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C H A R A C T E R E D , L E A D E R S H I P, D I S C I P L I N E & M O T I VAT I O N

Tired of constantly reminding students about doing what's right? Get our Character Education and Leadership Program!


Character Education and Leadership Lessons to help prevent poor judgement and counter negative influences

· Our Character Education and Leadership Program addresses twelve essential character traits. · Each lesson provides students with tips on how to incorporate important character traits and leadership skills into their daily lives. · Character and Leadership skills are teachable with our packet approach. · Every classroom needs leaders who will set good examples and serve as role models.

Don't Let Bad Behavior Get the Best of You!

Discipline and Motivation Interventions to help students learn from mistakes*

· Detention, Suspension, Good Choices, Truancy and Bully Lessons help students think about what went wrong and discover ways to get back on the right track. · Special Education Discipline Packets help resolve behavior problems for students in L.D. and B.D. programs. Lessons address minor and major rule violations along with negative attitudes. · Motivation Packets encourage students to work to their capabilities by overcoming self-defeating behaviors and attitudes.

* Positive Behavior Interventions can help reduce discipline problems, drop out rates, boost attendance and improve academic performance

Two New Programs from Advantage Press

Good Choices Program

Good Choice Packets can help teachers to be more proactive with classroom management especially when working with students who blindly follow the lead of others. Packets discourage students from being followers of bad examples and instead encourage them to set good examples. Two short stories or case studies are part of each packet to reinforce the importance of making good choices, especially when pressured to make the wrong ones. Each packet is a thirty minutes exercise. Packet Titles · Knowing When to Say NO · Knowing When to Stop · Accidents Happen But Not Constantly · Name-Calling · Telling the Truth · Pranks · I Didn't Realize · Littering · Slipping Away · On Strike · Inappropriate Touching · Cheating

Don't let misbehavior snowball!

CD #830

Reading Level 5.0

Character Education and Leadership Program

With the erosion of social values and the rise in student misconduct, teachers have had to look for ways to help students re-discover the most basic of values. Our twelve Character Education and Leadership packets teach students the importance of moral behavior and the power of positive student leadership. This is an excellent tool for preventing bad behavior and negative attitudes. Research supports the importance of Character Education.* Two short stories or case studies serve to reinforce the importance of each character trait. Quotes by famous or well-known individuals also support the moral message presented in the text. These packets are designed to give teachers the option of giving a lesson to one student or to the entire class. Packets are excellent for stimulating positive discussions. Each packet is a fifty minute lesson. *Programs that build social,

emotional and character skills can result in fewer suspensions, less absenteeism, and better reading and math scores.

Packet Titles · Accepting Responsibility · Dependability · Determination · Earning Respect · Gratitude · Initiative · Integrity · Kindness · Optimism · Self-Control · Standing Up for What's Right · Teamwork

Start building character skills with your students!

CD #850

Reading Level 6.0

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Individualize interventions for rule breakers and unmotivated students with our successful Learning Packet System. Simply match a packet title to a problem and let the improvement process begin! Packets let students:

Learn the reason for poor decisions See the consequences of their behavior

Detention Version 1 Reading Level 7.0 · Late to School · Late to Class · Cut Class · Unprepared for Class · Class Disturbance · Disrespectful Behavior · Cafeteria Misbehavior · Cut Teacher Detention · Problems with Relations · Gun and Candy · Away from Assigned Area · Learning from Mistakes · Uncooperative Attitude · Taking Suggestions Special Ed ­ Minor Violations Reading Level 5.3 · Paying Attention · Cutting Class · Disrespect · Disturbing Class · Getting Along · Late to Class · Talking · Uncooperative · Classroom Safety · Unprepared · Wasting Time · Leaving Class Detention Version 2 Reading Level 5.0 · Late to School · Late to Class · Cut Class · Unprepared for Class · Class Disturbance · Disrespectful Behavior · Cafeteria Misbehavior · Cut Teacher Detention · Problems with Relations · Gun and Candy · Inappropriate Responses · Self-Discipline · Lack of Respect · Good & Bad Habits · Away from Assigned Area Special Ed ­ Major Violations Reading Level 5.3 · Cutting Detention · Fighting · Dangerous Items · Dishonesty · Drugs & Alcohol · Gang Behavior · Improper Language · Disobeying · Truancy · Sexual Harassment · Vandalism · Smoking

