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Reaching the Right Audience

First published more than 50 years ago, Metal Powder Report is the premier international magazine covering the powder metallurgy (PM) industries worldwide. Its six editions a year are mailed to metal powder producers, press and other essential equipment manufacturers, parts makers, and users of PM products and services globally. In a world increasingly focused on green technologies and sustainability Metal Powder Report reports on green technologies that deliver near net shape parts while radically cutting costs, raw material, labour and energy inputs. The magazine reaches the people you need to contact ­ those who have specifying and purchasing influence with budgets available to spend. We reach designers, engineers, and operations managers as well as senior corporate management. We also reach consultants who significantly influence buying decisions through their recommendations. The vibrant Metal Powder Report website ( offers a daily news service, complemented by features dealing with the breadth of topics covered in the magazine. But the world of powder technologies is changing rapidly, with convergence between metal and other powder industries such as specialised ceramics. Metal Powder Report has long been at the forefront of detailed coverage of research, development and manufacture of tungsten carbide and other carbide hardmetals ­ specialised ceramic materials without which modern machining techniques would not be possible. We will be expanding our coverage of ceramics in the future, but we can also offer a number of other routes to qualified sales leads through online marketing opportunities such as White Paper downloads, podcasts and webinars. Marketers seeking wider opportunities in the powder industries can also gain access to the unrivalled database offered by Elsevier's portal, accessed monthly by more than 16 million researchers and professionals from the corporate, academic, government and healthcare sectors.

Planned and provisional bonus distribution at major industry events*

2-4 FEBRUARY 19 ­21 MARCH 24-26 APRIL 10-13 JUNE 17-19 SEPTEMBER 4­18 OCTOBER

* Subject to change

Powder Metallurgy Association of India's International Conference and Exhibition ­ Mumbai, India MIM 2012 ­ San Diego, USA SAE World Congress ­ Detroit, USA PowderMet 2012 ­ Nashville, Tenn., USA EuroPM 2012 ­ Basel, Switzerland Powder Metallurgy World Congress and Exhibition - Yokohama, Japan

Editorial Calendar 2012


Focus on Pressing and Compaction Refractory applications High-strength steels Sintering Rapid manufacture MIM2012 preview

Ad Booking Deadline: 7 December 2011 Ad Material Deadline: 15 December 2011 Editorial Copy Deadline: 20 December 2011


Preview of Euro PM 2012 Composites Hardmetals research Tool steels Focus on PIM

Ad Booking Deadline: 9 June Ad Material Deadline: 17 June Editorial Copy Deadline: 22 June


Powdermet 2012 preview Advanced tool steels Testing and measurement PIM supplement MIM2012 coverage

Ad Booking Deadline: 9 February Ad Material Deadline: 17 February Editorial Copy Deadline: 22 February

Powder Metallurgy World Congress preview Advances in atomisation Microwave processing Advanced ceramics

Ad Booking Deadline: 9 August Ad Material Deadline: 17 August Editorial Copy Deadline: 20 August


Copper powder applications Design for MIM Metal foams Powder handling issues Lubricants and lubrication in pressing

Ad Booking Deadline: 11 October Ad Material Deadline: 19 October Editorial Copy Deadline: 22 October

* Editorial programme and deadlines subject to change. Please contact the Editor for further information.


World Buyers' Guide issue Advances in aluminum Diamond tooling Automotive steels

Ad Booking Deadline: 9 April Ad Material Deadline: 19 April Editorial Copy Deadline: 22 April

Print Advertising Rates & Specifications

Advertising rates


Full page Double Page Spread 1/2 Page 1/2 Page Island 1/3 Page 1/4 Page


3,692/$5,421 6,467 /$9,496 2,933/$4,316 3,308/$4,856 2,446/$3,588 1,790/$2,627


3,487 /$5,119 5,821/$8,547 2,640/$3,878 2,976/$4,370 2,094/$3,075 1,610/$2,365


3,325/$4,882 5,585/$8,073 2,523/$3,659 2,810/$4,126 1,920/$2,819 1,478/$2,166


Inside Back Cover Outside Back Cover


3,845/$5,646 7,123/$10,460


3,387 /$4,972 6,287 /$9,229


3,158/$4,638 5,908/$8,677

Print Specifications




Adverts should be supplied as Composite PDF version 1.3 Please ensure that: 1. Artwork is within CMYK colour space 2. Image resolution is at least 300dpi 3. Total ink coverage does not exceed 300% 4. Fonts are embedded and subsetted 5. Transparencies are flattened 6. No colour management profiles should be included, ie: ICC profiles We cannot accept artwork in Microsoft product formats. Please note that: · Overprint and knockout is the responsibility of the originator. If your requirements are outside of typical printer default settings (100% black set to overprint, and 100% white set to knockout) you must inform us. · We cannot accept responsibility for colour without contract proof. Method of supply · FTP: ftp://[email protected] · Username: stsales · Password: 5a 135_ftp · Email to [email protected] Digital edition enhanced advertising · Rich media - Files must be in 'shockwave flash' format - SWF or FLV. FLV files must have supporting content in a publicly accessible location. Max file size is 2MB, and cannot run for more than 30 seconds. Artwork assistance For customers needing assistance when submitting artwork: +44 (0)1865 843868.

