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Curriculum Vitae

It is no longer a matter of titles, but the one of delivery and adding value..!

Abdalla, Adil M


Urban, Project & Operations Professional


Name Address Telephone E-mail Nationality Date of birth

ADIL MAHGOUB ABDALLA P O Box 29164 Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 50 764 6614 [email protected] Sudanese 17.02.1955

PROFESSIONAL DEFINITION A Sudanese Architect by graduation, Project Manager by certification, Real Estate Professional by practice and Senior Executive by track-records. Belong to the cosmopolitan breed, which crosses all boarders of cultures, practices and geopolitics. As a knowledge-based professional, I had created my own intellectual identity; which honors both humane referrals and scientific frameworks. Aspects of Urban Development are proven to be the critical factor for overall prosperity and excellence in livelihood, therefore, my efforts had focused to build a reliable consensus in the field and get ready for any serious involvements. It is no longer a matter of titles, but the one of delivery and adding value..! Areas of Technical Focus and Strength: Urban Development modeling, planning and management Facilities planning, development and management Project modeling, operations and management Heritage preservation, planning and management Areas of Management Exposure, Focus and Strength: Quality Management and associated systems Procurement and Contracts Management Knowledge Management and capacity-building CSR modeling, planning and development Corporate planning, structuring ad development Team-work structuring, incubation and development KEY WORK EXPERIENCES

Duration Employer Business Position Activities & Responsibilities

SINCE 2008 - PRESENT Jumeirah Capital LLC, a UWI Company, P O Box 119229 Dubai, UAE Urban Development Management DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL GROUP Reporting to The Board, responsible to plan and implement the agreed strategies and business models among corporate real estate parties; driven by the PPP scenarios. Urban Development, Mass Transit modeling and Use-mix were the main targets, while quality, performance and CSR management were my main concern. This included supervision on various multi-billion-Dollars existing and potential schemes in Malaysia, Bahrain and Brazil. Also, daily and direct management of senior professionals and executives to contribute to the same. To deliver the contracted KPIs, in over-seas engagements and operations; the task required intensive yet sophisticated approaches and implementations. Lately, I had been elected for Medini Board in capacity of Development Director (Medini is the major development of Johor State in Malaysia; with value of $20 billion and GFA 200 million)

Duration Employer

2005 - 2007 Dubai International Financial Center - DIFC, P O Box 74777 Dubai, UAE

Adil Abdalla 151109


Business Position Activities & Responsibilities

Development & Property Management DIRECTOR PROJECTS & ASSET MANAGEMENT Reporting to COO, responsible on high-level coordination among various corporate parties with a mandate to implement international Real Estate model within a new federal entity. This included setting up planning, processing, and administration for business-driven frameworks, interdepartmental synergy and performance enhancement. The assignment covered all aspects of Urban Planning, Township management, Transit modeling, Project development and Facilities management. DIFC Development is GFA 27 million with estimated value of $5 billions

Duration Employer Business Position Activities & responsibilities

2001 - 2005 TECOM -Dubai Properties, P O Box 73000 Dubai, UAE;;; Http:// Property Development PROJECTS MANAGER Worked independently with minimal supervision to prepare initiation & inception studies, setting & lecturing PMBOK and drive execution to close out. Architect of various appraisals on quality, organizational structure and performance monitoring. Management of program, design & construction for various projects of DIC, DMC, DTV Newsroom, Smart City, Knowledge Village, IMPZ, DEZ, Dubiotech, Teleport, etc. During that time; TECOM developed GFA 2 million worth $130 million.

Duration Employer Business Position Activities & responsibilities

SINCE 1999 ­ PRESENT (IRREGULAR) Free-Lance Consultant, P O Box 29164 Dubai, UAE Consultancy Service TECHNICAL & MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT Various free lance services to assess, support and plan practice & performance in areas of Project management, Heritage preservation and Facilities management. The list of Clients included Governmental, Corporate, NOG's, Contractors and consultants

Duration Employer Business Position held Activities & responsibilities

1995 - 1998 Dubai Municipality, Historical Buildings Section P O Box 67 Dubai, UAE Public preservation activities HEAD OF RESEARCH UNIT Planning and supervising implementations of heritage preservation, with main involvement in restoration design and management of consultancy contracts. Efforts were successful by flashing Dubai on world heritage activities in late 1990th. Value of allocated budgets $5 million.


