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New Zealand Data

ConsumerBase New Zealand

Acxiom's ConsumerBase New Zealand is a comprehensive, national, multi-sourced consumer prospect database designed to help you accurately and efficiently target the right prospects. With accurate consumer prospecting data at a premium in New Zealand, ConsumerBase New Zealand sets new benchmarks. By using Acxiom's ConsumerBase New Zealand as your trusted data source you can: · · · · Increase acquisition of appropriate customers Improve targeting Market effectively to niche segments Reduce direct mail costs through the application of best known addresses and rigorous validation INCREASE PROFITABILITY BY MARKETING TO THE RIGHT PROSPECTS Access Data in the Way You Choose Acxiom's data can be accessed via our traditional bureau service or from your own desktop. Our unique data solution, using Acxiom's proprietary technology, provides access to Australia and New Zealand's best prospecting databases, while allowing you to retain complete control from your own site. Now you can market to new prospects in a faster, better, more targeted and efficient way. Access your data in the way that suits you best. The Right Marketing Tool for Your Company Leading companies, not-for-profit organisations and government departments turn to Acxiom for the most recent and reliable data available. Acxiom offers data products with nationwide coverage, along with rapid turnaround and superior customer service. Selecting Your Best Customers and Prospects Acxiom's unique Data Profiling Analysis provides access to analytics-driven targeting and high-volume prospect information without requiring large-scale investment. Scientifically profiling your data to pinpoint important demographic and purchasing characteristics of your customers and prospects allows you to identify your best performers for the purpose of creating highly targeted lists. Gaining greater insight into your existing customers enables you to recognise those most closely fitting the profile of your target market, thus maximising the opportunity for response and acquisition. Our commitment to data quality Delivering the highest quality data to our clients is vital to Acxiom's corporate mission. We believe that accurate, timely consumer information is a critical component of successful Customer Relationship Management. To that end, Acxiom employs a unified, company-wide data quality management system for evaluating each of our individual data products. Our best practices include complex methodologies for the continuous measurement, analysis, benchmarking, trending and improvement of data quality. In addition, Acxiom is committed to researching and creating new technologies that enhance information quality and sharing these innovations throughout our enterprise and industry.

Acxiom Data

` Finding the right prospects for your products and services can have eight times the impact on response rates as getting the creative right ' (source: IDM)

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ConsumerBase New Zealand ­ The Dependable Data Choice You can always be assured that ConsumerBase New Zealand data is: · Fully compliant with New Zealand Post's new postcodes and address format standards · Screened against the latest version of the New Zealand Marketing Association file to ensure removal of the latest DM Suppressions and Deceased records · Screened against New Zealand Post Home Mover base to ensure minimal returned mail · Screened against New Zealand Yellow Pages Group data to enable immediate identification of accurate telemarketing data · Built to the highest privacy standards, with all data under licence or commercial contractual agreement · Able to be flagged with Telephone Number Available

Australia Phone: 1300 ACXIOM Email: [email protected] Website: New Zealand Phone: +64 (0) 9 337 0521 Email: [email protected] Website:

Targeting Selections Available: · Home Owner · Age · Income · Gender · Couples · Region · Town · Postcode · Census Meshblock · Pathfinder Segments of New Zealand · Property Value

Acxiom's View on Privacy Acxiom is a global thought leader in addressing consumer privacy issues and earning the public trust. We build great relationships with our clients and help them build great relationships with their customers by turning compliance challenges into opportunity. Acxiom fosters trust-based relationships with customer and information management solutions that facilitate privacy compliance and preference management. Acxiom was the first company in the data services industry to appoint a chief privacy officer to advance policies and oversee compliance. Acxiom has a team of privacy specialists dedicated to understanding the complex issues of information flow and consumer choice, as well as crafting and enforcing responsible privacy best practices. We continually educate consumers, our clients and every Acxiom associate about proper privacy policies and conduct. In Australia, Acxiom's practices and products are subject to independent regular privacy and security review by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Acxiom is a member of the Australian Direct Marketing Association and supports its Code of Practice.