A Double Page Spread (Live type area) n 258mm x 370mm

10 1/8 x 14 5/8 11 1/16 x 16 4/16 11 7 x 16 6/8 /8 10 3/16 x 7 5/16 11 1/16 x 8 4/8 11 7 x 8 1/8 /8 4 7 x 7 5/16 /8 10 3/16 x 3 3/8 7 5/16 x 4 7 /8 4 1/4 x 4 3/16 2 3/6 x 10 3/16 7 5/16 x 3 9/16 4 7 x 3 3/8 /8 2 3/8 X 7 5/16 10 3/16 X 1 11/16

Double Page Spread (Trim) Double Page Spread (Bleed)

B Full Page (Live type area) n

297mm x 420mm 303mm x 426mm 258mm x 185mm 297mm x 210mm 303mm x 216mm 124mm x 185mm 258mm x 86mm 185mm x 124mm 118mm x 116mm 60mm x 258mm 185mm x 92mm 124mm x 86mm 60mm x 185mm 258mm x 43mm

Full Page (Trim) Full Page (Bleed)

E Half Page Horizontal n D Half Page Vertical n C Half Page Island n F Third Page Island n H Third Page Vertical n G Third Page Horizontal n I Quarter Page Standard n J Quarter Page Horizontal n K Quarter Page Vertical n

A n

B n

C n

D n

H n

E n

G n

K n

F n J n

I n


2013 Powder Metallurgy Wall Calendar

Includes holidays, historical dates industry events and conferences. You can sponsor one or more months. The 2013 Powder Metallurgy Industry Wall Calendar serves as a valuable reference source for the industry, and can also be used by suppliers to generate new sales and increase repeat business. In addition to listing international holidays and celebrations, the Wall Calendar details memorable moments and milestones in powder metallurgy, as well as industry events and conferences held each month. For only $1999/1361 per month, you can sponsor a specific month or months, thereby generating exposure for your products and services all year long. As an added bonus, sponsors may publish information about their company within the Wall Calendar on a particular date. A variety of ad configurations are available. Space requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

Sponsored business breakfast/luncheon

Are you interested in a forum that offers networking opportunities with potential new clients while having an opportunity to deliver (2) presentations to them?

Metal Powder Report offers a `Business Breakfast/ Luncheon' programme which invites a targeted portion of our database to participate and provides a venue for a sponsor to meet with them in person. Sponsors choose the venue, identify the demographic from the Metal Powder Report database they want to invite, and select attendees from the acceptance list. This turnkey programme can be held over breakfast or lunch during a conference, or in a selected city, and is moderated by an editorial team member. Contact your local account manager for details and prices

Online Marketing Opportunities


The Metal Powder Report website reports daily on news and offers unique editorial content that covers the latest technologies, research, products legislation and best practices in powder metallurgy. It serves as an effective vehicle to drive traffic to sponsors' sites. The website is complemented with electronic media solutions that deliver essential information to readers in various forms, all of which produce measureable results: · Leaderboard/Skyscraper/Large Rectangle ads: Banner ads are trackable, enabling sponsors to know how many visitors viewed their ad and clicked through to their site. Each banner can be inserted on the home page, as well as various sections of the website. · Ask the Experts: This interactive forum provides sponsoring companies with a chance to answer questions from website visitors related to a specific product category, topic or technology. Sponsors have the opportunity to provide their opinions and suggestions to queries posted in this section or respond to the person directly. In addition, your company and the expert assigned to respond to questions gain from additional exposure to site visitors. · Sponsored Newscast: Metal Powder Report is launching a twice-monthly two-to three-minute online newscast, anchored by a member of our editorial team, to air on the website early in 2011. Audio identification of your company at the beginning of the broadcast recognises your company as the sponsor. Your logo also appears on the landing page and the website link is accessible in the podcast tool. The Newscast offers an excellent branding opportunity and exposure to visitors while helping drive traffic to your site. Contact your local account manager for details and prices. prices & specs


1 month

3 months 6 months 12 months ¤586 $861 ¤513 $753 ¤587 $861 ¤551 $538 ¤440 $646 ¤420 $614 ¤73 $108

Leaderboard 728x90 (max 40kb, flash*, ¤659 GIF or JPG file) $969

Skyscraper 120x600 (max 40kb, flash*, ¤733 ¤659 GIF or JPG file) $1,076 $969

Large rectangle MPU 336x280 (max 40kb, flash*, ¤841 ¤697 ¤559 GIF or JPG file) $1,230 $1,024 $819 Button150x100 (max 40kb, flash*, GIF or JPG file) ¤367 $538 ¤292 $431 ¤219 $323

