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Adams State College Intramurals Mission Statement

The Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports Department, which is housed at the Rex Activity Center, is made up of dedicated mix of recreation professionals, graduate students, and undergraduates. The program's two fold mission is(1) Meet the recreational needs of a large and diverse student body, faculty, and staff, through a wide range of professionally administered recreational activities and (2) Provide a healthy environment in which students can develop the leadership, social, and other personal skills they will need throughout and beyond their years at Adams State College through participation and employment in the program. Contact Information Campus Recreation Main Office 719.587.7567 Rex Activity Center Intramural Sports Campus Recreation Web site To participate in intramurals go to: Intramural Sports Staff Elvie R. Conley, Assistant Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports Mick Daniel, Director of Student Life and Recreation

Table of Contents Section 1 Code of ethics 1 assumption of risk Alcohol and drug policy ASC ID card policy Team names and uniforms Participation Free agents Team captions Section 2 Activity registration Scheduling and league structure Rosters/ Trinidad state junior community college students Rescheduling of contest Section3 Governing rules Ringers Club sports Varsity, junior varsity, professional or former athletes Section 4 Arbitration of protests Sportsmanship and conduct Individual conduct Suspension and appeals Forfeits and defaults Section 5 Inclement weather Section 6 Intramural sports employment

Section 1 Code of Ethics Good Sportsmanship is vital to every contest. In order to encourage proper conduct during intramural sports contest, supervisors, officials, scores/timers, and administrative staff will make decisions as to warn, penalize, or eject players/teams for poor sportsmanship. The senior staff will rule on further penalties to be prescribed as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct as outlined below. The team captain/manager is responsible for the actions of all individual members of the team and for any spectators directly related to their team. The conduct of the players and spectators before and after each game is as important as the conduct during the game. Each team will be held responsible for conduct at these times, as well as during the game. Informed Consent Statement Your participation in Campus Recreation activities could result in physical injury, which could be serious or fatal! Adams State College assumes no responsibility for injuries received during intramural sports activities. Students, faculty, staff, spouses and/ or domestic partners are reminded that intramural participation is completely voluntary and involves inherent risk associated with the activities offered. It is strongly recommended that all participants have a physical examination and secure adequate medical insurance prior to participation. Alcohol and Drug Policy The possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited at any Intramural Sports activity. Any individual suspected of being under the influence will be asked to leave the facility complex. Each team is responsible for enforcing this policy with team members and spectators. Violators are also subject to disciplinary action in accordance with university policy. Adams State College Student ID Policy A valid Adams State College ID card is required to gain access to all Campus Recreation Facilities. Therefore all participants will be required to present a valid Adams State College ID card prior to participation in all Intramural Sports Activities. Team Names and Uniforms

The Intramural Sport Program reserves the right to change any team name that is deemed inappropriate or offensive to participants (including but not limited to: names involving profanity or of an offensive or sexually explicit nature). Please use proper judgment when selecting names and uniform artwork. If you are unsure if a team name will be accepted, call the Intramural Sports office and speak with an Intramural Sports Coordinator.

Participation Units Eligibility The Intramural Sports Program will consider protest involving participant eligibility. The Intramural Sports Program strongly recommends that all protests regarding player eligibility be made known prior to the start of Intramural Sports contest. However, protest of this nature must be made in writing by noon the following business day, in the Intramural Sports office, or be made known to the Intramural Sports Supervisor on duty at the game site. It should not be considered poor sportsmanship to question the eligibility of a player. A strong intramural Sports program required that the interest and concern of all persons involved are considered. When an official protest is presented which results in the identity and recognition if illegal within the structure and/or function of one or both teams, application of the governing rules will be administered. Intramural Sports represents the structured team, individual/dual and special events competitive and recreational portion of Campus Recreation. All Intramural activities are offered for men and women. Activities for co-recreation are offered when the number of entries allow. Additionally, each activity, when entries allow, are divided into a Men's, Women's, and Co-Recreational Division. The Groups of Play are as follows: Competitive: This division is designed for experienced individuals who desire recreation at a competitive level. Graduate And undergraduate students, Gym and Pool Privilege Card-holding faculty/staff members, spouses and/or domestic partners of the aforementioned are eligible for this division. Recreational: This division is designed for less experienced individuals who desire recreation at a less competitive level. Graduate and undergraduate students, Gym and Pool Privilege Cardholding faculty/staff members, spouses and/or domestic partners of the aforementioned are eligible for this division. Free Agents Teams who are short players are encouraged to look at schools/adams and review the sport of interest and click on the free agent link to add a free agent to the participating team. Free Agents are also encouraged to attend the appropriate Captain's Meeting and their availability will be announced to the team captains.

