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ACVA Online TM Vision Statement

Our vision for the American College of Vedic Astrology TM is to promote the study of Jyotish through certification programs and on-line education.

What is ACVA OnlineTM?

The American College of Vedic AstrologyTM Online classes enable learners from around the world to increase their skills and knowledge of Jyotish via the internet.

Prerequisites for Learning Online

· Must be able to read and write in English · Must be able to access the Internet with beginning computer, email, and word processing skills.

ACVA Online TM classes are certification seeking.

The online courses are designed to prepare learners to meet all the requirements to sit for the AVCA Level I and Level II Online Certification Examinations.

Benefits of eLearning Vedic Astrology

· 24/7 class availability and convenience-- especially helpful for international learners · Is reasonably priced. Eliminates extra learner costs associated with travel, lodging, etc · Courses are created by experienced educators and Vedic Astrologers using proven methods of instructional design.

[email protected]

ACVA Online TM Level I Course Modules

Module 101: Foundations of Vedic Astrology: Vedic history, philosophy, astronomy and the various astrological chart styles. Module 102: Grahas (Planets): The beginning of your astrological studies, the significations of the planets, evaluating planetary strength, symbolism of planets and planetary combinations. Module 103: Rashis (Signs): Names, symbolism and significations of each zodiac sign, the importance and meaning of each rising sign. Module 104: Bhavas (Houses): Learn the various house systems, what each house signifies, house characteristics, planets residing in houses. Module 105: Yogas (Planetary Combinations): Learn the influences of various planets in combination, including the drishtis (aspects). Module 106: Chart Analysis Part 1: Learn how to bring it all together, chart synthesis. Module 107: Nakshatras, Divisional Charts: Learn the lunar mansions (Nakshatras), introduction to the primary 16 divisional charts. Module 108: Chart Analysis Part 2: A more in-depth chart analysis Utilizing the nakshatras and divisional charts. Module 109: Forecasting or Timing of Events: Learn about dashas (planetary time periods), gochara (transits), ashtakavarga (house strengths), varshaphal (annual solar return), muhurtha (electional), prashna (horary) and other techniques such as nimitta (omens). Module 110: Remedial Measures and other Vedic Sciences: Qualifications of a Vedic astrologer, learn about appropriate remedial measures, explore ayurveda (medical), vastu (architectural), palmistry, Sanskrit pronunciation of astrological terms and the ethics of an astrological practice.

ACVA Online TM Level II Course Modules

Module 201: Advanced Chart Interpretation Part I (Shadbala): Learn advanced techniques on how to evaluate the strength and favorableness of planets and how to determine which characteristics of behavior dominate in a chart. Module 202: Intro to Rectification & Advanced Chart Interpretation Part II (Dasha and Gochara): Learn how to determine if a birth time is incorrect and how to correct it. Learn how to determine trends of behavior and how to forecast using the Vedic chart techniques. Module 203: Advanced Chart Interpretation Part III (Ashtakavarga & Varshaphal): Learn advanced methods for determining chart strength and how to forecast using a yearly chart. Module 204: Panchanga and Muhurta: Learn how to use Vedic almanac techniques and how to pick the most favorable time to perform specific actions. Module 205: Prashna or Horary Astrology: Learn how to cast a chart based on the time a question is posed to the astrologer. Module 206: Career and Life Purpose: Learn how to identify behavioral traits that are best suited for individual success in career and basic purpose in life. Module 207: Ayurvedic Astrology: Learn the basics of the Vedic wellness system called Ayurveda, (Knowledge of Life) and how it relates to Vedic astrology. Module 208: Vedic Astrology and Compatibility: Learn how to use the Vedic chart to identify if two people are suited for each other, both in terms of marriage, business partners, and friends...any relationship, in fact! Module 209: Advanced Techniques in Vedic Astrology Pt I Module 210: Advanced Techniques in Vedic Astrology Pt II

The American College of Vedic Astrology TM (ACVA) offers a flexible certification program. When learners complete their study, they become eligible to take the ACVA Online examination. The ACVA Online TM Level I and Level II certification examination is now offered as an online examination that can be taken anywhere in the world.

Tuition and Registration Fees: Level I Course Tuition is $3,750 for 10, three-week modules ($375 per module). Tuition can be paid one module at a time, There is an additional $95 registration fee. Tuition and Registration Fees: Level II Course Tuition is $3,995 for 10, three-week modules ($399 per module). Tuition can be paid one module at a time, There is an additional $95 registration fee.

Contact ACVA Online TM Registrar: [email protected] or 928-282-2857 (10am - 3pm MST)


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