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macromedia® case study

Tourism Queensland

Through the implementation of Macromedia Breeze Presentation, Tourism Queensland now has a rich environment in which to effectively communicate with all its key stakeholders.

Tourism Queensland has around 500 employees with offices located all across Australia and the world. The organization promotes tourism into Queensland but also has a commercial division that runs a travel business called "Sunlover Holidays"- a travel wholesaler which bundles up products from Queensland operators and then sells those holidays to major travel chains such as Harvey World Travel. Given that Tourism Queensland has such a broad reach of key stakeholders (travel operators, events companies, staff, and travel/hotel chains), the organization needed an effective method to access all these people in a cost-effective, highly interactive way. According to Barry Moore, director of e-commerce, Tourism Queensland, Macromedia Breeze Presentation, was the only solution to accelerate communication in a powerful yet easy to use manner. "Macromedia Breeze Presentation leverages PowerPoint and the web so people of all skill levels can create, deliver and share online presentations with ease," Moore says. "This integrated solution enables Tourism Queensland to quickly create, deliver and share important, rich media information with our key stakeholders including employees, partners, and customers." "Prior to Macromedia Breeze, we used to send out e-mails to key stakeholders with PDF attachments and we were finding that many of our key contacts weren't really digesting the content," says Moore. "We knew there was a need for something like Macromedia Breeze Presentation as research about end user habits indicates people don't read large text files or manuals because they are boring to look at. Breeze content is much more engaging, so our contacts are far more likely to view it on their PC, rather than wading through reams and reams of text in a manual. With Macromedia Breeze, we can send out visually rich presentations with ease, but also track how many people open the presentations and which pages they visited." The benefits of a Macromedia Breeze presentation aren't just in the visually engaging appeal of it. Tourism Queensland 's overhead was cut significantly as they no longer send presentations to thousands of people in the mail. Now, they just put together content in Macromedia Breeze, e-mail the link to the presentation, and then end users can view it on their own time. "Communicating with up to thousands of people can be a real challenge, not just with the time it takes to contact them using traditional methods, or the time spent copying files and sending them by post or e-mail. With Macromedia Breeze, the time spent pulling vital information together and delivering it to our key contacts is now just so easy."

Challenge Given Tourism Queensland's broad reach of key stakeholders (travel operators, events companies, staff and travel/hotel chains), the organization needed an effective method to communicate with all these people in a cost effective yet highly interactive way. Solution Macromedia Breeze PresentationTM

macromedia® case study

"Using Macromedia Breeze Presentation, Tourism Queensland now has a more engaging way to talk to our many stakeholders. They can see a face, hear a voice and are more likely to view a Breeze presentation than traditional text or HTML material. The end result is closer more effective relationship with our stakeholders."

Barry Moore Director of E-Commerce Tourism Queensland

Savings with Ease

Moore says that anyone can use Breeze, whether they're technologically minded or not. It's so easy to use and develop, that Tourism Queensland had its very first Breeze presentation up and running in less than 30 minutes. "Macromedia Breeze was created so that anyone can create and view a presentation. "Any one of our staff members can easily create one of these presentations. Similarly, accessing a Macromedia Breeze presentation is just as easy. This is perfect for Tourism Queensland and the thousands of key stakeholders we need to not only reach, but ensure they've actually read the communication we've sent them," says Moore. "I can already see that it's going to result in a return on investment for Tourism Queensland," he says. "It will certainly save us on infrastructure costs, while staff costs will also be down, as the time spent photocopying heavy text-based content are now no longer an issue with Breeze."

Benefits · Strengthened the relationships Tourism Queensland has with its various stakeholders, giving the travel group an effective way to communicate - almost as good as face to face communication · Reduced infrastructure costs - no longer need to have large Word or PDF documents flying around the network chewing up bandwidth and disk storage · Easy implementation - Tourism Queensland had its first Breeze presentation up and running within 30 minutes


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