The American Darts Organization® provides special certificate awards to ADO affiliated Member Associations whose members make specific achievements in league or tournament play sponsored by the associations: TON-EIGHTY = Three (3) scoring Triple-Twenties in '01 competition Or in Cricket play: DEADEYE = Three (3) Double Bulls scored in 3 darts (one turn) ROUND OF NINE = Three (3) Triples scored in 3 darts (one turn) (ALL 9 marks MUST COUNT for closure or score) Forms have been included for your use, however should your supply run out, the following guidelines apply: League Play: At the end of each regular season, you ADO Association Rep should compile and submit to the ADO Office (address below) a listing of those individuals eligible. The printed listing should include: 1. Name of the ADO Affiliated Association 2. Names of the eligible player/s and total number of achievements. This list will be published in the next issue of Double Eagle. 3. Unless otherwise specified, individuals qualifying to receive more than one award in any area of achievement, should be issued a combined certificate (for example: one award certificate specifying 3 180's shot during Spring Season). 4. Date of awards presentation. Please allow 10-14 days for shipment.

Sanctioned Tournament Play: The procedure for obtaining and reporting ADO Sanctioned Tournament award certificates is as follows: 1. When the ADO Area Manager returns a copy of the signed sanctioning form to the host association, a supply of certificates should be included with the Results Report forms. If an additional amount is needed, please contact the ADO office prior to your event. 2. At the tournament, the host Assocation Rep (or designate) will maintain a list of players together with the total number of scores achieved. He/she will issue one certificate per deserving player. After the tournament, the report form should be completed and submitted to the ADO office for publication in the Double Eagle.

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