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Customer and Product Services Business Policies

CaPS (Customer and Product Services) Mission: The CaPS team is committed to providing customers with information, logistical support and analysis of field returns. We work to accommodate unique customer needs without compromising our processes or introducing opportunities for errors. Our goal is to provide accurate data on field issues to allow product and process improvements, while assuring high quality, on- time repair and returns.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Numbers

An RMA number must accompany product returned to ADTRAN. The RMA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the packaging material. Please have your credit card or purchase order number available at the time of RMA request. RMA numbers are issued from one of the following three locations:

Who to Call

REPAIR/RETURN AND UPGRADE RMA REQUESTS · Customer Care Center: (800) 923-8726 extension 8716. Customer Care Center RMA e-mail request: [email protected] The Customer Care Center issues RMA numbers for all customers failed units and units requiring upgrade that are to be returned to the customer. This type of RMA return does not require advance replacement or troubleshooting with a Technical Support Engineer. (See below for Advance Replacement requests.) STOCK ROTATIONS AND RETURN TO STOCK RMA REQUESTS · Inside Sales Department: (800) 827-0807 The Inside Sales Department issues RMA numbers to customers requiring that the product be returned to Class-A (i.e., new) stock. All stock rotation authorization numbers must be accompanied by an offsetting purchase order. ADVANCE REPLACEMENT RMA REQUESTS · Technical Support Department: (800) 963-8726. ADTRAN's Technical Support Department issues RMA numbers to customers requiring Advance Replacements. Dead on Arrival (DOA), Out of Box and emergency replacement units are issued by the Technical Support Department after the Technical Support Engineer has had the opportunity to troubleshoot/validate the failure. ADTRAN retains the final decision as to whether a situation warrants a replacement unit. Deviations from this requirement must be approved by ADTRAN management or stipulated by contract with the customer.

Receiving Customer Returns

After acquiring an RMA number, returned product is processed through the CaPS Department to ensure data accountability and integrity. Product information is entered and processed the same day of receipt.



How Returned Product is Categorized

· Class A: Class A products have never been used and can be sold as new product. Class A products carry the full manufacturing warranty. These products must still have the unbroken ADTRAN packaging seal. Any exception to this policy must have a Vice President's approval. Refurbished: Refurbished products have been returned by a customer and the customer has received replacement product from ADTRAN. Refurbished products can also be returned products whose containers have been opened, but have not been used. Failures: Products categorized as Failures have been used and deemed unacceptable by the customer because of malfunction, application failures or functional failures.



How Returned Product is routed

· · Class A: Class A returned product is logged into the CaPS Baan database and the product is routed to the Finished Goods Department. Refurbished and Failures: These products progress through intensive test stages to ensure total debug and repair. The process includes, but is not limited to complete testing and repair and the product is then internally routed to Class B Stock or shipped back to the customer. All refurbished material is tested, packaged like new and labeled as refurbished. Replacements: In cases of product replacement to the customer, CaPS will internally order product from ADTRAN's warehouse. Upon receipt of the replacement, the appropriate CaPS representative enters the transfer information into the CaPS database so that new warranty records will be active when the replacement product is sent to the customer. Replacement units from Class A or Class B Stock carry the original warranty of the unit that is being replaced.


Products with Special Instructions

At the time of RMA request, specific instructions can be issued internally or by the customer. A Priority code is invoked within CaPS Baan, thus flagging the unit upon receipt. The product is then routed to Technical Support, Inside Sales, or elsewhere, as instructed. After completion of specific instructions, the product is processed to completion.

No Trouble Found (NTF) Product

Process handling and testing charges for NTF are stipulated in the Carrier Networks Equipment Warranty and Enterprise Networks Equipment Warranty documents. Deviations from this requirement must be approved by ADTRAN management or stipulated by contract with the customer.

Scrap Product

Products deemed non-repairable are scrapped. If requested, the product can be returned to the customer for their disposal. The CaPS database will reflect that the warranty is voided for that specific serial number. If the product is under warranty and there is no evidence of physical destruction or abuse, then the product is scrapped and a replacement is sent to the customer at no charge. If a product previously scrapped by CaPS is returned to the CaPS department, the customer is notified that the product has been previously scrapped, and no repair is performed. ADTRAN reserves the right to ensure that this product does not reappear on the market.



