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Reaching the right audience

Metal Finishing, the plating and coating industries' technology magazine, has been in the business of providing essential technical information for both job-shop and captive operations for more than a century. Our diverse readership base entails virtually every sector of the surface finishing industry channel--engineers, chemists, metallurgists, OEMs, manufacturers, and end users--and covers every major sector: aerospace, automotive, decorative applications, electronics, hardware, medical, and military. Metal Finishing's offerings extend beyond traditional print mediums. Our search-engine-optimized upto-date industry news and developments and provides an array of electronic products, including podcasts, webinars, and white papers available for download. Metal Finishing is delivered in print and digital formats, ensuring that our readers--the decisionmakers and purchasers you are looking to reach-- receive the latest business and technical information in the format of their choice.

Job Function*



Supervisor/ Foreman


Metallurgist/Chemist/ Engineer

Owner/Corporate Officer

34.5% 25%

General Manager/ Plant Manager


Industries Served*

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (000's)

Aircraft/Aerospace Appliance Automotive/Motor Vehicle Electronics Fastener 3,836 4,097 2 4,039


7,517 5,662


Metal Finishing reaches the companies and decision makers advertisers are targeting--those performing the finishing operations, buying and using materials, equipment and services in their manufacturing processes. Available in print and digital formats, Metal Finishing is distributed to an opt-in subscriber base of more than 22,500 readers from around the world.* More importantly, our circulation database is renewed regularly, which means your advertisements reach a current and responsive audience interested specifically in your products and services.

*based on the October 2010 issue figures of 22,518 readers. Publisher's own data

Furniture Hardware Machinery Medical Military/Defense Other

4,608 5,831 4,170 4,977 2,786

International Editions

Metal Finishing China & Asia

Chinese and Asian surface finishers continue to enjoy the Metal Finishing China & Asia editions, now publishing three times a year.* This includes the annual Metal Finishing China & Asia Guidebook & Directory, which reaches more than 21,000 buyers in China & Asia--print and electronic readership combined. Metal Finishing China & Asia--distributed both electronically and at major trade shows and conventions from Beijing to Shanghai to Guangzhou--provides readers with access to the latest electroplating, organic finishing, and wastewater treatment technologies. *Publish dates based on trade show schedules.

Metal Finishing Brazil

Metal Finishing magazine continues its global expansion with the addition of Metal Finishing Brazil, the Portuguese-language edition publishing a minimum of four times in 2011. The premiere Metal Finishing Brazil edition, which was distributed to more than 7,500 attendees at the last EBRATS show in Sao Paulo, provided Brazilian surface finishing industry members with information on the latest technologies and best practices in electroplating and organic finishing. Subsequent editions typically reach 10,000 print subscribers, plus an additional 2,500 readers who receive the digital edition. Technical content focuses on finishing for critical Brazilian market sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronic, and decorative applications.

Print advertising rates --Foreign-Language Editions**

Metal Finishing China & Asia, Standard Issue (4-Color)

Full Page Half Page Quarter Page $3,675 $2,625 $1,575

Metal Finishing China & Asia Guidebook & Directory (4-Color)

Full Page Half Page Quarter Page $3,200 $2,500 $1,275

Metal Finishing Brazil, Standard Issue (4-Color)

Full Page Half Page (horizontal) Half Page (vertical) One Quarter $4,972 $2,746 $2,746 $1,580

** Ad dimensions same as Metal Finishing magazine and guidebooks, respectively.

Guidebooks & Directories

The Metal Finishing Guidebook & Directory, often referred to as the industry "bible," contains a wealth of technical articles covering virtually every aspect of surface finishing. From cleaning and pretreatment procedures to specialty processes to wastewater treatment, the Metal Finishing Guidebook & Directory is an indispensable resource for both job and captive finishing shops. Similarly, the Organic Finishing Guidebook & Directory covers all aspects of paint, powder coating, and e-coating as well as pretreatment and surface preparation. hyperlinks to website addresses and e-mails while offering advertisers the opportunity to "enhance" those listings with company logos.

