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Australia - Brazil - Canada - Chile - South Africa - United Kingdom June 2009

ESRI File Geodatabases and Personal Geodatabases, MapInfo tab files and 3D pdf. acQuire can now also export to existing Microsoft Access databases, allowing the user to map fields from acQuire to their destination tables and fields. acQuire also has the capability to export geophysics data to the LAS v2 file format.

acQuire 4.2 Release

The next major upgrade of acQuire 4.2 brings some exciting new functionality, as well as significant enhancements of the existing features. Some of the feature improvements include; New Composites and Fractions Module This optional Composite and Fractions database module facilitates storage of both composite and fraction sample data. This is achieved through an additional set of dedicated tables, views and compounds.

Data Entry A variety of enhancements have been made to the existing DataEntry functionality; Ability to launch files within a data entry sheet. Ability to insert a gap between an existing interval, or split an individual interval into two intervals Display more than two geophysical curves within the Depth Adjustment Tool Ability to create an export package from within a Pocket acQuire offline data entry object Importers The acQuire Import object now supports ADX4 (Assay Data Exchange) laboratory file formats. A wizard has been created to assist with creating an import object based on this file type. This wizard will only work with the CorpAssay ADM. Exporting acQuire now supports exporting to the following additional formats using Safe FME technology; For further information regarding this release, please refer to installation ReadMe.txt file or download a more detailed release summary from the acQuire website For further information please contact [email protected]

2009 acQuire Conference

Rydges Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland 19 - 21st October Visit for more details.

Upcoming Training Schedule

Ghana, Africa: 6 ­ 10 July, 2009 Perth, Australia: 10 ­ 14 August, 2009 Lima, Peru: 7 ­ 11 Septmeber, 2009 Calgary, Canada: 28 September ­ 2 October, 2009


Did you know acQuire can manage core photos and other documents associated with geological observations, allowing all drilling information to be available from the one central location?

Compound Definition Collar Survey Geology Assay and CheckAssay DespatchReturns Tenement Contracts

Example Files Historical Scanned Logs Downhole Survey Report Core Photos Lab Analysis Report Laboratory Certificate Licence Documents Contract Document

Deciding on which area in acQuire to add the comments field depends on the type of information contained in the document. For example: 1. Historic scanned logs or documentation with no downhole reference are normally tagged to a Collar comment field. 2. Photos of core trays would be tagged to a Geology comment field with the GEOLFROM and GEOLTO set to the depths that the photo represents. Note: The system relies on a tight control of the location of the files in the file system. If the file moves, it will not be automatically updated in the comments field in acQuire.


acQuire stores a link to the location of the file on the file system rather than storing the actual file in the database. Common file types referenced include:

Type Core Photo Images Scanned Logs Scanned Face Mapping Underground Face Images Lab Job Certificates Lab Analysis Reports Common Format jpeg, tiff tiff, PDF tiff, PDF jpg, tiff PDF, doc PDF, doc

How To

Adding support for images and documents in acQuire can be done in three simple steps: 1. Create a new comment virtual field in the appropriate area of the data model. 2. Add the new comment virtual field to a Form Definition 3. Create a Data Entry object to enter the file. The table below outlines the information that needs to be captured for files in the various data model areas (Compound Definitions):

Compound Definition Collar Survey Geology Assay and CheckAssay DespatchReturns Tenement Contracts Required Information HoleID, ProjectCode, File Path HoleID, ProjectCode, Depth, SurvType, File Path HoleID, ProjectCode, GeolFrom, GeolTo, Priority, File Path SampleID/CheckID, DuplicateNo, File Path LabJobNo, DespatchNo, File Path TenementID, File Path ContractCode, File Path

Access to the documents/files is via a quick launch hot key or the right-click menu. Either option will launch the document/file with the default program associated with the file type. Files can be launched from either virtual or derived fields in form objects or data entry objects.

File Naming Recommendations

The details of the file location [mapped drive or universal naming convention (UNC) path] are recorded in a comments field. Comments fields are available in the following areas (Compound Definitions): It is recommended that core photo images are named to include the HOLEID and FROM and TO depths of the start and finish of the core box. For example: DDH1-BOX1-82.6-87.6.jpg Where HoleID = DDH1, From = 82.6 and To = 87.6.

This allows for easy entry of the photo into acQuire - the character string can be read automatically to populate the required fields on import/capture.



LogReporter can also be used to display the photo details stored in acQuire. Options are available for simple and detailed layouts. For detailed layouts, the individual "sticks" of core within the core trays can be referenced against the depths in the log.

Derived Field Usage

Derived fields are an ideal way to present the appropriate core photo alongside logged geology intervals. Derived field functions can retrieve details from one set of interval data and present it based on another set of interval data. The derived field function example below will display the core photo path from the `Photo' Field against the logged geology intervals. Make all information related to you drilling available through acQuire ­ including core photos and documents. Contact acQuire Support for more information or assistance.

acQuire Website Launch!