Discover alternative ways of responding Learn from examples in case studies

Suspension Version 1 Reading Level 7.0 · Fighting · Insubordination · Profanity & Obscenity · Smoking · Theft · Cutting Class · Cutting Detention · Truancy · Dangerous Items · Drugs & Alcohol · Vandalism · Decision Making · Gang Activity Special Ed ­ Attitude Problems Reading Level 5.3 · Being Inconsiderate · Being Angry · Making Changes · Solving Conflicts · Decisions/Consequences · Learning from Mistakes · Being Responsible · Taking Suggestions · Out of Control · Temper Problems · Being Rude · Negative Attitude Suspension Version 2 Reading Level 5.0 · Fighting · Insubordination · Smoking · Dishonesty · Truancy · Cutting Detention · Dangerous Items · Drugs & Alcohol · Making Improvements · Gang Activity · Profanity and Obscenity · Vandalism Truancy Program Reading Level 5.5 · Unable to Focus · Anxiety/Distress · Self-Esteem Issues · Peer Pressure · Bored · Problems with Teachers · Low Grades · Transportation Problems · Financial Stress · Pregnancy · Substance Abuse

Interact with the material through goal setting exercises

Bullying Volume 1 Reading Level 6.0 · Being bossy · Coercion · Disrespectful of Others · Embarrassing Others · Excluding Others · Extortion · Hitting or Kicking · Intimidation Bullying Volume 2 Reading Level 6.0 · Threatening Others · Name Calling · Sexual Harassment · Shoving or Pushing · Spreading Rumors · Taking Property · Teasing · Aggression

#743 CD

#845 CD

#843 CD

#881 CD

#882 CD

#745 CD #261 CD

Motivation Volume 1 Reading Level 6.0 · Coming from Behind · Constructive Criticism · The Value of Cooperation · Learning from Failure · Getting Ahead · Showing Initiative · Becoming Involved · Finding Meaning at School

Motivation Volume 2 Reading Level 6.0 · Standing Up for Yourself · The Power of Planning · Positive Thinking · Taking Responsibility · Building Self-Confidence · Importance of School · Self-imposed Obstacles · Importance of Socialization

#875 CD

#876 CD

#263 CD

#960 CD

#262 CD

Packets offer students a 30-minute discipline or motivation lesson, a 50-minute character ed lesson, or 90-minute suspension assignment. Completed packets make for great discussion starters.



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NEW PROGRAMS! (Introductory prices) Truancy CD

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Detention and Suspension CDs **Revised Edition**

K #875 Motivation Packets Volume 1 ..............$60.00 K #745 Detention Packets Version 1 ................$50.00 K #876 Motivation Packets Volume 2 ..............$60.00 K #743 Detention Packets Version 2 ................$50.00 K #877 Motivation Discount CD Set ..............$110.00 K #845 Suspension Packets Version 1..............$60.00 Special Education Program CDs **Revised Edition** K #843 Suspension Packets Version 2..............$60.00 K #871 Four CD Discount Set........................$200.00 K #261 Minor Rule Violations Packets ..............$55.00 K #262 Major Rule Violations Packets..............$55.00 Bully CDs K #263 Attitude Packets ..................................$55.00 K #881 Bully Packets Volume 1 ......................$60.00 K #264 Special Education Discount CD Set....$140.00 K #882 Bully Packets Volume 2 ......................$60.00 All 7 Programs on CD **SAVE OVER 20%** K #883 Bully Discount CD Set ......................$110.00 K #777 Includes: #830, #850, #871,

#883, #960, #877, #264 ......................$595.00

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Offensive behavior is increasing and threatens effective teaching



Advantage Press



C H A R A C T E R E D , L E A D E R S H I P, D I S C I P L I N E & M O T I VAT I O N

Help Students Make Smarter Choices with our Character Ed, Student Leadership and Discipline Programs

· · · · · · Reiterate and reinforce school expectations Provide students with logical consequences for poor choices Provide students with the opportunity to learn the importance of 12 character traits Motivate students to improve both behavior and achievement Build student leadership skills Over 1600 pages of material available

Computer Files on CD ROM All packets come as PDFs on CD and are organized by topics for easy use. CDs are compatible with PC and Macintosh® computers. Educators may make as many copies as needed at the purchasing school.


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