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SeU-CoiIai ned Con tro I St a t ion

is remole The MPF712a a selFqontain6d, economical, control may be usedto operate security any (timed) latching controlthal requiresmomentary a or dry The an conlact closure. MPI-712a provides auxiliary also dry contact relay which may be used lor other applications. auxiliary The relaymaybe usedlo provide interior shunting, access control anyolher or latching or (timed) contact momentary dry closure. MPI-712a The featuresa buill in piezo sounder, two bultonkeypad panic,andcodeactivated with12VDC actlvated duress outputs,lt ls fully keypadprogrammable conlalns and EEPROM(non-volatile) memoryand mlcroprocessor ',vatchdog poatormance. circuitryor aeliable f


Oimnsionsi x 4,6"x 0.8' 4.5" Normal Operating voltage: . '13,8 12 VDC. Current draln:Ouiescnl slat6: 15 rnA: Actlvestste= '100 mA (bothrlays actuatd all and thr6e LEDs lighted). EEPROM: Non-volatile memory, Botains programall mlngattra totallossol power, protectlon: Mlcroprocessor Watchdog restclrcultry aulomatic itopgrating voltage falls a6wellas shuldown below Volls. 7.5 Sounder: PlEzoeleclrlc. (2 Relays: Arm an_d Auxiliary Amp contact6 each), programmable lalching momniary (tim6d -255 lor or 1 s6conds) oprallon. yellow/auxilLEDs:Thre (gre.jn/roady, redlarmed, iary).Thegreenandr6dLEDS prcgrammable ar6 lor positiveor negativetrigger. The yellow LED is controlled the auxiliary by relay. Wiring: Unpluggable wiringharnes6. Voltageoulputs: +12VDC(up to 40 lnA) Panic, +l2VDC(upto 40 mA)Duress. Operating temperature range:32"Fto 120.F (0.Cto +49"C). Color:Whitwithgraylabeling.


. . . . . Sell-contained. programmable. Keypad piezo Built-in soundr, Uplo thre digit lour usor may codes beprogrammed. Usercodesmay be configured perlormspecilic to op6rations asactlvate arm/disarm only, such the relay activate auxiliary the relay only,activate eitheror both relays, ar[Vdisarmwhile and an activating emergency dur6sa outout. . Tho Arm and Auxiliaryrelaysmay be latchingor (timedl -255seconds). momentary . Buill-in panicandduress featurcs. . Unpluggable harness. wiring


1. Atlachlho backplatelo a singlgor doublegangelectrical box o. secu.eto wall with anqhors. Use Odlyllat head type scrws. 2. Proced "Wrlng".Whenwidng19 attachthe lac platelo lh9 backplateusingthe four paintsdplastit to complete, screws (providod).-Qg_n0byettigllen.

Glng El.crrlcll gox


F.c. Plai.

Flgule 1 Mounttng


'1. The MPI-712a pr.conligured usewithth MPI-25 provldos is for and MPI-50 Secu.ity Controls. MPI-50 Tho outputs trigger Rady to lhs LED, Armsd LED, Pizo and soundr. th. MPl.7l2als lo b. u..d lf leggliygvoltage wlth a control whlch provldsapollllve oulput., rolor to "Contlgurlnglho MPI-712a rccrpt Polltlv. to Input."on pag. 7. 2. Connect necossary lh wires tromtheunpluggable wiring harness indicated thenxtpage.Tapeor wirecap as on anyunuseo wres. Plugtho wiringharnss the conlrol into stalion. plasilt (providd). Attach control the station faceplateto the backplateusing 4 painted the screws

