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A Meeting held on 21.01.2011 at 3.30 P.M. at Prasar Bharati Secretariat under the Chairmanship of Sh. V. Shivakumar , Member (P), the senior officers of Doordarhsan & AIR Directorate & P.B. official were present in the meeting

1. One pay scale for one Post:A) Immediate Implementation of Hon`ble Supreme Court decision for EA (Time Bound) and Fixation from their respective dates of joining along with arrears. In this regard One officer of DG: AIR may be deputed as a Nodal Officer for pursuance of matter in the Ministry. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided in the meeting to send the proposal in next 4-5 days and fixation will be done from their respective dates of joining with arrears. The concerned DDA(E) will be deputed as Nodal Officer for pursuance the matter in the Ministry. B) Bring proposal in Board meeting for new recruited Technician, Helper (2 different Pay scale) Diesel Engine Driver (2 different pay scale ) D. Technician (3 different pay scales), Mast Technician(3 different Pay scale). Reply of P.B.:- In regards to newly recruited Technicians, Helpers (Prerevised to 3050 to 75%), Diesel Engine Driver (2 different pay- scales), Diesel Technician (3 different pay scales), Mast Technician (3 different pay-scales). DG:AIR prepare the proposal and the same will be placed before Prasar Bharati Board for approval and will be sent to ministry. Concerned DDA will be nodal officer to pursue the case.

2. Benefit of ACP:The benefit is denied but MACP is given, confusion already cleared by Hon`ble Supreme Court regarding pay scales, Ministry also told that all scale are govt. pay scale. (A):- MACP order should be issued regularly for all categories right from Helper to Asstt. Engg. on Jan./July every 6 month durations. Reply of P.B.:- It is agreed to grant ACP while considering rejection of SLP Patna case. The matter will be send to Ministry of I&B for concurrence. (B):-MACP order for remaining categories like Helper, Diesel Engine Driver, D. Tech, Mast Tech. in 15 days. Reply of P.B.:- It is agreed that MACP will be regularly issued every after 6 month January/ July as demanded by ADTEA. AIR Directorate will issue the order in this regards.

(C):- MACP order for remaining Asstt. Engineer in 15 days and CR`s should be checked only of AE tenure. Reply of P.B.:- MACP order for Helper, Diesel Engine Driver, D.Technician, Mast Technician, direction will be send to Zonal CE`s to issue the order in Next 15 Days. DDG(A), AIR will issue the order. (D):- MACP arrear is not given at various stations. Reply of P.B.:- MACP order for remaining Assistant Engineers will be issued in next 15 days. It is agreed that when the CR chart for promoted AE`s are available at the Directorate, then only AE period CR will be checked for the purposed of granting MACP. (E):- Implementation of Patna High Court Case (ACP) for all the employees. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided to give ACP to all employees considering the rejection of SLP by Hon'ble Supreme Court in Patna Case and fresh proposal will be send to ministry of I&B in this regard(Time bound) F) Regarding medical bill and TA/DA. Reply of P.B.:- Regarding medical bill TA/DA and other arrear like Bonus at DMC Balrampur. Member(P) directed finance wing to immediate release the fund. 3. Notional Pay Fixation for Technician & Sr. Technician:Prasar Bharati Board approved in its 56th meeting but AIR Directorate went against this benefit ultimately Hon`ble High Court Chennai favored the same. The proposal for granting Notional Pay Fixation should be send to Ministry in next 15 days and one officer should be deputed for follow up. Reply of P.B.:- It is informed that ADTEA has won the Notional Pay Fixation case and General Secy. ADTEA reminded Member(P) that he personally requested him for implementation of the same. It is decided that Notional Pay Fixation will be granted as decided by the Chennai High Court . The proposal will be prepared by AIR Directorate in next 15 days and will be sent to Ministry. DDA(E) will be nodal officer to pursue the case in Ministry. 4 Merger of EA& SEA on the basis of Grade Pay Merged Rs. 4600/(A) The recruitment rules should be amended in the light of judgment of DELHI CAT. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided that Recruitment Rules after amendment will be sent to Ministry I&B in next 5 days.

(B) EA & SEA DPC & The benefit of Grade pay in MACP is already given to SEA`s. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided tht Member(P) will have separate meeting with ADTEA & ARTEE on the issue of EA to SEA promotion, till then DPC for this category will not be held. DPC for remaining cadre will be held time bound.

