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Permit to Work Training


The course begins by explaining the reasons for using a Permit to Work system, the benefits gained from doing so, along with the costs of not doing so. It builds on the groundwork of good Risk Assessment skills, previously learned or even taught in our Hazard Recognition & Risk Assessment alongside this course. The key points of the system are explained, including the levels of responsibility associated with the candidates' own roles. The course format is one that relies on discussion and debate, with each candidate bringing their own specific experiences to the table. Due to the nature of the various Permit to Work systems being used, each course requires a high degree of customisation, making them specific to your company's needs. Approximately one third of the course is taken up with delegates working in teams of two to four delegates, documenting a work permit on the processes and jobs that they undertake in their own work place.

Below, an example of a generic course outline.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Introduction & Course Objectives The Outcome of Poor Operational Safety Control What are Permits to Work Advantages of using a Permit to Work System Effectiveness of Permits Display of Permits Suspension, handover & hand back Authorisation and Supervision of Permits Transfer of Responsibilities Types of Permit Categories of Worksite Presence Responsibilities within the system Risk Assessment and how it feeds in Isolations Additional Permits and Certificates The Process Toolbox Talks

Course Format

· · ½ or 1 day Course (depending on PTW system) Run in-house for clients

Who is the Course For?

The course is suitable for all operational personnel within a company who come into contact with the Permit to Work system in some way. This contact can be as a member of the work party, a Performing Authority, all the way up to the Permit Authoriser and Management.

Possibilities for content customization

Prior to running any course programme for a client, in order to tailor the course to the specific client requirements, we need to review the client's permit to work procedures and forms.

Further Information

For further information please contact AdviSafe on +44(0)1224 355 215 or email us at [email protected]


Microsoft Word - PTW Training_BMc _4_

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