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Cement producer issues 30,000 customized invoices monthly using the Adobe® Intelligent Document Platform


CEMEX, a Mexican multinational company with a presence in Spain, is one of the world's top producers of cement. The group has operations in more than 30 countries, including the United States where it is one of the principal producers, as well as the Philippines, Egypt, and Indonesia. CEMEX Spain currently produces 10M tons of cement and 5M cubic meters of concrete in the country annually. With billings of approximately 700M in its Cement Division and 311M in its Concrete Division, the company has 8 cement plants, 80 concrete plants, 10 mortar plants, one crushing mill, and 15 quarries and gravel pits.


InDuStry Manufacturing ChAllEngES · Automategenerationof30,000invoices permonth SOlutIOn · Documentgeneration CEMEXSpainadoptedanautomated invoicingsystemusingAdobeCentralPro OutputServerandAdobeOutputDesigner tosupportcustomization,digitalarchiving, electronicsignatures,andthird-partybilling. rESultS · Streamlinedcreationanddistributionof approximately360,000invoicesannually · Centralizedmanagementofnearly120,000 supplierinvoicesperyear · Invoicescustomizedwiththedata,logos, andformatsrequiredbyeachcustomer · Automaticdispatchbymail,fax,ore-mail · Monthlytimesavingsofover100hoursin personnelworktime In PArtnErShIP wIth TheSeidorGroup


For years now, at the request of its present CEO, Lorenzo H. Zambrano, CEMEX has aggressively sought information technology solutions to improve its production processes and customer service, and to increase its competitiveness. A demonstration of these efforts is the advanced electronic invoice generation system used by the Spanish subsidiary. CEMEX Spain's Cement Division has approximately 2,800 customers, and performs 36 billings every ten days, issuing an average of 3,000 invoices. The Concrete Division (Hormicemex) has approximately 8,000 customers and issues about 6,500 invoices with the same frequency, each of which must be in triplicate.


To meet the need to optimize the time and costs associated with this process, CEMEX implemented a system to automate invoice generation for delivery via fax, mail, e-mail, or by hand. CEMEX Spain selected the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform including Adobe Central Pro Output Server and Adobe Output Designer software. The Seidor Group, a company specializing in integrated IT solutions and an official integrator of Adobe's server products in Spain, was involved in the project, supporting the CEMEX IT team. Adobe Central Pro Output Server software creates each invoice by combining the data, logos, and format to be used depending on division, type of customer, and geographic area. The invoice is then automatically sent to be printed and delivered by mail, fax, or e-mail in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or to the various distribution plants for distributed printing and hand delivery by the CEMEX sales reps. Adobe Central Pro Output Server automatically organizes groups of invoices according to the envelope-insertion logic required by each business. It also breaks up printing by invoice volume, quantity, or other parameters, with the aim of optimizing production. In addition, the system is integrated with the envelope inserter by means of a barcode system that helps ensure correct insertion using an error detection system.


"we've calculated that the per-person savings every ten days is six hours, so we're talking about monthly time savings of over 100 hours in personnel work time, thanks to the Adobe system."

JuanManuelGutiérrez, billingmanager, Hormicemex

Spectacular savings According to Juan Manuel Gutiérrez, Hormicemex's billing manager, "The administration team tasked with inserting and sorting consists of six people. We've calculated that the per-person savings every ten days is six hours, so we're talking about monthly time savings of over 100 hours in personnel work time, thanks to the Adobe system." Enrique Sorribes, director of customer management in the Cement Division, explains, "We have achieved spectacular economies in invoice storage. Before, they were filed in the central offices, taking up an immense amount of space; now they are all kept as Adobe PDF files in a digital archive." Streamlining processes with electronic signatures "We issue our invoices on paper, because it's required by law, although we also deliver them via e-mail, in Adobe PDF. In the future, we look forward to using secure electronic signatures to further improve processes," says Gema Rueda, head of CEMEX Spain's Business Solutions Services. The use of Adobe Central Pro Output Server software helps ensure that once CEMEX Spain sets up a definitive electronic signature system, it will be able to implement an integrated electronic billing system, publishing the original documents on the portal, and creating an online digital archive accessible by customers. "Implementing electronic signatures for invoices will bring savings, increased efficiency, and speed, all of which will mean a qualitative leap in the company's invoicing processes," says Yolanda Ruiz, who heads up CEMEX Spain's Business Process Evolution. Enhanced marketing with customized invoices Another benefit highlighted by the CEMEX Spain team is the capability of customizing its invoices. In Sorribes's view, "Invoices are an essential medium for marketing, introducing new commercial offerings, and providing information about new products." The team is also contemplating including charts of each customer's consumption data in the invoices, information which they are most are eager to have. "Adobe Central Pro Output Server is critical for us in enriching the commercial and marketing information we include in our invoices," emphasizes Ruiz. "When customers buy cement from us, we want them to see that we are also selling them a whole array of services that set us apart from the competition, and an automated billing system is key to achieving this," comments Enrique Almonacid, manager of the Supplies and Payments Area of the Administrative Processes Department. CEMEX Spain has used Adobe Central Pro Output Server for another innovative project called Self-Billing or Third-party Billing. Using this system the company issues, on behalf of its suppliers, invoices which conventionally would be issued directly by the suppliers themselves.

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Better by Adobe.TM

time and cost savings achieved CEMEX Spain currently receives approximately 120,000 invoices per year, of which 40,000 must be checked by Administration Department personnel against orders or services rendered, with a heavy impact in terms of time, manual processing, and costs to the company. "We have the data from our suppliers such as what we buy from them and at what price. We set out to optimize the entire process of checking invoices, and having our company issue, print, and dispatch them on behalf of the supplier," says Almonacid. Adobe Central Pro Output Server makes it possible to generate invoices, grouping orders or contracts by supplier. This result is a 10% to 15% savings in the issuing of invoices. In addition, CEMEX Spain has successfully centralized this task distributed by plant in its corporate offices.

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