 1998 1999 Japan Agric . Machinery and Agric . Research Center . Brazil -Main Factory centers of Agric . Machinery . Agricultural Production and Research centers in Manufia ­ Alexandria Egypt . United Kingdom ­ Agriculture Show . Poland , Seminar on Development after War . Sponsored by UNDP

Board of Directors 1996 - 1998 Member of Board of Directors of Gezira Scheme . 1996 - 1998 Member of Board of Directors of khartoum University . 1996 - 1998 Kenana/Rahad Executive Development ­ Corporation . ..... -........ Member of National Council for higher Education . Other Activities: Page 5

Prof._Abdel_Galil[1] -Member of the National Hugher Committee for Ahfad University . -Member of " Society for International Development " (SID) -Member of Sudanese Agricultural Association . -Part ­ time Lecturer and External Examiner . U University of khartoum . -Seminar paper on "The Impact of privatization on the labor force in public corporations .Sponsored by Frederick Hans Dictcher (Germany ) and labor Trade Union in Agric , Corporations khartoum ­ Sudan.

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