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General Description Unsalted butter is produced from fresh sweet cream which has been pasteurised, churned and worked in continuous butter making machines, to produce a premium quality butter. Unsalted Butter is uniform in composition, yellow in colour with a clean nutty flavour typical of butterfat. Product Application Unsalted butter is traditionally used as an ingredient in cooking and baking applications where additional salt is not required or undesirable. Unsalted butter imparts a natural and unique flavour benefit, improves moisture retention and retards staling. Unsalted butter may also be used as a flavour carrier or simply as a heat transfer medium in cooking applications. Chemical and physical specifications


Fat Flavour & Odour Appearance & Colour Curd Microbiological Standard Plate Count Coliforms (MPN) Yeast and Moulds Coag. Positive Staph. Listeria

16.0 % max

82.0 % min Satisfactory Satisfactory 2.0 % max 20,000 / g max <2.0 / g 50 / g max ND / g ND / 125g


AS2300.7.2-1991 Organoleptic Organoleptic AS2300.7.2-1991 AS1766.2.1-1991 AS1766.2.3-1992 AS1766.2.2-1994 AS1766.2.4-1994 TECRA E.I.A. 1994


Unsalted Butter is available in 25 kg polyethylene lined cardboard box. Storage and Handling The product should be stored under refrigeration conditions in an odour free environment until required for use. Longterm storage can be effected by storing the product in the frozen state. Frozen Butter should be thawed slowly in a conditioning room (10 º C) for approximately seven days prior to use, so that product integrity is optimised.

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