(C) Result of all the examination should be posted at AIRNET. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided that STI(T) will take concurrence of DG:AIR before releasing any result and will sent result to Cadre Controlling Authority before releasing it. The earlier practice will resort. 5. Merger of Grade pay of EA & SEA:6500/- pre revised is merged with 7450/- hence granted RS. 4600/- Grade Pay. Minimum of Rs.7450/- (Basic) should be granted to incumbents as per rule while fixing the pay. 5000/-, 5500/- merged with 6500 and granted RS. 4200 Grade pay . Order to be issued. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided that 1.86Xof 7450 pre-revised will be given to the merged Cadre in Grade of Rs. 4600 and inspection unit will be asked to put up the matter for sending Instruction to all AIR & Doordarshan stations. It is also decided that inspection unit will issue the order of Rs.5000 , Rs. 5500 being upgraded to Rs. 6500 in grade pay of Rs. 4200/-. 6. CADRE REVIEW COMMITTEE:- It should be formed under chairmanship of Sh. R.K.Jain, CE(D), AIR Sh. R.K. Sinha may be co-opted members as representatives from Doordarshan. Previously also he was member as Director (EPM). Reply of P.B.:- It is decided that Member (P) will have a separate meeting with General Secretary ADTEA & President ARTEE on particular issue. It was agreed in principal that Cadre Review Committee will submit its report in one Month to Prasar Bharati & then it will be sent to Ministry. Nodal officer from Prasar Bharati will be appointed for fast implementation. 7. Extra Duty compensation and declaration of OTA limit:Reply of P.B.:- it is decided to constitute a committee headed by Director (EPM) with earlier composition of Association representative for fast recommendation. 8. Seniority Cum Fitness quota for various categories:Reply of P.B.:- Seniority cum fitness quota for both the categories will be considered and incorporated in Cadre Review.


Grant the 5400 grade pay to AE(Completer 4 year) & Rs. 6600 as III rd MACP:-

Reply of P.B.:- It is decided that approval of PB Board will be taken to grant Rs. 5400 Grade Pay AE`s who had completed 4 years of service. It is decided that approval of PB Board will be taken to grant Rs. 6600 Grade Pay as 3rd MACP will be given to AE`s after taking concurrence of the Prasar Bharati Board. It is decided to release the promotion list the roaster will be prepared for AE to JTS promotion in time bound manner and promotion list will be release citing that it will be subject to the courts verdict.

10. Helper (Training ), (A) Special training should be given Helper to compete in Technician`s exam. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided to start a special training program for Helpers before Convening the examination of Technicians. (B) All the helper were upgraded from group D to group C category, accordingly the work of helper should be redefined. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided to define the duties of Helpers as they are upgraded from Group D to Group C . 11. Security Arrangement:Proper Security Arrangement Should be done proper at all the stations. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided that Member(P) will see full report from DDG(Security) & will call again ADTEA on this particular matter. 12. Restoration of abolished posts:Some officer should be deputed from Prasar Bharati to take up the matter. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided to take up the matter with Ministry of I&B once again for restoration of abolished posts. 13. New Stations commissioned:Matter can be taken up in PBB Meetings. Reply of P.B.:- It is decided that provision will be made in PB Board meeting that new station will be commissioned only after getting sanction of new posts. 14. Issue of pay slip by IRLA:- Matter may be taken up with Chief Controller of Accounts to issue Instruction to IRLA. Reply of P.B.:- Member (P) viewed it seriously and directed to take up matter with Chief Controller of Account to issue pay-slips which are not issued yet for last six months. GM(P) will write a letter to CCA. 15. Issue of AIR, Port Blair:-

Issue of Mr Balu, Helper transfer from DDK Banglore to AIR Banglore .all the transfer norms were floated hence order of Mr. Balu be cancelled. Reply of P.B.:- Regarding transfer of Helper Mr. Balu, Member(P) ensured to take initiative On the matter & he will direct the authority for his joining. 16. Letter issued by DDG(South) regarding action against employees who participated in the Strike:- The letter should be withdrawn/ treated as cancelled to avoid the harassment of employees. Reply of P.B.:- Member(P) directed Sr. GM(P) to withdraw the letter issued by DDG(A), Doordarshan regarding action against employees who participated in Boycott on duty on 23rd & 24th November,2010 for 48 Hrs. 17. It is also decided that Sr. GM(P) will take action on termination of contract with Mr. A.K. Srivastava (Retd. Pex) .

1. Grant of Rs. 5400/- to AEs who had complete 4 years of service and Rs.6600/- grade pay as 3rd Financial upgradation in MACP. MACP to the remaining employees of Subb. Engg. cadres timely payment of MACP arrears. 2. Helpers should be trained so that they could clear the Technician Examination easily. 3. Security arrangement at AIR & Doordarshan stations. 4. Restoration of abolished posts. 5. New station should be commissioned only after getting the sanctioned of posts in various categories.


A Meeting held on 21

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A Meeting held on 21