Team Captains Each team entered in any Intramural Sports activity must have a team captain who will be acting as the official liaison between the team and the Intramural Sports Office. Some Team Captains responsibilities include: A. Organize the team and enter it into competition before the entry deadline B. Ensure that a representative for the team attends all mandatory team representative meetings C. Keep the team members informed as to time and place of the schedule activity and see that they are present D. Make an effort to see that those representing their team/organization play according to the rules of the game and conduct themselves as good sports, including spectators F. Help assist in may making arrangements for postponed games G. Provide extra personnel such as score/timers when requested Section 2 Activity Registration Team captains or representatives must register online at http:// for each sports activity. The Intramural Sports Office strongly advises team captains to review ImLeagues for deadlines. All teammates will be required to have an ImLeagues account to participate in intramural sports.

Scheduling and League Structure Most activities are scheduled Monday ­ Thursday and Sundays only. However, due to the number of teams registered, times and days of play may be adjusted to accommodate more teams. Due to the number of entries, certain activities may be scheduled as weekend or one-day events; all participants must be ready and available when call upon. Regardless of days and times scheduled for regular season play, make-up and playoff games may be scheduled during any day and time of the week. A. Regular Season Schedules for regular season play will be based on the number of teams entered, the number of fields/courts available for play and the availability of times. Schedules will be round robin format. B. Playoffs/Tournaments League Tournaments: The number of teams that will qualify for each league tournament will depend on the availability of facilities. Teams will be notified as soon as a decision can be made. For all major sports there will be a tournament draw meeting for all teams who qualify for the playoffs. All teams will be given the opportunity to draw for

placement within the bracket according to their final regular season record and sportsmanship rating. Rosters Roster requirements will be posted on ImLeagues. In order for rosters to be considered complete, it must contain the minimum number of participants required for that sport, with the appropriate gender breakdown must be followed for Co-Rec activities if required. Be register with IMLeagues to participant and signed up in their sport of interest as a free agent or a participant of a particular team. Trinidad State Junior Community College Students Students enrolled at Trinidad State Junior Community College are eligible to participate in Adams state Intramural Sport leagues, special events, and one day tournaments. To do so, they must complete the liability waver and code of conduct. They must also provide proof of enrollment, signed by the appropriate college official and there is a $15 fee per sport/IM activity for TSJCC students and a required $27.50 monthly Rex Activity Center Membership required before play.

Rescheduling of Contest Since all Intramural Sports teams have the opportunity to indicate when they will be unable to play (limited to no more than 3 hours per day). No rescheduling can be accomplished except through the Intramural Sports office. A valid reason must be presented for consideration when requesting the rescheduling of contest. All rescheduling must be done one week in advance. All rescheduling must be confirmed 24 hours in advance by both teams/individuals. These procedures and guidelines must be followed in order to officially reschedule any contest: A. Team/individual desiring to reschedule a contest must call the Intramural Sports Office and check with Intramural Administrative staff on the availability of alternate game times. This is subject to the availability of facilities and personnel. B. The team/individual desiring the change must contact the opponent, request a change, and identify alternate times for playing the contest. Phone numbers for team captains are available on ImLeagues and in the Intramural Sports Office. The opponent is not obligated to change the playing date or time. C. If change is agreed upon; both teams/individual must contact the Intramural Administrative staff to confirm the change. If both teams/individual do not confirm the change, the contest must be played on the scheduled day and time. Note: Teams wishing to reschedule may default to avoid forfeit charges. D. The Intramural Staff always reserves the right to decline any reschedule request. Officials and facility requests are not available on demand. In consideration to staff schedules and facility schedules we will do our best in accommodating any request

unfortunately we can't guarantee any request out of the range of acceptable accommodation noted above in points A, B, C, and D.