(-) 1....................... ......................... Ngatlvg Bleck PowrInput ( + ) l2VDCPowr 2.........,,.,..-....... Input Fed..........,.,,.........,.,., 3...-..........-........ Blue ........................... Common ArmRley 4....................... Whit......................... Relay furh Normally Opsn 5....................... ........................ LEOInput( + or - dspnding Green Ready uponprogranming) 6....................... ...................... tumedLEOInput( + or - depending Orangg uponprog.anming) 7..,.................... .............. +1zVOC 8rown......... Outsut UponPanlc 8...............-....... Ye1|ow........................ R6lay Auxiliary Common ttOIE: flb yo ow.utlLty LEo n$ns 9........-.-....-..- .....,.,,...............,. R6lay Gry Auxiliary Norhally Opon whenlha autiltiaryd4 da6. 10....................... ................-........,. Durss Pink +12VDC OutDul UDon 11....................... Purpl........................ InM ( + or. depeoding Piezo uponp.ogramming)

Table 1 Wirlnglnlormation


MPI-50 Security Control


iE 3:

456 NOTE:Blu .nd white leadsclorg




I 910


NOTE: This erampto illuBi.ats hookup to a MPI-50 Securlty control whlch provldo3 negative oulputtrlggare. Many controls provi{le Posltlv6 outputs io which caEs it wlllbo necossary t o c h a n g et h o M P I - 7 1 2 an F u I i polafity, See "Conrlguring th MPI-712aio accepl Posltlve Inpufs'on prgo 7.

uponntry ot afm/ Oisaam cod.



Figufe 2 MPI-50 Contol PanclHookup

AuxiliaryF.lry Outpor

+l2VOc ouQur

X O T E T h sA r :

more 19cenl

for loua.tunctlor appllcallons,

Hookup ElectricDoor Release/Holder

actuated dootsl kes and electrcmagnelic doorholde6\ Manytypesot electriodoor lockingdevices( t ?VDCsolenoid noise and tansienls whenthey ar energized and d-energizd.This can causeleedback cteale [email protected] io and destruction solid state circuatry. lhe in wilh Forthisreason, adiodemustbeused polarize oulput conjunction a capacitorlor lo noise suppression when Figure illustrates recommended using MPI-712a operate the to sucha device. 3 the hookup a 12VDC lor operated door currenl ralino the auxiliary arm relays. release/hold6r. sure not to exced rnaximum 8e the ol and

Thetollowing cofiponents muslbs addd:

C = O nr Co6m'cC.p!dto. {R.d'oSrac\ Psd No 2?2 tlt l Dr - 1NaOO3 Diod.(R.dio SlEcrPanNo.276.fi03)


G|H 15)

{6)o'r^s --


12VDC Eiect c OoorRlase

Figule 3 Etectic Doot Retease Hookupto Auxitlarynehy


power the control apply+12VDC statioh. to 1. Alterall wiringis complete, alter pressinglhe " 2. The controlstationwill be operableeightsecondsafter poweFupor imm6diately * " key.


is lrom The MPI-712a programmable two levels. 1. Progrcmningol UserCodes;allowsthe end userto changelhe MasterUserCode (Code1) and UserCodes 2 and 3. 4 accessto Functions throughI and 0. 2. Progtamming operatingcharucteistics.provids the



Programming ol UaeJcod63 will A bep and Press kyI and holdlorlhresoconds. on-second willbe mitted thethreeLEDindicators lighl

momentarily. entry al Th LEDindlcalors begin llash, will lo signilying into Master User Code (1234 default), three 1 2. Enterthe mode. theProgramming

prss upon choice prograhmlng Code 2, or 3. ol Usr 1, 3 . lmmedially key1, 2, or 3 dopending your LEDs llash once signity to The will and will lmmediately thenew4 dlgiluserCode. soundr beep thethree enler will mode automatically. acceptance. control The staiion exillheprogram

O ProglammingExample

1. PressKey andhold 9 lor th,ee seconds. Sounder b6pand will

g "+ ffimmR{

UsrCod61 (1234 at


Oplional --\

tr 1 3 .P r e s se ' # ' k e y p.oghmming tonlycili o n s rFun l


4-9 or 0' sincethislsanoptional I may lsiep,the insla!lar ,decid6ro lse rhe "*" all lkey whenselecling

(MUST 5. Enlrthnowvalue soundrwill blow digils).The b6pand the LEDSwill tlash Program mode I aulowi once.


