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This contract is made between and entered into this day______ of__________________20___, by and between Acquaint Gathering, L.L.C., a Missouri limited liability company ("Acquaint Gathering") and_________________________________. I/We wish to rent the location known as "Acquaint Gathering" @ 512 Capelle, Grain Valley, Missouri 64029, on the day _____of ___________,20___for the purpose of _____________________, from_______am/pm to _________am/pm, with no more than 150 people, including wedding party, quests, etc. Client_______________________________ Client_______________________________

AGREEMENTS DEPOSIT'S: Simultaneous with the signing of this contract, client has provided a non-refundable deposit for cleaning of the facility after our event. In addition client has provided a seperate damage deposit that will be refunded to the client, if applicable, within five business days following said event. FEES: As stated on the paragraph above, client agrees to pay amounts as indicated for the rental fee of the facility, as well as other amounts which may be agreed upon, by and between the parties, all as are set forth in the attached Rules and Regulations, and the Reservations. The agreements of the parties, provisions of the exhibit, and the services to be provided by Acquaint Gathering may be altered, or amended from time to time as the parties may agree upon in writing, either, initiated by both

parties, faxed between parties, or set forth electronically as the parties may find most expedient. Final amount due is required within 60 days prior to event. ADDITIONAL FEES: Additional fees may be incurred, upon agreement of both parties, for services or items, such as Centerpieces, Chair covers, Projector, Rehearsal dinner, additional outdoor wedding fees offered by Acquaint Gathering, LLC in connection with said event. Such fees shall be due and paid in full, no later than 60 days prior to said event. RESERVATION DETAILS: In addition to the provisions of this contract, the specific details pertaining to the client's reservation of this facility are set forth in the attached Rules and Regulations, and the Reservation Includes form, the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference as though set forth herein in their entirety. HOLD HARMLESS: Client hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless, Acquaint Gathering, L.L.C., it's agents, servants, representatives, successors, and assigns from the against all losses, claims, damages, expenses, or liabilities of whatever kind, or nature, known or unknown, including payment of attorney fees and costs incurred in the defense of such claims, which the Client, or Client's guests may allege, or sustain at the premises or in connection with said event. PRE-RENTAL INSPECTION: Client shall be provided an opportunity to a pre-rental inspection of the property. In addition, after the event is completed, per the clients, the person in charge of the event as an authorized representative of the client, and John and or Cheryl Ellis of Acquaint Gathering, LLC, can conduct a walk through. If the facility is left in its original condition the damage deposit shall be returned according to the terms of the contract. However, should damage be found, or should there be a violation of any law that occurs or if there is a violation of any lease condition, requirement, or restriction, then the damage deposit shall be forfeited and applied against any damages. PROPERTY USE, RESTRICTIONS, REQUIREMENTS: Client is responsible to leave the venue, the parking lot, and the common areas of the building in the same condition as they were prior to the arrival of the client. Should it become necessary to clean up areas outside of the leased space due to the actions of the

client, or client's guest, rates for this clean up shall be charged at a rate of $100.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum. THIS IS A SMOKE FREE VENUE AND BUILDING: City ordinances prohibit smoking in the venue or in any common area of the building, within the facility. The entire damage/security deposit shall be forfeited by the client to Acquaint Gathering, and the event will be ended as soon as such an event occurs, if anyone is found smoking within the building. Client shall be responsible for the conduct of guests and will assure full compliance with all state and local ordinances, rules, regulations, and laws. Any disturbances resulting in calls for police services will be cause for immediate termination of the Client's use of the venue. Future use of the venue by the client will also be prohibited. Client will not drive any nails, tacks, pins, or other objects into the floor, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, woodwork, or any other part of the premises, nor change in any manner, or move any fixtures on the premises. No alterations, or changes to the premises shall be made under any circumstances. No controlled substances, or illegal drugs are allowed on property. Client may not sell, transfer, or assign its right, title, or interest in the contract without Acquaint Gathering's approval. Client and all guests must supervise all children and minors, at all times. Enforceability: In the event any provision of the contract is held to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable to any extent, the legality, validity, and enforceability of the remainder of this contract shall not be affected thereby, and said provisions shall be modified by the court to the extent necessary to render it not illegal, invalid, or unenforceable. Upon such modification, this contract shall continue in full force and effect as modified and shall be enforced to the greatest extent permitted by law.