Section 3 Governing Rules The Intramural Sports office reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of participants. These investigations may result in forfeiture, probation, and/ or suspension of teams or participants. Participants are still encouraged to submit protest involving ineligible participants. Participants must meet the criteria listed in one of the following categories to be an eligible participant in Intramural Sports: 1. Undergraduate ­ Anyone who has not received a degree, is currently enrolled at Adams State College, and holds valid Adams State College ID card. These students are eligible to participate in the Competitive, Recreational, and Co-Rec divisions. Note: Students enrolled in noncredit courses and students taking correspondence courses are not regularly enrolled and are ineligible for Intramural Sports participation. 2. Graduate ­ Normally, a student who has received a degree, currently enrolled in graduate level classes, and holds a valid Adams State College ID is eligible to participate in Intramural Sports (exception to the above will be handled by the CRIS Coordinator on an individual basis). Graduate students are eligible to participate in Competitive, Recreational, and, Co- Rec divisions. 3. Faculty/Staff and Spouse ­ Faculty and staff and their spouse may include those who are employed as full-time permanent, part-time permanent. A valid Adams State College ID card is required to gain access to all Campus Recreation facilities and to participate in Intramural Sports. All faculty and staff are eligible to compete in the Competitive, Recreational, and, Co-Rec divisions. No student, faculty, or staff member may play on more than one team per sport. A. participant who violates this rule will be ineligible to participate in minimum of their original team's next scheduled game; the second team the violator played for will forfeit all games in which the violator participated. Exceptions ­ All Co-Recreation activities will provide the opportunity for participation on a second team. B. All participates must be on a team's official roster, located in the Intramural Sports Office, in order to participate. Failure to be on an official roster may result in that team forfeiting the game. C. Participants must show a valid ASC ID card to participate in any Intramural Sports activity, including Individual/ Dual Sports and Special Events.

Any late arriving participants must show their ASC ID card to the supervisor, scorekeeper, or official before entering the contest. D. Any player using a name or ASC ID card other than theirs' will be barred from Intramural Sports participation during the season and that team will be penalized with forfeits for all games in which the violator participated. Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports Department reserves the right to bar any organization or team that willfully uses an ineligible player. E. Regardless of the reason, no ineligible player may compete in an Intramural Sports contest. No opposing team may give its consent for the participation of an ineligible player. G. During the play-offs, the last contest in which an ineligible player participated shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team. No reorganization of the tournament shall occur. Ringers A Ringer is defined as an otherwise eligible participant with certain playing restrictions as a result of having benefited from advanced training and coaching opportunities in the same or related sport. Ringers are: A. Current or Former Sport Club Members 1. Sports Club Members A student who participates [either in practices or games] as a member of a Adams State College sport club, determined to be any individual listed by the respective club officers on the club's membership roster which are submitted each semester is considered a ringer in his/her sport or related intramural activity. The student is considered a ringer for the entire academic year in which they participate in that club [either in practices or games]. The Assistant Coordinator and Sports Clubs will handle any special circumstances or exceptions on an individual basis. B. Former members of a Varsity or Junior Varsity team 2. Varsity, Junior Varsity, Professional or Former Athletes. A member of varsity or junior varsity athletic teams are students who participate or practice with, or are deemed members of a University Varsity or Junior Varsity team by the coach of that university, determined to be any individual listed on the University's team roster. These students are ineligible for Intramural Sports Participation in their specific or related sports for the academic year. 3. Students receiving a varsity scholarship are not eligible during the current academic year for the sport in which they hold the scholarship. Athletes who lose their scholarship and have never lettered are ineligible to participate in Intramural Sports in the given sport during the current academic year.