NEW--Exposure opportunities for finishers!

For end users seeking finishers, Metal Finishing also offers the online Finishers' Directory (, a web-based tool that helps manufacturers, suppliers, OEMs, and the like locate finishers based on a variety of variables. Search parameters range from finishing specialty (i.e., anodizing, conversion coating, electrocoating, etc.) to What's more, both guidebooks are available in region of the country or simply company name. Search electronic formats on results provide pertinent background information on These searchable, easy-to-use digital editions enable each registered finisher, with direct links to websites finishers to quickly identify suppliers based on a range and contacts. A multi-tiered pricing structure allows of variables. A searchable company directory lists active finishers flexibility in their listings.

Metal Finishing Product News & Wall Calendar

The popular Spring and Fall Metal Finishing Product News supplements--or "MFPNs," as they are called--will now be bound into major show issues to provide additional exposure opportunities for advertisers. These "bite-size" new product entries, available for $399, quickly and easily convey information to potential buyers in search of finishing supplies, equipment of services. As an added bonus, a link to the digital version of the latest edition is included in Metal Finishing's weekly e-newsletter, thereby providing even greater exposure opportunities. Wall Calendar positions: $1,999 per page *Polybagged in November/December issue

Editorial Calendar 2011


Issue theme: Medical Finishing Content summary: Titanium and aluminium anodizing for medical applications--as well as autoclaving processes for surgical instruments--will be covered in this special issue. Also included: a directory of finishers focused especially on the medical/surgical finishing sector. Show Distribution: Medical Design & Manufacturing West, Feb. 8 ­11, Anaheim, Calif.


Issue theme: "SUR/FIN 2011 Show Issue" Content summary: The Annual SUR/FIN Preview edition, one of the biggest issues of the year, provides an advanced look at the many facets of North America's premier surface finishing event. Among the highlights: a summary of technical sessions, a comprehensive exhibitor listing that includes booth descriptions, and a schedule of networking and social events. Show distribution: SUR/FIN 2011, June 13-16, Rosemont, Ill.


Issue theme: "Eye on Electronics" Content summary: Finishing techniques, products and systems for printed circuit boards, computer parts and components, photovoltaic applications, and other sensitive electronic parts. Show distribution: IPC APEX EXPO, Las Vegas, Nev., April 12­14


Issue theme: "Cleaning & Pretreatment" Content summary: A quality final finish begins with a thorough, controlled cleaning and surface preparation process or series of processes. Learn about advancements in ultrasonic cleaning to the influence of surfactant concentration in cleaning solutions. Other topics discussed: aqueous vs. non-aqueous methods.


Issue theme: "Automotive/Motor Vehicle" Content summary: Technical articles to cover topics ranging from zinc and zinc alloy plating for fasteners and brackets, to plating on plastics, all the way to liquid painting and powder coating techniques for automotive parts and components. Show distribution: SAE World Congress, April 12 ­14, Detroit, Mich.


Issue theme: Coating Application Methods & Systems Content summary: Essential reading for the organic finishing specialist. Subjects range from paint and powder coating tips to robotic paint automation, to drying and curing. Show distribution: NAI Coating Show 2011-TBD


Issue theme: Environmental Initiative: (The "Green Issue") Content summary: This issue will focus on both existing and pending environmental policies and regulatory guidelines that stand to impact surface finishers, suppliers, and chemical manufacturers alike. Input and guidance from industry experts will help finishers navigate through the complex environmental and regulatory issues facing the industry. Additional coverage entails advancements in wastewater treatment, fume scrubbing and suppression, hex-chrome remediation, dust and paint collection, and best environmental practices. Show distribution: Washington Forum, April 12 ­14, Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City Secondary theme: "Finishing for Airline/Aerospace" Supplemental coverage: This edition covers surface preparation and finishing techniques for critical aircraft parts, particularly aluminium, for both civilian and military applications. Additional topics of relevance include pretreatment and finishing for optimal corrosion protection as well as routine parts maintenance and upkeep.