Amendment: This contract may be amended only by a written instrument executed by all parties involved. I HAVE READ THE CONTRACT FOR THE LEASED SPACE, TOGETHER WITH ATTACHMENTS INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, "THE RULES AND REGULATIONS", AND THE RESERVATIONS INCLUDES" ATTACHMENTS AND PROVISIONS SET FORTH HEREIN. I UNDERSTAND THAT ANY DISCREPANCY, DAMAGE, VIOLATION OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS CONTRACT, EITHER BY MYSELF, OR BY MY GUESTS, MAY RESULT IN THE LOSS OF MY DAMAGE DEPOSIT IN WHOLE,OR IN PART, THE IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF PRIVILEGES UNDER THIS CONTRACT. CLIENT NAME:____________________________________________ ADDRESS:________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP:___________________________________________ PHONE & EMAIL:__________________________________________ SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________

CLIENT NAME:____________________________________________ ADDRESS:________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP:___________________________________________ PHONE & EMAIL:___________________________________________ SIGNATURE:_______________________________________________



AGREEMENT OF PAYMENT This contract in an agreement between, Acquaint Gathering, LLC, and ___________________________and___________________________ On this day of ___________________________ for the payment for rental of Acquaint Gathering event venue. There is a _________ non-refundable deposit to clean the venue. A security/damage deposit in the amount of_____________ ,fully refundable after inspection of property following event. Half of rental fee in the amount of _____________. Any unpaid balance is due within 60 days prior to your event. The borrower reserves the right to pay the full amount before the due date. If any payment obligation is not paid in full by the due date, arrangements must be made and agreed upon by Acquaint Gathering, LLC. If the full amount is not paid according to this contract, this will result in the forfeitures of all payments, and deposits already received by Acquaint Gathering, LLC, and the event will be cancelled. A change of date is considered the same as a cancellation. Cancellation of the event once the agreement has been made will result in the forfeitures of all payments and deposits already received by Acquaint Gathering, LLC. Rescheduling is permitted only in the case of these circumstances: 1)Emergency medical treatment to the Bride, or Groom 2) Emergency military deployment of the Bride or Groom. Cancellation is only allowed upon Death of the client (Bride or Groom), all payments, minus the nonrefundable deposit will be refunded.

All payments of the principal amount shall be paid in legal currency of the United States. No extensions of the balance due date will be allowed. No interest will be charged the the principal amount. Client 1-Print_____________________________________________ Client 1-Sign______________________________________________ Client 2-Print______________________________________________ Client 2-Sign______________________________________________ Respresentative of Acquaint Gathering LLC______________________

Date:____________________________ Schedule of Payments: Non refundable cleaning deposit:_____________________ Date:_________________ Security/Damage deposit: __________________________ Date:_________________ First payment:1/2 of rental fee:______________________ Date:_________________ Final payment:___________________________ Date:________________

Client 1:_________________________________________ Client 2:_________________________________________ Acquaint Gathering, LLC Representative:__________________________________ Date:__________________________________________

THE RESERVATION INCLUDES The approximately 3000sq foot facility. The private(approx) 700 sq foot Bridal Suite(women only!) Kitchen, prep area to be used by caterer and or client only. Dressing room for groom(men only!) Office area-for staff and photographers only, no children allowed. Tables 60 inch rounds, and buffet tables. White folding chairs. Linens for all tables: Color choices are : White, Ivory, or Black. Acquaint Gatherting staff during event. Use of outdoor props for photography purposes. For wedding/reception: Depending on day of your event you will be allowed access on Thursday's prior to a Saturday event, unless we have the Friday before your event booked. Wedding only: Access the day of event. Rehearsal is included in charge. If you wish to have rehearsal dinner there as well an additional charge is required.

CLIENT:_______________________________________________ DATE:________________________________________________ CLIENT:_______________________________________________ DATE:________________________________________________

ACQUAINT GATHERING REPRESENTATIVE:__________________________________________ DATE:_________________________________________________


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