Position when Employers

Volunteer Project Manager Resident Engineer Executive Manager/Partner Preservation Architect Senior Preservation Architect Partner/Manager Founder/Manager/Architect Site Engineer/Architect Adil Abdalla 151109

2005 - 2007 2000 - 2001 1998 - 1999 1993 - 1995 1992 - 1993 1991 - 1992 1989 - 1991 1985 - 1987

Dubai Autism Center - DAC, Dubai, UAE Winner Arex JV Consultants, P O Box 12270 Dubai, UAE Conserve Consultants, P O Box 3235 Ajman, UAE Dubai Municipality, P O Box 67 Dubai, UAE CIAH, P O Box 764 Cairo 11511, Egypt Mina Contracting Co., Cairo, Egypt Centroid Consultants, P O Box 10146 Khartoum, Sudan High Dam Co. For Civil Works, Cairo, Egypt 2


Institute Where When Subject

University of Liverpool Helwan University Maven Training Motorola University PelCon India BSI Project Management Institute Seeking Growth Projax Bureau Veritas Dubai Municipality LINGUISTIC SKILLS & COMPETENCES

Mother tongue Other languages Communications

UK Egypt UK Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE USA Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE

2001 1978-1984 2006 2005 2004 2004 2003 2003 2002 2001 1995

MPhil/PhD (Discretionally suspended) BA Arch Prince 2 Practitioner Six Sigma Green Belt Framework of Project Management Design & Development of ISO 9001:2000 Project Manager Professional PMP Team Development & Building Enterprise Project Management Internal Quality Auditing Preliminary Project Management


SOCIAL SKILLS & COMPETENCES Blogger: Adil's World:; My principle blog on cultural, political and public issues Blogger:True Islam:; My vision on the conterversiual issues of Islam Blogger: Centroid:; A Portal on my own Technical Management concepts & tools Member; Facebook, WebShots, Linkedin, etc Occasional Writer PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS (Main Achievements) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Assisting in developing Medini, Johor, Malaysia 2008 Assisting in developing DIFC, Dubai 2007 Assisting in developing Smart City initiative, TECOM, Dubai 2004 Assisting in detailed Master planning for TECOM Development, TECOM, Dubai 2003 Assisting strategic planning for $2.5 billion JBR Development, TEO, Dubai 2002 Competent in Al-Ain Heritage Village competition, Al-Ain Municipality, UAE 2000 Competent in Ajman Municipality HQs competition, Ajman Municipality 2000 Supervised design of Shandagha Heritage Village in Dubai, UAE 1997 Contributed in setting-up Historical Buildings Section of Dubai Municipality, UAE 1995 Participation in pro-quake & emergency projects in Fatimade Cairo, Egypt 1992 Participation in the international activities for displaced in Sudan, 1991

TECHNICAL SKILLS & COMPETENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. MS Office package (Word Processing & Power Point, Spread Sheets) 12 years MS Project, 8 years Photography, 15 years Auto Cad, 8 years Professional Copy-Writing, 12 years

AWARDS & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Appreciation by PMI Knowledge Center 2004 Registered in UNDP experts, United Nation Development Program, 1999 Registered in UNISTAR Program, United Nation Development Program, 1998 For the Analytical Study on Traditional Roofing Techniques, Dubai Municipality 97 For the Participation in Dubai Heritage Committee, Dubai Municipality, 1997 For the Participation in Preservation Activities in Dubai, Dubai Municipality, 1996 For the Best Preparation of Annual Budget Plan, Dubai Municipality, 96

Adil Abdalla 151109


RESEARCH SKILLS & COMPETENCES (Articles, Lectures & Publications) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. AFFILIATION Gerson Lehrman Group GLG, Council Member, 2008 2. Society of Industry Leaders, Vista Research, Inc., a Standard & Poor's business , 2007 3. Association of Project Management Group, APMG, 2006 4. International Facilities Management Association, IFMA, 2006 5. Urban Land Institute, ULI, 2006 6. British Institute of Facilities Management, BIFM, 2006 7. Association of Advanced Cost Engineering, AACE, 2006 8. International Association of Planning Engineers, IAPE, 2003 9. Project Management Institute, PMI, 2001 10. Int'l Council on Monuments & Sites ICOMOS, 1998 11. Sudanese Engineering Council, 1988