Issue theme: "Testing & Control" Content summary: From troubleshooting plating bath chemistries and processes, to monitoring system controls, to testing for coating thickness, integrity and defects, and performing failure analyses, this issue runs a wide gamut. Articles and columns explore best practices promoting efficient--and proven--finishing and testing operations.


Issue themes: "Finishing Equipment/Materials & Plant Engineering," PLUS "Year in Review" Content summary: Contemplating a plant redesign or expansion, or just looking to streamline your operations for greater efficiency and flexibility? Well, this issue is custom-made for you. Technical articles cover the broad range of equipment and systems available to finishers specializing in both plating and organic operations. Also covered are staples such as abrasive blasting equipment and media to tumbling/centrifugal processes as well as mechanical finishing equipment and media. Lastly, Metal Finishing recaps the highs and lows of 2011, with an eye toward the future. *To ensure timely coverage, editorial content is subject to change. Note: show distribution is provisional.

Print adverting rates & specifications

General advertising rates--magazine (black & white)

Number of insertions Full Page Two-Thirds Page Half Page (island) Half Page One-Third Page One Quarter Page One-Eighth Two-Page Spread 1 Time $3,827 $3,694 $3,165 $3,204 $1,953 $1,225 $635 $6,801 3 Times $3,651 $3,448 $2,975 $2,075 $1,839 $1,183 $609 $6,275 6 Times $3,380 $3,192 $2,866 $2,028 $1,729 $1,081 $581 $6,018 24 pages $3,022 12 Times $3,193 $3,002 $2,732 $1,913 $1,613 $1,024 $542 $5,605 36 pages $2,705

Print specifications

Position Full Page Full Page (Trim) Full Page (Bleed) Two-Thirds Page Half Page Horizontal Half Page Vertical Island Half Page One-Third Vertical One-Third Horizontal Quarter Page Quarter Page Quarter Page Quarter Page Eighth Eighth Inches (width x height) 7 x 10 8 1/8 x 10 7/8 8 ¼ x 11 1/8 4 5/8 x 10 7 x 4 7/8 3 3/8 x 10 4 5/8 x 7 2 1/8 x 10 4 5/8 x 4 7/8 7 x 2 1/8 3 3/8 x 4 7/8 4 5/8 x 3 ¼ 2 1/8 x 6 ½ 3 3/8 x 2 3/8 2 x 3 3/8

a. Minimum rate holder acceptable is ¼ page b. Advertisers contracting for more than 12 pages in a year

Full-Page Color Rates

AAAA standard red, yellow, blue, green and orange, per page extra Matched colors, per page extra Metallic colors, per page extra ROP full color, per page extra ROP full color, per spread extra $797 $961 $1,054 $2,309 $4,351

Fractional Page Color Rates

Two-Third, One-Half Island, One-Half & One-Third Page, 4-color extra Standard, 2-color extra Matched, 2-color extra One-Quarter Page, One-Eighth Page, 2-color or 4-color extra $1,318 $797 $961 $637

Classified Rates*

Frequency 1 Time $123 3 Times $120 6 Times $114 12 Times $107

Mechanical and copy requirements Advertisement reservations and publication rates for monthly issue. a. Published monthly. Issued 1st of publication month b. Closing date: Please consult with your advertising sales manager c. Cancellations of space not accepted after the 15th of preceding month before publication date. d. Printed by sheet fed & web offset; binding method: perfect binding e. Standard units available in inches. f. Preferred method--2400 dpi Adobe PDFs. All photos/fonts embedded, CMYK for 4C or 2C, gray scale in B&W. Photoshop or Illustrator files--800 dpi minimum. TIFFs or JPEGs, photos/fonts, color as above. No word processor program files accepted. For more information, please contact Susan Canalizo-Baruch at (212) 462-1953 or via e-mail: [email protected]