FigUIe 4 Prcgtamming


O Programming the Operatlng Characteristics 1. Presskey9 and holdfor threeseconds.' onesecond A beepwillbe emitted thethreeLEDindicators lioht and will momentarily. 2. Enlerthe Masteruser code 1 (1234at default). The ttueeLEDS wi beginto flash,signilying entry into the Programming mode.

programming 3. Press " # " keyto enable the ol functionsthrough or 0. 4 I 4. Selsct desired th6 Function be programmed Table below. to lrom 2 5. Enter Function the number be programmed.. lo programmd. value 6. Enter newvalue theFunction lhe for being Thls MUST lourdigits. sounder beep be The will and the threeLEDS llashonceto signily will acceplance. control The station exit the program will mod6 aulomatically.

t 2 3

UserCodo1 Us6r Code 2 Us6rCode3 Conliguralion Digil lor UsrCod6I ConJiguralion Digit lor UserCod2 Contiguralion Digit lor UserCod63 Trigger Poladly

Mablr L,ser Code AddilionalUser Cod6 AddilionalUser Cod Assigns lunctionalily lh6 ot UserCode1 (seeTable3) Assigns lunclionalily lh ot UserCodo2 (seeTabl3) Assagns funclionalily lhe ol Us6fCode3 (seTable3) T ggerpolarily (+)or ( -) I ol I sounder Rady/Amed and LEDS. Timein seconds Arm lhat rlaycloses whenactivated. Timein seconds Auxiliary lhal 16lay closes whenaclivaled,


0000(disahld) 0000(disabld)

0000- 9s99

0000- 9999 0000- 99Sg

0001(assignedlo 0000- 0004 aclaval relayonly) arm 0000ldisabled) 0000(disabled) 0000(negaliv) 0000- 0004 0000- 0004 0000- 0001 (0001= positive)

8 I 0

Arm Relay Tims Auxiliary Relay Time Beslore Defaulls

0005(5 seconds) 0000- 0255(sc-) 0000 = Latching 0005{5 seconds) 0000- 0255(sec.) 0000= Latching

Enlera valueof 0000lo reslorc lactory delault valu6s Functions - 9. to 0

f able 2 Prcgnmming Functions

Configuration Digits

Each UserCode (l - 3) mustbe assigneda Configuration Digil to definethe ope.ation(s) that the code is authorizd lo perform.Selecl the desired Configuration Digit lor each code trom Table 3 and progfam as describsd under 'Prog16mlning Operating the Characteristics.'


0001 0002 0003

Disabls Code Codeaclivates Am rlayonly Codeaclivates Auxiliary relayonly.

' Code activates relay. # 'followed code Arm by ac.tivates Auxiliary relay. Code activates relay Durss A.m and triggronly.


fable 3 Conflgunt on Dtgt&

Alternate Programming ModeEntry

(usorcode) lsloslorunknown, thtollowing ll lhMaster Code User I p.ocedureentrthe use lo Programming Mode. power the control 1. Rmove (Unplugging wlrlng to station. power). ihe ha.nss remove wlll power lheconlrol 2 Restore to slatlon. 3 Prss ' # ' keywithlnI seconds lhe power. Soundr beeponcandthe LEoswill flash allerapplying The wlll con6tanlly indicate to entryIntoth6 programming mod9. 4. Follow progJamming on pag4 or 5 as required. the steps

Restoring Factory Defaults

Follow stepsbelow restore laclorydefault lh to the valus Functions - 9: to O 1. Enter programming lhe modas described earlier. 2. Press " #' keyto enable prognmming Functions through or 0. the of 4 9 3. Press'0'to selectFunction ("Restore 0 Defautts"). 4. Ent6r0OOO. sounder beepandthe LEDS The wi wi ashonceto signity accepranc.