4. A varsity letter winner at ASC or any other college, university or junior college will not be eligible to participate during the current academic year in the sport in which they earned their varsity letter. 5. Students who have established themselves as professionals in any sport will not be eligible to participate in the sport in which they forfeited their amateur standing. All students, faculty, staff, upon completion of their professional sports career, must wait five years (with the year being identified from July to July) before being considered for Intramural Sports participation. It is the responsibility of the individual athlete to inform the Intramural Sports Office of his or her standing. Former members of a Junior Varsity or Varsity Athletic Team: A student who participated [either in practices or games] on a Junior Varsity or Varsity team is considered a ringer in his/her sport or related intramural activity. Once any former junior varsity or varsity athlete from an institution of higher education is eligible to participate in the intramural program, they are considered a ringer for that entire academic year. . For example: When a soccer player ends the regular season for soccer in the Fall Semester 2006, they cannot participate in any soccer or related intramurals until the Fall Semester 2007. They are then considered a ringer for the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 semesters. F. Former professional players 1. Former Professionals [or semi-professionals]: will always have Ringer status Intramural Sports Council ADAMS STATE COLLEGE INTRAMURAL SPORTS ADVISORY COUNCIL (a) The Intramural Sports Advisory Council has been formed to assist the Coordinator and staff members of the intramural sports program in the development and promotion of all aspects of the program. The role of the ISAC will be that of recommending and advising as well as serving as a liaison between Intramural Sports Staff and the Intramural Sports Participants. The function will also include serving on the Intramural Sports Program Protest and Appeals Committee. The CRIS Coordinator and one appointed member of the Intramural Sports Council will represent the Intramural Sports Council on the Campus Recreation Board. (b) The members of the ISAC shall be appointed by the Coordinator based on nominations from participants and staff of the Intramural Sports Program. Prospective members should have knowledge of the policies/procedures of, an interest in, and a good understanding of the concepts of the Intramural Sports Program. The council will comprise of seven members: Chairperson: CRIS Coordinator, Co-Chair: IM Graduate

Assistant, Recording Secretary: Selected Committee Members: UG Male Participant, UG Female Participant, and an IM Sports Employee. (c) The members shall be appointed for a term of one academic year, with the option to be reappointed for one more term. Should a vacancy occur from causes other than the completions of an appointed term, the Coordinator shall make an interim appointment. (d) The Protest and Appeals Committee exists to act on special appeals of any Intramural Sports rules and regulations, and properly filed protests. The committee shall consist of five members from the ISAC. Protest/appeals must be voted on by a minimum of two (2) professional/full-time staff members and three (3) student committee members. The Chairperson shall convene the Protest and Appeals Committee to hear and subsequently rule on such incidents

Section 4 Arbitration of Protest The Intramural Sport Protest and Appeals Committee will review all protest and advise a ruling on protest and appropriate sanctions based on the protest to the Director of Intramural Sports. The Direct of Intramural Sports will make the final ruling on all protest and sanctions. The ISAC shall meet regularly in accordance with a schedule of meetings the Chairperson shall submit for approval to the Council at the start of each term.

Sportsmanship and Conduct Good Sportsmanship is a requirement, not an option, for participation in IM Sports Team Sportsmanship Team sports activities find their origin in the basic human need for play. Winning and losing are mere outcomes of this play. Abusive language toward officials, supervisors, other participants, spectators and manipulation of the rules are not "part of the game" and WILL NOT be tolerated. This negative sport behavior distracts from the satisfaction of competing, getting fit, and enhancing friendships. Intramural Sports Program Supervisors, Sports Officials, and Staff, jurisdiction is in effect from the time a team arrives at the playing site until the time the team leaves. Incidents outside of these limits may be examined as well. Thus, the captain and other players should be ready to act and prevent misbehavior and/or unsportsmanlike conduct of teammates. The following "Team Sportsmanship Rating System" has been implemented to ensure quality sportsmanship in team sports activities. Team Sportsmanship Guidelines