*Per column inch measuring 2 3/16 inches x 1 inch

Commissions 15% to agencies if amount is paid within 30 days of invoice. General Advertisers and their agencies assume liability for the contents of all advertisements, and the publisher reserves the right to reject advertising considered unsuitable or unrelated to the field. Advertising that resembles editorial material will be labeled "advertisement" in small print. Advertisers using less than the contracted space will be short rated if they do not use the amount of space on which billing has been based within one year. Advertisers using additional space will be entitled to a lower rate than the one at which they were billed. Advertisers are protected for the duration of their contract.

Inserts Single and multi-page inserts accepted. Please consult the sales manager or production manager for costs and mechanical requirements. Maximum weight of stock: 100 lbs. Method of delivery Advertising copy can be uploaded to our FTP site: ftp://[email protected] Username: stsales Password: 5a135_ftp E-mail to: [email protected]

Advertising rates and specifications-- Guidebooks & Directories

Mechanical requirements for Guidebooks

POSITION Full Page Half Page Horizontal Half Page Vertical One Quarter Page One Quarter Page INCHES WIDE X INCHES DEEP 4x 7 4x3¼ 2x7 2 x 3 3/8 4x1½

Advertising rates for "Organic" Finishing Guidebook & Directory

Black & White Rates

Full Page ¾ Page Half Page One Quarter 2-Page Spread $3,537 $2,713 $1,888 $1,112 $6,375

Advertising rates for Metal Finishing Guidebook & Directory

Black & White Rates

Full Page ¾ Page Half Page One Quarter 2-Page Spread $3,865 $2,973 $2,082 $2,221 $6,958

Full-Page Color Rates

Standard colors, extra Matched colors, extra Metallic Colors, extra Full color, per page $975 $1,026 $1,112 $2,182

Full-Page Color Rates

Standard colors, extra Matched colors, extra Metallic Colors, extra Full color, per page $1,075 $1,117 $2,221 $2,390

Fractional Page Color Rates

¾, ½, Full Page, 4-color extra Standard 2-color, extra Matched 2-color, extra ¼ Page 2-color or 4-color, extra $1,207 $975 $1,026 $655

Fractional Color Page Rates

¾, Half Page, Full Page, 4-color, extra Standard 2-color, extra Matched 2-color, extra One Quarter page, 2-color or 4-color, extra $1,314 $1,075 $1,117 $717

Combination rates (Organic Guidebook, plus Metal Finishing Magazine)

Full Page Half Page One Quarter 2-Page Spread $3,351 $1,863 $1,037 $5,882

"Combination" Rates (Guidebook, plus Metal Finishing magazine)

Number of insertions Full Page Half Page One Quarter 2-Page Spread 4 Times $3,642 $2,015 $1,161 $6,500 7 Times $3,272 $1,957 $1,121 $5,975 13 Times $3,137 $1,805 $1,074 $5,794

"Combination" Rates (Organic Guidebook, plus Metal Finishing magazine)

Number of insertions Full Page Half Page One Quarter 2-Page Spread 4 Times $3,375 $1,837 $1,081 $5,307 7 Times $2,956 $1,823 $1,000 $5,514 13 Times $2,905 $1,662 $995 $5,182

