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NorDx - LCHC Campuses Critical Laboratory Values (February 2010)



Critcal Low Value

Critical High Value


Coagulation PT (coumadinized), INR PTT (heparinized) seconds Hematology Hemoglobin g/dL Platelet mm3 WBC, outpatient mm3 Chemistry Bilirubin (newborn) mg/dL Calcium mg/dL Glucose (newborn) mg/dL Glucose (adult) mg/dL Potassium mEq/L Sodium mEq/L Drug Levels Acetaminophen µg/mL Digoxin ng/mL Ethanol mg/dL Phenytoin µg/mL Salicylate mg/dL Theophylline µg/mL Microbiology Blood Culture Gram stain/culture - sterile body fluid Cell Count and Differential CSF Blood Bank Requirement of second dose of RhoGam NOTE:

5.0 120 7.0 20,000 2,000

25,000 15 13 500 6.0 160.0 200 2.0 400 20 40 20

See Note below

6.5 40 50 2.9 125

See Note below

See Note below

Positive Positive Positive

Inpatient low critical values for Ca and K, and outpatient low and high WC values do not require immediate notification when the result is consistently outside of the critical limit, the physician has been previously notified and treatment is ongoing. Add comment HXR (critical result is consistent with the patient's recent history). Reviewed by Medical Staff February 2010


Critical Values Chart February 2010.xls

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