Each team receives a "team sportsmanship rating" at the conclusion of each game by the game officials. Be aware, an individual's behavior can have a dramatic effect on a team's rating. A team must have a 2.5 (average) rating during the season to be eligible for the playoffs. Each team must maintain a 2.5 rating for each game/round to continue in the playoffs, regardless of the outcome of the game. This is not an exhaustive list of unsportsmanlike actions. Nor does each element of each grade have to be obtained in determining a "team sportsmanship grade." There may be adjustments to the "Team Sportsmanship Rating System" if unsportsmanlike behavior merits such adjustments for management effectiveness. Sportsmanship Points Description 5 Points: Normal Game: Questioning an official on rule interpretation only. 4 Points: Some static: Some question of officials' judgment or repeated complaints. No infractions issued. 3 Points: Difficulty: Repeated question of officials' judgment. Unsports man like call in softball, volleyball, flag football; yellow card in soccer; and a technical foul in basketball. 2 Points: Harassment: Multiple unsportsmanlike calls, technical (not on the same participant), yellow cards or spectators harassment of the officials. 1 Points: Ejection: Any ejection, whatever the cause. 0 Points: Fighting: Includes threatening an employee. If involved in a fight your team could be removed from the league for the remainder of the season. Special Game situations 1. Games cancelled/not rescheduled due to weather, power failure etc. ­ both teams will receive a "5" rating. 2. A team winning by forfeit/default for reason other than sportsmanship will receive a "5" rating. 3. If a game is forfeited due to sportsmanship, the opposing team will receive their rating based on their actions up to that point. 4. A team forfeiting/defaulting for reason other than sportsmanship will receive no rating. 5. A team receiving a 2.5 or lower must have a their team captain meet with the CRIS Coordinator to be eligible to play their next scheduled contest. Individual Conduct During any Intramural Sports activity, all participants are expected to display those qualities and behaviors associated with good sportsmanship. Failure to maintain control during participation may result in suspension from play. Any player who is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct may not play with his/her team for the next scheduled game. Additionally, an ejected participant will need to depart the site (within one minute) for the remainder of the contest to avoid a team forfeit. All ejected participants must contact the Intramural Sports office and arrange an appointment with a member the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff, within 24 hours, prior to any further participation in any Intramural Sports activity. Disciplinary meetings must take place in person and no individual will be reinstated in the sport in which they were

ejected prior to this meeting for ejections pertaining to unsportsmanlike conduct. Upon scheduling a meeting with the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff participants will be released to participate in all other activities except for the activity in which they were ejected. Failure to attend the disciplinary meeting may result in all games between the point of ejection and scheduled meeting being forfeited (this will pertain to any intramural sports activity). There may be adjustments to application of official game rules for conducting contest if unsportsmanlike behavior merits such adjustments for management effectiveness. Overt behavior, such as verbal stimulus or body language stimulus that is interpreted as being taunting, will result in the following: 1st Offense ­ Warning, 2nd Offense = Warning + penalty, 3rd Offense = Ejection, 4th Offense = Team forfeit ­ this could happen at the first, second, or third level Intentionally assaulting a staff member or game official in any manner will result in immediate ejection and suspension from participating in Intramural Sports for a minimum of one semester. This also includes an attempt to strike, even though there may not be contact. Participants using threatening behavior, intimidation tactics or taunting game officials or staff members will result in immediate ejection and suspension from participating in Intramural Sports for a minimum of a game. Unaccepted physical contact or fighting (defense is not an excuse for fighting) during Intramural Sports would be handled on a case-by-case situation: The following offences are merely guidelines; disciplinary actions may result in more severe penalties. 1. First Offense: Suspension from play for a minimum of two games. 2. Second Offense: Suspension from play for a minimum of one semester and referral to the Office of the Dean of Students. 3. Third Offense: Suspension from Intramural Sports for the remainder of time in school and referral to the Student Life Department and the Office of the Dean of Students. Note: This includes any team member or spectator who leaves the bench/viewing area to participate in any isolated altercation. Additionally, at any time when ASC Campus Police are called to diffuse a situation all suspensions will start at a minimum of 4 months or one semester. Unsportsmanlike behavior suspension(s): 1. First Offense: Suspension from play for a minimum of one game. 2. Second Offense: Suspension from play for a minimum of two games. 3. Third Offense: Suspension from Intramural Sports for one semester.