Online marketing opportunities & Organic has been "search-engineoptimized" to draw more browsers to our site--and ultimately to your banner ad. In fact, more than 60% of unique visitors to find their way there via key search words and phrases. In line with those search habits, the index pages on metalfinishing. com are categorized according to key end-use sectors (i.e., automotive, aerospace, electronics, military, etc), while a library of technical content, fresh news stories, weekly audio newscasts, as well as podcasts and webinars encourage visitors to linger longer. All banner ads on are available in several ad options (leaderboard, skyscraper, boom box, and button ads) and are all trackable via DART, the world's leading ad measurement system. This allows sponsors to know precisely how many visitors viewed their ad and clicked through to their site during a given month. These benefits are also available at "OrganicFinishing. com," Metal Finishing's dedicated micro-site focused on paint, powder coating, pretreatment, curing, and equipment/supplies. Sponsored Newscasts More a branding opportunity than a lead-generating device, sponsored newscasts allow advertisers to attach their names to electronic audio news announcements posted (3) to (4) times each month. The sponsor's corporate logo appears in the opening slide of the audio newscast, while each announcement is preceded by "This week's newscast is sponsored by [insert your company name here]..."

Banner Ad specs** (pixels) Leaderboard 728 wide x 90 high Boom Box (Large Rectangle) 336 wide x 280 high Skyscraper 120 wide x 600 high Button banner 150 wide x 100 high

1 month

$1,000 $840 $395 $265

3 months

$2,500 $2,205 $1,035 $480

6 months 12 months

$4,500 $3,780 $1,655 $750 $7,500 $6,300 $2,420 $1,025

Online marketing opportunities


MFW, published weekly, is an electronic news source for the surface finishing industry. The e-mail broadcast, delivered to more than 11,000 opt-in recipients, provides updates on everything from manufacturing reports and key market-sector developments, to news about industry suppliers, associations, events & happenings. The e-newsletter offers a variety of advertising opportunities, including: banner advertising to support your current branding and Web activity efforts. (Tracking of banner ad "click-throughs" and impressions are made available to the sponsor); content boxes (or digital ads), which give advertisers a forum to promote a brand, service, new product launch or corporate initiative via a combination of a printed text message and supportive graphics; Job Finder--a digital classified ad tool to ease the search for a new hire.

White Paper Downloads

The White Paper Download program is an effective way to generate leads for sponsors who draft technical papers for publication in the magazine. How it works: An advertiser's technical paper or article is made available for download on The program, which targets readers interested in a particular topic, requires readers to provide contact information in order to access or print the sponsor's article(s). Metal Finishing will promote the program to its database, keep the paper in place on the homepage for three months, and guarantee the sponsor at least 75 leads over the course of the promotional period.

Cost per white paper download:

1x rate $2,500 2x rate $2,250 3x rate $2,000


This single-sponsored e-newsletter, or "E-review," offers advertisers an exclusive opportunity to send a tailored e-mail message to the thousands of finishers who opt-in to receive our weekly e-newsletter. The program, delivered at a convenient time for the sponsor, is ideal for promoting events such as product launches, appearances at trade shows, special sales offers, etc. $3,500 per insertion.

Ask the Experts

This interactive online forum gives sponsoring companies the chance to answer questions from visitors. The inquiries may be related to a specific product category, topic, or technology. Sponsors have the opportunity to provide their opinions and suggestions to queries posted in this section posted on the home page, or respond to the reader directly. The Ask the Experts program, available for $299 per month, per category, is a proven medium for generating additional exposure to visitors of

Metal Finishing E-newsletter prices & specs

E-news banner ad specs (pixels)*** Horizontal banner (468 wide x 60 high) Button "side" banner (150 wide x 100 high) Content Box (no more than 50 words)

maximum logo/image size: 120 wide x 100 high ***JPEG, GIF, or Animated GIFs are accepted. File size must not exceed 30KB.

2 issues

$525 $265 $550

4 issues

$945 $500 $1,000

6 issues

$1,260 $750 $1,200

8 issues

$1,470 $1,025 $1,450

Lead-generation programs


Metal Finishing offers an exclusive opportunity to communicate with industry professionals with buying power and generate leads via the podcast--a digital pre-recording made available on The subject matter of the presentation, determined by the sponsor, can feature interviews by an editorial team member with targeted industry members combined with corresponding photos and/or Power Point presentations. Viewers are required to provide contact details before accessing the program­which resides on­and leads are forwarded to the sponsor. The podcast, downloadable to an MP3 player, is supported by marketing communications to drive viewers to watch and listen. Sponsors are guaranteed a minimum of 75 leads per broadcast.