Refurbished Product Labeling

All Refurbished products are labeled with a Refurbished Stock (RS) label. The product packaging is also labeled as Refurbished Stock. The CaPS database reflects that this unit was a refurbished unit.

Packaging and Shipping

All returned products are packaged in accordance with current practices in order to prevent shipping damage. Product is shipped back to the customer at ADTRAN's expense unless a customer request for Special Delivery or other contract provisions apply. Special Delivery product is shipped at the customer's expense.

Repairs of Product under Warranty

Specific product contracts clearly identify the full manufacturing warranty. The warranty is initiated at product ship date. Four different types of warranty product returns: Failed Units in Warranty: Repairable. The CaPS department provides repair of these units free-ofcharge. However, if a product is returned for repair and no defect is found, a No Trouble Found fee is imposed on the returned product (see No Trouble Found (NTF) Product). The product is then shipped back to the customer. Failed Units in Warranty: Non-Repairable. These products are replaced to the customer from Refurbished Stock at no charge to the customer unless they are deemed to have environmental damage or damaged because of customer abuse. If the product is not available from Refurbished Stock, then the replacement is taken from Class A Stock. The non-repairable product is then scrapped. Environmentally damaged and customer abuse units are returned to the customer for disposal. Upgrades in Warranty: These are products sent in for upgrade only. Potential costs and actual upgrade steps to be performed are determined when the RMA is issued. Service Warranty: All repairs made to a product carry a 90 day service warranty on the repaired unit. The unit still carries the original remaining warranty period.

Repairs of Out of Warranty Product

Out of warranty products are those products that have expired warranty periods, or have had the warranty voided. Three different types of out of warranty product returns: Failed Units Out of Warranty: Repairable. These products are repaired for a nominal fee plus 10% of the suggested retail/list price. All repairs made to a product carry a 90 day service warranty. Failed Units Out of Warranty: Non-Repairable. Upon receipt of these products, the customer is contacted and the product is returned to the customer non-repaired. Upgrades Out of Warranty: Actual cost and upgrade steps to be taken are determined when the RMA is issued. All upgrades made to a product carry a 90 day service warranty.

Stock Rotation

Product returned from the customer as stock rotation is first processed into Class A Stock by Operations. Operations will inspect the product for intact package seals. Any product with broken packaging seals is routed to Refurbished Stock. To ensure proper customer contact and credit is awarded, the Inside Sales Department is notified of the product status.



Insufficient/Missing Authorization Numbers or Documentation

Occasionally product is returned without the appropriate authorization numbers or documentation. The product is put aside while the reason for return is researched. If the information is not available, the product is processed to Refurbished Stock. While every initiative is taken to research this unit, the product is given low priority and may experience delays in processing.

Damaged Product

Damaged product is processed in two different ways: Customer Damage: Upon receipt of damaged product, the Customer Engineer determines possible causes of damage. If the Customer Engineer concludes that the product was damaged by the customer, and then the customer is notified, the warranty voided, and the unit is returned to the customer. If the product can be fixed, ADTRAN will repair the product for a nominal fee plus 10% of the suggested retail/list price. Environmental Damage: Current ADTRAN policy does not allow for the repair of environmentally damaged product. The customer is notified, the product is returned to the customer, and the product warranty is voided within the CaPS database.

Product Upgrades

Product returned to the CaPS Department requiring upgrade is reworked to the latest product revision. Correct product revision is determined by the CaPS Department based on engineering change orders (ECOs) and the CaPS Department work instructions. PCB layout component changes may limit upgrade level.

Invoicing Customers for Advance Replacement of Product

When an emergency advanced replacement is provided to the customer, an RMA number is generated for the failed unit. A purchase order number or credit card number is required from the customer in order for the product to be returned to ADTRAN. Deviations from this requirement must be approved by ADTRAN management or stipulated by contract with the customer. The customer is responsible to return the failed unit within 30 days. Reports are generated on advanced replacement product not received by ADTRAN within 30 days, and the customer is notified by letter or email. If the customer does not return the failed unit, the report is routed to ADTRAN's Accounting Department for potential customer invoicing on the advance replacement unit.




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