Note: All unsportsmanlike conduct brought to the attention of the Intramural Sports Staff will be reviewed and ruled on by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff. Cheating Any individual found cheating will be suspended for a minimum of one game. Examples of include, but not limited to: 1. Playing on more than one team in the same sport. 2. Participating or attempting to participate under an assumed name and team manager's with knowledge of such actions. Individuals using or attempting to use another students ASC ID card will have the card confiscated and may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students under the charge of "Providing False Information." 3. Withholding varsity, professional, or Sports Club status. 4. Participating after being suspended from competition and prior to being reinstated. Miscellaneous Penalties Any person/team that willfully causes damage to equipment or playing are shall assume responsibility for the full cost of repairs or replacement. Suspension or game forfeiture may result. No formal or informal artificial noise making that is interpreted as disrupting a contest is permitted, violators will be asked to leave the competition area. Animals, except for Seeing Eye Dogs, are not allowed at any Intramural Sports event. Note: More severe penalties may be imposed for any infraction of the rules or for conduct that infringes on the participation enjoyment of others. The above mentioned penalties are general guidelines. Suspension from Play and Reinstatement Procedures Any player, coach, or spectator who is ejected from an Intramural Sports contest is automatically suspended from Intramural Sports participation for a minimum of one game until official reinstatement. 1. Participants who are suspended from play for intentionally assaulting a staff member/game official or unacceptable physical contact or fighting are not eligible to participate in ANY Intramural Sports activities. 2. All team captains will be held responsible for their players participation during their suspension period. In the event that a suspended player participates in a game the team will be charged with a forfeit and may be suspended from further play. Additionally, the team captain will need to schedule an appointment with the Intramural Sport Administrative Staff to determine what penalties will be rendered upon the team and or team captain. 3. Each ejected participant is responsible for scheduling a disciplinary meeting with Intramural Sport Administrative Staff. All meetings must take place in person, no exceptions.

4. The Administrative Staff will determine the period of suspension for each person who is ejected. The minimum suspension is one game in the activity from which the person was ejected plus a three month probationary period. 5. No individual will be reinstated prior to a personal visit with the Administrative Staff. Participants who fail to meet with a staff member within one week of their ejection will be ineligible for all Intramural Sports activities until a meeting has been scheduled.

Honor Code All students are expected to know and abide by the regulations and policies set forth by the Honor Code, and are subject to disciplinary actions by the Institution for any violation of this code. The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to refer any incidents involving substandard student conduct to the Office of the Dean of Students. Protest Questions as to a Sports Officials' judgment are not valid grounds for a protest. There may be times when you feel like you have been wronged and you may be correct. But, if the wrong was caused by poor judgment (in your opinion) on the part of the Sports Officials, timers, scorekeepers, or other staff members assigned to the contest, the call shall stand and there is no recourse but to accept the Sports Officials' decision. A. Rule Interpretations All protest regarding rule interpretations or misapplication of the game rules must be verbally declared by the team captain at the instant of disagreement (prior to the next play), with the game officials. The game officials will immediately suspend play and contact the CRIS Coordinator or Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports. The supervisor at the game site will confer with the sports officials to resolve the protest. If not satisfied with the decision of the student supervisor the team captains can fill an official written protest with the student supervisor. It is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure that all pertinent game information is correctly noted on the Protest/ Appeal form. Forms can be submitted no earlier the 4 hours after the completion of the contest and no later than 24 hours after the completion of the contest. During tournaments, or playoffs, when time is of the essence, the 4 and 24 hour rule does not apply. A written protest must be filed before the next round game (following the protested game) is scheduled to begin. Failure to do so waives all protests. In situations when ruling needs to be made immediately they will be rendered by member of the Intramural Administrative Staff. Intramural Sports discourage protest, but we all make mistakes and Intramural Sports is no exception, especially when we put our welfare in the hands of our peers. If an error is correctable, we hope that we can make things right whenever possible. All decisions relative to a valid protest will be rendered by the Assistant Coordinator. An immediate ruling on a valid protest will be rendered by a member of the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff.

