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ADVENTURER INDUCTION S ERVICE CC March 11, 2006 This Service was organised by Margaret Williams of Greater Sydney Conference after looking at the Induction Service in the American Manual M usic Adventurers Enter Welcome Prayer Talk Adventurers face audience Repeat Law and Pledge Josi M argaret Loryn Norm Tew

Acceptance into Club M argaret The pledge cards (see wording on next page) were distributed to the candidates, they were read and explained. They were collected, after signature at the end. The leader then announced: "We hereby declare these candidates to be accepted into the fellowship of the Windsor Adventurer Club" Parents asked to come up and stand behind children, lighted candles were given to parents The leader then made the following statement "The child that stands before you needs the warmth, security and love of you, their parent. The Adventurer Club is to encourage you in the care of this child, but not to take your place. Do you pledge your participation in fulfilling your child's pledge of commitment to the Adventurer club?" The Parents then replied "We do!" Membership cards (see wording on next page) were then given out, each child coming forward to collect their card. They were printed then laminated into cards about the size of credit cards. Prayer Tariro

In an unusual situation in this church there were two Pathfinder aged children without a club, and they have been co-opted as junior teachers. They served in this ceremony by handing out materials, lighting and giving the candles to parents/guardians and handing out the membership cards.

This is the wording of the Adventurer agreement form.

Windsor Adventist Church Adventurer Club Adventurer Agreement I will participate to the best of my ability in all Adventurer Club programs. I will follow instructions at all times. I will obey the rule of two warnings then agree to Timeout for a short time only. I will both learn and have fun! Signed____________________

The badge had the following wording, with the Adventurer emblem in colour in the bottom right in line with the words in bold.

This is to certify that ____________________ is a member of the WINDSOR ADVENTIST CHURCH ADVENTURER CLUB.


C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Webpages\Adventurer\windsor\windsor3.wpd

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