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DURA-PAK is the Adamson Global Technology trade name for hot water storage heaters, which are factory

packaged as complete systems. Storage capacities range from 127 gallons upward. Horizontal and vertical designs are available. DURA-PAK heaters are furnished with steam (or boiler water) control valve, thermostatic controller, steam traps, valves, circulating pump, piping, insulated and jacketed as specified.


REDUCTION OF PEAK ENERGY LOADS Hot water requirements in schools, offices, hospitals, etc. are rarely uniform. Peak hot water demands result in peak energy requirements. DURA-PAK water heaters continually maintain the hot water temperature within the tank and thus significantly reduce the peak demands for heat input. SMALLER HEATING ELEMENTS A baffled U-tube bundle inserted into an open end sheath serves as the heating element. The heating medium flows in the U-tubes. The tank contents are constantly circulated across the outside of the tubes. Baffles are installed on the tubes to produce turbulent flow. The resulting forced circulation shell side heat transfer coefficient is much greater than the natural convection heat transfer coefficient of an unsheathed bundle of the typical hot water storage heater. Therefore, the required surface of the heating element is less than is needed for the commonly used bare U-tube bundle. The bare U-tube bundle may, however, be used in low recovery applications. RAPID-RESPONSE MODULATING CONTROL VALVES The control valve is fast-acting and responds promptly to signals from the thermostatic bulb. Uniform water temperature results from this rapid response. The modulating characteristics of the control valve decreases the heating medium flow as water temperature rises. Peaking of energy requirements is thus reduced. Control valves are designed to close (i.e. "fail safe") on failure of power. SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION The factory assembled unit is complete. Field labor is required only to put the DURA-PAK unit in place and to make the piping connections for the steam (or boiler water supply), the domestic water, the condensate (or boiler water return), electrical connection and for a 1/4" compressed air line, when an air operated pilot valve is furnished. CIRCULATING SYSTEM A bronze circulating pump continuously operates with the required recovery capacity circulating across the heating element. Bronze hand valves are mounted adjacent to the pump so that it can easily be removed for maintenance purposes. Copper piping is used for the integral circulating system. This pump may not be required on bare bundle applications. STEAM TRAPS Float and Thermostatic main steam traps are provided. The main steam trap is sized to pass the condensate rapidly. Flooding of the inside surface of the tubes does not occur, thus permitting maximum heat transfer. A thermostatic drip trap is also furnished on the steam inlet line immediately before the control valve to remove any condensate produced in the steam piping. Control valve life is extended and performance improved when operating on dry steam. Both traps are provided with an adequate drip leg to assure peak performance. STORAGE TANKS Tanks are designed, constructed and stamped in accordance with the ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1, Pressure Vessels. Standard design pressures are 100, 125 and 150 pounds per square inch. A Manufacturers' Data Report for Pressure Vessels, as required by the provisions of the ASME Code Rules, is furnished with the signature of an inspector employed by an independent inspection agency and certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. STORAGE TANK LININGS Tanks may be lined throughout with DURA-FLEX cement, 3#/square foot copper sheet, or an epoxy coating. Tanks may be of plain steel, cupro nickel or stainless steel. Cupro nickel fittings are normally furnished with lined tanks and on cupro nickel vessels. Other linings and materials are available on special request.


Custom Engineered Factory Packages

Horizontal Storage Tank

Control Valve Heating Element Relief valve Outlet Isulation and Jacket ASME Stamp

Thermometer and Pressure Gauge Thermostatic bulb

12" x 16" Manhole

Main Steam Trap

Circulating Pump

CW Inlet Distributor Pipe

Vertical Storage Tank

Outlet Relief valve

Thermometer and Pressure Gauge

Drip Trap Main Steam Trap 12" x 16" Manhole

ASME Stamp

Circulating Pump

CW Inlet Distributor Pipe



These heaters may be lined or unlined.

DURA-DYNE Vertical Steam to Water

DURA-DYNE Horizontal Steam to Water

DURA-MITE Water to Water

DURA-MITE Steam to Water




13200 Ramblewood Drive Chester, Virginia 23836 phone: 804.748.6453 fax: 804.796.2037 toll free: 800.525.7703


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