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Advantor Pass & ID

Advantor Pass ID is a comprehensive, networkable Pass and I.D. system that simplifies the process of issuing visitor passes and identification badges. Utilizing Microsoft Windows XP Pro, a high-performance industrial computer, and a single shared database, Pass & ID provides a fast, cost-effective method to produce high-quality, tamper-proof badges. With a "drag and drop" card design, users can easily create an unlimited number of custom badge formats, in addition to pre-designed specialty badges such as the AF-75 visitor pass, AF1199 restricted area badge, and the AF-354 civilian identification card. As the most robust badging application available, Pass & ID allows the capturing or importing of images, administration of user information, and printing of access control cards in any format (proximity, mag stripe, etc.) FLEXIBILITY · Available in a low-cost single station configuration that can be easily expanded as requirements change or increase. The single station can be used for production of both passes and badges, printing to either plain paper or direct to PVC through the selection of different printers · Networkable via Ethernet LAN configuration to link multiple badging stations (Visitor Center, Pass and I.D. etc.) and viewing stations (Law Enforcement Desk, ECP, etc.) to create a customized system configuration · The hardware peripherals are available in an a la carte offering, allowing you to create a package containing only the components you want, saving you money and tailoring the system to your unique environment · Uses a digital camera for image capturing at the badging station or at remote sites for later badge production · Compatible with direct-print access control cards in any format (mag stripe, wiegand, proximity, etc.) SIMPLICITY AND EASE OF USE · Operates in a Windows XP environment with standard icons, drop-down boxes and WYSIWYG display to simplify operation and expedite badge production · Allows pre-sponsored visitors or previous visitors to be quickly called up from the database, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. · Displays only active fields for any given pass or badge format for data entry by the system operator · Makes use of auto-incrimination capability for pass number generation as well as default values for standard data fields to speed production time. · Advanced search and reporting capabilities allow you to quickly obtain information, sorted by any field including user-defined fields · High-Security option employs 2-person rule and prevents duplicate badge production, if selected.

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Advantor Pass & ID

SYSTEM FEATURES · Employs auto-increment capability for pass number generation and default values to speed badge production · Allows pre-sponsored or previous visitors to be quickly called up from the database, elimination the need for duplicate data entry · New privacy feature to block out portions of the social security number to prevent identity theft · Can be configured to automatically expire and delete users after a specified time duration · Automatic tracking of badges to prevent accidental reproduction of badge numbers. · Ability to change the titles of selected data fields to customize screens to fit your unique environment

CUSTOM BADGE FORMATS · Utilizes a "drag and drop" functionality to easily create an unlimited number of custom badge formats · Capability to print specialty badge formats including the AF-75 visitor pass format, AF-1199 Restricted Area badge format (can include security overlay per 1199 CD format specifications with select printers), and the AF-354 civilian identification card format. · Logos, emblems, and other graphics can be easily imported into a badge design · Personnel photos can be easily imported from the computer's hard-drive or other networked computer · Compatible with direct-print access control cards in any format (i.e. Mag stripe, wiegand, proximity, etc.) · Bar code printing capability · Includes 20 user-definable fields with only active fields displayed for data entry ADVANCED SEARCHING & REPORTING · Uses Microsoft Access database that is ODBCcompliant and allows creation of custom reports · Unparalleled search capabilities that allow quick searching by any field, including user-defined fields · Simplifies tracking and cross-referencing of information (i.e. License number to vehicle operator to sponsor, etc.) · Advanced reporting capabilities including Deleted Users Report, Tracked ID Report, EAL, and many more · Operator log-on provides audit trail for badge production and completes default value "issued by" field on badges

SYSTEM BASE CONFIGURATION (INF PASS/ID): · Operating System Microsoft Windows XP-Professional Edition · Base Computer Included Intel 7580 Pentium 4, 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM, 533MHz DDR, 80GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive, Intel AGP 64MB Video Card, integrated NIC 10/100/1000, integrated sound card, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 3 Serial Ports, 2 Parallel Ports, High Volume Cooling Fans, DVD-RW Drive, 3.5" floppy drive, keyboard, 2 button mouse · Display included Flat Panel Monitor · Peripherals included Digital Camera Tripod · Other Software Included Advantor Pass & ID Microsoft Access 2002 Nero Express PC Anywhere OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT · Additional available options include: Report Generation Printer Dye Sublimation Printer (for access cards) Specialty AF-75 Form Printer Signature Pad Card Punch Tool with Guide Additional Workstation 17" Flat Panel Monitor Upgrade Service Contracts


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