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tactical breach door

u.s. patents pending - stand alone or shoothouse integrated - Multiple breaching options - resets in seconds - infinitely reusable



__________________________________________ For the ultimate forced entry training experience, Action Target introduces the new Tactical Breach Door. When used in conjunction with MATCH, this incredibly versatile tool lets you train for all types of forced entry situations. The Tactical Breach Door uses a multipurpose steel frame and door system that is easily adjustable and infinitely reusable. The Tactical Breach Door can be used separately as a stand-alone unit, or it can be incorporated into your existing shoothouse. This unique door can be quickly removed and temporarily replaced with a standard 3.0 pre-framed door should you desire. battering raM breaching The heart of the Tactical Breach Door is its revolutionary latch mechanism that holds the door closed. Depending on how you adjust the tension of the latch, it will require varying degrees of force before it releases. The lightest setting can be kicked open by an average-size trainee and replicates a typical hollow core door. The heaviest setting may require several hits from a battering ram, which accurately replicates the resistance of a solid security door. What makes this door unique is that not a single part is broken when the latch releases, so resetting the door for the next round requires no replacement parts and takes less than 30 seconds. Costs for battering ram breacher training are reduced to almost nothing. shotgun breaching By inserting a disposable wooden dowel in the door latch mechanism, you can practice shotgun breaches over and over and over again. All you have to do is replace the 5-cent wooden dowel, which takes less than 30 seconds. Everything else is a permanent and indestructible part of the door. eXplosiVe breaching For any type of explosive entry training, simply remove the steel door and hang a sheet of ordinary plywood from the doorframe instead. We can provide an extra set of hinges to make this a very easy task. After the plywood is destroyed, simply attach the hinges to a new sheet and hang it for the next blast. Changing out the plywood takes less than 5 minutes. The purpose of training is to prepare officers for real-life situations they will face on the street, including forced entry and indoor combat tactics. Action Target's Tactical Breach DoorTM is the most versatile, most practical, and most efficient way to train for the broadest spectrum of forced entry scenarios.



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The Tactical Breach Door is designed to enhance training in forced entry, close-quarter combat, and other tactical entry training. The Tactical Breach Door can be opened by several forcible means including a battering ram, kicking, shotgun blast, prying, or various types of explosives. All non-explosive entry methods are achieved with the same hardware and same construction so no additional doors, frames, or other modules are required. You can train for explosive entry with the primary door if you choose, or you can remove the door and mount a sheet of plywood to the door frame. The Tactical Breach Door is 100% compatible with our MATCH ii shoot house because it has the same bolt pattern as the steel wall panels. Both the door frame and the door backer frame are constructed of 3/8" Ar-500 steel. The door has a plywood façade that can be easily replaced using standard hand tools such as a socket wrench, screw gun, and screwdriver. The door is designed with two mechanically resetting and interchangeable breaching mechanisms that simulate various door locks, deadbolts, and other locking and barricading methods. Each can be set to varying degrees of resistance to allow complete control over the level of force required for a dynamic entry. For shotgun breaching, a disposable wooden dowel is used to simulate a deadbolt lock. This option may be used in tandem with the other breaching mechanism to simulate multiple lock situations. The steel door can be hung on the door frame to open to the left or right with the same hardware, and it is easily interchangeable with a standard residential pre-hung door for explosive entry training. The Tactical Breach Door functions as a free-standing unit requiring no additional support, or as an integrated part of our MATCH shoothouse system. All hardware and support structures are included for either application.

sTAnDArD ACCEssoriEs

· 2 built in breach mechanisms · plywood façade · Free standing frame and mounting hardware

opTionAl ACCEssoriEs

· MATCH i integration hardware · MATCH ii integration hardware · Free-standing assembly hardware


MounTing rEquirEMEnTs - Freestanding (flat surface) - integrated with MATCH

EnTrY opTions - Battering ram - shotgun - Explosives




Tactical forced entry training



400 lbs.

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