June 2009 sees the launch of the new acQuire website which has been redesigned and re-launched with a vibrant new look, new content, significant layout updates and features the latest news in the world of acQuire and QBox. The new site makes navigating around the wealth of information easier and simpler. As well as an enhanced existing user experience, the new site also offers information for people new to acQuire. The site explores the products and services acQuire offers, as well as explaining the concept of QBox, acQuire's managed service that integrates hardware and domain practice on pay-as-you-go basis.

The new site offers more information on the latest in acQuire Training, as well as news and events.

Visit the new website today!


QBox is innovative. With QBox, managing drilling data is simple, reliable, repeatable and affordable. It is a fully integrated fieldbased data capture and campaign management solution and brings together the hardware, workflow and communications infrastructure. BHP Billiton became QBox's first customer in May 2009. They have deployed the solution at a project in Western Australia and are using QBox to perform their on-site logging and campaign management for their multi-rig drilling programme. QBox enables a consistent and repeatable process through standardised workflows or `domain practice'. It improves the accuracy of the data collection process. It offers data security in the field and enhances the reporting to corporate centres. It is a managed service, provided on a rental basis, is rapidly deployable and takes the pain out of data capture.

New Appointments

On the 1st of May 2009, Warren Cook took over as the Chief Executive Officer of acQuire. Warren has been in a transition CEO role for the last 3 months. I will no longer be involved in CEO decision making or the functions of the CEO position. Warren will report to me in my role as Managing Director (Chairman). Warren is replaced in the role of Global Implementation Manager and Regional Implementation Manager (Australia/Africa/Europe) by Alison Atkins. Alison has also been in a transition role, and officially starts in this position on the 1st of May. This is a very happy occasion for me as I am leaving a role that I have been doing since 1993. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as CEO and I look forward to continuing in the roles of Managing Director and Manager of Commercial R&D (Including Commercial Product Manager). Bill Withers Managing Director

Warren Cook

Warren graduated with a BSc (Hons) Geology from the University of New England and has over 22 years experience in the mining industry in Australia and overseas. He spent 12 years in operational roles as a mining geologist in precious and base metal open pit and underground mines. Warren worked for 3 years as a consulting geologist undertaking resource estimation, geological technical audits and geological database validation studies. Warren joined acQuire (formerly Metech) in 2001 as a Mining Systems Analyst implementing the MineSight and acQuire technologies for operations worldwide. He became Manager of the Metech Mining Solutions Group where he was responsible for administration, scheduling, project and contract management and business development. Warren has been acQuire's Global Implementation Manager for the past two and half years. Warren is a Fellow of the 2008 Leadership WA program.

Alison Atkins

Alison graduated with a BSc Geology from Curtin University of Technology, and has completed further studies, including a Masters Preliminary in Economic Ore Geology and Evaluation at the University of Western Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Business Programming at the Spherion Institute. She is currently undergoing a Masters in Leadership and Management through Curtin University of Technology. Alison has over 17 years of experience in both the exploration and mining industries in Australia and Africa, working on grassroots projects through to underground resource interpretation and modelling, as well as database and GIS management. Alison joined acQuire in 2000 as a Geological Data Analyst implementing the acQuire technologies for both exploration and mining clients worldwide. Over the past nine years, she has been involved in a large number of acQuire implementations; including the project management of larger scale client installs. She has also been engaged in marketing and sales of the acQuire technology and both internal and external training development. Alison was the Portfolio Manager for a global acQuire client for the past year.

Institute for Child Health

acQuire has been a huge supporter of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research for many years. Over this time we have donated more than $92,000 through revenue and staff contributions. The Institute is Western Australia's only research facility dedicated to the prevention of childhood diseases and disability. Headed by 2003 Australian of the Year, Professor Fiona Stanley, the Institute's success stems from its innovative approach in bringing together researchers from different fields of science toacQuire Contact Directory: health and wellbeing tackle major issues in child including allergies, cancer, birth defects, mental health, physical development and better outcomes for indigenous Accounts/Billing [email protected] children. With a staff of more than 450 people, the Institute has a strong track record of advocacy and action to ensure the Sales [email protected] results of its research are translated into real benefits for children and families. Training [email protected] Each year we present a cheque to the Institute at our Annual General Meeting in June, and also a cheque from money raised at our annual acQuire conference. The Institute's Fundraising Manager, Megan Keep, said that acQuire had shown outstanding philanthropic leadership in its support of the Institute. "The donations from acQuire and its staff allow our researchers to remain at the cutting-edge of medical research by providing them with the latest equipment and resources to continue their ground-breaking work," she said. "We simply couldn't keep doing our important research without this kind of support." We look forward to a continued relationship with the Institute over the coming years.


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