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INTENDED USE Recessed frame-in rated IC for new construction only. Approved for all ceiling and wiring types. CONSTRUCTION Steel housing. Galvanized bar hangers span up to 24" o.c. and feature built-in nailer and T-bar clips. Galvanized steel junction box with four built-in romex clamps; two 1/2" and four 3/4" knockouts with slots for pryout. Maximum 8 (4in 4out) No. 12 AWG conductors. Rated for 90° C supply wire. Ground wire provided. Removable J-box doors for easy access. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Socket assembly attaches to reflector to ensure proper and consistent lamp position. Class P thermally protected ballast protects against improper contact with insulation. Approved for through-branch circuit wiring. MVOLT 120-277V electronic ballast standard (4-pin lamp). INSTALLATION 2 x 8 wood joist or T-bar installation. Expandable bar hangers allow for off-center mounting in wood joist or T-bar ceilings. Bar hangers expand to length of 25-1/4" maximum, 13-1/4" minimum. Reflector is secured to housing by mechanical trim retention. Vertically adjustable yoke allows for flush mounting of trims to ceiling face. Accomodates ceilings up to 1-1/2" thick. LISTING UL listed to US and Canadian safety standards. Damp location listed. See trim selection for wet location listing.

7" 7 (17.8) (17.8) 7-1/2" 7-1/2 (19.1) (19.1)

6" Housing


FLUORESCENT IC New Construction

12-1/2 12" (31.8) (30.8) 12-1/4 12-1/4" (31.1) (31.1)

11 (27.9) 11" (27.9)

13" (33) 13-1/4 (33.7)


Height: 7-1/2 (19.1) Length: 13-1/4 (33.7) Width: 12-1/2 (31.8) Ceiling Opening: 7-1/16 (17.9) 6-7/8 (17.5) 6-7/8" (17.5)

All dimensions are inches (centimeters).


Choose the boldface catalog nomenclature that best suits your needs and write it on the appropriate line. Order accessories as separate catalog number.

Example: LIF6 2/13DTT MVOLT











Shipped installed in fixture GMF Single slow-blow fuse PHC Poke-home wire connectors ­ factory installed push-in terminals A T Aluminum tape seals housing to minimize air flow through rough-in. Complies with WSEC and certified per ASTM E283 requirements BDP Ballast disconnect plug meets codes that require in-fixture disconnect RIF1 Radio interference filter WLP 35K lamp (shipped separately)


Order as separate catalog number.


T-bar mounting clips, set of four

NOTES: See trim summary on reverse side for maximum wattages.

Downlighting and Track

Sheet #: LIF6-COM


F Series 6" Fluorescent LIF6 Full Reflector Trims

Description Catalog number Maximum wattage Description Sheet number Catalog number Maximum wattage Sheet number


Open Narrow Flange F6O2 White F6O2A Clear Diffuse F6O2G Gold Diffuse F6O2AZ Clear Specular3 F6O2GZ Gold Specular 3

Lens/Wet Location

Glass Lens F6LD3 F6LDB3 F6LF3 F6LFB3 F6L4 F6LB4 Narrow Flange Drop Opal White Splay Drop Opal Black Baffle Flat White White Splay Flat White Black Baffle Fresnel White Splay Fresnel Black Baffle

13 DTT 13 DTT IC ROPN-120 IC Cone Narrow Flange Diffuse Upper Reflector F6C3BLZ Black Specular RLNS-130

13 DTT IC ROPN-145

Tempered Glass Lens Narrow Flange F6LF73 White splay, tempered prismatic lens F6LFB73 Black baffle, temered prismatic lens

13 DTT Baffle Narrow Flange Diffuse Upper Reflector F6B3 Black F6B3W White IC RLNS-130

* For plastic flange add suffix PF

13 DTT IC RBAF-130


Wallwash Narrow Flange F6W1 White F6W1A Clear Diffuse F6W1G Gold Diffuse F6W1AZ Clear Specular3 F6W1GZ Gold Specular 3

13 DTT IC RWLL-120

Wallwash Eyelid Narrow Flange F6WE1 White

13 DTT IC RWLL-125

Baffled Wallwash Eyelid Narrow Flange F6WE2 Black F6WE2W White

NOTES: 1 Maximum wattage listed. Lower wattage lamps may be used. 2 Lens trims are wet location listed. All others are damp location. 3 Flange matches reflector.

13 DTT IC RWLL-125

Lithonia Lighting

Recessed Downlighting One Lithonia Way, Conyers, GA 30012 Phone: 800-315-4935 Fax: 770-918-1209

Sheet #: LIF6-COM

©2000 Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. All rights reserved. Rev. 12/30/09


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