Participant Eligibility The Intramural Sports Program will consider protest involving participant eligibility. The Intramural Sports Program strongly recommends that all protests regarding player eligibility be made known prior to the start of Intramural Sports contest. However, protest of this nature must be made in writing by noon the following business day, in the Intramural Sports office, or be made known to the Intramural Sports Supervisor on duty at the game site. It should not be considered poor sportsmanship to question the eligibility of a player. A strong Intramural Sports Program requires that the interest and concern of all persons involved are considered. When an official protest is presented which results in the identity and recognition of illegal actions within the structure and/or function of one or both teams, application of the governing rules will be administered. Forfeits and Defaults A. Forfeits, When a team and/or individual forfeits a scheduled contest, not only is the opponent unfairly inconvenienced, Intramural Sports staff members need to be paid as well, valuable playing time and facility space is wasted. Any more then two forfeits within a season of play automatically drops a team from participation in the final championship or playoff event. 1. If a team and/or individual forfeits during the regular season or playoffs, they will need to pay a $20.00 forfeit fee or they will be dropped from the league. To be reinstated (single elimination events are excluded), they must resubmit their forfeit fee within two working days. 2. Game time is forfeit time. There will be no grace periods. If a team and/or contestant fails to appear at the scheduled contest site by the exact time schedule, the Intramural Sports Staff member my delay declaring a forfeit, depending on special circumstances. B. Defaults As a courtesy to their opponents and to avoid being charged a forfeit, teams may request a default for games that they will be unable to attend. 1. All defaults must be made known to the Campus Recreation Office at least two hours prior to their scheduled contest. 2. Two defaults equal one forfeit. The second default will eliminate a team and /or individual from post-season playoffs, unless they resubmit a second by the time set forth. 3. A team's and/or individual's first default counts as a loss but does not jeopardize their chance of making the post-season playoffs. Section 5 Inclement Weather

As the responsible party for all intramural and club sport events and for all students participating in these events I as the Coordinator and my staff reserve the right to cancel any game whenever it is determined that the health or safety of students would be placed at risk. My inclement weather policy reads as follows, "Inclement Weather: The Intramural Sports Staff reserves the right to make all decisions concerning the postponement or cancellation of games due to inclement weather. Teams should not assume games will be cancelled simply because of rain but if the situation is deemed a safety issue which could result in the loss of life or hazard beyond normal game play requirements our staff will rendered the game a cancelation. Normally but not a requirement, cancelled games will be rescheduled within a week. However, this is entirely contingent upon facility availability and official's availability. Teams should check the ImLeagues website the following day to confirm their schedule after all inclement weather situations." Section 6 Intramural Sports Employment Intramural Sports employs 10 - 20 full-time students throughout the year. The student employees are very important part of this program. We take great pride in the success we have with the training and development of all employees. We will provide you with all the training and we pay you for the time you are in training. You just have to have the desire and commitment to be a part of great program. If you are up for the challenge here are the jobs that are available for both semesters. Intramural Sports Office Assistant: Intramural Sports will hire office assistants for the academic year. The Office Assistant is responsible for customer service, clerical and receptionist duties of Intramural Sports. Typing, computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Word, the Intramural Handbook is preferred for employment in this position. The Office Assistant will work directly with members and guests, providing courteous, friendly and professional assistance. Hiring Period: August Officials Officiate Intramural Sports/Special Events, attend mandatory official's clinics and meetings, assist sport supervisor in preparing game area/facility, enforce rules and regulations of sport, and of ASC Intramural Sports, and fill out sportsmanship rating forms. Qualifications: Interest in Sports and Recreation, current knowledge of sport rules or willingness to learn officiating protocol of sports, good decision-making skills, and good interpersonal skills. There is no interview required to be an Intramural Sports Officials. Hiring Period: Throughout the Academic Year

Sports Supervisors

Monitor the sport competition by being a constant presence around the field or courts, being open to questions or concerns from other staff members or participants, and directing any other questions to the sport director on duty or office assistant. Report risk management problems and complete injury report forms, conduct equipment inspections and inventories, explain and clarify departmental policies, procedures, and intramural sport rules. Attend mandatory officials' meetings and clinics. In addition, these students are responsible for the overall success and timeliness of each event. Qualifications: Ability to make quick decisions, interest in sports and recreation, good interpersonal skills, at least one year of officiating experience or one year working for an University Intramural Sports Program. Hiring Period: March ­ April



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