"Maturity of Involvement" paper to "Leader in Construction", IQPC, Dubai, Dec 2007 "Service Excellence" paper to "FM Middle East" FMBG, Dubai, Nov 2007 Presentation on Analysis of Canary Wharf Experience, DIFC, Apr 2007 Presentation on Comparison Prince 2 vs. Project Management, DIFC 2007 Process Mapping of PAM Dept, DIFC 2007 Script of "Project Management Performance Monitoring System PMPMS©", in progress Lecture on Customer Driven Project Management, DIFC 2006 Lecture on Project Management in Real Estate, TECOM 2005 Presentation on Design & Project Management, TECOM 2003 Cultural Bridging in Architectural Conservation; University of Hawaii, May 2001 Lecture on Int'l Preservation Charters, Eng Dept, UAE Army, Abu Dhabi, April 2000 Traditional Architecture of Dubai, Arabic script, Gulf Book Ctr, UAE, proceeding National Authority on Heritage & Antiquities, Al-Khaleej Newspaper, Nov 1998 Lecture on Architecture & Authenticity, Dubai Municipality, March 1988 Preservation in International Activities, Al-Bayan Newspaper, UAE, March 1998 Heritage & Tourist Planning, Al-Bayan Newspaper, UAE, January 1998 A Historical Mosque in Sudan, Al-Ithad Newspaper, UAE, December 1997 Crises of Arabic Conservation, Al-Ithad Newspaper, UAE, November 1997 Various Articles & Publications on Heritage, Dubai Municipality Publications, UAE, 95/1997 Al Ahmadiya Conservation, Lecture, Conservation Seminar, DM, March 1996 Improving Preservation Work in Dubai, Analytical Report, DM, UAE, April 1995 Sudanese History in Egypt, Al Khartoum Newspaper, Egypt, March 1993 Housing Problem of Sudan, Armed Forces Newspaper, Sudan, May 1990

REFEREES Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman, DIFC Governor, [email protected]; +971504562555 Abdullah AlJanahi, Limitless, Corporate Executive Dir, [email protected]; +971505538333 Prof. Salih Lamie, ICOMOS Executive Committee Member, [email protected]; +20122113501 Issam Galadari, Projects Director, EMAAR, Dubai [email protected]; +971505530103 Ali Bu Ruhaima, CEO, TECOM Zoning Authority; [email protected]; +971506449169 Dr Imran Markar, CEO Jumeirah Capital; [email protected]; +971506511730 Abdulreda Abulahassan, Planning Dir, Dubai Rail Train Agency; [email protected] ; +971506510119 LIST OF ACTIVITIES, PROJECTS & ASSIGNMENTS 1. Proposal Director, Ashgabat Central (Turkmenistan), MZ Capital, Dubai 2009 2. Proposal Director, DCAA Restructuring Proposal, Ethraa Group, Dubai 2009 3. Proposal Director, Wasl FM Change, Ethraa Group, Dubai 2009 4. Proposal Director, Medina Revitalization (Tripoli), Ethraa Group, Dubai 2009 5. Proposal Director, Green City, Euro Investment, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2008 6. Proposal Director, Penang Mass Transit Commercial Appraisal, Penang, Malaysia 2008 7. Board Member, Medini (Node 1, IIB Development ), Johor, Malaysia 2008 8. Proposal Director, Node Two, Iskandar Investment Region, Johor, Malaysia 2008 9. Proposal Director, Node Four, Iskandar Investment Region, Johor, Malaysia 2008 10. Proposal Director, Development of PHBB KL Center, Kuala Lumpore, Malaysia 2008 11. Proposal Director, Regional Development Associated with Rio/Sau Paulo Bullet Train, Brazil 2008 12. Proposal Director, Development of Green City, Bahrain 2008 13. Director Projects & Asset Management, Various Projects, DIFC 2006 14. Client Representative, The Master Developer, DIFC 2006 Adil Abdalla 151109 4

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81.

