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QuickStart Implementation

The Fast, Fixed-Cost Way to Get Up and Running on Geneva

It's never been easier for a start-up or a growing firm on a tight budget to get up and running on Geneva. With QuickStart, you get a standardized, accelerated Geneva implementation, delivered by Advent professionals. Whether you are installing your first system or looking to migrate to the industry leader, QuickStart allows you to start reaping the benefits of Geneva as soon as possible, at a price that fits your budget.

From Project Planning to Go-Live, Services Include:

Project Planning Workshop: To confirm the scope of the implementation, identify potential exception areas, and assign roles and responsibilities Geneva Installation: Single­server installation in production and disaster recovery environments Initial Data Setup: Referential data setup including standard countries, currencies, exchanges, business calendars, and asset classifiers. Includes Geneva Workflow Manager mappings for IDC, Thomson Reuters, or Bloomberg Data Interfaces. Client Data Setup: Geneva portfolio setup for up to five accounts, including two custodians per portfolio, accounting calendars for each portfolio, and client-specific accounting parameters for each portfolio. Price schedule setup for each portfolio including seeded price lists plus one custom price list per portfolio. Security Data Load: Up to 200 listed securities from standard data providers. Asset classes include equities, bonds, asset-backed securities, options and futures. Data will be loaded using client's account through the Geneva Workflow Manager interface. Client is billed separately by selected data provider for security master data.* Data Provider Configuration: Market data providers include IDC Remote Plus, Thomson Reuters Data Scope, and Bloomberg Data License. Includes installation of accelerator with default settings. Clientspecific customizations including additional fields or overriding defaults are charged separately. Training: Includes two days of Geneva functional training, including Geneva Data Browser, one day of Geneva system administration training, and one day for Go Live support Prime Broker Trade Uploads: Two prime broker trade interfaces from Advent's established list of prime


Advantage Reconciliation Configuration: Includes training and configuration for two standard prime brokers. Client specific customization is additional. Operational Checklist: A checklist of your daily Geneva workflow encompassing tasks such as trade entry, market data processing and reconciliation to your configured Prime Brokers. The checklist will be provided upon completion of implementation and reviewed during your "Go Live" support.

Geneva® QuickStart Implementation

Additional QuickStart Items and Services:

The following items are available at a fixed cost per item: Eze Castle interface Additional prime broker trade uploads and reconciliation from Advent's established list of prime brokers Advanced training and parallel go-live reconciliation support Services for the following items, if required, are not included in QuickStart and are billed separately: Productized Interface Configuration · Advent Corporate Actions and Advent Custodial Data Interfaces · Additional standard data provider interfaces Trade Manager Configuration · OMGEO CTM and FIX integration · Allocation templates, trade charges, business process and Trade Blotter configuration & setup Geneva Configuration and Setup · Fund structures · TWR Performance setup and training · Geneva World Investor conversion and training · Expense Module · Real-time profit & loss · Report automation via subscriptions

Geneva Advantage · Configuration of additional standard data providers Customization · Custom reporting including training for custom report writing and custom dashboard development · Custom interface development including, but not limited to, order management and risk systems, pricing and data vendors, trade uploads, extracts, and general integration · Additional fund administrator and prime broker uploads Data Conversion · Point-in-time tax lot conversion · Reconciliation to your legacy system · Reconciliation of accrued interest on open positions There's no reason for implementation to be an obstacle. QuickStart is the fast, cost-effective solution for bringing the benefits of Geneva to your business. To learn more about QuickStart for Geneva, contact your Advent representative.

*Additional data provider contracts and pricing may apply for certain data elements such as GICS codes, Sedols and FX rates. Please check with your data provider for pricing.

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