*All flash (swf) banners need to have clicking information embedded exactly as follows:

on (release) { getURL (clickTag,"_blank") }

World Buyers' Guide online

A complement to the print version, the online World Buyers' Guide enables users ­ OEMs, Tier I/II suppliers and other potential customers to quickly identify suppliers based on a range of variables, including company name, business served, products/equipment/services offered, and geographical location. All listings, regardless of pricing tier, will be accessible through a built-in search mechanism. Metal Powder Report will promote the World Buyers' Guide and the green and sustainable technologies it encompasses to end users across key market sectors such as automotive/truck, aerospace, electronics, medical and various niche areas to drive more leads for sponsors. There are three types of listings: · Standard listing: Cost is $199/¤136 and includes your company name, address and contact details. · Enhanced listing: This gives you a prominent listing in the search results and your logo and description of products/services appear in your profile page. Cost is $399/¤272 a year. · Featured listing: This includes all of the benefits and Enhanced listing, plus a Google map pinpointing your location; five pdf files of any company print literature downloadable by users; RSS feed; and multimedia capabilities. Videos and images can effectively promote corporate capabilities. Cost is $499/¤340.

Weekly e-news

Metal Powder Report's weekly e-news is the news source for the international powder metallurgy industry, keeping opt-in readers informed of the latest business news, regulatory updates, upcoming events and other late-breaking information. Banner advertising opportunities such as a Leaderboard or Content Box allow you to promote a brand, service, new product or corporate initiative while driving traffic to your website. Results such as Open and Click-through rates are trackable. Contact your local account manager for details and prices. Metal Powder Report E-newsletter prices & specs


Horizontal banner (468 wide x 60 high) Button "side" banner (150 wide x 100 high) Content Box (no more than 50 words, maximum logo/image size: 120 wide x 100 high)


¤659/$969 ¤367/$538 ¤587/$861


¤586/$861 ¤292/$431 ¤513/$753


¤513/$753 ¤219/$323 ¤441/$646


¤367/$538 ¤73/$108 ¤292/$431

*(JPEG, GIF, or Animated GIFs are accepted. File size must not exceed 30KB.)


This single-sponsored e-newsletter, or "E-review," offers advertisers an exclusive opportunity to send a tailored e-mail message to opt-in subscribers of our weekly e-newsletter. The program, delivered at a convenient time for the sponsor, is ideal for promoting events such as product launches, appearances at trade shows, special sales offers, etc. Prices (per eReview)







Bespoke selection from magazine circulation: ¤380/$500 per 1,000 names. Minimum charge ¤760/$1,000

Lead-Generation Programs

Audio/visual podcasts

Metal Powder Report offers an exclusive opportunity to communicate with industry professionals with buying power and generate leads via an audio/visual podcast. The subject matter, determined by the sponsor, can feature interviews by an editorial team member with targeted industry people, combined with corresponding photographs and/or Power Point presentations. Viewers are required to provide contact details before accessing the programme ­ which resides on ­ and leads are forwarded to the sponsor. The podcast, downloadable to an MP3 player, is supported by marketing communications to drive viewers to watch and listen. Sponsors are guaranteed a minimum of 50 leads per broadcast. Cost per audio/visual podcast:

White paper downloads

One of Metal Powder Report's most successful lead generation programmes, white paper downloads offer sponsors an opportunity to obtain contact details of industry people who access their technical article or case study for free. The programme is promoted in a prominent section of the home page for three months. Metal Powder Report will also promote the programme to its database ­ providing additional branding exposure for sponsors ­ and guarantee at least 50 leads. Cost per white paper download:

0-49 leads 50 leads 100 leads >100 leads ¤55 / $75 per lead ¤1,760 / $2,500 ¤3,500 / $5,000 ¤3,500 + ¤30 / $5,000 + $40 / lead


¤1,466 $2,153


¤1,099 $1,614


¤733 $1,076

Contact Information


· 150 leads guaranteed · Best selling lead-generation programme Metal Powder Report can produce an online 1-hour seminar designed to educate industry members about new technologies, "best practices," and hot topics/issues impacting the industry. Sponsors have an opportunity to present their message to a captive audience and capture contact details of registrants online. Webinars are marketed to qualified buyers of powder metallurgy related products/equipment/services and sponsors are GUARANTEED at least 150 leads. This fullservice, turnkey program is managed, hosted, and marketed by Metal Powder Report and our editorial team will work with you to develop the topic and help recruit relevant speakers. Contact a Metal Powder Report sales representative for pricing and more details.

Note: Due to space availability, early bookings are strongly recommended.

Editor Richard Felton Tel: +44 (0)1865 843670 Fax: +44 (0) 1865 843971 E-mail: [email protected] Advertising North America Corey Whitman Tel: +1 212 268 3344 E-mail: [email protected] Europe (excluding Germany, Austria and Switzerland & Benelux) & Rest of the World Stuart Payne Tel: +44 (0)1932 564999 E-mail: [email protected] Germany, Austria and Switzerland Christian Hölscher Tel: +49 (0)89 9500 2778 E-mail: [email protected] Benelux Rodric Leerling Tel: +31 (0)229 841 882 E-mail: [email protected] Marketing/Circulation Laure Ballu Tel: +44 (0)1865 843058 E-mail: [email protected] Publisher Greg Valero Tel: +1 212 633 3105 E-mail: [email protected] Address Elsevier Ltd, The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1GB, UK Fax: +44 (0)1865 843973

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Metal Powder Media Pack

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