© 2010 Acxiom Corporation. All rights reserved. Acxiom and InfoBase are registered trademarks of Acxiom Corporation. All other trademarks and service marks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners.

Acxiom Data

400,000 Retirees in Queensland. Or a Handful of Wealthy Golfers. Reach the Audience You're After.

Making new and enduring customer relationships is critical to your financial success. Acxiom offers a portfolio of data products to help build the foundation for your customer and information management solutions and target marketing initiatives to the very best possible prospects. Acxiom's unique data solutions and proprietary technology provide you with instant and user-friendly access to the best prospecting databases in Australia and New Zealand. In conjunction with your own customer data, Acxiom's comprehensive data portfolio allows you to market to prospects in a better, faster, more targeted and efficient way. Acxiom's data products greatly improve your ability to select those prospects most likely to become high-value customers. Our Data Profile Analysis offers all the benefits of analytics-driven targeting without the need for large-scale investment. Using science to identify the characteristics of your best customers and those prospects with similar traits enables you to immediately apply that knowledge to list selection, maximising response and acquisition opportunities. The application of Acxiom data can assist you to: · Understand the characteristics of your best customers · Find prospects that look like those best customers · Develop intelligent marketing programs that send the right message to the right prospect at the right time ­ and through the right channel · Personalise marketing initiatives to maximise prospect interest Acxiom's solutions deliver high-quality, trustworthy consumer and business information to launch direct mail, telemarketing or fax campaigns and other marketing initiatives. Customer Acquisition Finding the right prospects for your products and services can have eight times the impact on response rates as getting the creative right (source:IDM). Whether you require the largest Australian business database or specific consumer information, Acxiom offers the latest innovations in data enhancement and life stage segmentation for a solution that's made to measure. BehaviourBase · Factual, highly specific, self-reported, Australian consumer lifestyle data · Unique construction, with information captured from in-product questionnaires and satisfaction surveys dispensed to consumers actively purchasing high-ticket products and services InfoBase® Consumer · The most established consumer prospecting universe available on the market for major acquisition programs · Complete picture of Australia's adult population · Collection and integration of multiple data sources InfoBase® Business · The largest Australian B2B prospecting universe on the market · Scientifically identify prospects whose firmographic profiles match your best customers ConsumerBase New Zealand · A comprehensive, national, multi-sourced consumer prospect database · Fully compliant with New Zealand Post's new postcodes and address format standards Acxiom technology, combined with our investment in data collection and decades of experience, has produced data products unrivalled in data quality and deliverability. Our data products are designed to assist marketing and sales-driven organisations reduce acquisition costs and improve return on investment on direct marketing efforts through targeted acquisition campaigns. When you engage with Acxiom, highly trained associates work with you to help you understand the power of the data you have on hand. Based on this partnership you will be able to design and execute more effective data-driven initiatives aimed at improving your business.

Australian Data


Self-reported lifestyle data is the most valuable information sought by marketers. It enables them to target consumers based on specific interests or on products that are of particular interest to respondents. Database performance depends upon the relevance and recency of the data within it. While the accuracy of other databases may decline, the precision and reach of BehaviourBase grows steadily due to the relevance of the attributes available, and the multiple data collection channels utilised. BehaviourBase offers the most diverse, factual consumer information available - what someone likes to do, their age, household income, and their product preferences. Unique in this market, BehaviourBase is constructed from information volunteered by consumers who have purchased a variety of high-ticket products and services. This variety of data collection channels gives us the ability to reach and elicit responses from consumers who may not consider completing a traditional lifestyle survey. Data Collection Channels · · · · Product and Warranty Registrations Customer Satisfaction Surveys Lifestyle Surveys Self-Reported Demographic Data Updates The file is refreshed monthly with new survey respondents, which means that fresh prospects are being made available regularly for ongoing campaigns. BehaviourBase is also washed against the National Change of Address file, ADMA's Do Not Contact and Acxiom's own deceased data.