Metal Finishing's Webinar series is an online 1-hour seminar designed to educate industry members about new technologies, best practices, and hot topics/issues impacting the surface finishing industry. This effective, user-friendly multimedia presentation provides content to a registered audience via the Internet, making it a proven and cost-effective lead-generation program for sponsors and advertisers. Features & benefits include: · Online registration process, which provides the sponsor with a list of pre-qualified leads · Streaming audio/visual files · Synchronized PowerPoint slide presentation · Expert panel discussion · Audience polling and stimulating live question and answer session following the presentation · Aggressive advanced marketing and promotion of your webinar program. This consists of banners, promotion via the weekly e-newsletter, dedicated e-mail blasts that can be targeted toward a select reader demographic · Follow-up e-mail blasts to all sign-ups who did not attend the "live" event · Archiving of the webinar for three full months, thereby allowing the ongoing generation of sales leads beyond the initial event This full-service, turnkey program is managed, hosted, and marketed by Metal Finishing. Additionally, our editorial and logistics support teams will work with you to develop the topic and, if necessary, provide assistance in recruiting relevant speakers. Best of all: sponsors are GUARANTEED a minimum of 100 leads per program! Single­sponsor webinar: $5,000

Cost per podcast:

1x rate $2,500 2x rate $2,250 3x rate $2,000

Special Events

Virtual Conference: "An Entire Day of Education"

Leveraging its proven lead-generation electronic platforms, Metal Finishing plans to host a series of webinars conducted over the course of a single day. These webinar programs, which may be moderated by Metal Finishing's stable of columnists or the event sponsors, would key in on several hot topics: · · · · · · Cleaning & Preatreatment Plating Troubleshooting Advances in Organic Finishing Coating Failure Analysis Testing & Controls Business Management: Best Practices In addition to these special webinar presentations, Metal Finishing will offer related podcast presentations as well as white paper downloads related to a particular "track" or webinar theme. This structure will allow participants to view additional, shorter presentations between the live webinar programs, while making white papers and podcasts available for download or viewing. This one-day Virtual Conference would provide flexible sponsorship packages, i.e., "Platinum"; "Gold"; "Silver" or "Bronze" levels. Depending on the sponsorship level, sponsors will have access to all or some of the program's registrants who participate during the live event or who register for the event once it has been archived on the Metal Finishing website.

Contact information

Midwest/West Coast Tel: +1 847-559-0909 Fax: +1 847-559-0911 E-mail: [email protected]

Arnie Hoffman

Tel: +1 212-633-3105 Fax: +1 212-462-1915 E-mail: [email protected]

Publisher Greg Valero

Northeast/East Coast (847) 669-6899 E-mail: [email protected]

Advertising Dan Ramage

Editor Tel: +1 212-633-3885 E-mail: [email protected]

Editorial Reginald Tucker

Dave Facinelli

Northeast/East Coast (727) 866-9647 E-mail: [email protected]

Art Director/Production Manager Susan Canalizo-Baruch

Tel: +1 212-462-1953 E-mail: [email protected]

Sales Operations Coordinator E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +1 212-633-3127

Advertising Support Eileen McNulty

360 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10010-1710 U.S.A. Tel: +1 212-633-3100 Fax: +1 212-462-1915 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Metal Finishing


Elsevier 360 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10010 USA E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +1 212 633 3100


Elsevier The Boulevard Langford Lane, Kidlington Oxford OX5 1GB United Kingdom E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +44 1865 843 000

Europe & ROW

Elsevier Radarweg 29 1043 NX Amsterdam The Netherlands E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +31 20 485 3039


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