Client Representative, The Retail Spine, DIFC 2006 Client Representative, The Gate Village, DIFC 2006 Client Representative, The Gate District, DIFC 2005 Project Manager, Dubiotech, TECOM 2005 Project Manager, DOZ, TECOM 2004 Project Manager, KV @ AC, TECOM 2004 (Closed on Time, within Budget & 113% of Scope!!) Project Manager, TYR Building, TECOM 2004 Technical Proposal Manager, Smart City Cochin, TECOM 2004 Planning/Design Manager, DTV Newsroom @ TECOM, TECOM 2003 Planning/Design Manager, Knowledge Village II, TECOM 2003 Planning/Design Manager, Various Commercial Buildings, TECOM, Dubai 2003 Planning Manager, DMC Lake Side Competition, TECOM, Dubai 2003 Planning Manager, Car Parking Facilities, TECOM, Dubai 2003 Design Manager, Residential Buildings, TECOM, Dubai 2002 Design Manager, Commercial Buildings, TECOM, Dubai 2002 Design Manager, DIC V, TECOM, Dubai 2002 Design Manager, IBM Data Center, TECOM, Dubai 2002 Design Manager, Teleport, TECOM, Dubai 2001 Design Manager, Media Square, TECOM, Dubai 2001 Design Manager, Old City, TECOM, Dubai 2001 Design Manager, Knowledge Village I, TECOM, Dubai 2001 Advisor, Report on development of Maintenance Section of DM, Dubai, 2001 Consultant, Restoration of Old Customs Office, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2001 Contract Advisor, Restoration of Philatery Museum, Dubai, UAE 2000 Designer, Al Azizi Plaza, G+11 stories, Ajman 2000 Designer, Farajalla Building, G+6 stories, Ajman 2000 Advisor, Report on Development of UAE Heritage Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE 1999 Proposal Manager, Restoration of Khatt Village, RAK, UAE 1999 Contributor, Report on Development of HBS of Dubai Municipality, UAE 1999 Designer, Several 1 & 2 stories villas in Ajman & Sharjah 1999/2000 Designer, More than 20 proposals on heritage management 1999/2000 Designer, Al Mansouri Building I, G+6 stories, Ajman 1999 Designer, Al Muhairi Plaza, G+8 stories, Ajman 1999 Designer, Al Shandagha Heritage Village, Dubai 1997 Designer, Dubai Conservation Plan, Dubai 1996 Designer, Al Bastakiya Conservation, Dubai 1996 Designer & Site Manager, Al Ahmadiya Conservation, Dubai 1996 Member, Committee of Architectural Heritage, Dubai Municipality 1995 Designer & Site Manager, Restoration of Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai 1995 Designer & Designer & Site Manager, Restoration of Diera Old Souk, Dubai 1995 Designer & Site Manager, Restoration of Abdallah Ibrahiem House, Dubai 1994 Designer & Site Manager, Reconstruction of Bin Dalmouk Mosque, Dubai 1994 Site Manager, Restoration of Al Ahmadiya School, Dubai 1993 Coordinator, Restoration Design for of Al Mogharblien Monuments, Cairo 1993 Coordinator, Preparation of various researches and reports, Cairo 1993 Consultant, Restoration for 1850-built antiquity Housing Building, Cairo 1993 Coordinator, Consolidations for 1992 Quake-Effected Monuments, Cairo 1992 Team Leader, Survey & Documentation of Al Azhar Mosque, 1992 Coordinator, Restoration Design for Cairo Citadel Phase III, 1992 Coordinator, Restoration of Salih Abu Hadid Mosque, Cairo 1992 Contractor, Restoration of Al Niel Mosque, Cairo 1991 Contractor, Restoration Quotation for Al Ghouri Mosque, Cairo 1991 Contractor, Restoration Quotation for Al Ashrafiya Madrasa, Cairo 1991 Technical Advisor, Resettlement of Displaced, Save the Children. Sudan 1990 Technical Advisor, Resettlement of Displaced, German Red Cross, Sudan 1990 Designer, Al Amarart Shopping Center, Khartoum Government, Sudan 1989 Designer, Several 1 & 2 stories villas, Sudan 1989/1991 Designer, UNDP compound development, Sudan 1989 Project Engineer, Restoration of Al Mosaferkhana Place, Cairo 1987 Project Engineer, Restoration of wooden roof for Abu Sirja Church, Cairo 1987 Project Engineer, Dewatering for Zewila Church, Cairo 1987 Project Engineer, Bidding for Restoration of Dom of The Holy Rock, Cairo 1987 Site Engineer, Restoration of Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo 1986 Site Engineer, Restoration of Al Dhahir Babers Mosque, Cairo 1986 Site Engineer, Restoration of Cairo Citadel Phase II, Cairo 1985 Site Engineer, Restoration of Amr Bin Al Ass Mosque, Cairo 1985 Site Engineer, Restoration of Bab Al Azab, Cairo 1985

Adil Abdalla 151109



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