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KENYA METHODIST UNIVERSITY DLM ASSIGNMENT FACULTY : SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT : COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS COURSE CODE : BBIT423/CISY423 COURSE TITLE : Advanced Database Management Systems TRIMESTER : 1ST TRIMESTER 2011 DEADLINE : 25TH MARCH 2011 (Penalty for Late submission is 10 marks off your total) Total Marks (40) Lecturer: Salesio M. Kiura, PhD Email: [email protected] Instructions Deliver a hard copy of your assignment to DLM office by the deadline. DO NOT send soft copies of your assignment so that I can be able to mark and return during tutorials. Use my email for ONLY queries. 1. In not more than 300 words, identify and distinguish at least four generations in the history of Database Management Systems. [8 Marks] 2. By use of a real life example application (e.g. in a banking DBMS application), describe how the scenario of Recoverable schedules with lost update problem can arise. NB: you must first make a case (explanation) of how concurrency is involved in the application area you choose. [6 Marks] 3. Compare and contrast network, hierarchical and relational models as used in the design of DBMS [6 Marks] 4. In more complex DBMS application like GIS (Geographical Information Systems), it is important to optimize DBMS operations. One approach is to apply the principles of indexing. Differentiate the following types of indexes. [8 Marks] a. clustered vs. unclustered b. primary vs. secondary c. dense vs. sparse d. simple vs composite 5. Design a database from the following exhibit 1.1. Exhibit 1.1 ... In the context of the ongoing police reforms in Kenya, the Officer Commanding (a local police) Station has approached you to design a simple database system. The idea is to automate/computerize the police occurrence book (OB). The OB is used to record complaints from the wananchi at the police station. A record of a complaint shows, among other things the following: · The police officer who attended to the mwananchi, the date of incidence, details of the person reporting, the report from the mwananchi, etc

After listening to the mwananchi, the police officer must indicate on the form whether the reported incident is a theft, murder, disagreement, accident or any other ...

Evaluation guide: Correct modeling of entities and corresponding attributes. Including normalization and relationships [8 Marks] 6. Differentiate the following terms: Data warehousing, data mining and online transaction processing. [2 Marks] 7. List and describe 4 tasks of a Database administrator [2 Marks]

Total: 40 marks


Microsoft Word - BBIT423_CISY-423_Advanced_DBMS_DLM_Assignment_Jan-April_2011.doc

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Microsoft Word - BBIT423_CISY-423_Advanced_DBMS_DLM_Assignment_Jan-April_2011.doc