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Acworth Baseball Association In Park Rules Mustang Division Approved by Division Managers

1. All Dizzy Dean rules apply with the exception of the following In Park Rules. A) All players will be in the batting lineup. 1. If a player arrives after the first pitch of the game then that player will be added to the bottom of the batting order. 2. Any player removed from the game will be skipped in the batting lineup and not counted as an out unless ejected from the game. B) Free substitution on defense with a minimum of two innings by each player per game. If the player does not play at least two innings he/she will play three innings in the next game. C) No inning will start after one hour and thirty minutes 2. Rather than forfeit games because of insufficient amount of players, the policy on fillins are as follows: A) Only first year players of the same division or second year players from the next lower division may be used as fill-ins. B) Fill-in players may only play in the outfield position and may only be added to the bottom of the batting lineup. C) A minimum of (8) players are required to play the game. A team failing to field at least 6 uniformed players from their team and 2 fill-in player (maximum of two fill-in players) shall forfeit the game. 3. Visiting team will be responsible for keeping the score book. (The official score book) The home team shall be responsible for running the scoreboard during the game. 4. Each team is responsible for picking up all the litter in the dugouts and surrounding grounds before leaving your game or practice. PENALTY: You will lose your next practice 5. Players and coaches conduct: Anyone (player or coach) who in the opinion of the umpire, verbally or physically abuses the umpire or any other player or coach, will acquire one warning for the season. A second infraction in the same season will result in suspension of the offending person from the present game and suspension from the next game to be played. 6. The following pitching rules will be strictly adhered to: A) A pitcher is allowed eight innings per week. The starting of the week will be Saturday. B) No pitcher may pitch over three innings in any game. C) If a pitcher hits two batters in an inning or three batters in a game, he must be replaced and may not return for the remainder of that game. D). If a pitcher is replaced at any point during a game, that pitcher may not return for the remainder of that game. **League team managers are required to keep an accurate accounting of the innings pitched so as not to violate any of the In Park pitching rules outlined above. Violations,

intentional or not, will result in league game forfeiture and reprimand from the Board of Directors. 7. Run limit is 5 runs per inning 8. When a base runner comes to a complete stop and no further attempts are made to advance, the umpire will call time. 9. A courtesy runner shall be allowed for the catcher if coach elects to do so. The courtesy runner must be the player who recorded the last batted out. The player substituted for must catch the next inning. 10. Any coach that does not shake the other coaches or players hands will be automatically suspended for (1) game. Any coach that does not allow the Team to shake hands, he will get suspended for (2) games, for unsportsmanlike conduct. (See Bylaws) 11. The balk rule WILL NOT BE in effect. 12. THE PLAYING FIELD A) First (1st) and third (3rd) baselines shall be sixty (60) feet from the point of home plate. B) The distance from the point of home plate to second (2nd) base and from first (1st) base to third (3rd) base shall be (84) feet (10) inches. C) The pitching distance from the point of home plate to the front of the rubber shall be fortysix (46) feet. 13. MANAGER & COACHES A) Any manager who calls time and goes on to the playing field more than twice (2) in one (1) inning per pitcher (not game) to talk to a player or players, will be required to remove the current pitcher. He may not return to the mound in the same game. B) Any manager or coach going on to the playing field to talk to the same batter (or batter going to the dugout or bench to talk to a manager or coach) more than one (1) time per batter or three (3) times per inning will be required to remove the current batter from the game and make the substitution in the lineup. He may reenter at completion of the inning if he can do so without violating the substitution rule.


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