5. Pleas6 notothatallcustom programmingnowerasd thefactory is and defaults values rstored, ar6 inctuding the programming the inputpolarity the LEDS th piezosoundgr. for of and

Conliguringthe MPI-712a acceptPositiveInputs to

TheMPI-712a pre-conllgured acceptnegative is to triggerinputs forlhe ReadyandArmedLEDsandthe piezosounder. Manysecurityconkolsarq supplisdwith positiveoutputs. ll positive triggeris requi.ed,four taces on the back ol the ci.cuitboardmust be cut and a proglamming changemust be made. tr Circuit Board Modlflclllon lor Positive Triggr Inputr 'L Removeall power trom the controlstaiion. 2. Observe backol lho conlrol lhe station circuil board. Thre lourkacesin theuppetlelt hand are ( corner justbelow the larg6phillips headscrew). Eachtraceis marked wilha pairof vertiole hatchmarks(seeFigure 5). 3. Usinga small pockel knifeor razor blade,cut each ol lh6 tour tracesbetweenlhe halch marks.

UppEr Rear Corner







Figute 5 Cuting Tncos tor positive frigger O Progr.mmingfor Po!ltlvc TrlggrInputs 1. Attercutting lourcircuit the board as traces indicated above, applypower the Mpl-712a connecting Red to the by wireto +12VDC theBlack and wirelo negalive. surelhaitheunused Be wirs nolloucheach do otherso as lo cause a short circuil. 2. Pressthe " #' key wilhin eight secondsol power-up, LEos wilt lash. All 3. Pressthe 7 key to selectFunction7 (Positive Triggr).The LEDSwi stop flashing. 4. Enler0001to change polarity Positive io the Trigger. TheLEDS llashonceandth sounder beeponceto will wilt signityacceptance.Programmlng modewall automatically be exited. lf the LEDsdo not llash, removepowerand rturn slep ,. to ,


This quipmenthas bsen tssld and iour|dto complyUlh lh limi!3lor a ClassB digltaldovlc,pursuantlo Part 15 ot ths Fcc Futs, Those timits at doslgnsd to pmvids rdasonabloprolclon againsl hamlu intrlrncswh6n u|6 gquipmnlis operal.d in a residnnalonvlronmnt.This 6qulpm.nt gn68t63, ur6s, and can rcdlsia ladio lr6qu6ncynrgyar|d, ll not lmrallod and u36din [email protected] wittr t| Instrucrionmanual,may causs hamlul inlrlorcncolo radiocommunlcatons.Ho$.v.r, thrc Ls guatule that intsrisrcncorNlllnoi occurIn a particutarhstattation.It hts no quipmentdoss cause hamtul inlsrlrncslo rcdlo or lolvisonrcc6ption,ehich can be dersnni.od by tumlng th6 oquipmsnton or on, tn usr is ncouEgsd io !y to conscl lh intederncoby on6 or morc ot tr6lollowing masUrs: ' . . . R60dntor Gldaro rho rscolvlngantenna. Incrcaslhs sBpalalionbdlwnlhe and rsivr Connoctlhe inlo difierenl lom lhatlo whichlh.eceiv6r cmnocled. quipmont an out6t on a circuil is Consultlhs dal6r or an xp6nncdradl'rTv lschnicianlor hlp. not .tp...!ly 4Irovcd by th. h.uf!ctu!.r could vold rh! u!.r'r .uthorlv to op.rrk th! equipn.nt.

CAUTIoN:! or modrlotlo..

ThisquipmnIis Clss B Oigit l pparatus a ohichcompliss t|lo radlol.6quemyrcqulafons, wltll CFC c. 1374,

SINTROL CONTROLI CTI)UP s.nbl l5l0 T.E 8lvd.SE 5516 800.t47.2tt6 Tft bni.d Suppd: 800.300.2027 l.c. red6 $. riSht to chmg. sP.citdroB wfthod notic. ol995S6tul,Inr.




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