InfoBase Consumer

InfoBase Consumer is one of the largest and most complete collections of Australian consumer data available. A comprehensive, multi-sourced consumer list designed to help streamline your marketing efforts, InfoBase Consumer provides specific and effective information for new prospect targeting and acquisition. InfoBase Consumer is a fresh and accurate reflection of Australian consumers today, offering a holistic picture of the nation's adult population through the collection and integration of a number of data sources, including: · · · · Catalogue Subscribers Property Valuations Competition Entrants Detailed Occupation Data

InfoBase Business

In B2B direct marketing, the ability to access a comprehensive list of businesses specific to your target industry sectors is invaluable. InfoBase Business meets this need. Unsurpassed breadth, depth and accuracy of information, maintained by daily data collection, delivers incomparable value for direct mail, telemarketing, fax or market segmentation activities. Extensive database coverage allows you to target prospects appropriate to the scope of your campaign. Leverage InfoBase Business to: · Improve deliverability, raise response rates and achieve your desired ROI · Target specific markets from SOHOs (Small Office/Home Offices) to multi-site corporations · Customise a targeted list of prospects specific to your marketing plan for more effective campaign execution · Scientifically identify prospects whose firmographic profiles match those of your best customers · Visualise your customer base, then analyse and better understand your prospect market · Enhance and complement your existing database, appending additional information on existing business customers Compilation and Verification For unparalleled coverage and accuracy, trained data researchers verify information via multiple channels. There is no substitute for telephone research, however, and much of the information you need for more effective campaign management is captured by conducting in-depth, privacy compliant interviews. Our ongoing tele-research encompasses more than 250,000 annual interviews each year, ensuring the availability of new prospects each month. Proprietary data cleansing and integration verifies and updates InfoBase business daily to ensure you receive the highest quality data possible.

You can be secure in the knowledge that InfoBase Consumer data is: · Verified against Australia Post's Postal Address File to ensure high address accuracy · Regularly updated to remove any duplicate information · Screened against latest version of both the ADMA and Acxiom files to ensure removal of latest DM Suppressions · Updated daily to remove any deceased individuals · Multi-sourced to help provide regular feeds of fresh data · Screened against Australia Post's National Change of Address Service and combined with Acxiom-sourced mover data for targeting at latest known address · Verified against Acxiom's multi-sourced telephone listing file · Built to the highest privacy standards InfoBase Consumer provides comprehensive data elements to support segmentation, marketing strategy and campaign execution. It facilitates more effective long-term planning and analysis while reducing reliance upon multiple data sources. Costs of direct mail are reduced with fewer duplications and improved address accuracy for better deliverability. Regular updates also ensure greater reliability, giving you confidence in your acquisition programs.

Applications BehaviourBase supports a wide range of different applications across a host of industry sectors. For example: · Identify individuals receptive to mail order purchase, assisting catalogue companies improve sales by directly targeting responsive segments · Enable publishers to grow subscription profit by targeting individuals whose lifestyle interests reflect magazine content · Assist charities to develop and grow their donor base by reaching individuals with a genuine concern in their field · Offer credit card providers the opportunity to target financially active purchasing individuals · Target wealthy individuals with interests in stocks, shares, savings and investments

Targeting Selections Available: · Gender · Age Range · Income - Household · Occupation · Children at Home · Home Ownership · Length of Residence · Magazine Readership · Credit Cards Used · Car Drivers · Lifestyle Characteristics · Mail Order Buyers · Charitable Concerns · PersonicX

Targeting Selections Available: · Gender · Age Range · Length of Residence · Net Worth

Targeting Selections Available: · Employee Size · Industry or Main Activity e.g. Australia and New Zealand Standard Industry Codes (ANZSIC) code or the more extensive `nature of business' directory headings · Site Information ­ Head Office, Branch, SOHO · Key Executives ­ Name, Job Title and Gender · Geographic Location · FirmographicX

· Income - Household · Region · Occupation · Children at Home · Home Ownership · PersonicX · Suburb · Census Collection District · Pathfinder Segments of Australia · PreMovers


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